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Teleconference Call March 30/20

Teleconference Call March 30/20
What is corona virus? Pradan did a scientific study to discover what it is.
It is a positively charged spike protein which is missing an electron. The scientific work done by Pradhan et. al.’  showed the unnatural coronavirus HIV-1 spike protein was positively charged. The spike protein “inserts have a high density of positively charged residues.”
Knowing that  virus is a positively charged protein what could prevent it from attaching to your body tissues? What does Dr. Horowitz say about this?
Summarily, “to prevent and cure virus infections, the virus may be naturally oxidized by certain electro-negative nutrients, supplements, and/or water electrons delivering ‘ORPs meaning oxidation reduction potential’. The covalently-bonded ‘reducing electron’ in water pulls away from the oxygen atom to neutralize the coronavirus’s positively-charged (i.e., ‘polarized’) spike protein attachment mutation that has been bio-engineered for human-to-human transmission. This disables the main mechanism for COVID-19 bioweapon infection.”
What is it that causes oxidative stress in the tissues of the body thereby potentially attracting a virus to bond to the tissues?
Eke et. al. demonstrated that consumption of microwaved foods resulted in a significant decrease in antioxidant protection.
Dr. Jernigan says we are eating energetically dead foods.
According to Kivrak et. al., “Oxidative stress occurs if the antioxidant defense system is unable to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body.” (13)
What are the supplements that can neutralize the corona viruses positive charge?
1.       Nano-particle Silver
Micro-fine silver particles have been covalently-bonded to the covalently-bonded oxygen in water. The 47 electrons in a silver atom enables covalent-bonding with a ‘cloud’ of oxygen atoms. This ‘oxygen cloud’ is ideal for neutralizing positively-charged (gram negative) pathogens such as the coronavirus.
2.       Chlorophyll
 As studied by Hsu et. al. (3), the ‘chlorophyll a’ molecule consists of a porphyrin ring chelating a Mg atom. Chlorophyll a is highly hydrophobic. This polarity (i.e., electromagnetic differential) allows this molecule to incorporate into biological lipid membranes. Chlorophyll a, and its partner ‘chlorophyll b’, are photosensitive light energy electron harvesting pigments “with special electronic properties.” These properties include electron resonance and unique frequency signature memory. This pro-life energy transfers to the oxygen these molecules produce. This makes chlorophyll remedial (virtually medicinal) for a variety of ailments, including viral infection.
Chlorophyll reduces or neutralizes  the positive charge on the virus’ HIV-1 spike protein, thus precluding the transfer of genetic material from the virus to the host.
oxygen donates electrons to “reduce” the positive charge on electron-deficient viral membranes.

3.  Vit D 3
[A]t least 1,000 different genes governing virtually every tissue in the body are now thought to be regulated by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25[OH]D), the active form of the vitamin [D], including several involved in calcium metabolism and neuromuscular and immune system functioning.” (15)
4. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an excellent source of electrons for free radicals that are seeking out an electron to regain their stability. Vitamin C can donate electrons to free radicals and quench their reactivity.”
5. Zinc
Additionally, zinc supplementation, especially in the elderly, decreases infections, oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines, and the severity and duration of common coronavirus colds. (26)
Prasad reported, “Zinc supplementation . . . decreased generation of inflammatory cytokines. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are important contributing factors for several chronic diseases attributed to aging, . . .” Pursuant to respiratory infections, zinc is very effective in decreasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) that contributes to mucous build-up.
6. Fermented Foods
F oods containing TRX include those fermented with yeast, including yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kentative and curative treatments that fir, tempeh, and kombucha. This is where is Probiotic 11 would come into play.
Strengthen your immune system with  oxidizing electrons as in anti-oxidant molecules such as vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, and chlorophyll.
Nutritionally and environmentally altering body chemistry this way, making available more anti-oxidants to neutralize the positively-charged pathogens, is crucial in preventing and overcoming infections.
Last week we had a wonderful insight from Dr. Cheryl regarding fear. This week I would like to address fear. I would like to start by sharing a quote from Dr Horowitz.
Dr. Horowitz :Their( media)  messages induce a completely irrational socio-political psycho-drama response driven by the fear of death. ‘FEAR,’ in this case, is an acronym for “false evidence appearing real.” The fear of virus infections is disproportional to the actual risk to ‘normal’ healthy people
Given that that “germ is nothing; and the terrain is everything,” civilization’s response to COVID-19 is completely irrational and unreasonable, being disproportionate to the actual threat.

Now I am going to share Mary Holland’s words.
Who is Mary Holland? She is an attorney that presently writes articles for Children’s Health Defense founded by Robert F Kennedy Jr.
Holland has fought long and hard in the vaccination choice and safety movement. In the last fifteen years, she has co-written and edited two books, Vaccine Epidemic and The HPV Vaccine on Trial, and co-founded two non-profits, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and the Center for Personal Rights.

