Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

I loved Valerie's concept this morning concerning the Emergency program. She has used this program many times with her husband who is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder . When his heart began to fail she just used this program and she personally witnessed her husband' s health normalize. Everyone needs to have MC, CoQ10 and Capsicum at home for emergency purposes.
"In emergency situations where a person may experience chest pains , liver pain, arthritic pain,
travelling pain, numbness of the left arm then 8 MC and 2 CoQ10 taken all at once with a glass of water and 3 opened  capsules of Capsicum  has known to alleviate the symptoms."
I am so grateful to be the recipient of these amazing success stories. This morning I received a new breastcancer success story from a lady who is 79 years old. This will be shared with you at a future date.

Thanks to Nature's Sunshine, a company that works hard to seek sources
of Super Foods that provide us with high dense minerals, vitamins, amino acids and phyto nutrients. I am so grateful to this company for their high quality products as I witness almost every day someone else who has a success story to share.This morning I received a new breast cancer success story from a lady who is 79. I am waiting to meet her at our Kelowna meeting this evening.