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 insulin is down to 30 units! No more dizzy spells

My Mom is a 78 yr old diabetic with limited energy & a number of health issues. for years she has been on medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, diabetes & these last few years her doctor has added 3 different puffers for asthma.

 Mom lives on her own & her diet has never been healthy. In spite of knowing she should take better care she found it was easier to eat convenience foods. When she wasn't feeling well because her blood sugar was too high, she'd go to the doctor & he'd simply increase the amount of insulin he prescribed. My sisters & I tried working with Mom on her diet but with only limited success. She didn't feel a need to change her habits when a little more insulin or another pill would allow her to continue her preferred choices.

For years now, with each new health concern she had - dizzy spells, poor balance, headaches, low energy, decreased mobility, chronic back pain, etc. the doctor just added another drug & told her it's to be expected at her age.

A couple of years ago her doctor discovered she was losing blood but after numerous tests & referrals to specialists they couldn't find anything conclusive, so he stopped looking for answers. When I offered him information on a supplemental product (listed in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) to boost Mom's immune system he handed me back the printout & dismissed my concerns. During my mother's next visit (I wasn't with her) he actually discouraged her from taking it, telling her it was too expensive & that her prescriptions were free.

 When she started losing weight for no apparent reason, her doctor actually recommended she drink Ensure Plus Nutrition drink to gain the weight back. Ensure Plus & similar products are full of processed sugar, chemical additives & synthetic vitamins!!!

That's when I got very upset & stepped in. You don't have to be a genius to know how much harm that can do for someone with compromised health & in my opinion you have to be stupid to recommend it to a diabetic!

I worked with Mom on her diet in an effort to reduce her insulin - mostly by cutting down on sugar, limiting some fruits & increasing her water intake. As we saw some success, she was able to reduce her insulin from 42 units to 35! Mom has also started seeing a chiropractor & has considerably less back pain after treatment.

It wasn't until after we started applying what I'm learning in Donna Roth's TAFYH course that we were able to come up with a solid plan to help Mom in a significant way!

 Now after just a few months of cutting out sugar, reducing grains, getting rid of processed foods, cutting out soft drinks, junk food, drinking Chlorophyll water & taking Capsicum for the blood loss...

Mom's insulin is down to 30 units! She doesn't have dizzy spells, her balance is continuing to improve, she has more energy, better concentration & her weight has stabilized. She has only had 2 bad headaches (both times she had over indulged in sugar).

Mom is so excited by the changes that we are making plans to continue to improve her diet & she is now open to adding in supplements to be sure she gets the nutritional support her body needs to continue reducing her medications & restore her health to new levels.

 Gail’s success story. 

Gail lives in a little town outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and with her permission I was able to interview her in regards to her breast cancer story. I found Gail to be a powerful woman who took control of her own health after a horrible experience with chemotherapy. Her bottom line was to let everyone know that people with cancers are not told the whole truth about chemo and that there is another way if only they would listen. Today Gail willingly shares her story with all of us. I know that there are others out there whose minds have opened up and who are lending their ears to hear Gail’s story.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 9/2014. This was a devasting experience for me but I decided to brave the surgery and I agreed to have the lump removed on July 9/2014. The next step was to do chemotherapy treatments. Now I was taking a thyroid medication at that time so I was concerned that the chemo would interfere with the drug. I counselled with the doctor about that and I also went to see the pharmacist to talk about the drug I was on. I was reassured that the chemo would not interfere with the drug I was on for my thyroid. After the second chemotherapy treatment I became horribly sick. I honestly think the chemo was close to killing me. I certainly was not prepared for the suffering I would undergo. No one told me. They told me that I would be okay, and I trusted them. I knew I would be somewhat sick, but no one prepared me for this kind of reaction. My mind went crazy. I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t care about anything, I wasn’t eating. I couldn’t make any meals. I couldn’t do the laundry. I couldn’t be with my family even though I wanted to. My mind was continually racing. I could not sleep and my sleep was in small doses. My daughter, Carleen, was there to help me and she did everything in her power to help me. And I am totally grateful to her. But I was in such a serious condition that I said to myself that I can’t live like this anymore. The only person who really understood my situation was my nurse practitioner, Barb. She was really awesome. I decided I would go to the Psych ward. There I was put on a medication, and I spent time with a support team where I was able to talk and that helped me a lot. I spent from Dec. 25 to Jan. 14/ 2015 in this ward. I was finally released where I was able to function. Then I started radiation treatments. I stayed with my sister, Eileen, and she was awesome. I did 5 weeks of radiation treatments. They made me feel really tired, but nothing compared to the chemo treatments. I absolutely refused to do any more chemotherapy treatments! When I told my doctor this I was told,’ You can go home, and you don’t need to see me anymore.” The feeling I got was “go home and die.”

