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Lobelia by Steven Horne


Lobelia inflata from Adobe Stock

Lobelia inflata by Steven HorneThe Amazing Properties of Lobelia

Herbalists through the years have made some pretty amazing claims about lobelia. Here are a few.

Pioneer Herbalist Priddy Meeks said in his journal:

I don’t know what [high praise] I could place on Lobelia to be competent with its virtues…for Lobelia will act on the system in complete conformity with the laws of health…it will permeate the whole system till it finds where the obstruction is seated, and there it will spend its influence and powers by relaxing the parts obstructed…always accompany the lobelia with cayenne pepper, which is the purest and best stimulant that is known in the compass of medicine…[They] will act on the whole system like an increased flow of water turned [into] a muddy spring of water—it will soon run clear. And, although Lobelia is set at naught and persecuted the way it is… it is ordained of God to be used in wisdom.

R. Swinburne Clymer, MD in his book Nature’s Healing Agents, had this to say about lobelia.

The number one agent on the Natura physician’s armamentarium is lobelia. Lobelia is one of Nature’s few dual agents in the relief of human ailments. It is both a relaxant and a stimulant; depending altogether on how it is prescribed, hence, if the Natura physician had to choose one remedy from others, it would be lobelia and his practice would be successful. So many claims have been made for this agent, and so many more could honestly be made for it, were its virtues fully understood. …most unjustly, Lobelia has been, and continues to be—labeled a poison… In my fifty-six years (at the writing) I have prescribed it for children and people advanced in age; in three drops to new born children; fifteen drops every fifteen minutes for hours, or maximum doses of 60 drops, to older persons with never any but the best results… If there is any such thing as a general panacea, I would say that lobelia comes closer to being such than any other agent I have used all of these many years.

In more recent times, the father of the modern American herb movement, Dr. John Christopher, wrote this in his book, School of Natural Medicine:

Lobelia is one of the greatest herbs ever given to the world… lobelia is a general corrector of the whole system, as it is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body… Over years of practice, lobelia has been administered many times, and there have been numerous miraculous healings. Time after time, lobelia has helped the very young to the very old, with only positive results. As for lobelia being a poison: this is one of the most ridiculous falsehood ever foisted on the public by orthodox allopaths.
Lobelia is a selective herb. When a fetus is dead, or in an extremely weakened condition, lobelia will cause it to abort. However, if the fetus is well and healthy, and the mother is weak, it will cause the mother to heal and strengthen, enabling her to carry the child until the proper time of delivery. Lobelia accurately and intelligently selects which way it is to go. It is truly a ‘thinking’ herb.

Lobelia inflata from Wikipedia CommonsLobelia's Modern Uses

Today lobelia is primarily used for its anti-spasmodic effect. By depressing the central nervous system it relaxes all the muscles of the body, helping to relieve spasms, cramps, and obstructions. This helps to explain why lobelia has historically been used to help with epileptic seizures. Because of its ability to dilate the bronchioles and open respiratory passages it also has been used to treat disorders of the lungs and throat such as bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis and asthma. Midwives have also administered lobelia as a muscle relaxant to counteract pelvic rigidity during childbirth. And it relieves the cramping of a spastic bowel. In addition, the tincture or extract can be applied topically for relief of muscle cramps, stiffness, and pain.

One way of explaining the ambivalence surrounding lobelia is that when it is used in large doses it acts as an emetic (promotes vomiting). To prevent it from living up to its name of vomit wart it must be taken in small doses or in combination with other herbs to moderate its intense effects

But the other, more unsettling, characteristic of lobelia is its ability to act as what Matthew Wood calls an activator, “to stir up the other herbs in a formula and direct them to the desired tissue or organ needing therapy.” The idea of an activator herb possessing an intelligence which allows it to direct the actions of other herbs, was known and used by Native American herbalists, but certainly goes against the grain of modern-day pharmaceutical herbology.

In the final analysis, we can try using an herb like lobelia and see what happens. We can try it for its anti-spasmodic or bronchodilator effects. But it is important to be aware that, as Matthew Wood says, herbs “like to do all sorts of things. They really do have a magical level of action and this goes far beyond the artificial constructs of the human mind.”

Cardinal Lobelia by Steven Horne

Cardinal Lobelia by Steven Horne

My Favorite Uses for Lobelia

I personally love lobelia, and think it should be in everyone's home remedy kit. I've used it to stop anxiety attacks, ease spastic coughing and help a person breathe who is having an asthma attack. I've also used it with capsicum rubbing it into sore muscles, sore throats and other aching body parts. It has also been helpful in small amounts, along with other herbs, to aid recovery from colds and other infections involving respiratory congestion. I've also used it to help people stop smoking. It contains lobeline, which attaches to the same nervous system receptors as nicotine.

