Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stroke : Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle

Stroke :  Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle
Today, August 20, 2015 I had a wonderful conversation with Louise as she reported the miraculous success her husband had in recuperating from a massive stroke that took his health on Boxing Day , Dec. 26, 2015.
He was immediately hospitalized and his condition was dismal. He had lost his balance and could not walk. He could not see on one side. His right hand was particulary affected and he could not write at all. His memory was unstable. He could not think straight.  He had a hard time even knowing how to turn around in a room. Everything was upside down. Louise explained that he was in terrible shape and did not even know if he would recover because he also had a weakened heart even from childhood. “ This happened to my husband after he had a polyp removed from his colon. I was in an extreme state of stress.” But Louise did not give up on her husband. She was grateful to the excellent Rehab people who really helped him with the essential exercises that needed to be done. As soon as her husband got home from the hospital Louise gave him Smoothies as many times as she could in a day along with his supplements and the prescribed medications.. “ Before the stroke he would not take anything. He did not believe in any of this herbal stuff. We had lots of arguments about taking herbs.” Now there was no argument. The Smoothies contained Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice, Arginine Plus and water. Louise also gave her husband CoQ10 , crystal free from Nature’s Sunshine, B 12, Vitamin D3 , Magnesium, MC off and on  and CurQMin. Louise also used a couple of products that she bought elsewhere. All sugars, all grains, all legumes and milk were eliminated.  She did this for her husband every day for 8 months. Was it worth the effort?
Here are the results as of August 20/2015
He can write maybe not as well as he used to but it is legible and readable.
He can walk without losing any balance and as a matter of fact he walks 3 miles a day.
His memory has totally come back.
His vision is great and he can see perfectly.
He did his driver’s test and passed it!
He got his driver’s licence back with no restrictions.
He goes out and socializes with all his friends.
Everything is back to normal.

“ I believe in prayer and I believe the right people come into your  life when you ask in prayer. Today he is a real believer and asks to have those Smoothies. We have been through a lot but we made it! This has been a miracle in our lives!”

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cancer Success Story : Stomach Cancer /Lymphoma by Bachtiar

Cancer Success Story : Stomach Cancer /Lymphoma  by Bachtiar
In June of 2013 Bachtiar was experiencing pain in the stomach. He couldn’t sleep and decided to see a doctor who gave him medication and ordered a H Pylori bacteria test. The test showed positive. The doctor also sent Bachtiar to a specialist.  On July 9, 2013 Bachtiar saw a stomach specialist who  took pictures of the inside of the stomach and declared that this was cancer. The specialist immediately scheduled surgery so that Bachtiar’s stomach could be removed.  This was an absolute shock to Bachtiar to think that his entire stomach would be removed. “ I was really scared!”  Then a biopsy was done and the biopsy results indicated cancer of the lymph nodes in the stomach . The cancer was given  the name lymphoma. In his state of despair Bachtiar resorted to  prayer and meditation and he received his decision. When he saw the surgeon Bachtiar’s answer was clear.” I said No to surgery.”  The surgeon then recommended chemotherapy and it was clearly explained to Bachtiar that his hair would fall out and that he would experience nausea. “ I said No to chemotherapy. This did not make sense to me; to put a poison into my body that would make me sick. I told the doctor I was going to try natural products.”  The doctor immediately nodded with disapproval to state that natural products do not work and that Bactiar was making a mistake. “ I said to the doctor, it’s my body and I am going a different way.” 
This is when Bachtiar contacted Donna Roth and asked for the Paw Paw program. “ I was really strict with the program and I did exactly as suggested. I made 2 Smoothies a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy. I drank about ½ bottle of Aloe Vera juice every day. I took about 6 Paw Paw a day and 8 Cat’s Claw a day. On empty stomach I took Protease Plus enzymes and LBS11 to get my bowels really moving. I stopped eating all grains, all legumes , all sugar. This was really hard for me and it was a very strict diet but I believed that my body could heal.” Within 1 week of this program the stomach pains subsided and Bachtiar was able to sleep. “ I did this for 8 months and it cost me about $2000. My children all helped me to pay for the program. They all believed in it. I never went back to the doctor as I don’t trust their tests. I am not going back. I trusted this program and it worked. I know my cancer is gone.” As I write Bachtiar’s words it is August 18, 2015 and he has not had any symptoms of pain for 2 years now.
 “ You cannot force people but I know it is a good product and I know the program works. I trust  you!”
These stories I receive prove to me:
-that Nature's Sunshine products are meticulously quality controlled
-that all the NSP products have a high amount of nutrition and energy
-that this is a one stop shop; you have all you need with Nature's Sunshine
-that to be successful all 5 pillars must be addressed: injury, inflammation, elimination, ciruclation, infection
-that all kinds of cancers can be overcome
-that this program is more accurate than scientific studies as all the variables that affect cancer are controlled within this program.
-that  it can take months to overcome cancer
-that this program is very inexpensive
-that you do not have to travel to a foreign country
-that you can do this program easily in the confort of your own home
-that most people do not believe that they are capable of overcoming cancer with nutrition.