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Searching for Answers to Health Problems Stop When You Do TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health)

People are spending hours on the computer  searching for answers to solve our health problems.

What people are searching for is that exceptional product be it drug, a herb, a treatment that will magically cure their disease.
I am here to say there is there is no exceptional product, there is no magic,  there is no cure!
There is only the Laws of Nature that need to be followed in order to resolve your health problems.
Stop putting poisons into your blood stream.
Clean the poisons out of your blood.
Put clean fuel known as nutrition into your body.
No amount of time spent on the computer will ever give you that information.
That is exactly what the following people did to resolve their health problems. They did the TAFYH course; a course that gives you the way to solve all health problems no matter what you are diagnosed with.

Nicole: severe skin rash gone in 10 days; years of going to many doctors
Carol had neck pain: KB-C 3 twice a day resolved it.
Terry: car accident injuries; 3 KB-C twice a day helped her with pain
Roman: 8 root canals all infected, teeth were extracted and used Silver and Cat’s Claw in high doses
Russ: Dog bite severe, very scary; Cat’s Claw, Silver, Chlorophyll in high doses; in 3 days gone!
Roman: Dog bite; Did the same protocol and poisons cleared up.
Phyllis: Rheumatoid Arthritis did 24 One Day Kidney Flushes in 6 months
Donna: Swelling in the leg, suspicious blood clot; 8 MC, 2 CoQ10, Capsicum; resolved
Roman: suspicious heart attack; did the 8 MC, Capsicum, CoQ10 protocol
Donna: Kidney function dropped to 52; K flushes once a week. Kidney function up to 72 in 1month.
Sharon; suspicious lump in her breast, cleared it up using the Paw Paw program.
Linda: Grant’s kidney function went up from 20 to 50
Anita: Anorexia at 13 years old, hospitals, anxiety, depression. Resolved after a 1-month program
Tricia: Pneumonia cleared it up in 4 days using 8 MC, Licorice three times a day; no antibiotics
Myles: thyroid cancer; Navarro test dropped from 52 to 51, feels great and energy is back.
Bee: breast cancer gone confirmed; Navarro test dropped from 52 to 50; 1 year on the Paw Paw program.
Donna: eye infection cleared up in 2 days using the 8 Echinacea/Golden Seal & 8 MC 3 times a day
Gloria: Serious heart weakness is back to normal after following 2 months of TAFYH.

A-Z NATURES SUNSHINE Products & Benefits

A-Z NATURES SUNSHINE Products & Benefits
AD-C   Anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, neurosis and nervous disorders sleep apnea
Adrenal Support          Vitamins, minerals and enzymes and herbs that strengthen and support the adrenal gland function
AG-C   Digestive system, helps detoxify, helps generally with digestive, urinary & circulatory system
AL-C    Respiratory system and lungs, lung congestion, congestive heart failure
Alfalfa Natures herbal vitamin and minerals, arthritis, fiber, joint pain
AL-J     Allergies and lungs and smoking, sinus
All Cell Detox Cleansing and detoxifying, helps lower toxins in liver kidneys and colon
Aloe Vera Gel Burns, healing of wounds, soothes. For topical usage
Aloe Vera Juice Healing properties, intestinal worms, skin, total nutritional, calms digestive tract
Art-A with Devils Claw       Arthritis, joint formula, gout, pain in joints
Artemisia Comb.     Balances chi and fights infections
Astragalus  Stimulates immune system, increases stem cells, respiratory, protects heart, spleen.