I was angry and I decided that I would not die! I would find a different way.

It was shortly thereafter that my husband’s first cousin came into the picture. Gilbert told me about the Paw Paw program. I was willing to try anything because I was not going back to the chemo way. I contacted Gail Boyce who told me how to do the program and then I contacted Donna Roth who gave me further instruction and confidence. I felt really good about this program. It just felt right. I learned a lot about nutrition. I didn’t know that nutrition could be such a big part of living a healthy life.  I started doing the program. It was really easy. I ate only meats and vegetables and salads and berries from the garden. We have our own beef and our own home grown chickens so that part was easy. I stopped eating all breads and grains and dried beans. But I still had one big problem that was lingering and that was depression. I think it was a lot to do with chemo brain but then I was prone to depression all my life. So one day I called Donna Roth and she told me to buy 2 bottles of Probiotic 11 and to take it in high doses. I took 9 in the morning and 9 in the evening. Within about a week of doing this I noticed that my depression was lifting. For the first time in my life the depression had settled down and I was able to function and enjoy life.

I was determined to take on the Paw Paw program and do it until  I got over the cancer. Finances were tight for me and I really had to budget to pay for my products. I have taught my children to know the difference between what you need and what you want. I knew what I wanted, and I set aside the money I needed for my supplements, and I made it work!

I continued the Paw Paw program until January of 2016 I was told there was no sign of cancer. The medical tests proved that there was no cancer at all. In June of 2016 all tests once again proved that the cancer was gone. I even had my ovaries tested and there was no sign of any cancer. The doctor told me that I did not need to see him anymore.

This has been quite a journey for me but today I look back and I can be grateful to the cancer I had. It made me take control of my life. I discovered not to be led by doctors because they don’t tell the whole truth. I told my doctor that there was one thing she could do for others and that is to tell them the whole truth. I have listened to many doctors speak on TV and not one of them would ever take that chemo they prescribe to someone else. Today I am telling everyone if I were you, I would do the Paw Paw program. But when I talk to people, they just turn away from it. I had a lot of anger! I was really angry that they put me through such a terrifying experience. I was angry at the chemo. Today I am grateful to anger because it pushed me to look for a different way. I thank my daughter, Carleen who really worked hard with me to express my anger. She would throw a pillow at me really hard and she kept doing it until I grabbed the pillow and threw it back at her. Then we would both laugh. I am thankful to Gilbert for introducing me to Gail. She taught me a lot. I now know what I am supposed to eat. I look forward to my Smoothies every day and I will continue to take the Mineral Chi Tonic, the Flax Lignans, the Cat’s Claw, the Paw Paw and the Probiotic 11. Over this period of time I also lost a lot of weight. Today I am 100 pounds lighter, and I am no longer overweight. I am grateful to you, Donna, for putting this program together.


