Friday, November 2, 2012


Did you know that some brands contain little or no key constituents necessary for the product to work properly?
Look at this comparison between NSP's St. John's Wort and rejected raw material. Hypericin and Pseudohypericin— two key active factors— are not even present in the posing sample of raw material.    



Did you know that the raw materials returned by NSP to its suppliers are then sold to other supplement manufacturers?
There is a difference between brands. That's not an opinion, it's a fact based on consistent, reproducible scientific evidence.
Are you paying for fillers?
NSP Products are well known for their strict demand of pure product from the grower to you.
Maybe you are spending less or more for brand "C" shown in this chart, but you can't tell the quality from reading the label.

Don't gamble with your health or your money!
NSP conducts meticulous testing during every phase of the production process; from receipt of each raw material to storage and shipment of finished products. These tests ensure that raw materials and other ingredients are the finest available. Over 150 tests and procedures give you the piece of mind that every Nature's Sunshine product is tested to be potent and pure.
Check out this revealing look at missing constituents in a competitor's valerian. Valerenic Acid and Acetoxyvalerenic are not even detectable.
People are realizing the importance of quality when it comes to their herbal supplements. This quality can make the difference
between a product that works very well and a product that has no noticeable effects. Searching for less expensive brands does not pay.