Monday, January 31, 2011

3 Types of Cancer

Two summers ago, my Mom’s doctor suggested I have a small growth burnt off my face. Besides the growth on my face, I noticed that my nose always looked like it was sunburnt, red and peeling. My doctor wouldn’t burn the growth off; he wanted to do a biopsy so he booked me for the day before we left for holidays.

On the day of the biopsy, I happened to mention that I had a mole on the back of my thigh. I had noticed that it was getting thicker and if I could contort my body, I could also see that it appeared to be changing colour – from dark brown, to brown, black and red. So the mole was biopsied as well.

On return from holidays, three weeks later, we received the dreaded phone call. Our doctor was very surprised. I actually had three different types of cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Basel Cell Carcinoma and the biggest surprise – a Malignant Melanoma.

That was just about the time that Donna Roth’s cancer book came out and I immediately decided to take action. I cut out all sugars, yeast and grains (well almost all, there was the odd slip). I started the Paw Paw program which included Protease Plus and all the Super Foods. Right, wrong or otherwise I made the decision to have the cancers surgically removed. When I had the scan, the technician showed me that the cancer had metastasized into a lymph node. My first surgery was in October and my second surgery was in December.

Even though the doctor said he got all the cancer and removed the lymph node, I still felt strongly that there was still cancer somewhere inside my body. Most cancers are slow growing and I didn’t want to be told two years from now that my cancer had come back. I decided to stay on the Paw Paw program. I did know that if there was no cancer, I would not be able to tolerate the high dose of Paw Paw. My blood work came back and the doctor called me in, he said my thyroid was low. I told him what I accomplished in an average day and the high level of energy I had and he decided that what was normal for other people obviously wasn’t normal for me.

From the summer of 2009 to October of 2010, I had no problem taking 16 Paw Paw a day. Other people who had similar cancers who had chosen not to have surgery had recovered on the Paw Paw program in a way less time. In October, I could no longer take 16 Paw Paw a day, I was so excited and slowly reduced the number of Paw Paw I was taking until last month when my stomach could no longer tolerate even 4 Paw Paw a day.

Bladder Cancer

My Mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Five times in a row she had surgery to remove the growths. At no time did she have radiation or chemotherapy. She did get a multitude of Nature’s Sunshine Products and I’m sorry I can’t name them all. Then, nearly two years ago we gave Mom Aloe Vera Drink and a number of mineral supplements – the last one being Essential Minerals. First her Hiatus Hernia disappeared and on Thursday we received the best news of all. There is no return of the bladder cancer and the healing has been phenomenal. The doctor said it is no longer necessary for Mom to have any more cystoscopies.