Thursday, December 2, 2021

TAFYH team 64 Completion Ceremony and Results Wednesday, Nov. 24/21


TAFYH team 64 Completion Ceremony and Results Wednesday, Nov. 24/21


BSQ dropped from 62 to 14

Body temperature increased from 97.9 to 98.1

Hepatic dropped from 6 to 2

Circulation 6 to 4

Nerves 9 to 0

Glandular 12 to 0

Structural 8 to 3

Candida changed from 1 big, long strand to 1 small strand

Heart palpitations gone

Itchy skin gone

Anxiety and nervousness gone

Muddled confusion is gone

Now feel calm and clarity

Low energy is gone

Sugar cravings gone

Muscle soreness is gone

Did the gall bladder cleanse and stones are dissolved and passed and shoulder pain decreased

Clearer thinking

Treat the whole body using the Laws of Nature

I loved my classmates

Thank you, Luciano, from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to TAFYH

Goal completed: Get my body systems functioning, singing, with clarity connection joy, radiating love.



BSQ dropped 77 to 22

Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.8

Urinary dropped from 11 to 1

Circulatory dropped from 8 to 5

Nerves dropped from 7 to 4

Glandular dropped from 10 to 5

Structural dropped from 11 to 1.

BT increased from 36.2 to 36.8

Frequent bathroom experiences gone

Sense of calmness in my belly

Now stay tethered to calmness

I appreciated the richness

The vision board, the TAG team and the structure was perfect

My nerves, blood and fluids were flowing in rhythm

We intentionally need to support the flow of our bodies

My commitment shifted from weight loss to a health movement.

Goal accomplished: want support of a group, be connected to my organs and acknowledge them and take care of them


BSQ dropped from 74 t0 9

Body Temperature increased from 35.6 to 36.8

Is now off thyroid medication, Synthroid, Had been on it for over 25 years.

Off anti-inflammatory medications

Masses in lower abdominal area have decreased in size

Surgery is no longer an option

Lost 10 pounds

Fat under the chin is gone

Bloating is gone

Puffiness is gone

Swollen joints gone

Right leg pain is gone

Cold hands and feet gone

Hands and feet are no longer cracked and dry

Constipation is gone’

Energy has increased

Information we learned was incredible

Well researched, piece by piece in one neat package = TAFYH

Body temperature at 37 C can reverse the damage

This is not the end but the beginning of a new journey

You have an impressive way of teaching.

I now have confidence and no longer groping in the dark

Every day there is something to be grateful for.

There are only 4 root causes to cancer and my body is created to heal.

The vision board and health statement kept me focused.

Huge Thank you!

Elva’s goal completed: be connected and empowered and have quality of life, mind clear, liver, glands working perfectly, control of my health and share and support of a team.

Kris. So wonderful to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from you, Kris, as a token of your gratitude.

My heartfelt thank you to you, Kris.

BSQ dropped from 21 to 8

Nerves dropped from 5 to 2

Glandular dropped from 5 to 1

Reproductive dropped from 3 to 1

Feels so much lighter

Nerves are relaxed

Is now grounded

Now empowered to stand up for myself

Coughing spells are now a lot better

Sinuses have cleared up

Feels so much better

There is wisdom in the vision board

Lessons are not based on opinion but on the Laws of Nature

Here is the question: What is your inflammation?

 The Chinese constitution with the 6 elements stood out for me

When the physical body heals the emotions heal as well.

Lessons were concise and to the point

I loved your determination and your knowledge

What a marvelous body we have.

 Kris’ goal completed: drifted away from health and want to refresh, cleanse and clear up my coughing



BSQ dropped from 19 to 8

Urinary dropped from 2 to 1

Circulatory dropped from 4 to 2

More clarity and well being

Feet have healed

Water retention gone

My feet are healthier and I am honoring them

I love Rejuvenaid, Cat’s Claw, Psyllium Hulls and Capsicum

Medical bullying has conditioned us to comply

See my greatness and wisdom

There is power in support

Freedom to choose

I am learning to be my own physician, my own lawyer and my own teacher

I choose to be proactive and vibrant and to be the Centurion

You are amazing

Darlene: There are no accidents. The teacher presents to me when I am ready to learn.; want a higher level of greatness, wisdom, here to teach.


BSQ 31 to 29

Body temperature increased from 36.1 to 36.7

Extracted my infected tooth and used no antibiotics and used Cat’s Claw and Silver

More energy

More happy

Will be weaned off blood pressure medications and blood thinner medications by the end of November.

I valued every lesson

Incredible information

Donna has done years of research

Iga; goal: know how to deal with my health issues, get rid of my meds, I am out of the box thinker, want control of my health, lose weight



BSQ dropped from 89 to 49

Less abdominal pain

Root canal was extracted after 2 months of high dense nutrition to build up the energy

Used Cat’s Claw and Silver for root canal extraction; no antibiotics

After numerous doctors and ND’s and dentists, no one told me to take out my root canals.

Anxiety is gone after the root canal extraction; anxiety and panic attacks for 6 years

Bowels are working

Sinuses have cleared up and breathing is better

Gas and bloating is gone

Muscle pain has lessened

Lost 8 pounds

Lost lots of fluid retention

I can now cry, an emotion I have not had for a long time

More positive and confident

Donna was there for me

Focused on my Vision board and Health Statement,

Sharon’s goal: digestion, elimination, anxiety, sinus problems, sleeping, be energized and learn



BSQ dropped from 117 to 57

Dramatic improvement in health

Candida test showed that it is almost gone

Heart palpitations gone

Stopped taking Synthroid

Bowels are moving twice a day; this is huge

Sinuses have completely cleared up

By brain is thinking and doing better

I have to work on my root canals

So many families and friends are struggling, and I want to help them.

Its been ingrained in me to be medically minded

The Health Care system is not working.

Thank you, Donna, for your generosity and care.

Alla goal : improve health, digestion, thyroid , teeth , sinuses, have a positive impact on family and children