It is interesting that we have been lead to fear corona virus when in fact the following as stated by Mary Holland was happening.
According to the August 2019 Gallup poll below, before the crisis, the healthcare industry, the federal government, and the pharmaceutical industry were at the very bottom of the public’s esteem. Negative perceptions ranged from minus 48% for healthcare, minus 52% for the federal government, to a stark minus 58% for pharma. The only other sector in negative territory was the advertising and public relations industry, also represented at the Event 201 table.
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer.
The pharma-driven opioid epidemic caused drug overdose deaths to skyrocket, with the financial cost of the opioid epidemic from 2015-18 at $2.5 trillion, not to mention the human cost of over 500,000 lives;
The pharmaceutical industry paid $35.7 billion in penalties to federal and state governments in recent years for a wide range of illegal activities. Despite civil and criminal fines, no pharma senior executive has gone to jail. Fines were simply the cost of doing business.
The federal government failed to hold corporate actors accountable in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, with a sole executive sent to jail. People lost homes, livelihoods, businesses, pensions and suffered for a decade.
Remarkably, the pandemic seems to have pushed a “global reset” button. Pharma and biotech companies are racing to produce new coronavirus vaccines, with the expectation that the world’s population will clamor for them. Media follows the healthcare sector’s every move, creating genuine heroes among the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers on the frontlines. Even this Administration, long plagued by low popularity ratings, has reached its highest approval rating ever.
Finally I have my own personal remarks regarding fear. This may not be accepted by everyone on the call but I ask that you set aside your own personal beliefs and just listen so you can learn why I am not personally afraid.
Many years ago when I was a teacher of elementary school children there was a certain protocol what we were required to follow as a start to our day. Our day started with signing O Canada , saying the Lords prayer and then reading a Bible story. There was a specific board approved Bible we read from.
So today I am sharing a powerful Bible story to provide you with some insight regarding fear especially after hearing the words of Mary Holland; Pharma and biotech companies are racing to produce new coronavirus vaccines, with the expectation that the world’s population will clamor for them. They are hoping that Fear of the corona virus will condition people to line up for the vaccines or the drugs.
So here is my story in my own words and I am not saying it is accurate. Its just what stands out for me. This is a story about Moses. Moses was the prophet who led the Israelites  out of Egypt and out of slavery. God told Moses that there was a Promised Land prepared for them, a land of Milk and Honey. In preparation for entering this land Moses sent out 12 of his men to spy over this land to see what needed to be done. These men did as Moses asked them to do. They returned with amazing huge grapes, figs and pomegranates. Yes it was a very desirable land, a land of milk and honey, a fertile land loaded with all kinds of fruits and foods .
Ten of these men returned with the following report: Yes it was a fruitful land but the land was full of giants who are much stronger than we are. As a matter of fact, the giants are so big that they make us all look like grasshoppers. It was a land to fear. The giants would all destroy them. Note the vision that these men created for the people. A vision of fear, a vision of no hope,
Two of the men namely Joshua and Caleb reported something entirely different. Their report was an encouragement to go into the land, a land of beauty, of promise, a land of milk and honey. They had no fear. These 2 men reported that they were certain that they could overtake this land and overcome any difficulties that may arise. This was a totally different perception than the one reported by the 10 spies.
Whose report won the hearts of the Israelites. It was the one of the giants, the fear. The consequence was that the Israelites remained wondering in the wilderness for another 40 years. By this time Moses had passed on as did the other 10 spies. It was Joshua and Caleb that led the Israelites into he land of promise, the land of freedom.
This story teaches us a powerful lesson about not succumbing to a fear that has been created by someone else’s intention. Fear false evidence appearing real.
It is not a vaccination that will save you. It is not a drug that will save you. These are all genetically engineered in a lab by the hand of man. They are energetically dead. It is for you to  know that your body is created to heal. All you have to do is eat energetic live  foods,  electrically charged, foods that raise your body temperature, take herbs and chlorophyll and supplements that can overpower weak viruses. This is something I have been promoting for the last 35 years. It still has not caught on. But every cloud has a silver lining. Perhaps the masses in this pandemic with all their time  are now turning to lending us an ear and turning to our Herbal Solutions, solutions that have always been there. Today I gave you the solution to the presentf virus, not any different than the solution to cancer.
Q and A
After considerable reading on heavy metal detox, I'm unsure about the effectiveness of the many products and protocols on the market and widely varying price range.  I think after all my reading, it seems that heavy metal detox can take months, even years to eliminate from the body and more specifically from the cells?  Therefore, short protocols may actually be more harmful, if elimination is not properly addressed, resulting in the re-circulation of heavy metals and toxins? Roy
How do you dissolve blood clots without using medication?  Judy
Everyone is buying bleach and other toxic chemicals. What would be a natural product to use instead? Belle
Does Chlorophyll help? Peter
If 2 people can only afford $500 a month what can they take to keep the immune system up?
What can be done for lymphedema? Dawn

