Thursday, November 5, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

My name is Michele.
I became a TAFYH leader because I had a health issue I wanted to resolve. I read many books; I searched the internet. I talked to many people involved with health and everyone had different suggestions and different products.  For years I have been working with a naturopath to help with my IBS, allergies and food intolerances. Upon her suggestion, I enrolled in TAFYH. I tried many things but nothing worked as well as TAFYH, which presented me with the sound, scientifically documented educational information I needed to make the right choices regarding foods, super foods, supplements and herbals. I was truly empowered and confident with this information. TAFYH allowed me to take action for my own health with the guidance of a caring TAFYH leader and coach. (Donna Roth) Within a few short weeks I was feeling different. After experiencing a health crisis where my body rid itself of infection and parasites, I felt lighter, more energetic. My thoughts were clearer. My cellulite disappeared and abdominal cramps stopped.  By the end of TAFYH I got amazing results. I lost 10 lbs over the course of the program. I have found my dancer’s waistline again!! Well, almost, I’m at 29 inches! I got rid of total body inflammation. I got rid of intestinal parasites and cellulite. My skin glows. I have more mental clarity; I am more able to be objective. I have steady, stable and available energy. Most importantly, I have tools to evaluate my state of health and I know what to do when my body is out of balance. Not only did I get results, everyone in my team got results. Shauna has been cancer free longer on nutritional supplements than on chemotherapy. Chris, who is the CEO of a large corporation, sees the positive impact of his good health on the quality of day he and his employees have, Karen is full of exploding energy, Pat now has a deep respect for her body and conquered smoking. Margot, who is coping with squamous cell carcinoma, has experienced much needed deep cleansing after a reaction to anaesthesia and morphine.

 I then decided that I wanted to become a TAFYH leader and this is when I took the TAFYH training with Donna Roth and had the opportunity to hear the results that other TAFYH leaders experienced