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My shingles started on August 5, this summer. I talked to my niece Dawn and she told me that she would ask her herbalist Donna what she would recommend to help shingles. Dawn sent me an email with a list of supplements to take. I ordered the Nature's Sunshine products on August 29. I received them 2-3 days later. 

As you know the last 3 years has been full of grief, sorrow and heartaches and since January this year I have felt just tired. Just like a cloud over me. I knew I would come down with an ailment sooner or later. When I got a severe case of Shingles I realized I had to re-examine my life. 

It is a humbling experience. Since January my diet has not been that great. I immediately changed that, and with Donna's suggestions once I started taking the supplements I noticed a change in about 2 days after I took them. Particularly the nerve pain and the depth of the pain. RE-X really helped with this nerve pain. I still have the Shingles rash , it is dark purple , but in some places it is almost gone. By Dawn’s Aunt

“My Aunt cancelled her trip to Norway because of  illness and Shingles but she is now going in the middle of October. I am so happy for her.”

Program for Shingles
No sugar, no grains, no yeast
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz 2 times a day
HRP- C 4 capsules 2 to 3 times a day to destroy the virus
RE-X 4 capsules twice a day for nerve pain
Silver Gel applied externally many times a day

Monday, September 25, 2017

From the Desk of Donna Roth Cancer Presentation September 24/2017

From the Desk of Donna Roth Cancer Presentation September 24/2017

The average American drinks over 50 gallons of pop every year! 1 can of pop containts about 11 teaspoons of sugar. Think about this. Its about 122 cops of sugar a year. Even more people drink diet pop containing aspartame that is horribly bad for you. ( Dr. Hyman) The Law of Nature says that sugary pop does not provide you with the energy needed for health!
About 90% of food consumed is processed food devoid of any true nutritional value. It is food grown in soil that is now devoid of vital microbes, mineral and nutrients. It is the Law of Nature that soils must be rich in essential nutrients to grow healthy nutritious plants. Most vitamins in processed foods are often synthetic vitamins. I recall Dr. McLaughlin explaining the difference between synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins from real food. He simply stated that there is a different molecular spin.
How many times have I heard this statement. “ I have been gluten free , sugar free , eating only organic for the last 2 years. So why am I unhealthy?” But think about this; the previous 30 years or so you have lived on junk foods , pop, a standard American diet, used toxic detergents, fabric softeners, toxic skin care products , toothpaste with fluoride, etc. How many of you claim to have a healthy lifestyle while ignoring the poisons you are exposing your body to on a daily basis. How many of you claim to have a healthy lifestyle but you are not aware that your foods even though they are organic do not contain enough minerals, nutrients to sustain life let alone fight disease for you. Just a note of interest. In a research done by the Price-Pottenger Foundation it takes 3 generations of perfect diet to undo the profound health problems seen in the offspring of one generation of lab animals that were fed the standard American diet. Now I am not saying that it will take you 3 generations to build up your progenitor genetic health status. But I am saying that if you ignore the words of warning on this day and put off the taking of high dense nutrition which you can get from Nature’s Sunshine you are taking that risk of becoming one of those Health Canada statistics of being diagnosed with cancer. As you are well aware Health Canada has stated that  1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer. I hope you also notice that Health Canada is certainly not telling you how to avoid getting cancer. No authority in the health industry of our society is telling you to up your nutritional game. The first thing I am going to say is that every cancer success story I have worked with took high dense nutritious super foods in a Smoothie twice a day that included all the colours and nutrients required to raise body temperature for healthy cell repair:
Red  Mineral Chi Tonic for all essential minerals  tonic herbs to feed the glands that control hormones
Yellow; Flax Lignans to bind toxic xenoestrogens
White ;Collatrim Plus, a collagen powder to build inner membranes and tissues
Blue; Zambroza ; a powerful antioxidant full of phytonutrients
 Green; Green Zone;  way more nutritious and way more economical than juicing
Water ; you are 78% water
Healthy salt; your lymphatic system is salt water needed for cleansing purposes.  It is the Law of Nature that says your body is created to repair and to heal if you give your body  high dense nutrition in large enough quantities for a long enough time. I have taken high dense nutritious super food smoothies for over 30 year of my life and I don’t plan to quit. It took Dr. Jay four years of high dense nutrition to overcome bladder cancer but did he quit after overcoming cancer? Not! Last time I saw him and it was this past summer he was still drinking 2 Smoothies a day.
The big problem today is understanding that being symptom free is no indication of your health status. You may be jogging and exercising every day, eating organic foods but unknowingly your inner health may be deteriorating. How can you find out your health status? This is where your body temperature comes into play. Buy a simple thermometer and take your temperature first thing in the morning before you any type of serious movement. As you well know exercise increases your body temperature and this is one reason that exercise is so needed in your life. However the key is to keep that body temperature as close to 98.6 as you can during the night when your energy is being used for cleansing and repair purposes. That’s about 7 or 8 hours of your day. The significance of the body temperature first thing in the morning is a way to determine your overall health in a simple safe self-reliant way. In this way you can detect problems long before they become a serious disease. Yearly checkups and blood tests are obviously not the best way to determine health problems.
What do you need to do to raise your body temperature?
You eat the right foods and drink 2 Smoothies a day and take lots of good fats to build up your cholesterol. “ If you drive down your cholesterol inappropriately( that is with statin drugs) you will totally throw your overall health in the toilet! Cholesterol is not the enemy!” Dr. Jernigan
You exercise every day in the fresh air.
You cleanse your blood. Last week we learned all about the Oral Chelation program. You can go to my site to view it.
You do the 5 STOPS;
Stop eating grains which contain lectins, phytates, that cause inflammation, leaky blood and sticky blood that slow down blood circulation and decreases your body temperature.
Stop using toxic cleaning products that are mutagenic. You can use Nature’s Concentrate an all purpose cleaning soap and bathing / shampoo liquid soap.  You can add Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray to your laundry. You can even spray it on your skin and spine for skin and spine health.
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
About 1 inch of Nature’s Concentrate
in an empty bottle
Fill with pure water
Tea Tree Oil 15 drops