Here is what I learned from reading Gail’s story. As you know I am a poison detective. Cancer happens when there are too many poisons in your body. The poison that caused the cancer for Gail was her thyroid medication. The question is how long Gail took thyroid medication. Now that I have a collection of successful anecdotal reports, I think about them. I analyze their situations deeper and I could now see a pattern. Lately I have done just that. Here is the pattern

 TAFYH Evaluation: Natalia

AHHA: In each lesson many different sentences stood out for me, some of them were:  The four root causes of disease, Nutritional deficiencies, toxic overloads, physical trauma, and mental emotional stress.  Our bodies can completely rebuild in a year, wheat, grains, legumes and hydrogenated oils can cause many different issues. Corn, potatoes and starches all turn into sugar and feed candida.  What is also shocking is that even by selecting organic, or whole grains, still does not alter the fact that all grains are toxic naturally.  Another concept that struck me was that our sugar cravings come from low body temperature, drugs, vaccines, heavy metals, bad eating and chemical toxins all contribute to this. The Chinese constitutional elements were really interesting to learn about, and how each element has a purpose in the whole body.  The health of our teeth is important, the correlation of the teeth to our various organs in our body was very interesting.  It was very helpful to learn about the different protocols for emergency situations like heart attacks, burns, bits and wounds. It is amazing that herbs have so much power and effectiveness!  It was a lot of fun to try new recipes, like Nutella and flax crackers, I really enjoy the flax bread as a snack. 

Time: 8:30 in the morning worked really well into my morning schedule, the TAFYH course did not interrupt my schoolwork, the TAFYH course worked so that after morning work I could use TAFYH as a school break, then do my TAG team and exercise.

Education: I loved learning clarity about the foods to avoid and why we should not eat them, each lesson had its own ahha moments, each lesson I learned something new.

Structure: The TAFYH course structure was well organized, I loved the success story at the end of each lesson, and it was nice to be encouraged by everyone’s health achievements. I also liked sharing a sentence from the recent lesson.  The quotes from the end of the lessons were encouraging, my favorite was:  “It is in those times when we are going through the dark tunnel of the unknown that we must believe with the greatest energy of our faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is in those times that we must never quit!”

  Participation: The timing of TAFYH worked so that I was able to participate in nearly every lesson.

Information: The information that TAFYH provides is simple, common sense based, and easy to understand.  The information is built up slowly, and not overwhelming.

Commitment: It was not difficult to add exercise, TAG team reports, cleanses and herbs to my day, this has now become my daily routine. 

Implications: Taking the time to address what we use for home cleaning products is important.  Even the small things like the deodorant we use has aluminum. Aluminum works by clogging up pores and preventing sweating, which is a natural way of expelling toxins from the body. “Many homes have chemical levels 70 times that of outside air. “ In TAFYH we are taught to address our products, and given alternatives.

Success stories: The success stories offered encouragement to keep up the work, and that there really was a light at the end of that tunnel. The stories varied, from many different types of cancer to simple health issues, there seemed like nothing that the nature’s sunshine herbs and TAFYH program couldn’t fix!

Comments:  We are trained and taught to accept a doctor’s advice, we accept without comment a drug with the most health harmful side effects, and we are afraid to try a new path, to research and discover.  I am most grateful for TAFYH, which has taught me that healing takes a program, not a pill.  TAFYH has given me a different perspective on herbs, a more positive attitude, and a program for life.  I am also grateful to Donna, who inspires all of us with her optimism, and varied experience.  My goal now is to be an encouragement to others and an example, just like the success stories were to me, and to encourage my sister to achieve success with her cancer and health. 


 Cancer Success Story; Breast Cancer by Charlotte

November 2021 I was diagnosed with a cancerous lump in my breast. The lump was surgically removed in January 2022. Post-surgery both radiation and hormone therapy were recommended. When I investigated hormone therapy (which would be for 5 years), I learned it could have many side effects, including osteoporosis. With hormone therapy I would have a 5% chance of developing cancer again, and without taking it I would have 8% chance of recurring cancer. In my thinking, the potential side effects to my body didn’t balance with the ‘benefits’, so I decided to follow another path which would be beneficial to my body.