Sunday, March 29, 2020

TAFYH (Taking Action For Your Health); Transforming the Health of Nations

A Jump Start Health Business Opportunity with TAFYH

TAFYH (Taking Action for Your Health) is a structured result oriented 15 minute daily teleconference call with an expert TAFYH Grad Leader. It is a unique program where you work with a team of 4-6 people following a committed health protocol. TAFYH is coupled with meticulous quality controlled therapeutic nutritional products. The 38 TAFYH lessons, which are emailed to you daily, educate you about the sources of inflammation and how to address them,  how to use foods, super foods, supplements and herbal combinations to prevent and overcome numerous health challenges. TAFYH teaches you how to become responsible for the health of your own body and educates you on how to empower family, friends and clients in a perpetual healthy lifestyle. A coaching certificate ($50) is issued upon completion of TAFYH ceremonies and TAFYH leader training. TAFYH offers you a golden opportunity to build a great business which also generates residual income.

Intention for TAFYH:
1.         To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.
2.         To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life
3.         To help others to do the same
4.         To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.
5.         To assist in your business growth and build residual income

Time: 15 minutes via teleconference calls daily, Monday-Friday 
Duration: 38 Sessions.
          Daily interaction
          Daily accountability and commitments 
          Daily educational presentations
          Daily script emailed after each call.  
In 2015 seven naturopathic practitioners became TAFYH Grads and Leaders. It is now available in the French language.

TAFYH Successes from TAFYH Grads
Some results as reported by past TAFYH grads:
  • Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.
  • Dr. J used the TAFYH information to save her husband’s life during a serious heart attack incident.
  • Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.
  • Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
  • Val’s husband did not have to have a phlebotomy for 10 weeks.
  • Susan’s eczema is gone.
  • Bonnie is off her depression medication.
  • Fran helped her husband and his transurethral bypass surgery for prostate was cancelled!
  • Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units per day to 12 units per day.
  • Marilyn’s tumour markers dropped to 26. Normal is 25.
  • Daniel reduced his arthritic inflammation and lost 20 pounds, PSA is down from 68 to 2.7
  • Leesy's kidney flush got rid of all her edema and she dropped 50 pounds.
  • Anna had her root canals extracted and her infection is gone with Cat's Claw and Silver Gel.
  • A with serious thyroid TSH 8.38 (normal is 5.0) in Oct/13 dropped to 1.62 April /14. She lost 30 lb.
  • Melissa's little girl no longer had autistic symptoms and is being transferred to a public school.
  • Melissa's little boy with ADD and ADHD has had no violent outbursts for many months now.
  • Sharon’s numbness, sore neck, poor sleeping, cold hands/feet, afternoon napping; Gone!
  • Melissa’s dry lips, sore stomach and dry skin are gone!
  • Shirley’s vertigo is gone after passing parasites.
  • Lisa ‘s acne is gone and she passed 34 dissolved gallstones.
  • Scott lost 30 pounds and passed 80 dissolved gallstones.
  • Jolean’s 9 year old ADHD symptoms have subsided.
  • Tina lost 40 pounds.
  • Peter’s bladder cancer undetectable.
  • Sue lost 20 pounds.
  • Amarjit is off all asthma medication and her energy is back
  • Jo’s debilitating back pain is gone
  • G ‘s lump on her neck reduced by 75%
  • J’s diahrea is gone
  • Paddy’s MS symptoms reduced by 80% and his hearing returned
  • Deb’s Dad’s thyroid cancer gone.
  • Baljit’s Mom: breast cancer gone!
  • Michael: cancerous spot on the kidneys and prostate is not detectable.
  • Shawna: breast cancer gone for over 5 years.
  • Barb: is off all pain killers and the pain in the legs is gone!
  • Bill: off all blood pressure medications, off Lipitor, speech and memory improved dramatically
  • Sharon lost 50 pounds
  • Donna is off anti-depressants and blood pressure medications.
  • Dane completed the Iron Man race with more energy than he started.
  • Loretta is off thyroid medications.
  • RD ; heart palpitations are gone, pain in joints and  cramps in muscles are almost gone.
  • Dawn lost 50 pounds, stomach aches are gone.
  • Heather ‘s pain in shoulder and neck are gone and energy is back and is back to running.
  • James, Candida is 100% gone after years of battling and he fatigue is gone.
  • Grant lost 40 pounds, blood pressure is normal, motion of arms and legs improved dramatically.
  • Kim mold infection is gone, hives are gone, irritability is gone.
  • Susan ; anxiety is gone, arthritic pain in right hand is gone.
  • Ron; protein levels in the kidneys down to 27 from 57.Insulin was reduced by 40 units a day.
  • Angela is off all anxiety meds, hot flushes gone, leg cramps gone.
  • Shannon is off acid reflux meds, lost 20 pounds, PMS symptoms are gone.
  • Pauline’s chronic hip pain is gone.