Stop using toxic skin care products. Use Pau D’Arco lotion which is anti-yeast, and so healing to the skin. You can use Natria Hand and Body Lotion for your chapped hands. You can use Silver Gel as a toner for your skin and then add Pau D’Arco lotion which is what I do for healthy skin.
Core Blend for Radiation Detox
Into your bath water add:
3 quarts of Hydrogen Peroxide
2 cups of Kosher salt.
½ tsp of Core
Drink water and Chlorophyll as you soak.

Stop using toxic toothpaste and make your own.
Coconut Oil 2 tablespoons
Baking soda 1 tablespoon
Xylitol ½ tablespoon
Essential Liquid Minerals 1 teaspoon
Black Walnut extract 1 teaspoon
Peppermint Oil 10 drops
Lemon Oil 5 drops

Then move into addressing the sources of your personal inflammation. You will never learn what they are unless you take TAFYH. You need a personal trainer here, A leader, a coach who can guide and direct you to detect your sources of inflammation and address them. Not just learn them but take them on and become self reliant in your own personal health care! Michael speaks on TAFYH.

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From the Desk of Donna Roth September 18/2017
What You Did Not Know About Cholesterol 
By Carol Nilsson and  Donna Roth  added to it!  Credit to Steven Horne MH

Cholesterol is a fat produced in the liver. Another name for fat is lipid. Cholesterol is a fat  bound to a protein, hence the name "lipoprotein." Our liver produces about 80 per cent of the cholesterol we need, and we obtain about 20 per cent from consuming animal products. If we limit the cholesterol in our diets, our bodies make more to compensate, as it is essential to life. Note how important it is to have lots of proteins and fats in our daily diet..We want to include grass fed meats high in proteins and very high in Omega 3,
fish, nuts, nut butters, seeds, seed butters, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese , raw milk cheese and so on. You can also resort to Nature’s Sunshine SynerProtein powder, NutriBurn Whey which is a Type A2 protein from grass fed animals, Smart Meal, and taking a variety of Super Omega 3, Flax Seed Oil, Super Oil, Lecithin.