I researched the Paw Paw program through reading, internet search and talking with  Donna and another herbalist. This program had science behind it (over 32 years of scientific studies by Dr McLaughlin). It was important to me to talk with several women who had used the Paw Paw program to successfully overcome cancer. It was during this time that I heard Shauna’s story. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29 and followed the medical route for 5 years. Unfortunately, the cancer came back. She then searched for answers outside the box. She is a TAFYH grad and she also followed the Paw Paw program. She reported that she has been cancer free for over 12 years. Talking with others who had traveled the road before me was an important part of gaining confidence to ‘take the plunge’. I decided that it was best for my body to follow the Paw Paw program. As 2 of my children are very science oriented, I wrote an explanation email and sent it to my family and anyone else who was skeptical and interested. It is included at the end of this testimony.

After the surgery, in early 2022 I joined a TAFYH team with Donna Roth as the leader. This was my second time taking TAFYH. Every day I was committed to eating the right foods, having a super food smoothie with Chi Mineral Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Arginine Plus, Collagen, and Greens. I was committed to drinking clean water with Chlorophyll, exercising and to doing ionic breathing. I took control of my health and was determined and committed. In addition, I did the MC program as I had trouble with AFib (arrhythmia).

As part of TAFYH I read success stories. I successfully completed the TAFYH course, and continued the Paw Paw program for a total of 1 year and the MC program for 6.5 months.

I was on board 100%, committed and determined to take responsible action. There were some challenging times like when one of my doctors strongly scolded me for following something that was purely anecdotal and had no science behind it. However, I knew there was a great deal of science behind Paw Paw as well as many success stories where cancer did not come back. The Paw Paw program addressed the root issues and was beneficial to my body, rather than causing other issues.

Recently I had a conversation with Donna where she told me that many of her clients who had breast cancer had taken a thyroid medication over an extended period of time.  I had taken a different thyroid medication for 28 years, getting off it in 2015 when I first began using herbs for my health. It was shocking to think that perhaps this contributed to the cancer that had developed in my breast. Although since 2015 I have completed Liver and Kidney cleanses, and detoxed, perhaps the damage had already been done in the previous years. It is known by doctors who think outside the box that the body finds a place to dump these poisons if the liver cannot detoxify it. Often they are dumped in the lymphatic area such as the breasts. The lump in my breast may have been a place that the Eltroxin toxins were deposited so as not to harm other vulnerable organs of my body.

One year after my surgery, during which I followed the Paw Paw program, I had a mammogram which showed there is no cancer in my breast area. I intuitively believe that I am breast cancer free.

I am thankful to Donna for the input and guidance she has given me as well as insights from her experience. She has willingly continued to answer my questions which has been so helpful.

Here is the description of the program I sent to my family:

What is the Paw Paw Program?


I have chosen to do the Paw Paw program as treatment in the cancer journey. It is used as prevention and to get rid of any remaining cancer in my body. As cancer is a condition of the whole body, I’ve come to conclude that this program is getting at the root of why I developed cancer and is destroying any cancer cells that may be anywhere in my body and building up my body so that, Lord willing, it won’t reoccur. With all treatment of cancer, there is a chance of reoccurrence. From the research I’ve done, I believe this is the best program for my body. 


The goal of the Paw Paw Program is: 

    to target rampant cell growth 

    to aid the body to mobilize its own immune functions 

    to promote new healthy cell regeneration 

    to bring the whole body into balance and maintain optimal health to avoid future disease challenges. 


Here is a summary of it: 

    Paw Paw - to stop energy production to abnormally growing cells while supporting healthy cells 

    Protease Enzymes - help break down abnormal cell membranes so the body’s own immune system can destroy the cancerous cells 

    Omega Essential Fatty Acids - to replace and rebuild healthy cell membranes 

    Chinese Chi Tonic: Essential minerals with immune herbs to help the body build and strengthen healthy cells 

In addition, geared especially for my body, I’m taking: 

    Cats Claw - cleans and builds up the lymph system, clears any infection throughout the body 

    E Tea - purifies blood and reduces inflammation - antibacterial, antimicrobial, parasitic, anti-neoplastic (agents that inhibit the growth of tissue masses)

    Flax Hull Lignans - effective in increasing apoptosis (mutant cell death) - I’m using this because the cancer I had was estrogen driven, and this targets hormone related tumours, immune system and heart disease. 1 Tbsp lignan’s = 1 gallon of flax seeds


While I’m doing this focus on building up the body, I’m also taking some supplements to work on the ‘electrical’ system in the body. A Fib is a result of electrical signals not being received correctly. In doing this I’m hoping to get at the root cause of the A Fib challenges I’ve had as well. 