Bifidofilus Probiotic micro-organism support, fights diarrhea, promotes production of Vit. K
Black Ointment     Poultice
Black Walnut     Helps valves contract, anti parasite, high nutritive herb, skin cond. & Psoriasis
Blood Pressurex     Normalizes blood pressure
Bod-E-Klenz   Speeds weight loss, cleans bowel and blood, benefits to the liver  and body systems
BP       Blood Purifier
BP-C   Chinese blood purifier
Butchers Broom   Promotes better circulation, improves brain circulation
BwL-BLD   Helps build strength and health in the bowel, intestinal cleansing, contains charcoal
CA –ATC   Herbal Calcium, strengthened formulation
Calcium Liquid   Supports bone and blood cell formation. Initially formulated with the elderly in mind, Balances pH levels, used successfully in all cases where Calcium is needed
Calcium Magnesium   Bones teeth & muscles, nerve health, activates 300 enzyme actions, is a complex formula with
(Syner Pro)   bioflavonoid for better absorption
Cal Mag plus D   Calcium formulated with Vitamin D improves absorption of Calcium
Caprylic acid Comb.   Destroys yeast
Capsicum   Simulates circulation, a catalyst that strengthens herbs used with it.
Capsicum/garlic/parsley   Circulation, heart and vein health, lower cholesterol
Carbo Grabbers   Absorbs carbohydrates making them inaccessible to the digestive process
Cardio Assurance   Heart health, veins and artery health, rich in antioxidant protection. Healing
Cascara   Promotes normal bowel function, non habit forming laxative.
Catnip and fennel extract.   Supports comfort in the digestive system and nervous system
Cat’s Claw   Anti cancer, Counteracts the effects of chemotherapy & radiation, arthritis, rheumatism, ulcers, hemorrhoids, intestinal flora balance, Crohn’s disease.
CBG Extract.   Known to combat virus, used for ear infections and sinus infection.
Chinese Mineral Chi   Comprehensive mineral balancer.  Immune system builder. Adrenals
Chlorophyll      Bile flow, deodorizer for the bowel, digestion, green tonic, cleansing and for kids too. Helps promote sweet breath. Soothes throat after chemo therapy   Blood builder
Cholester Reg.            Heart health and cholesterol control, Do not take with prescribed medication Improves artery circulation
Chromium GTF   Plays a vital role in cellular process, essential in maintaining proper weight & blood sugar levels.   Co-factor with insulin in sugar balance and protein and fat metabolism
CLT-X  Bowel comfort and the treatment of discomfort due to colitis, mucous in the bowel
Collatrim   Contains bovine collagen the fibrous protein in bones, tendons and connective tissue. Lupus, helps rebuild muscle and joints. Supports tightening up in weight loss
Colostrum   Immune function, contains growth factors for stem cell production
CoQ 10   Crystal FREE Fuels and repairs cells, gum diseases, heart and circulatory benefits
Cornsilk   Kidneys, bladder function, urinary, bed wetting.
Cranberry & Buchu   Cleans the urinary tract, lowers bacterial count in bladder infections
Crystal Clear Deodorant   Natural enzyme base deodorant. No chemicals, non -irritating.
C-X   Natural herbal glandular for women during menopause
Dandelion   Best source natural sodium, liver, digestion, cleansing to cells
Digestive Enzymes   Enhances digestion, helps gall bladder conditions and liver function
Echinacea & Golden Seal   Anti-microbial & antiviral & bacterial, healing   Echinacea Known to combat colds and flu, strengthens lymphatic system.
Echinacea Ultimate Extract.   Hi potency immune boost against colds and flu.
Echinacea/Golden Seal Extract  . Anti- microbial and anti bacterial properties, colds & flu symptoms
Eight 8   nutritional builders for the nerves, mile pain relief and circulatory system
Energ-V   Energy, vitality, taken with B Vitamins & Bee Pollen and Iron
Enviro DTX   Helps purge environmental toxins, reduces allergies, helps clean blood of impurities
Essential Liquid Minerals   64 minerals and trace minerals which helps maintain body vitality/rebuilding process, taken from ancient plant deposits found in central Utah.