TAFYH is amazing and I say," Why wait until you are diagnosed with a serious illness before taking on your health." Dr. Jay says," May you never know the disease you are preventing by taking TAFYH."

What is TAFYH?
  • TAFYH is 15 minutes a day via teleconference call
  • It is a course of guided action for your health.
  • Each day you receive a 5 minute lesson that is sent to you.
  • You measure your progress using a Body Systems Questionnaire.
  • You work with a team of 6 people.
  • Each TAFYH session is led by an expert leader.
  • You receive individualized guidance.
  • All your questions are always answered.
  • The course addresses the 5 pillars to overcome all diseased conditions: Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation
  • You are empowered to take responsibility through daily commitments and accountability
  • TAFYH is outside the box thinking.
  • TAFYH is exceedingly more powerful than any medicine!
  • TAFYH is backed by science.
  • You will get results after 8 weeks of TAFYH!
  • TAFYH will be with you for a lifetime.
  • TAFYH is for everyone seeking HEALTH!
TAFYH REGISTRATION FORM                                    

You can choose to subsidize your illness or invest in your #wellness .: Intention for the project:
1.         To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.
2.         To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life
3.         To help others to do the same
4.         To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.

Quote from Michael TAFYH Grad and TAFYH Leader: "I looked for many years to glean this knowledge and found many bits and pieces here and there. Thanks to the internet I could make some sense of some of the health issues I encountered.  This was a great help. However, until I was willing to take 100% responsibility for the actions I saw may be useful to take, I was not able to “get it” in the way that I now discover. The common sense of all I now use leads to having a healthy body from having done the therapeutic nutritional educational program called TAFYH. Take Action For Your Health is a very empowering process that has offered me the understanding to know how to deal with many health issues."

Dr. Blass says."A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. "This is the ultimate TAFYH goal.

TAFYH (Taking Action For Your Health) Registration
Fee $377 + GST + the cost of your products

To Register Please Contact Donna Roth BA BEd MH 1- 250-764-2852

Registration Form

Telephone ______________  Cell ___________________________________
Email address ___________________________________________________
Method of payment:
Credit Card___________________________ExpiryDate_____________CVC#____ Cheque      Cash

TAFYH Outline        All Rights Reserved Donna Roth BA BEd MH
Lesson Introduction TAFYH
Lesson Introduction; Explanation of TAFYH
Lesson Introduction; Research Speaks for Itself
Lesson 1 Commitment, Body System Questionnaire,
Lesson 2 Right Foods
Lesson 3 Wrong Foods
Lesson 4 Quality Control
Lesson 5 Clean water
Lesson 6 Photosynthesis
Lesson 7 Leaky Gut
Lesson 8 Gut Microbiome
Lesson 9 Candida
Lesson 10 Cleansing the Blood
Lesson 11 Inflammation
Lesson 12 Body Temperature
Lesson 13 Body Temperature continued
Lesson 14 The Immune System
Lesson 15 Constitutional Elements
Lesson 16 Earth Element Lymphatic System
Lesson 17 Metal Element Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management
Lesson 18 Hering’s Law of Cure
Lesson 19 Water Element Kidney/Bladder, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Bones and Joints
Lesson 20 pH
Lesson 21 Kidney Flush
Lesson 22 Fire Element, Nervous System, Cholesterol
Lesson 23 Oral Chelation
Lesson 24 CoQ10 
Lesson 25 Wood Element and Electrical system
Lesson 26 Liver Cleanse
Lesson 27 Teeth, Evaluation
Lesson 28 Home Cleaning Products
Lesson 29 Home Testing Kit and Emergency First Aid
Lesson 30 What is Cancer?
Lesson 31 A Cancer Case Study
Lesson 32 Personal Health Plan
Lesson 33 Your Grey Matter Matters
Lesson 34 Authentic Essential Oils
Lesson 35 ELF and EMF
 Completion Ceremony
Daily actions:
Eat the right foods
Drink clean water and Chlorophyll
Have a Super Food Shake
Ionic Breathing
Read the assignments
Express gratitude

Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth BA , BEd, MH
This book has sold over 5000 copies and the movement of people taking control and healing their own cancers is happening! Yahoo for these brave and courageous people stepping outside the box, taking control, overcoming cancers! Order your  copy or call me 250 764 2852

Mud Pies; sugar free, grain free, diary free recipes by Susan Roth
Susan, my daughter,  loves to cook and create and her recipes are loved by everyone who has this book.
Order your copy or call me at 250 764 2852.

Monday Teleconference Calls with Donna Roth:
At 5:45 pm PST
Dial 604 227 1018
Injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation.
" Cancer , Lymes disease, etc. cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C!"
The most recent cancer success story came from Michael. Go to to listen to the posted podcast.