·         Cholesterol is crucial to the synthesis of all of our endocrine hormones, including those of the adrenals, pituitary, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
·         Cholesterol is necessary to make Vitamin D from the sunshine on our skin. It helps immunity by compensating somewhat for deficiency of Vitamin C
·         Cholesterol is needed to assimilate the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K
·         It is part of the structure of our cell membranes, and regulates what can get into/get out of the cell. Cell walls thus made are not soluble in water, or our cells would dissolve and burst. They also burst
without adequate cholesterol to bind the cell wall together
·         Cholesterol is essential to make the myelin sheath that insulates and protects the nerves. 75 % of this insulation is made of cholesterol. Dr. Tennent, “ Nerve cells are 50 percent cholesterol by weight, so it's nearly impossible to reverse macular degeneration if you're on a statin drug, as you will not have enough cholesterol in your system.
It makes up much of the brain, and is used to make neurotransmitters. Your brain in fat and water.
·         Cholesterol is used to make bile, which aids fat digestion. It lubricates the artery lining, so blood can flow with less friction
·         It is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent free-radical damage

HDL means high density lipoproteins, 50% proteins and lipids and triglycerides(fatty acids and glycerol)
LDL means low density proteins, low in proteins and low in triglycerides, high in cholesterol fats

We are taught that HDL is healthy and LDL is unhealthy. Steven Horne MH declares this to be a total misconception. LDL transports manufactured cholesterol fats from the liver to the tissues. HDL transports cholesterol fats from the tissues to the liver. The body adjusts the ration of HDL to LDL constantly according to the demands of the body. The liver does not make HDL or LDL but it makes VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) which is then converted to LDL.

First of all toxins are introduced into the blood stream via leaky gut. Leaky gut occurs when drugs, lectins, Candida yeast , heavy metals poke holes in the gut membranes and escape into the blood stream. The lymphatic system will try to neutralize these toxins or get rid of them via the elimination channels. If this does not take place efficiently then these toxins move into the liver. The liver then makes  VLDL which is converted to LDL. The LDL then binds these toxins, mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, acids. These toxins cause inflammation to the tissues and organs of your body. They impede blood circulation, oxygen flow and nutrient flow. They lower the body temperature.We start to see that the more toxins you have in your body the higher the LDL lipoproteins and the higher the cholesterol. That high cholesterol is in fact protecting your body from dangerous damage to the cells and tissues of your organs and glands thereby preventing the oxygen levels from dropping. When the oxygen levels to an injured organ in the body drops to  to below 35% then healthy cell replication by the stem cells cannot take place. If there is enough sugar in the adjacent area then oxidation flips into fermentation and the replication of cancer cells start to happen.  Lowering the cholesterol levels by drugs and eating of less fats can therefore be dangerous. It is easy to see that once the toxins are cleaned up the cholesterol levels will automatically drop. Note the doctors never address cholesterol in this manner.

Candida yeast - eliminate sugars, starches, grains, legumes, milk. Use Cat's Claw to help the lymphatic system to clean out this toxic yeast. And remember to take Cat's Claw combination instead of antibiotics for infections. You can also do the Candida Clear Cleanse, a 14-day cleanse
specifically designed to clean out Candida yeast.

Lectins - It is scientifically documented that Colostrum binds toxic lectins from grains and legumes. I am reminded how my parents always drank raw milk high in Colostrum and "fermented milk." Such foods prevented Candida overgrowth and toxic lectins from creating harm.