E-Tea   Blood purifier, anti- cancer  Essiac Formula
Evening Primrose Oil   An essential fatty acid , helps in Female hormone production, PMS
Everflex Cream    Soothes muscle discomfort. Anti-inflammatory, penetrating pain relief for strains, bruises and  aches. Light ,absorbent and non greasy
Everflex Tablets   Joint and muscle health, with the benefits of gloominess/chondroiten, promote flexibility
F E Formula   Eases the incidence of hot flashes in menopause
Fat Grabbers   Soaks up fats eaten and renders them inaccessible, a fat blocker
FCS 11   Female corrective formula, regulates menstruation, eases PMS symptoms
Fenugreek & thyme   Respiratory, balancing, regulates pH
Feverfew HP   Migraine headaches, to prevent
Fibralgia Promotes healing in nerve endings, Fibromyalgia
Flax Hull Lignans   Contains 27 different lignans, including SDG, Enhances immune system. promotes regularity, the female hormone estrogen, anti cancer properties
Flax Seed Oil   Brain, blood factor, nerves, healing, an essential fatty acid, a good fat.
Focus ATN   Promotes clear thinking and focus, Attention deficit disorders.
Folic Acid Plus   Birth defects, hair-loss, nerves
Garden Essence   Five digestion enhancing herbs, get benefits of fruits & veggies in a capsule
Garlic HP   Natural antiseptic, circulation, parasites, circulation
Ginger   Gas, digestant, pelvic discomfort, source of dietary sulphur, nausea, morning sickness, vertigo, motion sickness
Gingko-Hawthorne   Heart and muscle formula, Gingko is the memory herb. Ginseng Korean Balances up and down cycles, bi-Polar mania, when used with brain formulas
Gluco Reg   Regulates Glucose for proper insulin, Diabetes, Hypo- glycaemia
Glucosomine   Helps in treating arthritis, joints and bones
Golden Salve   Contains beeswax,; soothes and moisturizes rough chaffed and chapped skin & lips.
Gota Kola   Clear thinking, brain health, circulation , memory, brain food
Grapine   Proanthocyanodins, protectors, anti-oxidant
Green Tea Extr.  Anti oxidant, weight loss, metabolism, frees brain of lipids, anti-inflammatory.
Green Zone  Finest whole food algae, Energy, immune, connective tissue, cleansing/detox .
Hawthorn  Strengthens heart, muscle and soft muscle tissue
Heavy Metal Detox   Cleanse Heavy Metal contaminant’s from the body
Herbal CA   Herbal calcium from vegetation source
Herbal Pumpkin   Parasite cleanser, mild laxative
Herbasaurs Bifidophilus   Children’s supplemental aid for abdominal and stomach discomfort, probiotic
Herbasaurs C Chewable   Chewable vitamin formula for children, promotes proper growth and development.
Herbasaurs Elderberry Plus   Promotes overall well being, supplying optimal nutrition for growth.
Histablock   Allergies (all), combats pollen reactions, antihistamine properties, anti-inflammatory natural decongestant, reduces runny nose and watery eyes.
Hoodia   May help in weight-loss, reduces desire to eat, increases energy & fat burning
Horsetail   Silica supplement, arthritis, diabetes, connective tissue, broken or chipped nails
HRP-C   Strengthens immunity against bacterial and viral infections
HS-C   Chinese heart health  Heals emotions of the heart
HSN-W   Hair, skin and nails, mild thyroid support
HTP-Power   Serotonin production, mood, appetite, depression, sleep disorders, precursor to melatonin, hyperactivity in children, weight control, Use with B6 and Zinc.
HVP   Calms the nerves, natural mild sedative
HY-C   Hypoglycemia
Hydrangea   Kidney / gall stones, cystitis, alkalines urine, blood in the urine, gout, arteriosclerosis, backache.
Hydrated Bentonite   Draws impurities from other parts of the body, diarhea, cleanses parasites IF-C Detoxify through lungs, kidneys, bowel.