More TAFYH Results:
Denita: reduced her blood pressure medications from 4 meds to 1 med in 2 months. Her brain fog disappearedand mental clarity has improved dramatically. The breathing problems are gone and she is sleeping soundly. Frequent urination has subsided.
Christine: Left knee joint has improved and energy is back.
Kim: eczema which was itchy all the time and very irritating in the folds of the elbows improved significantly; the aches and pains are all gone, the bloating and foggy brain is gone. Clarity and focus has returned, lost 8 pounds,
Lilah: depression has gone, now has a positive outlook and the bloating is gone. With 2 jobs she relies on Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic to keep her going.
Melanie: lost 8 pounds, pain in the leg has reduced significantly, diarrhea is gone , gas and bloating is gone, fogginess is gone and stiff achy, painful muscles is gone.
Diane: lost 10 pounds, is more energetic and now has the tools to share this with others; this is incredible. Everflex cream has helped the sore achy joints.
Iona: diagnosed with PLS; a diseased condition where muscles were deteriorating, difficulty walking and swallowing ;energy levels has jumped 10 fold, no more sleeping in the afternoon, swallowing has improved, speech is way better, nerves have improved dramatically, the fog has lifted, body temperature has gone up, night sweats are gone." I am feeling so much better about myself."Iona is giving herself 2 years to overcome PLS; presently working on removing many mercury fillings.
Sharon; worked on weight loss and she has now lost 33 pounds, the energy has returned,;"this is a whole new way of life and I am a little emotional today!"
Bill: off all blood pressure medications, off lipitor, speech has improved dramatically, thought processes have improved, lost 35 pounds,
Barb: was on pain killers for leg pain; today off all pain killers and is walking like normal, energy is back, " I feel alive again."
Shauna: did the Paw Paw program for breast cancer and has been cancer free for more than 5 years with this program, was told she would never have children and today has given birth to 2 healthy boys,breast fed 2 babies on one breast, " My energy levels have sky rocketed, the pain in my shoulder from surgery has gone. I am a human being once again!"
Jerry: diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, lips were frozen and one of the cheeks lost feeling; within 4 days using lots of HRP-C, Cat's Claw, and Mineral Chi Tonic the symptoms are gone
Present day agricultural practices have interfered with our plants' abilities to convert raw elements into bioavailable minerals. You are all mineral and nutrient deficient ! How do I know this?  You are either low in energy, taking a drug or have depression and a foggy brain. If you had enough nutrition in your body to sustain your health you would not be feeling this way. You cannot get the nutrition you need from common grocery store foods or even health store bought foods. You need quality controlled  high dense nutrient super foods only available from Nature's Sunshine. I have all the success stories to
prove that what I say is true ! -

TAFYH : Taking Action For Your Health; Transforming the Health of Nations.
The reports from the above 11 people came as a result of TAFYH. I am enclosing an attachment and encouraging you to enrol in TAFYH as the information you receive to responsibly take on your own health is profound. You can search the internet for
hours and never discover what TAFYH offers. Here are the comments from TAFYH grads:
Shauna: mother of 2 boys;"  I loved the accountability. The information is incredible. I have a better understanding of health. I am going to miss the calls.It has motivated my friends to take action for their health."
Barb:  university professor: “The education is amazing and the information is awesome. You were a lifeline. I can help my husband. This is real."
Diane: retired : The information is nirvana. It is an idea worth spreading. People are looking for this. We need prevention care not sick care."
Sharon and Bill:  ”This is a whole new way of life."
Denita: nurse, “I have all confidence to help others. I loved this course. Donna, you are a credible person with a passion for getting this message out."
Melanie: “This is a life plan,. I learned the hazards of certain foods. I thoroughly enjoyed this course."
Christine: I am so grateful to be in this program. I can now listen and help others. There was a lot of new information. I appreciated every lesson."
Kim: “There was a lot packed into 20 minutes. The information was invaluable to heal my own body. I am so excited that I want to share this with everyone."
You can take time for your health today or you will be forced to take time for your illness tomorrow. TAFYH has the answers you are looking for!
Register by contacting Donna Roth , ,

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Corona virus by Dr Jane Orient

Dr Jane Orient president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Author of Your Doctor is Not In; Health Skepticism about National Healthcare