Typically I only give 3-10 drops at a time and repeat the dose every 2-5 minutes until the desired effect is achieved.

Lobelia is generally not taken on a daily basis, except as a small part of a formula. John Christopher used a little of it, along with a little capsicum in many of his herb formulas, claiming it made them work faster. Otherwise, lobelia is reserved for acute ailments where there are obstructions in the body. In capsule form, one capsule is a pretty large dose, so I rarely use it in capsules. I nearly always use it as a glycerite or tincture. If you use small doses you almost never make anyone throw up, but i if nausea or vomiting occur, peppermint tea can be used to settle the stomach.

The official species used in the medicinal world is Lobelia inflata, but there are other species that are used as ornamentals in gardens or that grow wild. Just for fun I included a photo of cardinal lobelia from Zion National Park. It certainly has striking flowers, doesn't it?

Don't let lobelia's checkered history tarnish its beauty as both an ornamental flower and versatile remedy, just take the time to understand how to use it and appreciate its innate intelligence.

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Monday TeleCall with Donna Roth

Monday TeleCall with Donna Roth 

Updates from Vaccine Choice Canada 

Vancouver Rally Talk; Germ Theory vs Laws of Nature; The Germ Theory is False; Vaccines are False

Your Constitutional Rights to say NO

Tricia RN, Guest; Find out about the power of Silver Guard

One Day Kidney Flush; Creatinine levels drop from 120 to 90

Words of Wisdom from Carol


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Congestive Heart Failure and Fluid in the Lungs

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The Brain;  

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A Success Story : My Son Joe:. I attended a NSP workshop in Calgary in spring 2009 where I listened first hand to the results of the 3 month study; with usage of Nature’s Sunshine Supplements and Dr. Amen protocol. My youngest son has a significant learning disorder; and was assessed in May 2009 via a Provincial Ministry Educational Psych test that spanned one week, determined with a DSM IV designation, was reading 5 grades below his grade level, (entering  Grade 11 in Sept 2009) and functioning at a 0.4 percentile in math.   I had already had him complete Grade 3 twice as he was so far behind. His grades throughout school were typically C’s and C-, occasional D, & B, and one A (from Grade 1-10).…and I did a lot of homework support. He was a candidate for drop-out, and I was often in the school consulting counsellors, VP’s and the Principal.

As well as doing deep work on his emotional state of being through counselling, and workshops (which we started in 2010), I upped his supplements in alignment with his questionnaire results by Dr. Amen’s assessment. He took NSP’s  Super Trio, Focus Atn, Magnesium Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Zambroza and Liquid Chlorophyll in high doses.(To have a SPECT scan costs approx. $3000.00.  The 98 questions is said by Dr. Amen to be about 85-90% accurate). End result: he graduated in June 2011 finishing Grade 12 with 3 B’s and 5A’s. He went on to take a 14 month Carpentry program (all Math), (of which I did no homework).  He graduated with 83.4%.

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Chronic Muscle Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

 Chronic Muscle Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

Avoid all starches, grains, legumes, sugars.

Have a Super Food Smoothie at least once a day with:

Chi Mineral Tonic 2 oz

Collagen 1 scoop

Solstic Energy 1 stick

A suggested daily regimen for chronic muscle fatigue consists of:

2 capsules of Magnesium Malate twice daily;

 1 capsule of St.John's Wort three times daily; 

4 capsules of Super Oil or Flax Seed Oil daily;

 6 capsules of Lecithin daily; 

 Super Vitamins & Minerals as directed

Do this one month for every 10 years of your age.

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TAFYH (Taking Action For Your Health); Donna Roth BA BEd MH

Transforming the Health of Nations

Fee $377 + GST + the cost of your products

To Register Please Contact Donna Roth BA BEd MH 1- 250-764-2852      kdroth@shaw.c a

 TAFYH (Taking Action for Your Health) is a structured result oriented 20-minute daily teleconference call with an expert TAFYH Grad Leader. It is a unique program where you work with a team of 4-6 people following a committed health protocol. TAFYH is coupled with meticulous quality controlled therapeutic nutritional products. The 38 TAFYH lessons, which are emailed to you daily, educate you about the sources of inflammation and how to address them, how to use foods, super foods, supplements and herbal combinations to prevent and overcome numerous health challenges. TAFYH teaches you how to become responsible for the health of your own body and educates you on how to empower family, friends and clients in a perpetual healthy lifestyle. A coaching certificate is available upon completion of TAFYH ceremonies and TAFYH leader training. TAFYH offers a golden opportunity to build a great business which also generates residual income.