While I’m working on this, I’m not eating grains and carbs, and aiming not to eat sugar. One theory is that candida (yeast overgrowth) creates an environment for cancer to grow, so by eating this way, I’m also trying to balance the yeast and gut bacteria. 


Further explanation for those who want to know more: 

1.       Paw Paw - works to inhibit abnormal cell growth in 4 ways explained below (for our Science buffs). 

                -Modulates the production of ATP in mitochondria of abnormal cells. Because acetogenins modulate the production of ATP, cancer and other abnormally growing cells can not thrive while healthy, normally reproducing cells are unaffected.

                -Paw Paw inhibits the growth of blood vessels that nourish cancer cells. 

                -Depletes the DNA and RNA building blocks for new cell division on abnormally growing cells. while it supports the normal cells. 

                -It’s effective in reducing tumors. 

    2. Protease Enzymes - taken on an empty stomach, it breaks down the protective membrane around the cancer cells so the cancer cells can be destroyed by the Paw Paw. It allows the body’s own immune system to be strengthened. 


3.    Omega 3, 6, 9 - Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) - important for cell membranes, and balancing of hormones (important as mine was estrogen driven) 

4.    Chinese Chi tonic - full of minerals etc - provides building blocks for enzyme production and healthy cellular regeneration. It includes adaptogenic herbal tonics to strengthen the immune system, support adrenals 

 Migraine Headaches, Weight, Anxiety

 One lady, I will call her Allie, was coerced by her friend to succumb to the CoVid shot otherwise she would not be allowed to visit her friend and play with the baby. This lady did not want to get the CoVid shots but she was afraid of losing a friend and she loved her little baby. The thought of losing a friend and not seeing her baby, the thought of rejection was unbearable and she succumbed to 3 shots. The third shot sent her straight to the hospital with dizzy spells and vertigo where she could not function. Then she had the 4th shot which completely wiped her out.

To add injury to the CoVid shot reactions Allly was also on antianxiety medications and suffered migraine headaches. She would get brain fog, sore joints and muscles and anxiety attacks even though she was on a medication for 10 years. She was also overweight. Then one day she saw a young woman working on the fire team. This woman was tall, very fit and in great shape. Allie was awe struck and decided she wanted to be like this woman she just saw. Ally changed her diet. She stopped all pop and she was drinking lots of it. Each pop had 75 grams of sugar in it and she drank at least 2 of those a day. She stopped eating all junk food, the cookies, the cakes and all wheat products. She stopped drinking milk and started drinking only water. Then a friend of hers introduced her to Natures Sunshine products. She drank water with Sixated in it. Sixated has Chromium Picolinate in it that helped to regulate metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels. She took Cat’s Claw combination and Liver Support to detoxify the heavy metals from the CoVid shots. Ally did admit that after she started the simple herbal program, she had a bad case of diarrhea for one day.

Then Ally was hit with a migraine headache which was usually the case when her menstrual cycle came along. In the past the migraine headaches were so severe that Ally would go to the doctor for an injection. This time Ally asked her friend about using herbs for the migraine headache. He suggested 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 capsules of Liver Support, drink lots of water. Ally did just that. At the point of getting that blurry vision that indicated a migraine she took the herbs as suggested; 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 Liver Support with lots of water. The migraine headache stopped dead  in its tracks and never manifested into a full blown migraine headache. No trip to emergency. No injection was needed. Ally was excited. Never in her 10 years of migraine headaches had she ever experienced such amazing results.

Ally has now been on a herbal program for about 6 weeks. The migraine headaches are no longer a big problem, the anxiety is history, she is off all anti-anxiety medications and Ally has lost 81 pounds.

