Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lung Cancer Success Story

Hello everyone, This my husband’s experience, his fight with lung cancer. For one year prior to his being diagnosed he battled a terrible, terrible cough and was prescribed  antibiotics about every two or three months. The lower lobe of the left lung was partially collapsed and Ralph had experienced a heart attack in July 2009. He had been a very heavy smoker for many years.  We both thought this was a smoker’s cough. We went to the walk- in clinic in July 2012 and asked if he could have an x-ray. He got an x-ray then we went to our doctor to get the results and were told that they wanted him to have a C-T scan because there was a growth in the lung. He had a C-T scan. He was called to come in for results from his doctor and then he was sent to a Thoracic Specialist in Kelowna.The specialist  told us my husband had lung cancer. They wanted to do a biopsy of the growth that the CT scan had shown in the lung. They said they would call and set up the appointment. When they called, my husband said, " No." He had watched his brother die from lung cancer and he did everything the doctors required ; biopsy, chemo, radiation . There was no quality of life Even after having completed the doctors’ recommendations he died in less than 6 months. He was all drugged up, his hair had all fallen out and he was not himself.
“ No! “Ralph said no to it all. He knew that what the doctor was offering him would not help. Ralph said,
 “  If it is going to kill me I want to enjoy whatever time I have.” Thanks to our knowing Chuck & Juanita. Juanita had beaten her own personal cancer and we found out about the Paw Paw and the change of eating. Ralph agreed to see Donna Roth and to follow the same plan that Juanita had followed. He was willing to try this program. Ralph was a heavy coffee drinker with cream and sugar 12 or more cups a day, loved his bread and potatoes. Ralph knew that if it worked for Jaunita then it would work for him . He had total confidence that it would work for him as well. He would do this without informing his doctor. Cold turkey he quit iti all: all coffee, sugar, all grains, dairy & starchy foods in the first week of Aug 2012 and started the Paw Paw herb capsules working up to 12 a day along with Protease Plus, Cat’s Claw and Smoothies with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , Collatrim Plus , Psyllium Hulls, Flax Lignans. In August when he started  he could not walk up 2 steps. He just had no strength in his legs and he had a very difficult time breathing as he also had a case of emphysema. In September he was very grey looking and it appeared as if nothing was really making a difference. He still had a bad cough and felt very weak. But we just kept going because nothing is going to get better if you have had a problem for such a long time In October he ended up with a case of drop foot where he couldn’t pick up his toes to walk properly.Ralph was very concerned about that and went to see a chiropractor. At this point Ralph decided to do certain exercises. By November the drop foot was gone and he began to start walking up flights of stairs which just  kept continually improving. In January of 2013 he noticed the cough was not so bad and he was breathing better. We had another CT scan done in January  2013 and they could not find the growth but there was still something in the lung and in the bronchi.Ralph just kept up with his program.  By Feb. 2013 his cough was totally gone and he was walking up 4 flights of stairs with no shortage of breath at all. We just continued our new way of eating (Ralph went from 235lbs to 165lbs) I thought he looked great. We had another CT scan done in June 2013 and the lungs were totally clear but the bronchial showed something. Ralph continued to stay on the program. We just had another CT scan in Dec. 2013 and got the results in Jan 14, 2014. The lungs are still clear and the bronchi is 100% clear as well. Not only has the cancer gone but so has the emphysema. We are extremely happy. Thanks to Paw Paw and to Juanita & the change in eating. Thanks to Lynn and to Donna for their help. Thanks to Nature’s Sunshine for the excellent products .Very well worth it! ····Val