 Intention for TAFYH:

1.         To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.

2.         To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life

3.         To help others to do the same

4.         To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.

5.         To assist in your business growth and build residual income


Time: 20 minutes via teleconference calls daily, Monday-Friday 

Duration: 37 Sessions.

          Daily interaction

          Daily accountability and commitments 

          Daily educational presentations

          Daily script emailed after each call.  

In 2015 seven naturopathic practitioners became TAFYH Grads and Leaders. It is now available in the French language. To date 12 naturopathic doctors are TAFYH Grads.

TAFYH Successes from TAFYH Grads

Some results as reported by past TAFYH grads:

  • Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.
  • Dr. J used the TAFYH to save her husband’s life during a serious heart attack incident.
  • Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.
  • Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
  • Val’s husband did not have to have a phlebotomy for 10 weeks.
  • Susan’s eczema is gone.
  • Bonnie is off her depression medication.
  • Fran helped her husband and his transurethral bypass surgery for prostate was cancelled!
  • Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units per day to 12 units per day.
  • Daniel reduced his arthritic inflammation and lost 20 pounds, PSA is down from 68 to 2.7
  • Leesy's kidney flush got rid of all her edema and she dropped 50 pounds.
  • Anna had her root canals extracted and her infection is gone with Cat's Claw and Silver Gel.
  • A : thyroid TSH 8.38 (normal is 5.0) in Oct/13 dropped to 1.62 April /14. She lost 30 lb.
  • Sharon’s numbness, sore neck, poor sleeping, cold hands/feet, afternoon napping; Gone!
  • Melissa’s dry lips, sore stomach and dry skin are gone!
  • Shirley’s vertigo is gone after passing parasites.
  • Lisa ‘s acne is gone, and she passed 34 dissolved gallstones.
  • Scott lost 30 pounds and passed 80 dissolved gallstones.
  • Joleen’s 9-year-old ADHD symptoms have subsided.
  • Tina lost 40 pounds.
  • Peter’s bladder cancer undetectable.
  • Sue lost 20 pounds.
  • Amarjit is off all asthma medication and her energy is back
  • Jo’s debilitating back pain is gone
  • G ‘s lump on her neck reduced by 75%
  • J’s diarrhea is gone
  • Paddy’s MS symptoms reduced by 80% and his hearing returned
  • Baljit’s Mom: breast cancer gone!
  • Shawna: breast cancer gone
  • Barb: is off all pain killers and the pain in the legs is gone!
  • Bill: off all blood pressure medications, off Lipitor, speech and memory improved dramatically
  • Sharon lost 50 pounds
  • Donna is off anti-depressants and blood pressure medications.
  • Dane completed the Iron Man race with more energy than he started.
  • Loretta is off thyroid medications.
  • RD; heart palpitations are gone, pain in joints and  cramps in muscles are almost gone.
  • Dawn lost 50 pounds, stomach aches are gone.
  • Heather’s pain in shoulder and neck are gone and energy is back. She  is back running.
  • James, Candida is 100% gone after years of battling and his fatigue is gone.
  • Grant lost 40 pounds, blood pressure is normal, motion of arms and legs improved dramatically.
  • Kim mold infection is gone, hives are gone, irritability is gone.
  • Susan; anxiety is gone, arthritic pain in right hand is gone.
  • Ron; protein levels in the kidneys down to 27 from 57. Insulin was reduced by 40 units a day.
  • Angela is off all anxiety meds, hot flushes gone, leg cramps gone.
  • Shannon is off acid reflux meds, lost 20 pounds, PMS symptoms are gone.
  • Pauline’s chronic hip pain is gone.
  • Anne: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; liver enzymes down from 36 to 24 ( normal is 30)
  • Judy: off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, liver enzymes are down to 34(normal is 30),
  • Cindy; Painful knees and Rosacea gone!
  • Val; High white blood cell count down to normal
  • Renee; huge success in getting rid of Candida; dry patches of skin gone!
  • Heather; Fogginess gone! More positive attitude.
  • Laura; Way less Candida, stopped nail biting, Lost 9 pounds.
  • Linda; Lost 17 pounds, insomnia gone, energy is way up, Blood sugar down 11 to 7,
  • Goetz; Major migraines decreased; foggy brain from brain injury decreased
  • Charlotte: Energy increase is huge, shortness of breath gone; bloating gone, cough is gone!
  • Bee: Heavy menstrual problems gone, Intestinal gas gone1
  • Janine; Blood sugar down from 13 to 9, lost 10 pounds, feels wonderful
  • Candus; Nerves are more settled; thinking is so much clearer.
  • Phyll: Lymphoma is gone; spleen reduced in size from 13.7 to 12.5 Normal is 12