Heavy Metals - These can easily get cleaned up using Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Green Zone, Heavy Metal Detox or MC.

Undigested food particles get in to the blood stream via leaky gut. Using Protease Plus on an empty stomach will clean up this problem.

Super Omega 3 essential fatty acids reduces inflammation by keeping the cells pliable and supple.

They prescribe statin drugs to lower the cholesterol levels. Yes the cholesterol markers decrease but at what price? Lower cholesterol means the environmental toxins are out of control thereby causing damage to your cells and tissues. This means increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

If this is not bad enough, Statin drugs have serious side effects:
Upset stomach
·         Fatigue
·         Skin rashes
·         Memory loss
·         Difficulty concentrating
·         Erectile dysfunction
·         Difficulty sleeping
·         Night mares
·         Peripheral neuropathy
·         Liver damage
·         Depleted CoQ10
·         Lower antioxidant levels

Steven Horne has given us some significant numbers regarding cholesterol:
·         Above 240 is the lowest risk for cancer
·         Below 190 there is an increased risk for cancer
·         Below 160 a great risk for cancer
·         Below 140 highest risk for cancer
·         High LDL and Low LDL indicates mercury toxicity
·         High HDL - greater than 90 may indicate exposure to pesticides
·         Low HDL is associated with increased risk of toxicity, constipation, lack of exercise, high sugar, high carb diets, and low fats

European Heart Journal 1997 study:
-a 3 year study, 11, 500 participants
Conclusion: low cholesterol resulted in increased rates for lung cancer, increased rates of other cancers, higher risk of cardiac death, erectile dysfunction, infertility, loss of memory, mental focus.

A Swedish researcher proved that people with low cholesterol suffer from frequent and severe infections and people with high cholesterols had a lower mortality rate than the average population.

Study – U of San Diego School of Medicine showed high cholesterol to be protective against environmental toxins and low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart arrhythmia.

Journal of American Medical Association showed high cholesterol readings to serve as protections from neurotoxins and cancer prevention.

You now need  to understand what happens to your artery wall when you reduce cholesterol and avoid fats. When there is leaky gut and the artery walls become inflamed from toxins - lectins, Candida yeast, sugar, drugs, heavy metals, acids from stress and undigested food particles then the artery wall becomes damaged and becomes weakened and ready to burst. Along comes our friendly cholesterol to the rescue. It will start to form a patch over this weakened artery wall. The cholesterol patch will then collect calcium and minerals and this patch may continue to grow along the artery wall to keep the artery from bursting thereby causing arteriosclerosis. Once again the answer is not to take a drug but to clean up the toxins that cause the problem and address all the sources of inflammation.