IGS-11     Glands, Breast inflammation, antibiotic properties
IMM-C Immune system formulation
Iron / C   Natural Iron chelate with Vitamin C for better assimilation
IX   Natural Iron from vegetable source
K   Kidney problems
KB-C     Kidney Bladder and urinary tract Formula
K-C Kidney formula
KC-X   Both over and under active thyroid
Kelp   Mild glandular, good for thyroid health, high in iodine and sulfur
LB Extr.   Mild laxation, can be used by children
LBS-11   Mild laxative, promotes a healthy bowel, good source of fiber
LB-X   Mild laxative, promotes a healthy bowel, good source of fiber
Lecithin   Lumps in the breast, brain function, nerve endings, helps prevent blood clots from forming
LH-C   Lungs  Weakened  Emotion Grief
Licorice (root)  Quiets menopausal symptoms, supports adrenal function, dry cough & laryngitis, anti-inflammatory, intestinal inflammation and bloat.
Liquid B 12   Used extensively in elderly, normalizes blood cell production
Liquid Silver.. . Most powerful anti viral, natural disinfecting antibiotic. Destroys over 650 disease causing organisms including diphtheria, Pneumonia, typhoid, and food poisoning.
Liv-A   Promotes healthy liver function, Build formula
Liv-C  Liver cleanser, take until the bowels become loose and proceed with Liv-A
Liv-GD   Helps build liver cells, alcohol consumption, guards against liver damage due to disease
Liv-J   Mild Liver cleanse
Lobelia Etr.   Asthma attacks, mucous in the lungs. Chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, whooping cough and croup.
Loclo Bulk   Helps lower Cholesterol for heart health, fibre supplement  Cinnamon and apple pectin.  Good for diabetics and chrons, colitis celiac.
Lym-Mx  Cleans and strengthens the lymph system
Maca...  Enhances sexual desire and performance. Aphrodisiac in nature, Peruvian Ginseng  Magnesium Complex  Anti stress, aids in heart health, supports nerves, prevents tremors good for Metabolism of calcium, vit C, phosphorus, sodium and potassium
Marshmallow Pepsin  Soothes stomach and abdominal distress, digestive enzyme formula, high mucilage content,  cleans lining of bowel
Marshmallow   Soothing and healing to the digestive tract. Used in poultices.
Master G formula  The pituitary governs the glandular function of the endocrine glands. To keep this system functioning at its optimum, use Master G formula
MC  Strengthens arteries veins and capillaries, bruising, good for heart
Melatonin Extra   Promotes natural sleep, combats aging, promotes energy, also helps in dementia
Mens formula   Total help for all male glandular and sexual problems
Milk Thistle   Helps rebuild the liver and protect it against viral attack, hepatitis
MSM   Painful joints, Dietary sulphur. Strengthens connective tissue, maintains healthy joints, improves circulation, Helps regulate blood sugar improves skin hair & nails, promotes Collagen, combats rheumatoid attacks, anti- allergy, combats asthma,
Mullein   Glandular balance, gum disease,
Natures Conc. Liq. Cleaner   All-purpose bio- degradable cleaner.
Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray   May be used as a stain cleaner. Interferes with odor- causing bacteria before odours can happen, May be used as a wash for vegetables. Natural and non toxic.
Natures Gold L1 and L2.. . Best source of fiber, diabetes, arthritis, stiff joints, irregularity, diverticulitis. Stabolized at maximum enzyme level. Carries more amino acids, minerals vitamins to the cells.
Noni Liquid  Helps coughs, sore throat, flu, painful menstruation, urinary disorders, bones, hemorrhage, bruises, fever, infertility, memory loss and senility.
Nutra-burn Vanilla/Chocolate   Weight-watchers dream, Protein Powder, body building /weight loss
Olive Leaf   Immune building, circulatory health, antibacterial, for virus, bacteria fighter.
Oregon Grape Enhances bile flow, liver and lymphatic stagnation.