TAFYH is amazing and I say," Why wait until you are diagnosed with a serious illness before taking on your health." Dr. Jay says," May you never know the disease you are preventing by taking TAFYH."


What is TAFYH?

  • TAFYH is 20 minutes a day via teleconference call
  • It is a course of guided action for your health.
  • Each day you receive a 5-minute lesson that is sent to you.
  • You measure your progress using a Body Systems Questionnaire.
  • You work with a team of 6 people.
  • Each TAFYH session is led by an expert leader.
  • You receive individualized instruction.
  • All your questions are always answered.
  • TAFYH addresses the 5-pillar formula: Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation
  • Elimination, Infection, Circulation
  • You are empowered to take responsibility through daily commitments and accountability
  • TAFYH is outside the box thinking.
  • TAFYH is exceedingly more powerful than any medicine!
  • TAFYH is backed by science and follows the Laws of Nature
  • You will get results after 8 weeks of TAFYH!
  • TAFYH will be with you for a lifetime.
  • TAFYH is for everyone seeking HEALTH

  • Dr. Blass says."A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. "This is the ultimate TAFYH goal.                                                                                                                                                                        

 Lesson Introduction TAFYH

Lesson Introduction: Ionic Breathing

Lesson Introduction Vision Board

Lesson Introduction; Explanation of TAFYH

Lesson Introduction; Research Speaks for Itself

Lesson 1 Disease Tree

Lesson 2 Right Foods

Lesson 3 Wrong Foods

Lesson 4 Quality Control

Lesson 5 Clean water

Lesson 6 Photosynthesis

Lesson 7 Leaky Gut

Lesson 8 Gut Microbiome

Lesson 9 Properties of Herbs

Lesson 9 Candida

Lesson 10 Cleansing the Blood

Lesson 11 Inflammation

Lesson 12 Body Temperature

Lesson 12 Body Temperature continued

Lesson 13 The Immune System

Lesson 14 Constitutional Elements

Lesson 15 Earth Element Lymphatic System

Lesson 17 Metal Element Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management

Lesson 18 Hering’s Law of Cure

Lesson 19 Water Element Kidney/Bladder, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Bones and Joints

Lesson 20 pH

Lesson 21 Kidney Flush

Lesson 22 Fire Element, Nervous System, Cholesterol

Lesson 23 Oral Chelation

Lesson 24 CoQ10 

Lesson 25 Wood Element and Electrical system

Lesson 26 Liver Cleanse

Lesson 27 Teeth, Evaluation

Lesson 28 Home Cleaning Products

Lesson 29 Home Testing Kit and Emergency First Aid

Lesson 30 What is Cancer?

Lesson 31 A Cancer Case Study

Lesson 32 Personal Health Plan

Lesson 33 Your Grey Matter Matters

Lesson 34 Authentic Essential Oils

Lesson 35 ELF and EMF

 Completion Ceremony

Daily actions:

Eat the right foods

Drink clean water and Chlorophyll

Have a Super Food Shake


Ionic Breathing

Read the assignments

Express gratitude


Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth BA , BEd, MH

This book has sold over 5000 copies and the movement of people taking control and healing their own cancers is happening! Yahoo for these brave and courageous people stepping outside the box, taking control, overcoming cancers! Order your  copy or call me 250 764 2852


Monday Teleconference Calls with Donna Roth:

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018

Injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation.

 Cancer , Lymes disease, etc. cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C!


More TAFYH Results:

Denita: reduced her blood pressure medications from 4 meds to 1 med in 2 months. Her brain fog disappeared and mental clarity has improved dramatically. The breathing problems are gone and she is sleeping soundly. Frequent urination has subsided.

Christine: Left knee joint has improved, and energy is back.

Kim: eczema which was itchy all the time and very irritating in the folds of the elbows improved significantly; the aches and pains are all gone, the bloating and foggy brain is gone. Clarity and focus has returned, lost 8 pounds,

Lilah: depression has gone, now has a positive outlook and the bloating is gone. With 2 jobs she relies on Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic to keep her going.

