Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cat's Claw

Cat’s Claw , The Herb I Never Leave Home Without
The herb I am talking about here is Cat’s Claw combination. I have personally witnessed the most horrendous infections cleared up with Cat’s Claw and this is after exhausting the most potent antibiotics on the market. I remember the day when Wes , about 7 years ago diagnosed with cancer and suffering from a dangerous infection, from came to see me to ask for some herbal advise . The conventional system had exhausted all the antibiotics that could possible be given to this poor man and nothing they offered him touched his infection. In desperation he sought a different approach. Could there possibly be an herb that could clear up his infection? This is when Wes began to think outside the box and this is when Donna Roth enters the picture. With hope in his heart , Wes carefully listened to the education that was offered to him. “Infection is fed by sugar . Antinutrients from grains clog up the lymphatic system. Mineral s are required for healing purposes and it is Cat’s Claw taken in high doses that will clean up any infection .” Wow ! What an eye opener for Wes who was never exposed to this type of education before. In desperation and with nothing to lose Wes agreed to follow directions :
Stop all intake of all grains, sugars.
Take 3 ounces of Mineral Chi Tonic a day
Take 12 Cat’s Claw a day.
Drink lots of water
To Wes this was so very simple , actually too simple and hard to believe that this route would make a difference in clearing up infection. Besides if this worked and it was true than why did not the medical profession who he had placed total trust in , know about this. There was in fact a wave of skeptism . But then again what did Wes have to lose. He had come to the end of the line as far as antibiotics were concerned , he was dying of cancer and something had to be done. Off he went on his new journey , a new pathway , and yet in a state of puzzlement and sense of wonder ! Wes got home and got to work. This was a project for him and he was very determined to succeed. Donna had told him it would take about 7 days. The program was followed exactly as instructed. All sugars and grains were eliminated, and the herbs were taken as directed. Now five days in to the program Wes noticed that all pain and those horrible cramps of diahrea were gone. So it is off to the doctor for a final diagnosis. Medical tests were performed and the doctor came back with the results,” Absolutely no infection.” Wes was in ecstasy . He had just discovered that given the nutrients the body needed it would heal all on its own without drugs. This was amazing. Now step two of this journey was to ehal cancer . This is when Wes took on the Paw Paw program . And he is alove and well now for 7 years without having every taken another drug. But this story carries a sequel. Now it is 2011 and Wes is with his friend out in the wilderness which is his love. And his friend gets bitten by a dog. The hand becomes swollen with pain and the blood vessel shows a blue streak , a sign of blood poisoning. What does Wes recommend to his friend. Cat’s Claw in high doses , 15 capsules a day along with Silver Guard 4 ounces a day. Within a day and a half all pain, all swelling , all symptoms cleared up. Cat’s Claw , is the hero one more time. Wes knows never to go anywhere without Cat’s Claw . Donna Roth had taught him that concept 7 years ago and he has been prescription free for 7 years. The secret is to carry Cat’s Claw with you where ever you go.
Here is the history and the true science behind Cat’s Claw:
Cat’s Claw known as Una De Gato grows in the Peruvian rainforest.
The Ahanica Indians used the woody vine for generations for its healing properties. They would boil it up as a tea and drink it.
1972 Don Luis a Peruvian plantation owner is diagnosed with lung cancer. He is 78 years old and his doctor sends him home to die. His son asks an old Indian medicine woman for help and she recommends Una Da Gato tea. Don Luis drinks the tea many times during the day for many days. Within 6 months his cancer was healed . He is not only alive but robust and and lives to be 90 years old.
Studies in Austria, Germany, England, Hungary, Italy proved the bark of Cat’s claw was helpful in curing cancer. AIDS, and a host of other ailments including arthritis and intestinal disorders fo various kinds.

Austrian scientist , Klaus KLeplinger was issued 2 US patnets on the isolation process of the active alkaloids found in at’s Claw. However he was nto able to patent the natural substances found in that plant. Mother Nature has that patent and given them to us.

1988 Dr Brent Davis found Cat’s Claw to be effective in treating ulcers, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome.
1984 to 1988 a Peruvian physician treats 700 patinets with 14 types of cancer succecssfully suing Cat’s Claw and other herbs.
Dr. Ambrose cofounder of Oregom College of Oriental Medecine got excellent results usng Cat’s Claw for Crohn’s disease, ulcers, fibromyalgia, and asthma.
My website displays numerous success stories of various diseased conditions that were resolved using Cat’s Claw.
Cat’s Claw is a crucial part of the Paw Paw program for cancer and all other diseased conditions as it simply unclogs a clogged up lymphatic system and a clogged up blood stream.
Once again I urge each and every one of you to have Cat’s Claw and Silver Guard at home for those days when you may harbour and infection that just will not go away.