Success Story by Bill and Sharon  October 10/2016
Bill had been taking cholesterol lowering medication for over 12 years.
Bill just celebrated his 82nd birthday and his wife, Sharon, and Bill’s 7 children are excited; not because Bill was 82 but because “ the fog is gone and there is light in his eyes.” There was Bill at 82 with his great grandchild on his knee bouncing him, having conversations, being engaged and cracking jokes.
“Two years ago on his 80th birthday Bill did not even know that the birthday cake was for him. He was surrounded by family and friends and he didn’t even know it.”  He was very withdrawn, isolated and not with us. He could not even fill out a form or sign his signature.” On top of this Bill was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Sharon , his wife, was very afraid. Together with the girls as Bill calls them, Sharon began to investigate nutritional therapies. They found a clinic online that they thought was quite credible. They all agreed that Bill would benefit from this therapy. And there was some success. However there just seemed to be something missing and they just could not put their finger on it. Sharon really believed in it, “ We knew  there were answers. But even with the nutritional supplements Bill was on, all was not quite right.” And the search continued until one day Bill’s daughter, Diane , picked up a book from the chiropractor’s office, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth. This book really intrigued Diane. She immediately contacted Donna. This conversation was quite enlightening. There were 5 pillars that Bill needed to address namely: Injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation. “The  clinic we  were involved with never mentioned inflammation. The clinic did not look at Bills’ weight issue ; that he was 50 pounds overweight; they did not look at the medications he was on. The conversation with Donna was so different and yet her program was so simple.”   They all visited Donna and Sharon knew that Donna had the answer they were looking for. Sharon was ecstatic to find that all 5 pillars would be put together into one program. “ I walked out of that office and I knew Bill and I would do TAFYH.” TAFYH is Donna’s educational action course that gives everyone who follows its principles great results.
TAFYH was somewhat challenging for Bill and he depended on Sharon to do the reading for him. However as time went on Bill got quite used to the structure of TAFYH and found it quite enjoyable. By the end of TAFYH Bill was indeed a changed man. When Sharon declared , “ Bill, you read this” Bill willingly read his entire story of results independently  without hesitation or stumbling. He had lost 50 pounds. He had weaned off the blood pressure medication and the cholesterol lowering medication; his memory had noticeably improved, his could sign his signature, his knee pain was gone and he enjoyed walking, his itchy scaly skin was gone, and he had the expression of happiness. Sharon was excited to announce that she also lost 50 unwanted pounds. “ In TAFYH we discovered the answers we were looking for. “ I knew nutrition was important but I never knew how important it really was. The weight loss was incredible. I learned that all the weight we lost was toxic weight. Bill used to be 235 pounds and now he is 183 pounds.  Father’s Day in the rain was wonderful and I had Bill back, the Bill I married underneath  the Christmas tree many years ago.”
What did Bill do ?
1.       He discovered the areas of inflammation that he needed to address through TAFYH.
2.       He stopped eating all sugars, grains, and legumes.
3.       He ate the right foods and had 2 Super Foods Smoothies every day with Chi Mineral Tonic, Flax Hull lignans, Green Zone, Collatrim Plus and Solstic Energy.
4.       He took Cat’s Claw combination to open up the lymphatic system.
5.       HE cleansed his bowels with Psyllium Hulls and LBS11 to the point that the blood analyst declared that his colon had improved by 90%.
6.       He took Paw Paw , Protease Plus and Colostrum to address the cancer cells.
7.       He cleansed the heavy metals from his blood with MC.
8.       He did the Kidney Flush and the liver cleanse.
9.       He did all his assignments in TAFYH with great results.
Sharon ‘s quote,” This is a man who played hard and worked hard. Then his health failed but today he can work hard and play hard . Why wouldn’t a person do TAFYH!”

Success Story : Paddy's MS Journey
 Paddy had been taking cholesterol lowering medications: Lipitor for over 7 years
My ears were the start of my health problems. I was suffering from chronic ear canal itch which led to inflammation and then infection resulting in antibiotics etc. which goes back approximately 10 years They would heal up and  be OK for year, or two after numerous visits to the ENT dr. who put me on ear drops to minimize the itching, Cortisone plus Ointment. The problem persisted so I decided to go back to the ENT specialist. He told me there was absolutely nothing else they could do, all he could offer was refer me to a dermatologist to get stronger grades of Cortisone which I didn't do.
This  led to more hearing test. This year…… The results showed that my hearing in my left ear was minimal compared to the right so they suspected an acoustic Neuroma which led to MRIs of my brain. No Neuroma was found, however, this is when they noticed lesions on my brain and I was referred to the neurologist. At this time, I was subjected to extensive testing and more MRIs. Eventually I was diagnosed with MS and prescribed a certain medication with numerous life threatening side effects. I did not know what to do.
 With all that said, I had started to change my diet and started making healthier choices in what I was eating. In speaking to one of my brothers he recommended that I should take the TAFYH course.  While taking this course I have seen remarkable changes in my overall health and well-being. I have no more chronic itching and my hearing is recovering in my left ear. My MS symptoms have diminished. I'm really grateful for what I have learned. I now have the tools I need to be healthy once again. I am also grateful for the support I received from each member in my group Dana, Donna, Kathryn, Tom and our leader Donna. And all my family and friends

2017:I just heard from Paddy and he is doing very well.
Note : Paddy had been taking cholesterol lowering medications: Lipitor for over 7 years. The Lipitor wiped out the cholesterol from his brain which is fat and water stripped the fats off the myelin sheath of his nervous system so his left leg and his left arm could not work properly . Eventually he was diagnosed with MS.