Melanie: lost 8 pounds, pain in the leg has reduced significantly, diarrhea is gone , gas and bloating is gone, fogginess is gone and stiff achy, painful muscles is gone.

Diane: lost 10 pounds, is more energetic and now has the tools to share this with others; this is incredible. Everflex cream has helped the sore achy joints.

Iona: diagnosed with PLS; a diseased condition where muscles were deteriorating, difficulty walking and swallowing ;energy levels has jumped 10 fold, no more sleeping in the afternoon, swallowing has improved, speech is way better, nerves have improved dramatically, the fog has lifted, body temperature has gone up, night sweats are gone." I am feeling so much better about myself."Iona is giving herself 2 years to overcome PLS; presently working on removing many mercury fillings.

Sharon; worked on weight loss and she has now lost 33 pounds, the energy has returned,;"this is a whole new way of life and I am a little emotional today!"

Bill: off all blood pressure medications, off lipitor, speech has improved dramatically, thought processes have improved, lost 35 pounds,

Barb: was on pain killers for leg pain; today off all pain killers and is walking like normal, energy is back, " I feel alive again."

Shauna: did the Paw Paw program for breast cancer and has been cancer free for more than 5 years with this program, was told she would never have children and today has given birth to 2 healthy boys,breast fed 2 babies on one breast, " My energy levels have sky rocketed, the pain in my shoulder from surgery has gone. I am a human being once again!"

Jerry: diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, lips were frozen and one of the cheeks lost feeling; within 4 days using lots of HRP-C, Cat's Claw, and Mineral Chi Tonic the symptoms are gone

Present day agricultural practices have interfered with our plants' abilities to convert raw elements into bioavailable minerals. You are all mineral and nutrient deficient ! How do I know this?  You are either low in energy, taking a drug or have depression and a foggy brain. If you had enough nutrition in your body to sustain your health you would not be feeling this way. You cannot get the nutrition you need from common grocery store foods or even health store bought foods. You need quality controlled  high dense nutrient super foods only available from Nature's Sunshine. I have all the success stories to

prove that what I say is true ! -


TAFYH : Taking Action For Your Health; Transforming the Health of Nations.

The reports from the above 11 people came as a result of TAFYH. I am enclosing an attachment and encouraging you to enrol in TAFYH as the information you receive to responsibly take on your own health is profound. You can search the internet for

hours and never discover what TAFYH offers. Here are the comments from TAFYH grads:

Shauna: mother of 2 boys;"  I loved the accountability. The information is incredible. I have a better understanding of health. I am going to miss the calls.It has motivated my friends to take action for their health."

Barb:  university professor: “The education is amazing and the information is awesome. You were a lifeline. I can help my husband. This is real."

Diane: retired : The information is nirvana. It is an idea worth spreading. People are looking for this. We need prevention care not sick care."

Sharon and Bill:  ”This is a whole new way of life."

Denita: nurse, “I have all confidence to help others. I loved this course. Donna, you are a credible person with a passion for getting this message out."

Melanie: “This is a life plan,. I learned the hazards of certain foods. I thoroughly enjoyed this course."

Christine: I am so grateful to be in this program. I can now listen and help others. There was a lot of new information. I appreciated every lesson."

Kim: “There was a lot packed into 20 minutes. The information was invaluable to heal my own body. I am so excited that I want to share this with everyone."

You can take time for your health today or you will be forced to take time for your illness tomorrow. TAFYH has the answers you are looking for!

Register by contacting Donna Roth , ,







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Vancouver Rally Sept 2020


Vancouver Freedom Rally Presentation by Donna Roth BA, BEd MH   September 13/2020   250 764 2852

Recently a massive peaceful rally with over a million took place in Berlin. biggest demonstrations in its history. This movement was organized by Querdenken translated as “think differently” I love the slogan and I chose to build on it in my presentation today.

The Germ Theory is a belief system. Vaccinations is belief system. What if I choose to think differently?

Why are we all here thinking differently? The way I see  it is  this: it is one thing to choose to have a certain belief system like the Germ Theory but it is another thing to find out as I have found out that the belief system  is actually causing harm , destruction and deaths.

The Germ Theory follows Pasteur’s way of thinking.

In the view of Pasteur there are germs out there, germs of death and decay. And where do they come from? Pasteur said they come from the air. And it is these germs cause the disease. The germ is dangerous and must be killed.

This Germ Theory belief system lead to the evolution of several well accepted industries common place in today’s society.