The Don’ts
Don’t Panic
Take out and drive through places are booming.
The Nature’s Sunshine business is booming.
Don’t’ rush out and get a flu shot
There is evidence both from earlier SARS epidemic and lab research that a flu hsot can make COVID 19 worse. Like so many things with medicine we have to play the odds.
Don’t go to the emergency room or urgent care unless you are severely ill. If you have the flu or a cold or COVID 19 and don’t need an IV fluids or oxygen they can’t do anything for you.
Don’t demand to be tested and rely on the results.
The tests are in short supply and not very accurate. If you are at low risk a positive test is likely to be a false positive. And if you are infected the test may be negative at first. We need much more testing mainly for public health monitoring.
The Do’s
Do prepare to take care of yourself and your family. Have a thermometer and cleaning supplies.
Do clean and disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, toilets, countertops. Viruses can persist there for days if it is not clean. Natures Sunshine has Essential Shield cleaning soap and Nature’s Fresh. You can simply add Purity Essential Oil drops and a teaspoon of Silver Shield or Essential Shield drops and use it to wash, to shampoo, to clean your bathrooms.
Do remember that sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Do wash your hands often and use a hand sanitizer. I think Natures Sunshine Silver Gel is the best sanitizer. Just a small drop on your hands will last 4 hours.
Do take your vitamins
Most people are Vitamin D deficient. Your need for Vitamin C escalates with infection. Some 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Wuhan and studies of effectiveness are on the way.
Do protect your immune system with adequate sleep (Use Pantothenic Acid or HTP Power if difficulty with sleeping. Exercise, fresh air and diet is important. This is where I want to stress the importance of high dense nutritious smoothies; Chi Mineral Toni, Collagen, Nature’s Harvest, Ultimate Green Zone, and Solstic Energy. Take Cat’s Claw Combination, SilverGuard Mouth wash. Avoid sugar.
Quercetin in Histablock
Do help your neighbors.
They may be looking up to you for information. Learn this simple piece of knowledge and be prepared to share it. It may look like this:
Ultimate Green Zone
Solstic Energy
Cat’s Claw or HRP-C
Histablock for lung conditions where it is difficult to breathe.
Silver Gel
Vitamin C TR
Questions to address:
Donna shares on someone who ended up with sore throat.

The program for tremors.
When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of nerves it infects the nerves and tremors could be the result.
1. Clean the blood so that the nutrients can reach the nerves that need repair.
MC 5 three times a day
2. Clean the fungus
3. Open the lymphatic system
Cat's Claw 4 twice a day
4. Give the stem cells the nutrients needed for nerve cell repair
Chi Mineral Toni
Lecithin 4 three times a day
Liquid B12 under the tongue 20 drops three times a day.
Avoid all grains, sugar, starches, fruit juices, pop, alcohol.
It takes the nerves at least 3 months to heal.

Your First Aid Kit by Steven Horne:

 Your First Aid Kit by Steven Horne:
Here are my recommendations for what to put in your home health care kit.
Capsicum Extract or Capsules: Capsicum is an important remedy for stopping bleeding, treating shock and stimulating circulation and healing. It is also a valuable remedy for colds and has mild analgesic qualities.
Lobelia Essence: Lobelia is an antispasmodic that relaxes muscle cramps or spasms and can be used to ease pain, relax the body during anxiety attacks and stress, ease asthma attacks, and relieve tension headaches. Lobelia can also be used as an emetic to induce vomiting in cases of food poisoning or flu. Blue Vervain is a milder alternative some people prefer for young children.
Ultimate Echinacea or Immune Stimulator: It’s good to have something to stimulate the immune system to help fight off contagious disease when it's "going around." Ultimate Echinacea is a liquid immune booster, suitable for young children and adults. Immune Stimulator is an encapsulated remedy for older children and adults who can swallow capsules. These remedies can not only help prevent infections, they can also boost your immune system to fight them off more effectively.
Silver Shield and/or Silver Shield Gel: I keep both of these in my first aid supplies as natural antiseptics. Silver Shield is a very effective and nontoxic silver product that can be taken internally or applied topically. You can use it as a sinus spray, throat gargle or as ear drops for infections in the sinuses, throat and ears. It can also be taken internally for infections, but I have better results with other remedies for colds, flu and other acute ailments. The gel is excellent for all topical applications and is safe to use on open wounds. It can also be used as a hand sanitizer.
Tei Fu Oil or Tei Fu Massage Lotion: Tei Fu oil is a topical analgesic and can be rubbed in to ease the pain of headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, sore throats and much more. It can be inhaled for respiratory congestion and makes a great remedy for bites and stings. I've also rubbed it into the chest for congestion. I think it's one of the best topical analgesics on the market.
Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil settles the stomach where there is nausea and vomiting and eases gas and bloating. It can also help to promote mental alertness.
AL-J Liquid or Capsules:  If you are prone to colds and respiratory congestion, this is a great remedy for clearing mucus from the lungs and sinuses. It is useful for coughs, colds, earaches, digestive upset and allergies.
Aloe Vera Gel or Herbal Trim Skin Conditioner: A high quality aloe vera gel is useful to keep on hand for burns, sunburn, abrasions and other skin irritations. Herbal Trim Skin Conditioner works even better than plain aloe vera gel.
IF-C: No first aid kit is complete without something for pain. This natural anti-inflammatory is a great remedy for easing pain and promoting recovery from minor injuries, headaches and other aches and pains.
Nature’s Fresh: This product is great to have on hand for stains and odors, but it is also an amazing topical spray for helping to ease pain and promote healing. You can spray it on all kinds of minor injuries and painful areas to ease pain and promote healing.
Silver Shield destroys bacteria, viruses and molds. It has been tested for many purposes:
Anti-aging   and wound healing
Burns and bites
Parasites and Malaria
MRSA, Strep, Staph, Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,
Purifies water in 1.5 minutes
Deactivates harmful hormones
Abnormal cells as in breast cancer, Sarcoma, Leukemia, cervical cancer, Human Papilloma virus,
Epstein Barr virus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Cytomegalovirus (cancer), SARS, Bird Flu, etc.
Silver creates stem cells in the blood stream.