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Budwig Diet Limitations in 2017

From the Desk of Donna Roth: September 2017-09-12

Many have inquired about the Bugwig Diet for overcoming cancer. Dr. Budwig was born in 1908 in Germany. She was instrumental in helping over 2500  cancer patients overcome cancer in her 50 year period of practice. She was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize with a condition that she promote chemotherapy and radiotherapy with her protocol. For the sake of humanity she refused to support these damaging treatments. Dr. Budwig studied fats extensively and was able to prove that the electron rich highly unsaturated Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids were critical in the oxygen respiratory  function of cell replication. She discovered that linolenic acids are instrumental in electromagnetic functions for all nerve functions, secretions, mitosis, as well as cell break down.
As I read this impressive information I am reminded of the time period of the Budwig protocol ; 1930’s, 40’s 50’s. That was about  70  years ago. This was a time when flax seed oil was cold pressed and the oil was a high quality from flax seeds that were grown in soils that were not sprayed with chemical fertilizers, the plants were not sprayed with chemical insecticides. The soils in those days were respected, honored, cared for and given rest. I absolutely know that because my father was a farmer in the 50’s. He grew flax seed on his land. He knew to rotate his crops. He knew that no soils should be burdened with more than 2 consecutive seasons of crops. He knew that the soils must be given rest where it could replenish and restore its nutrients and microbes. I vividly recall that one year when in his older age my Father rented a piece of his land to another farmer who used chemical sprays on my Father’s land. My Father cried! People of that time were connected to their land. Their wisdom told them that soils give life and need to be kept alive .My Father understood that the soil was alive and needed care. He was not university educated but he intuitively and wisely had deep respect for his soil that produced food to feed his family and produced crops to acquire a living. So I bring it to your attention that the Budwig Flax Oil was authentic dense with Omega 3 grown in healthy soils with no dangerous chemical sprays.
Let’s talk about the significance of Omega 3. 60% of your nervous system is made of fat, your brain is fat and water; every cell of your body is made of fat. Omega 3’s make your cells pliable so oxygen can easily move into the cells and toxins are move out.
Omega 3 prevent blood clots from forming. Omega 3 reduces inflammation and pain and swelling at the cell level.
One other important factor that is significant for Flax Oil to be effective is enzymes which convert the oil into the EPA and DHA components. Being 2017 many of you are lacking in essential enzymes needed for this conversion to take place. Consequently the best choice for Omega 3 is Super Oil or Super Omega 3 from a quality controlled source like Nature’s Sunshine. Dr. Keith Scott Mumby states that the best sources of Omega 3 is grass fed red meat.
Let’s discuss the cottage cheese that Dr. Budwig promoted to her clients. The milk came from grass fed cows who were treated with antibiotics, hormones and so on. The raw milk was simply placed in room temperature and allowed to ferment naturally. What this kind of cottage cheese contained was a excellent source of probiotics to restore the micro biome of most important system of your body; the intestinal system. These good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check. That bad bacteria takes over when the yeast count also called Candida is high resulting in the slowing down of blood circulation, decreasing of oxygen and nutrient energy flow, lowering of the body temperature and decreasing thyroid functions. It was Dr. Otto Warbur who proved that fermentation of sugar feeds cancer when the oxygen levels drop to below 35%. Cancer lives in a toxic environment where the oxygen levels are low and the body temperature is low. Cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F.
Let’s analyze the store bought cottage cheese of 2017.There are 3 big issues with today’s diary. I quote Dr. Axe:
  1. Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization (280 F) – This heat can damage many of the vital nutrients including the proteins and probiotics.
  2. Chemicals – Most Dairy today is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, pain killers, and pesticide residue.
  3. A1 Casein – There are two types of protein in milk, Casein and Whey.  In the last 1000 years there has been a genetic mutation in some dairy cows that has caused them to produce an irregular type of protein called Beta-Casein A1.  A1 Casein is a protein that for some people can be highly inflammatory similar to Gluten.  This type of dairy isn’t found in certain cattle and is never found in human, goats, sheep, buffalo, and A2 cows.