The industry of pasteurization; pasteurize and kill the germs!

The industry of antibiotics. You have a sore throat; take an antibiotic and kill the germ!

The industry of vaccinations; protect yourself from the killer virus

Businesses were built on this belief system, this Germ Theory.

To keep this business going, to move the populous into the Germ Theory way of thinking  another powerful industry was invented and that was the industry of keeping society in fear; to fear the virus; to fear  that same virus which we had experienced many times in the past; the  flus and colds and we all witnessed our bodies  overcome them; Measles was never feared. You got sick with spots and your body simply healed. Innately we never feared any virus. We trusted that our bodies were created to heal, and we developed that faith that our bodies would just heal.

 However, that Germ Theory industry continued to push us into their belief system; the virus now became an enemy. Mainstream media was used to get that strong message out; the virus was a killer and the only way to not get it and not get killed was a vaccination  

This industry had 2 very strong allies to assist in their prevailing message and that was science and mainstream media. We were told that vaccines were safe and effective proven by science.

The science was clear. One by one we succumbed to that narrative; Its scientifically proven. And using Ted’s term we became addicted to this belief system.  Eventually that faith, that our bodies could heal became lost!

I was one of those Moms that lost faith that our bodies are created to heal and I also succumbed to that fear. “If you don’t vaccinate your baby and if your baby gets the disease and how will you feel?” As a Mom I battled this emotion. And yep! I was one of those Moms; I vaccinated once and witnessed the high-pitched screaming. I was shocked and totally unprepared. This is when I asked the question: What is in this stuff and I said NO MORE!

This was a turning point in my life. I stepped outside the box, , I dared to question, I researched and then to read the insert to vaccines: aluminum phosphates, mercury, formaldehyde, sick animal pus, I don’t know them all they are such a conglomeration of witch’s brew. Reading such information, witnessing the effects of vaccines I chose to think differently. I was totally alone in this world.

I realized that those who strayed away from vaccines were shunned, ostracized, called names. But in my mind, I would hear my Mom’s voice: Ukrainian: Boh daw nam rozum God gave us common sense. In my research I discovered a whole new world that existed outside this box of the Germ Theory. It was the world of the Laws of Nature.

It started with Dr Moskowitz in the Mothering magazine. He taught me, all about the immune system and how it works.

Dr. Moskowitz provided scientific evidence that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

The Laws of Nature taught me: you don’t inject unnatural toxic substances into your blood stream.

The Laws of Nature taught me viruses don’t cause disease, injury and death and there was no fear!

Then I discovered the book; Bechamp vs Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by being Ethyl Douglass Hume 1923. This was a banned book? Why would such a book be banned?  Bechamp vs Pasteur? Bechamp chose to think differently.

Bechamp studied diseases as did Pasteur, human, animal and plant diseases. What he discovered was totally contradictory to what Pasteur was teaching.

He discovered the every essential units of life; minute particles with bottled up energy waiting to be activated. Under the microscope they were tiny round granular bodies which were crystal like and glistened as tiny sparkles of reflected light. He gave the name of these tiny crystal-like bodies, mycrozymas, tiny chemical factories that have the ability to ferment, to transform, and to create. These tiny crystal-like forces he found within all cells. They are found in fruits, vegetables, animals, humans, rocks and limestone.

 Bechamp proved that when a human is deprived of energy of nutrition and when there is a toxic overload these mycrozymas would become active and transform into bacteria or microbes or germs. They could change and mutate according to the kind of morbid waste debris and the amount of toxic morbid debris present. They are there to gobble up this toxic life robbing debris, to clean it up to allow life to continue.

Pasteur claimed these germs come from the air and they cause the disease. Bechamp proved disease condition with its toxic overload causes the germ. These germs, viruses are actually our friends.

 Now Bechamp’s way of thinking was not very well received as it stepped on the toes of the Germ Theory business. Bechamp’s discovery of the essential unit of life, the microzyma was overshadowed and his book was banned, and the Germ Theory continued to live.

Somewhere in the 1980’s along came another scientist Gaston Naessons who also wanted to know about the essential units of life. He also discovered similar tiny crystal-like units and he named them somatids. In a state of health these somatids had a 3-stage cycle. In a stage of morbid debris these somatids mutated into bacteria, microbes, viruses, yeast, parasites and so on according to the chemical toxic and traumatic debris present in the human tissue. These things are all in the same pleomorphic cycle. Sadly, Gaston Naessons was packed off to jail protestors lost their medical freedom and thhe Germ Theory survived.