SilverGuard, Ultimate Green Zone, Quercitin studies in Histablock

SilverGuard, Ultimate Green Zone, Quercitin studies  in Histablock

Silver Shield destroys bacteria, viruses and molds. It has been tested for many purposes:
Anti-aging   and wound healing
Burns and bites
Parasites and Malaria
MRSA, Strep, Staph, Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,
Purifies water in 1.5 minutes
Deactivates harmful hormones
Abnormal cells as in breast cancer, Sarcoma, Leukemia, cervical cancer, Human Papilloma virus,
Epstein Barr virus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Cytomegalovirus (cancer), SARS, Bird Flu, etc.
Silver creates stem cells in the blood stream.

Not All Silver Solutions Are Created Equal
• Common ionic silver particles = - 1 electron
This gives the silver particle the ability to bind itself with and eliminate
one electron of a targeted pathogen
• Better Silver Technology = - 2 electrons
This gives the silver particle the ability to bind itself with and destroy
electrons of targeted pathogens multiple times
Silver is engineered to resonate at a
frequency between 850 - 910
-- the same frequency given off by
germicidal bulbs in hospitals and labs
designed to kill pathogens
Magnetic Disruption
Preventing Viral Replication
• Silver has antiviral properties

Little do we think about the amazing masterpiece we all live in known as
the body.
Every organ and gland in your body has stem cell carpenters whose job it
is to build healthy cells for you. In order for the stem cell carpenters to
do their work of healthy cell repair you need to provide them with all the
essential nutrient building materials. These nutrients are amino acids,
vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, fats, fibre, & prebiotics.
How marvelous it is to know that Natures Sunshine scientists have
designed an incredible quality controlled whole food powder that
reassures us that it contains all the much-needed nutrients for healthy
cell repair. This super food powder is Ultimate Green Zone.
Today’s grocery store bought foods simply do not have adequate
nutrients for cell repair and it is imperative that we resort to the super
food, Ultimate Green Zone. Imagine what your body will look like 365
days from now. In 365 days you can build an entire new you.
Ultimate Green Zone is the ultimate nutritious food powder to immunize
your entire body with a strong defense system to withstand any fiery
darts of disease that may come your way.

Ultimate GreenZone is a superfood
powder that can be used as a quick meal
replacement to maximize optimal
nutritional potential. It contains quality
controlled concentrated greens, seeds,
vegetables, fruits and herbs with high
dense nutrients that are easily absorbed
for pH balancing. Green Zone has a proper
balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
for stabilizing blood sugar and promoting
heart health and weight loss

The whole foods in Ultimate Green
create a strong defense system
support the body’s immune functions
strengthen connective tissues
enhance detoxification of heavy metals
move out toxic waste debris
increase energy and overall well-being
great supplement for a healthy pregnancy
excellent for athletic training
great for recovery from chronic illness
low glycemic index
solves blood sugar problems
resolves weight issues
builds healthy blood and heart
Prebiotic properties:
Hormone balancing properties
Detoxification properties
Urinary and bone building properties
Fibre properties
Essential fatty acid properties
Bioflavonoid and Vitamin properties
Immune enhancing properties
Enzyme properties
Infection fighting properties
Ultimate G

Green Zone is loaded with prebiotics
Flax Seeds
Artichoke leaf
Chicory Root
A prebiotic is a food ingredient that cannot be
digested. Prebiotics help smooth things out in the
digestive tract and keep you feeling regular. They feed
the probiotics in the intestinal tract. Prebiotics are the
perfect source of fuel for the probiotics in the gut.
The probiotic bacteria produces short-chain fatty acids
to bring balance and regulation to electrolyte levels
while increasing the strength of the intestinal lining.
The prebiotic effect is associated the body’s ability to
absorb minerals and vitamins thereby greatly reducing
cancer-causing toxins.
With prebiotic consumption, our bones can benefit
from that extra dose of calcium, iron, and magnesium.
Prebiotics can help prevent osteoporosis, increase
bone density and keep your skeletal system stay
Flax Seed Hulls =
Hormonal Balance
Flax Seed Hulls contain an antioxidant active known
as lignans.
Lignans have hormone balancing properties. Lignans
are phyto-estrogens or plant estrogens that have the
ability to bind the toxic xenoestrogens that Candida
produces. They are then able to balance estrogen
levels to help support breast health. Lignans may
also block the conversion of testosterone into DHT.
This helps support prostate health.
The high amount of fibre in flaxseed lignans also
helps support colon health. Lignans have indicated a
variety of other benefits, such as heart health,
cholesterol reduction, and encourages healthy hair.