It is so sad for me to witness these young people suffering from such symptoms; anxiety, depression, weight problems, migraine headaches, infections, liver disorders, menstrual problems, joint problems and they have no idea that this other world of wonderful herbal remedies exists. How deceitful to hide this herbal information from them! I know that herbal information is not taught in any school system, or any university. As a matter of fact herbs as a remedy to health does not even cross the average person’s mind or any doctor’s mind. It is a hidden knowledge that our society needs to wake up to. That is why I was inspired to develop my TAFYH course. It is a course that teaches you to become self-reliant in health. You come to know how to be your own doctor.

 A Simple Technique for Oil Pulling from Sayer Jy

#1 Place a tablespoon of your oil of choice (sesame, sunflower, coconut are preferred) in your mouth.

#2 Swish in mouth, forcing through all teeth and across all areas of your gums. (Really aim to get the oil into every nook and cranny of your mouth. This is very important. Billions of microorganisms dwell in the oral cavity and the mouth is the start of digestion.)

#3 Perform this for 5-20 minutes, ideally early in the morning before breakfast daily.

#4 Spit the oil out in a garbage can, not the sink. This avoids the risk of clogging your drain!

*For faster healing and recovery, do this before every meal or 3 times per day.

So, how does it work? What makes swishing oil so medicinal?

There are a number of studies on oil pulling. One such study from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) states that: "Oil pulling activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins such as chemical toxins, bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood… Thus, oil pulling detoxifies and purifies the entire human body."

As it is swished around your mouth, the lipids (or fatty acids) in the oil naturally extract these potentially harmful substances from your teeth, gums and saliva glands.

In Ayurvedic medicine the mouth is considered to be a "mirror" for the entire body, and when something is out of balance in the oral cavity, a Vedic healer will tell you there is most likely an illness brewing elsewhere in your system as well

                Gall Bladder Flush
 Sofia did the Gall Bladder Cleanse and passed hundreds of dissolved stones “I had 5 bowel movements already and oh my. All together probably 200 green blobs came out. No wonder the doctor told me that my gallbladder was full of stones! 

Here is what I want to say about the gall bladder cleanse. The gall stones cannot get stuck in the bile duct as they do not move out unless they are dissolved. The entire cleanse softens the stones so they can slip out. That is why  many times it is required to do the cleanse more than once so that the big ones can soften and move out when they are totally dissolved. I have done the  gall bladder flush many times in my life and I have moved out some stones that were the size of big marbles. No, they did not get stuck. They just dissolve and slip out. The wisdom of the Laws of Nature state that if mercury can dissolve gold than olive oil and lemon juice can dissolve gallstones.

 Success Story Sheila ‘s Thyroid March 2014

On Oct. 31/11 Sheila received the test results of her thyroid TSH levels and they were totally off the scale at 8.38 and normal levels should be within .10 to 5.00. Sheila’s thyroid was in trouble and she was overweight. Not know what else to do she began to take medications for her thyroid. However, medications just did not seem as the right thing to do and in August of 2012 Sheila dramatically changed her lifestyle. She eliminated all sugars, all grains and all legumes. When craving hit she resorted to a super food smoothie with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans and Noni juice and she took TS11 and Cat’s Claw combination. Soon enough cravings ceased, and Sheila discovered some comforting recipes in Mud Pies. Within this time period Sheila lost 30 pounds. On Feb. 12/2014 Sheila got the results of her thyroid tests and the TSH levels were at 1.62. Normal is .10 -5.00.

Sheila stopped her thyroid medication and she did a nutritional program to resolve her thyroid problem.

The health of the thyroid is destroyed by Candida in the body. Candida produces xenoestrogens which affect the function of the thyroid and the metabolism mechanism goes haywire! The solution therefore is to stop feeding that Candida with sugars and starches ,address  Candida with Cat’s Claw and  have a high dense therapeutic nutrition smoothie with Chinese Mineral Chi TonicFlax Lignans which binds toxic xenoestrogens, and Solstic  Energy.