But there is something remarkably interesting about the Laws of Nature. They never die. They just don’t go away. You can’t bury them; you can’t destroy them. You can do all the fear mongering, convincing. Scientific research you want! Nothing works. The laws of nature survive all the trial and tribulations.  As a matter of fact, they don’t even need to be proven by science. They just are!

And there is always someone out there resurrecting the Laws of Nature. Now it is 2020 and we hear the voices of Dr. Buttar, Dr Busch, Dr Martin, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Wakefield, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin , Dr Judy Mikovits, Ted Kuntz, Vaccine Choice Canada  and you and  millions of others thinking differently: The Germ Theory is false. Germs are our friends. Vaccinations are not needed!

Let’s apply the laws of Nature to the corona virus. It has been documented that this virus has now changed or mutated over 32 times The Laws of Nature say exactly that; viruses never stay the constant. They are constantly changing and mutating gobbling up toxic waste debris allowing life to continue.

Following the Laws of Nature knowing that this virus has now mutated 32 times I ask these questions:

How can anyone ever isolate this Covid 19 virus? By the time you isolate it, it has changed. Rocco Gallati the constitutional lawyer hired by Vaccine Choice Canada has documented science to prove this.

How then can anyone ever find a vaccine for CoVid 19 virus if it has changed by at least 32 times and it keeps changing?

How could you ever test for CoVid 19 virus that has already mutated over 32 times?

How can you ever be scared of a CoVid 19 virus that no longer exists because it has now changed 32 times.

Just by applying the Laws of Nature and common sense you can easily answer these questions.

So why are people dying of so called CoVid 19 virus? Following the laws of nature, I believe they are not dying of the virus that shows up when there is a toxic overload. They are dying of a toxic overload and a compromised lymphatic system from an overload of poisons. Now do you suppose that came from:

Let me quote Dr. Loffler Dr. Loffler said point blank that much cancer and other diseases are caused by vaccines and serums — that these unnatural substances injected into the human blood stream deposit more toxins in one "shot" than a year of injudicious eating and faulty elimination does. For this courageous attempt to spread the truth Dr. Loffler was forever damned for exposing his belief system.

The Laws of Nature clearly show us that poisons from vaccines don’t belong in anybody’s body.

These simple Laws of Nature are so powerful that I began to discover them, to embracing them, to applying them, to  witness their healing power in my own body after experiencing that I could heal tonsillitis with Golden Seal, Echinacea Rosehips and Chlorophyll and witnessing  healing power in many other people I took it upon myself to design a course, TAFYH. TAFYH which stands for Taking Action for Your Health. I wanted to change the narrative: Germs are the friends, Viruses are our friends..  I want to give  people  the freedom of becoming self-reliant in health , to know how  take responsibility and to learn how to apply the  Laws of Nature to become fearless warriors in taking a strong stand for their own health and the health of their children

In TAFYH teaches you the 5-pillar formula I designed that follows the laws of Nature It matters not what NO HOPE disease name you were given, cancer, MS, arthritis, if you follow the 5 pillar formula you can overcome! But it cannot be done for you or to you; You must choose to do it. Here is the 5 pillar formula Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation

Pillar #1 Injury.

The Law of Nature that states that an injury sets up the process of cell replication. In cancer there is continuous cell replication therefore Cancer starts from an injury. MS starts from an injury.

The Law of Nature: Your body has this amazing set of carpenters that workday and night on your behalf never complaining or grumbling. They are there to repair and replicate healthy cells for you. They are called stem cells. But you have to do your part; provide them with the essential building blocks with nutrients, oxygen and clean water and super foods because they do not come from a grocery store. I use a Chi Mineral Tonic, Flax Hull lignans, Collagen, Ultimate Green Zone put together in a smoothie. These super foods are all tested, and quality controlled so that there are no glyphosates, no chemicals, no antibiotics, no vaccines in them.

It is the Law of Nature: Your body is electrical; your body is 78% water with an electrical charge of 7.5 millivolts. You will hear Dr Ross Anderson speak about ELF and EMF later today. When you have an injury the brain sets up an electrical current of injury to the injured area and that current sets up an ionic field which activated the stem cells into action. An electrical charge is needed to heal tissue. What is the conductor of your body’s   electricity? water and copper; in your home its metal  copper, in your body its mineral copper found in Chlorophyll.