A note of interest here is that  Nature’s Sunshine NutriBurn Whey Protein powder is  an A2 protein whey that comes from A2 cows found in New Zealand and Australia. It is a digestible protein that the stem cells easily use for cell replication.
Now in the 1950’s inflammation could easily be addressed just by using the Omega Oils found in Flax Seeds. People of that time were not exposed to chemicals in the air and soils, chlorine and fluoride in water, mercury and aluminum found in tooth fillings and vaccinations of all kinds, root canals, microwaved foods, heavy metals, GE foods, GMO foods, high fructose sugar foods and so on. I think you can see the picture. Dr. Budwig was not faced with these issues. You start to see the limitations of Budwigs protocol in 2017. You can also see why my program is so effective in 2017. My program addresses every aspect of inflammation. Cat’s Claw is a huge part of the program as it is instrumental in opening the lymphatic system to allow the poisons to drain out through the elimination channels of our body.. My program also addresses all the elimination channels; the bowels with LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls, the kidneys with the One Day Kidney Flush, the liver and the respiratory tract. My program includes the oral chelation protocol and Heavy Metal Detox.
In addition to the Flax Seed Oil and cottage cheese protocol Dr. Budwig also recommended the following lifestyle strategies:
 Vegetables Juicing; The vegetable grown in her years of 1920 to 1970 provided a large concentrated dose of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Today juicing vegetables from a grocery store simply will not provide you with enough minerals and nutrients for the much needed minerals and antioxidants. So what does my Paw Paw program do? Add Mineral Chi Tonic for the color red, Flax Lignans for yellow, Collatrim Plus for white, Zambroza for blue, Green Zone for green as a high dense nutritious Super Food Smoothie. The nutrients from this colorful smoothie are critical for  the stem cells that use all those nutrients for healthy cell repair. At this time I wish to relate this story. One of my clients who used my Paw Paw program for overcoming cancer decided after about 5 years of using Nature’s Sunshine Super Foods to resort to a Vita Mix and vegetables for juicing purposes. He did fine for about a year. But then one day I received a call from him to inform me that a lump had reappeared on his neck where he previously had cancer. My immediate advise was to go back to Nature’s Sunshine Super Foods and within 3 weeks the lump totally went away.
Frankincense was recommended by Dr. Budwig especially when it comes to fighting brain tumors. Her suggestion was to  rub this essential oil on your body (neck area) 3x daily and take 3 drops internally 3x daily. Nature’s Sunshine recently introduced Authentic Essential Oils into the market and Frankincense is one of them. That word authentic is significant as it indicates that the oils have gone through the SureSource process where the oil is tested for its purity and authenticity right at the source thereby bypassing brokers who often dilute the oils.
Sunshine : Dr. Budwig recommended getting 30 minutes of sunlight exposure daily for Vit D3 intake.  Nature’s Sunshine Vit D3 comes from the lanolin of BSE free sheep’s wool fat from Australia and New Zealand. D3 is critical for mineralization of bones, teeth and organs, crucial for healthy hormones which tell me it would help with the elimination process of toxic estrogens. It also regulates lymphocyte functions which enhances the immune system and the lymphatic system.
Turmeric– Dr. Budwig recommended turmeric and black pepper.Curcuminoids extracted from turmeric has been shown to decrease tumor size and fight colon and breast cancer. 
Note that Nature’s Sunshine Curcumin BP is equivalent to 32 capsules of turmeric. To enhance the bioavailability and absorption black pepper extract piper nigrum was added.
Did you know? In India turmeric root has been safely used as a spice and medicine for centuries. Today, it is consumed as a regular part of the Indian diet, at approximately 2-2.5 grams daily for an adult. This amount would provide approximately 40-100 mg of curcumin (powdered turmeric root contains about 2-4% curcumin). In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used to assist rheumatic and inflammatory conditions, support digestive, gall bladder health and as a general tonic. Ongoing and cumulative studies have revealed that curcumin has powerful properties that have a beneficial effect on pain and inflammation. Many of curcumin’s beneficial effects are attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Numerous animal, pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that curcumin has antioxidant, immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is a potent free radical and nitric acid scavenger, helping protect cellular membranes in oxidative stress-mediated conditions. Curcumin inhibits several enzymes that mediate inflammatory processes, such as COX-2.
NSP Advantage 550 mg of curcumin combined with black pepper extract for enhanced bioavailability of the main antioxidant and protective compounds found in turmeric root, collectively known as curcuminoids. Ingredients: Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains Curcuma longa (curcumin) rhizome 550 mg, Piper nigrum (black pepper) fruit extract (50:1) 2.5 mg. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate and silicon dioxide. Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve joint inflammation. • Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antiparasitic and to improve digestion
In conclusion Dr. Budwig;s Diet covered the following 3 out of the 5 pillars:
Injury was addressed with cottage cheese, and vegetable juicing.
Inflammation was addressed with flax seed oil and sunshine therapy.
Infection was addressed with Tumeric and Black Pepper.