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale as found in Ultimate
Green Zone are loaded with actives known as Indole 3 Carbinols.
Indole-3-Carbinol has been shown to act as a catalyst to decrease the
body’s load of toxic estrogens and reduce symptoms of estrogen
dominance. Indole-3-carbinol acts as a phytoestrogen which means it
binds to bad estrogens to eliminate it from the body thereby blocking
the ability of cancer cells to replicate. Studies show that indole-3-
carbinol suppress the cell division of certain breast cancer cells by
inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis).

Spirulina and Chlorella detoxify heavy metals
Heavy Metal Poisoning shows up in many different ways:
• Chronic fatigue
• Autoimmune diseases, including Lyme’s disease
• Skin irritation
• Neurological disorders
• Brain-fog, trouble concentrating, difficulty learning and poor memory
• Depression, manic depression and/or anxiety
• Dementia
• Insomnia
• Digestive issues, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
• Chronic aches and pains, such as those associated with fibromyalgia
• Tremors
• Impaired motor control, hearing, speech, vision and gait
• Anemia
• Higher risk for heart attacks

Bone building properties
Spinach supplies a high amount of essential bone-building
vitamin K needed to keep the skeletal structure healthy and
can help ward off osteoporosis and bone fractures. Vitamin K
also has the roles of helping with blood clotting and turning
off inflammation in the body.
Parsley provides high levels of vitamin K, an essential
nutrient for maintaining bone density. It works together
with the other bone-building nutrients in parsley — calcium,
phosphorus, vitamin D and magnesium.
Spinach and parsley have an abundance of glutamine.
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human
blood. It is very useful for the repair of injury such as in
cancer, trauma, burns and in the anabolic process of building
organs and tissues.
Horsetail is high in the mineral silica and boosts hair, skin ,
nail and bone regeneration and reverses bone changes
resulting from osteoporosis and arthritis. It is an excellent
herb for urinary health as it relieves water retention.

 Quercetin in Histablock
A 1985 study, which found quercetin inhibits infectivity and replication of herpes simplex virus type 1, polio-virus type 1, parainfluenza virus type 3 and respiratory syncytial virus.15

A 2010 animal study found that quercetin inhibits both influenza A and B viruses. Two other important discoveries were made. Firstly, the viruses were unable to develop resistance to quercetin and, secondly, when used concomitant with antiviral drugs (amantadine or oseltamivir), the effect was significantly amplified — and it prevented drug-resistance from developing.16

A 2004 animal study investigating quercetin's effect on influenza used a strain of the H3N2 virus. According to the authors:17

"During influenza virus infection, there is 'oxidative stress.' Because quercetin restored the concentrations of many antioxidants, it is proposed that it may be useful as a drug in protecting the lung from the deleterious effects of oxygen derived free radicals released during influenza virus infection."

Another 2016 study found quercetin offered protection against influenza A virus H1N1 by modulating protein expression. More specifically, the regulation of heat shock proteins, fibronectin 1 and prohibitin was instrumental in reducing viral replication.18

A third study published in 2016 found quercetin inhibited a wide spectrum of influenza strains, including H1N1, H3N2 and H5N1. According to the authors, "This study indicates that quercetin showing inhibitory activity in the early stage of influenza infection provides a future therapeutic option to develop effective, safe and affordable natural products for the treatment and prophylaxis of [influenza A viruses] infections."19

In 2014, researchers noted that quercetin appears to be "a promising treatment for the common cold," caused by the rhinovirus, adding that "Quercetin has been shown to reduce viral internalization and replication in vitro, and viral load, lung inflammation and airways hyper-responsiveness in vivo."20

By attenuating oxidative damage, it also lowers your risk of secondary bacterial infections, which is actually the primary cause of influenza-related deaths. Importantly, quercetin increases mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle, which suggests part of its antiviral effects are due to enhanced mitochondrial antiviral signaling.

A 2016 animal study21 found quercetin inhibited mouse dengue virus and hepatitis virus. Other studies have confirmed quercetin's power to inhibit both hepatitis B22 and C23 infection.

Most recently, a March 2020 study24 in the Microbial Pathogenesis journal found quercetin "provides comprehensive protection against Streptococcus pneumoniae infection," both in vitro and in vivo, primarily by neutralizing pneumolysin (PLY),25 one of the toxins released from pneumococci that encourages S. pneumoniae infection to blossom in the first place. As reported by the authors in Microbial Pathogenesis: