Monday, April 30, 2012

Ken’s Account on Prostate Surgery Cancelled My problems began probably 2 1/2 or 3 years ago with limited ability to go pee properly. It was stopped up, a little at first then more so as time went on. Finally, about the time of last fall I got into a more specific investigation of this with our family doctor as Janis and I were both concerned about it. As you recall my late father had this problem as well. Now more recently my friend. So PSA tests were done amongst other things but I never allowed a biopsy. The PSA test and other things determined I did not have cancer but I had an enlargement of the prostate which was causing the urethra to be restricted, hence the urinary tract disorder I suffered through. When we went to Cuba at the beginning of 2011 it was very prominent and it made my time there not as enjoyable as I would have liked. Finally, my doctor sent me to an urologist who scoped me and confirmed that it was indeed an enlarged prostate causing this issue. They wanted to do a TURP surgery, that is where they go up the urethra and carve out by chipping the inner edges of the gland enabling an unrestricted flow. At first I thought this would be alright, but the more I looked into it and the side effects, the more horrified I became of having this done to me. After awhile it became a downright terror to me. An overwhelming fear worse than any fear I have ever had, I was more afraid of that surgery rather than of my condition itself, I found myself wanting to remain with the condition, but either way, this was impossible. So I resigned myself that I had to go through with it. As you both know, I am a man of prayer. My parents taught me to give my life to the Lord, so naturally I did this concerning this issue that now was daunting in front of me. For a period of 2 months I sought for divine healing but it did not come. Finally in desperation I asked the Lord to lead me to some way out of this and that He did answer. I was led to a woman we know here in Westbank for the past 25 years who owns a health food store selling Nature’s Sunshine vitamins and so on. She is now 70 years old. Without me really knowing why I was in her store, I told her about my upcoming surgery. This was only 9 days before the surgery was to happen to me in Kelowna General Hospital. She looked at me and said: “You do not need that!” Her husband had the very same problem and she got him out of it. Long story short, I spent $400 for both Janis and her issues and my problem. Fran, the lady at the health food store, said I would be fine in 2 months. So I called the hospital and postponed the operation and put off any further blood tests. On Wednesday the 4th of April it will be exactly 2 months since I started her program and I am happy to report that I am going pee like I was an 18 year old! Not only that but I lost over 45 pounds weight and the weight is still peeling off at the rate of one pound per day. Fran also put me on a weight program which worked. Please bear with me as I get through the rest of my story. The main item I took is from a tree in the south eastern United States called the PawPaw Tree. This stuff has more than 1 million times more power than chemotherapy drugs and has 6 times more power than radiation, healing the body without negative side effects also 6 times faster than radiation. Now I did not have cancer, but we treated it as though it were a preliminary problem. Please take time to go through these 9 videos from Dr McLaughlin who has copyrighted and discovered the power of PawPaw. I am living proof that it works. Please start at “Paw Paw and Cancer: .I am telling you I am 100% healed of this malady and I claim it to be Paw Paw. This is amazing stuff. My son is way up on chemistry at a cellular level as he is a water quality engineer and he understands how Paw Paw effects the mitochondria of a cell. Paw Paw will hunt down and destroy any cell that is wrong in the body by starving it. The other thing you will need to do is to be DRASTIC in your diet change, you MUST eliminate IMMEDIATELY all wheat! Please go to your local book store and purchase a $30 book by a man named Davis called “Wheat Belly” . I firmly believe that chemotherapy and radiation are not necessary with Paw Paw. But that is an individual choice. Janis and I are having fun making wheat free breads and things and we have no qualms about the fact that we gave up wheat. The Bosch Kitchen machine we have, their healthy kitchen’s website has many such wheat free recipes plus we have many more we have also found and made. The truth is in the telling, I am losing weight in huge amounts. So is Janis, we are both very happy we did this. . Wheat now is not what it was when I was a lad. I remember Uncle Pete’s wheat being higher than me when I was a child, it was well over 4 feet high. But science has genetically modified wheat so much as to shorten it in stature but it has also completely ruined it. Wheat used to have 7 pairs of chromosomes now it has over 50. Wheat is the most acidic food on earth and it has more carbohydrates than any other known food to mankind. Not only that, but wheat also is responsible for many of the diseases we now see as epidemic including obesity. If you choose to buy the wheat belly book, you will see all the scientific data supporting this, it is not just fanciful thinking, these are facts. I did not want surgery, and beat it by banishing wheat from my life and taking the Paw Paw program for 2 months. I can honestly say I am perfectly healed. The human body keeps a PH level of 7.4. When you eat wheat amongst many other acidic foods, it downs that number making the body attempt to rectify it by seeking out areas of alkalinity. The only place for alkalinity it can find is in the calcium in the bones. So it draws out this calcium to counteract the Tim Horton’s donut and bran muffin that we just ate with strong black coffee. Hence we have an epidemic of hip replacements, knee replacements, osteoarthritis, and many other things. You will also see in the book the scientific data which shows that wheat, by itself is SOLELY responsible for the epidemic of obesity and failed pancreases causing diabetes as never before in world history. Not only so, but wheat destroys the blood brain barrier causing Alzheimer's, attention deficit disorder and a myriad of other brain diseases. I am not kidding. So please think twice before you follow the traditional chemo thing. And DO NOT get a biopsy. The cancer will come out of that gland and accumulate elsewhere causing a new cancer down the road. They may claim you are cancer free, but that is only very temporary! The prostate gland has a unique ability of keeping that intact to a point and it is most likely only in your gland at this point. Please don’t take my word for it though, you don’t have to listen to me, but you can look at me and see that the proof is in the fact of the man that stands here with the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced and the freedom of any disease in my body. Ken