Candida can also be fed by root canals in your teeth or by mercury fillings in your mouth. Recently I had another thyroid client and it took me a long time to convince her that her problem was not the thyroid but the infected root canals in her mouth. We are totally trained to  want an herb to replace a drug but it does not work that way. Its not a thyroid problem, it’s a nutritional deficiency problem and it’s a toxic overload problem.

 Lung Cancer by Jack 2014

Jack was diagnosed with lung cancer. The only options the doctor gave him was chemotherapy and Jack was in a quandary. He really did not want to go that route. He decided instead to search out other methods. That is when he happened to run into Larry who told him that at one time he was diagnosed with stomach cancer with little hope and that he followed the Paw Paw program and is alive and well to this day. Jack was quite intrigued and decided to get the phone number of that person who gave him instructions in the Paw Paw program. There is when Donna Roth came into the picture. Jack and his wife had an educational consultation with Donna Roth and Jack decided that he would do what Larry had done. In November , 2014 Jack eliminated all sugar foods, pop ,alcohol, grains, legumes, milk . Each day he had super food smoothies with Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy. On an empty stomach he took Protease Plus and Colostrum. With meals he took Cat’s Claw, MC and Paw Paw.

On December 4, 2014 Jack called with excitement in his voice. “ I’m feeling pretty darn good. My lungs are breathing . My energy is back. I no longer have dandruff and the patches on my scalp are all gone. I just turned down the chemo that my oncologist recommended.”


 Macular Degeneration Katherine Carroll, NTP

The best doctor's recommendations or nutritional consulting for ARMD are fruitless unless nutrients are able to be broken down or micellized, transported to the macula, and assimilated there. After years of observing how some patients prevent ARMD despite strong hereditary tendencies, how some halt or even reverse impending blindness, and how some patients actually get worse despite being on the same protocol, it became clear that powerful tactics were needed in addition to recommending dietary changes or supplements.

The strategies we employ are successful for many individuals and have applications far beyond the diagnosis of ARMD. They will influence conditions or diseases where proper fat breakdown is essential to impact issues such as dry eye, post-cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery) status, liver disease, etc. The eye, GI tract, liver, and gallbladder are intricately entwined. Think about it, when your liver is sick, your eyes turn yellow or jaundiced. When your GI tract is out of balance, red, itching "allergy" eyes often result. Interesting signaling!  The solution is more complicated than just popping a supplement or even making some dietary changes. Are you ready to learn the secrets? Whether you have macular degeneration or not, these concepts will serve you well.

Best Kept Secret #1: Work from the GI Tract Outward

Some doctors, when pressed if they had only one system to specialize in, would tell you, "The GI tract." Why? Because the GI tract is central to good health and its ability to affect the entire body so powerful when operating at its peak. It is here that we begin to improve vision. The target nutrients used in past studies[1] to prevent, halt, or reverse ARMD are lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, antioxidants, and fish oil.  The carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene) concentrate in the central part of the retina, and help us identify colors and see fine details, so they are vital in a healing strategy. They also provide protection against blue light, which damages the retina. Building macular optical pigment density (MOPD) is the goal in this approach, replenishing the macula; but first we have to break down these carotenoids and antioxidants and then shuttle them to the macula by following several simple tactics.

To ensure proper breakdown of supplements, use a good digestive supplement, preferably one that contains ox bile, taurine, lecithin, and adequate hydrochloric acid, or a combination of these. Thinning the bile is a major key to eye health as it will help more lutein get to the macula. Doing a liver/gallbladder flush[3] seasonally is an aggressive part of the plan, if one wishes to take a serious, logical approach. Remember, the liver and gallbladder influence the eye, so aim to create a healthy, fully functioning liver and gallbladder. We are not only our eyes. We are a complete system, so thinking from a systems biology approach[4] may create the desired healing response. To do this, head south to the GI tract first.

Interior Terrain Influences Absorption, So Start Clean

A well-functioning GI tract influences the eye tremendously.  Support digestive ability by following the 4-R[5] or GI Restoration program. Absorption of the macula-replenishing carotenoids like beta-carotene will be hindered by the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria and/or an imbalance of intestinal bacteria. This interior terrain needs a healthy balance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria by using targeted supplements and the support of digestive enzymes along with the other approaches discussed in the 4-R protocol.