P-14   Herbal combination for the pancreas Contains goldenseal lowers insulin levels
Pantothenic Acid   (Vitamin B 15)Helps insomnia, depression and anxiety. Anti stress vitamin
Papaya Mint  Digestive, sooths stomach, sweeten breath, triggers digestive juices & saliva
Para Pack  Parasite cleanse take as directed, two packs per cleanse is needed
Parsley  Used successfully to dry up breasts at the end of lactation. Heals cysts, high nutrient value. High in chlorophyll, freshens breath, Diuretic action, kidney stones, anti-cancer
Passion Flour... Mild relaxant and/or sedative.
Pau-D-Arco   Fungal & Parasites, anti-Cancer, Candida, Eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, herpes, nose and throat conditions, antiviral.
Pau-D-Arco lotion   Soothing Topical healing, sunburn damage, sores and bruises
Paw Paw   Targets specific cells for elimination, restores healthy cells, Anti Cancer.
Peppermint oil   Digestion, dispel gas, stomach ache, combats nausea
Perfect Eyes   Contains lutein and N Acetyl-Cystine ,may diminish effects of macular degeneration, total nutrition for the eyes
Potas   Potassium, lacking Potas gives weakness in muscles, depression, mental confusion
Protease Plus enzymes , breaks down protein, digestion, combats Leaky gut Syn
Protein Digestive Aid   Digestant, breaks down Protein and Pepsin, destroys harmful bacteria
Psyllium Hulls capsules An excellent source of fiber, absorbs toxins, promotes regularity smoothly
Psyllium Seeds   Soothing to digestive tract, promotes regularity
Red Clover   Blood Purifier, anti cancer
Red Raspberry   Strengthens uterus, combats menstrual problems, childbirth, combats diarrhea
RE-X   Calms and soothes nerves
Rosehips   Natural form of pro vitamin C, balances ph.
Saw Palmetto   Improves hair loss in men when used with folic acid, good for prostate problems
Silver Shield / Guard Intestinal infections, virus, bacteria.
Smart Meal Meal Replacement Convenient, vanilla-tasting shake mix. • 15 grams per serving; vegetable-based protein, providing all essential amino acids.  • Ideal for vegetarian, blood sugar imbalance,  and low fat diets.  Over 20 vital vitamins and minerals, plus essential fatty acids including omega 3.  • High-protein and low calorie make it ideal for weight-loss programs.
SN-X  Sinus and upper respiratory
Spirullina   Polarity, weight loss and maintenance, brain function and health. Protein, B12
St. John’s Wart   Calming, hysteria, fears, most nervous conditions, menstrual cramps, ulcers
Stomach Comfort   Antacid, soothes all stomach discomforts including sour Stomach heartburn, gas and indigestion.
STR-C   Calms nerves, contains calcium, relieves muscle spasms, anxiety
Stress Formula   Vitamins and minerals that support the nervous system and combats stress
STR-J   Most favored to combat everyday stress, promotes relaxation
Super Oil Capsules Provides EFA. Promotes good Cholesterol. (HDL) brain development. Heart, F hormone
Super Omega 3 Fatty acid formula, supports nerves and circulation. Combats free radicals, arthritis.  
Super Vitamins   Scientifically formulated nutrition supplement for every day use
Syner Pro Super Vitamins   Maintenance and repair of the cells. Anti-aging & for bone health.
Tea Tree Oil   Antiseptic, head lice, flees, combats yeast externally.
Tei Fu Lotion   Soothing calming use in message.
Tei Fu Oil   De-contestant, for pain when used topically, restless leg syndrome, frostbite
Three   Colitis, diverticulitis. It influences nutrient absorption in the small intestine.
Tiao He Pac   Chinese Cleanse. Mild formulation
TNT Powder   Most unique formula of vitamins and nutrition in a powder. Increases energy, helps maintain healthy weight, Good for elderly as an all around nutrient support backup.
TS11   Thyroid, minerals
UC3-J   Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, intestinal inflammation, ilocecal valve, gas, bloat, heartburn, indigestion, candida, edema. Use with with AL-J & Liv-J for gut.