My Paw Paw program addresses all 5 pillars;
Injury; Super Food Smoothies
Inflammation; Cat’s Claw and discovering all the poisons that cause inflammation.
Elimination; LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls for the bowels and the One Day Kidney Flush
Infection with Paw Paw
Circulation with the Oral Chelation Protocal and Heavy Metal Detox.

Dr. Budwig also discovered that her protocol wasn’t just effective  for cancer, but also for healing heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions.
In my world there is no such thing as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis ; there is only a toxic overload and a serious nutritional deficiency. Those clients that I have worked with who followed the program also overcame  heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and neurological conditions. My book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has sold over 5000 copies. It houses 60 cancer success stories.
To understand how you can overcome your own diagnosed diseased condition I urge you to do TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health, where you work with a team of 6 people and me as your coach and leader 15 minutes a day , 5 days a week for 2 months. You will be blown away with the information each lesson gives you  on the Laws of Nature to help you overcome your own health issues. It does not matter what you are diagnosed with. Lend an ear as Health Canada recently announced that 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer. Check your body temperature, If it is below 98.6 F first thing in the morning you may be that person harboring mutated cell growth! TAFYH gives you all the answers!

Since January my diet has not been that great. I immediately changed that, and with Donna's suggestions once I started taking the supplements I noticed a change in about 2 days. Particular RE-X for nerve pain.
My shingles started on Aug. 5. I ordered the Nature Sunshine product on Aug. 29 I received them 2-3 days later. As I mention I noticed a change 2 days after I took them, particularly the nerve pain and the depth of the pain.
I still have the Shingles rash, it is dark purple, but in some places it has almost gone. 
No grains, no sugar, no starches
Eat meats , vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries
Drink only water and Chlorophyll and nothing else

HRP-C 4 / 4 times a day; a formula for all viruses
RE-X 4 at a time for nerve pain
Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day ; minerals and tonic herbs for healing
Cat’s Claw 4 / 3times a day for the lymphatic system
Pau D’Arco lotion for itching