Pillar #2 Inflammation

Law of Nature: You have a lymphatic system that parallels the blood stream. Its your personal inner garburator to clean out the toxic waste debris so that those nutrients and oxygen can reach the area of your body that need repair. But if you load up your body with starches, antibiotics, Candida, vaccines you clog up the lymphatic system and your blood pathways become loaded up with waste debris your tissues become inflamed so oxygen and nutrients can no longer reach the areas that need repair.

Law of Nature: When the oxygen levels to the injured area drop to below 35% than oxidation for the purpose of cell replication by the stem cells can no longer take place.

It is critical to identify the poisons that are obstructing the blood pathways, causing inflammation, address them and clean them out. The one herb I never leave home without is Cat’s Claw combination with astragalus and echinacea. I have witnessed it bring down swellings and infections within a short time. But you need to learn how to use it and love it.



Pillar #3 Elimination

Law of Nature; Poisons in your body are eliminated via the bowels, the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. They are your elimination channels.

There are herbal combinations for each of these organs. Nature is so very wise. I have witnessed clients who have very low kidney functions preparing for dialysis use the One Day Kidney Flush that I have designed raise their kidney functions dramatically within one month after doing this flush once a week for 4 times. I have seen arthritis and RA totally come under control with this flush. Your body is created to heal if you only know how to do this and you learn to trust the Laws of Nature.

Pillar #4 Infection

Law of Nature. A low oxygen environment gives rise to the activation of those microzyma and Bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast become active; not to kill you but to save your life. They are gobbling up this morbid stuff to allow your life to continue.

The fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line during the process of replication and mutates the cells as they replicate.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of skin cells the result is cancer.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of nerve cells the result is Parkinson’s

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of spinal cells the result is MS.

Infertility, obesity.

For these heavy duty fungal infections I resort to a herb called Paw Paw.


Pillar #5 Circulation

Law of Nature: Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6 F. Whenever your body temperature is too low, the blood becomes thick and cannot circulate

This is where I recommend a program called  Oral Chelation where you take a designer type vit/min/herbal tablet  to clean the blood to clean the heavy metals, metabolic wastes, sticky triglycerides from a overloaded liver to get the blood to move and circulate.


Your body is created to heal but those stem cell carpenters cannot rebuild your organ for you overnight. Give them time.

Has this 5-pillar formula worked?  Allow me to read the names that are on my TAFYH Hall of Fame.

Sheena: given 2 months to live at age 25 and her second bout of cancer when I met her in 1998 overcame lung cancer. This is 2020

Juanita overcame uterine cancer.

Marg overcame cancer of the ureter.

Shauna overcame breast cancer

Bee overcame breast cancer

Bachtiar overcame stomach cancer.

Terry overcame esophagus cancer

Ralph overcame lung cancer

Gloria overcame heart problems and breast cancer

Peter overcame bladder cancer

Judy: off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, liver enzymes are down to 34(normal is 30),

Phyll; overcame RA and leukemia

Brenda; overcame serious rosacea.

Lynn; overcame lupus

And I could go on and on.

Now there is something I want to point out.. Nothing these people did is scientifically proven. Their scientifically medical treatments did not work. One physicist said, there’s nothing that is scientifically proven. All science is based on prejudices, on certain mind sets, maybe even on money.

Today I ask you to ponder on the words that have been spoken. Choose to think differently.

Choose to come to join us; Vaccine Choice Canada. I love Ted Kuntz and the work of Rocco Gallati.

We have a constitutional right to think differently.

The Germ Theory is a belief system. Vaccines is a belief system. I choose to think differently.

I choose not to support death and its works.

I choose the laws of nature that gives us life and I support it fully.

I choose to take a stand for my grandchildren. I want my grandchildren to be proud that their Baba was instrumental in bringing justice and freedom to this world. I choose to stand for you, your children, your grandchildren. I invite you today to set aside your past beliefs, your past prejudices, your criticisms and just to open your eyes to see.

 See that there is no killer virus. The virus is a friend in Nature.

See that no one can shed a virus upon you, and you cannot shed a virus upon someone else.

See that there can ever be a genetically engineered vaccines full of heavy metals, mouse virus formaldehyde and all that other creepy stuff created in some secret lab by the hand of man that can save you.

See that you do not need protection, safety measures, masks, social distancing and vaccines

See that Nature is there to give you  life,  love and protection.

 See your greatness, see how your body is created to heal, see your own God given inner power.

With your greatness in action, with your innate inner power, with your love this world is changing as we speak on this day.  Greatness is upon us and by following the Laws of Nature we are in the process of creating for us, our children, our grandchildren, the most awesome amazing beautiful world!