All of the targeted supplements and carotenoid-rich foods we suggest will not do you a bit of good unless they are first broken down or micellized.

 As even Wikipedia notes, "Micelle formation is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and complicated lipids within the human body. Bile salts formed in the liver and secreted by the gall bladder allow micelles of fatty acids to form. This allows the absorption of complicated lipids (e.g., lecithin) and lipid soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) within the micelle by the small intestine."[6]

These are the micellizing "magicians" that get the job done: (1) Ox Bile: Supply exogenous ox bile, particularly to post-cholecystectomy patients; (2) Lecithin(Sunflower or soy) can be added to the diet to aid in fat breakdown; and (3) Taurine: A precursor to bile production, which also thins bile.

Fat-soluble lutein and zeaxanthin, essential to replenish the macula, require being emulsified or broken down to the micellized state in order to enter the bloodstream for transport by a very surprising particle "shuttle," high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Bile acids are made from cholesterol in the liver and stored and concentrated in the gallbladder where they act as an emulsifying agent to break up fat into smaller globules, making it more soluble or hydrophilic. This process is called micelle formation.  Fat and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K, beta-carotene, and the carotenoid family are carried to the intestinal mucosa, absorbed into the lymphatic system, and then into the bloodstream. So what is the best kept secret? First, break down the fat-soluble vitamins and then get them to the macula by raising HDL levels to 61 or above. Do you know what your HDL level is?

We discovered this secret by observing hundreds of macular-degeneration patients and had noted in their history that many had had their gallbladder removed or else they were obese or otherwise compromised and had trouble digesting fats, as evidenced by their dry skin, dry eyes, weight gain, gas and bloating, or floating or shiny stools after fatty meals had been consumed. The connection was obvious! No gallbladder, fat maldigestion, or liver or GI issues equaled problems. Half a million people a year are opting for cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery), not realizing that they can simply cleanse the liver and gallbladder with a "flush,"[7] which is basically an "oil change" that removes old, stasis bile and relieves symptoms in most cases. It is not hard or expensive to do and anyone can do it. And it is certainly worth a try.

However, we are concerned - particularly in a patient with macular degeneration who has undergone cholecystectomy - that fat-soluble vitamins be effectively broken down and absorbed. It is hoped that practitioners caring for macular-degeneration patients incorporate these strategies into their standard of care so that non-responders will have more chance of improvement.

But proper breakdown isn't the end of the story. Nutrient transport is another key player. Call the HDL "Shuttle."

Best Kept Secret #2:  Lutein and Zeaxanthin Need HDL Particles

Lutein and zeaxanthin, critical components to replenish the macula, are carried in the bloodstream to the macula on HDL particles. That's amazing. Carotenoids responsible for central vision hitch a ride on a cholesterol particle and hone in on their destination: the macula. And you thought cholesterol was the enemy ... wrong! Cholesterol in a healthy ratio and thin bile are key players in this healthy-eye strategy.

Bile is made of bile salts, cholesterol esters, and lecithin. Keep cholesterol at a healthy, total level and at an optimal HDL-to-low density lipoprotein (LDL) ratio because if cholesterol is too low, we will not have enough of the raw materials we need to make bile. Be sure you have what it takes to make cholesterol. Even magnesium plays a part.  Blood-serum concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin by proper breakdown of nutrients into micellized globules is important, but equally important is the ability to transport them to their targeted destination. Unless HDL cholesterol is adequate - at least 61 milligrams per deciliter - time and money are potentially wasted on supplements.

Summarizing the Total Approach

  • Take Protein Digestive Aid with each meal
  • Take ULC-R to clean up H pylori bacteria
  • Take Digestive Enzyme and Perfect Eyes
  • Have a smoothie with Power Greens, Arginine Plus
  • Do the Liver /Gall bladder Flush
  • Eat free run eggs and coconut Oil.
  • Aim for an HDL of 61 mg/dl.