UC-C   General tonic
ULC-R   Ulcers and stomach distress  Pylori Bacteria
Uva Ursi   Mild Kidney support, Urinary tract
Vari-Gone   Improves vein, circulation, relieves fluid in the legs, hemorrhoids, high in natural flavonoid.
Wild Yam/Chaste Tree   Female hormonal, pre and post menopausal
Woman’s Formula   For all female problems
X-A   Men’s formula for prostate and sexual imbalances.
Yeast Fungal Detox   To combat Yeast and fungal infections inhibits growth of unfriendly organisms.
Zambrosa   General Tonic and healing formula. Good for all health conditions, promotes balance.
Zerenity Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety & More! Will even calm down a rambunctious dog. 
Zinc & C lozenges Treatment of cold and scratchy throat, relieves cough, helps fight viral infections
Zinc Necessary for enzyme production, combats colds and flu, male hormone production, healing. A deficiency may result in damage to the pineal gland in the brain, normally containing high levels of zinc. Zinc deficiency may make an individual vulnerable to schizophrenia & other psychosis. Helps lubricate vaginal tissue.

Christmas News from Kelowna Golf and Country Club Dec 2019

BSQ 117 to 41
 Application I definitely know more about what herbs to use with what symptom now, Before the course I would not have offered any advice to my friends or relatives. and it is great to know that Donna is only a phone call away if you need her help. And also her website and book is a lot of information,
I am feeling so much better mentally and healthier since TAFYH.
My Ahha moment; inflammation caused my cousin’s medical problem and it is causing my own problem.
Realizing cancer grows in low body temperature ; the blood has to be cleaned and not with chemo and radiation.
I am grateful to the lesson on BT as I am sure it has contributed to my health problems.
Acceptance and appreciation for the wonderful life.
3 tetanus shots
BSQ 102 to 48
 I could not take a full breath a year ago. This morning I am breathing fully and freely.
I am feeling better and having more energy.
I am grateful for the TAFYH course ; super valuable lessons and all the information I am learning.
Grateful for the success stories you share with us.
Great information on cancer teeth and root canals.
Found out we can rebuild our brain.
I learned not to believe the doctor. I now understand how the body works.  I have more energy
I now have a drive for life and can go for long walks without being exhausted.
Did TAFYH Quit, Started again, Didn’t believe it, wasn’t sure; started again. Before TAFYH Donna was on blood pressure medication, Cholesterol meds and anti depression medications. After TAFYH Donna was off the blood pressure pills, off the cholesterol pills, and off the antidepressants. Then she ended up concerned because her kidney function dropped to  52. She did the One Day Kidney Flush for 4 times and in one month the kidney function went up to 73. Then she ended up with a very swollen leg, very painful, and the doctor said she has a blood clot. She called Donna Roth. She did the Emergency program: 8 MC. 2 CoQ10 2 capsicum once that night, 3 times the next day and once the next day. The swelling came down, the pain went away and the doctor confirmed there was no blood clot. “Then she was off on a 3 week cruise and had a great time. She went prepared with her travel kit: Cat’s Claw, MC,. CoQ10 , Capsicum, Chlorophyll capsules, Natures Harvest. She faithfully took her supplements every day and came home with a spark of life. No health issues.

7 infected root canals, mental breakdown, took on the program to clean all the infections that were affecting his brain. Cat’s Claw in high doses, Silver , Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic,
Felt he had a heart attack at one point; Did the Emergency MC program. 8 MC, 2 CoQ10, 2 Capsicum three times a day for 5 days.
 TAFYH grad continued to search for 3 years even after completing TAFYH. She says this: I studied for 3 years and I really didn’t need to. Watching all these videos  The Truth About Cancer…. Chris beat cancer….all this stuff really actually leaves you hanging. It just ended up making me exhausted and you really get no answers.
I think searching must be fear based. Because I was doing the searching even after I started my program with you. Its like we are driven by something probably anxiety and a lot of fear. Always thinking there might be something we are missing. We feel like we need to leave no stone unturned.
I realized I don’t need to keep searching.