Wednesday, July 25, 2018

From the Desk of Donna Roth July 2018 Text 250 718 2852

From the Desk of Donna Roth July 2018    Text 250 718 2852
Thank you to the 34 people who attended our regular Vitality MeetUp at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club on Saturday, July 21/2018.
Thank you to the following:
Val Embury for securing our venue and looking after the arrangements of the event.
Phyll and Elsie who handled the registration table.
Dean who looked after the Power Point
Gloria shared her story. She came down with a sever backache. The doctor diagnosed it as a kidney stone. That’s when Gloria called her friend, Marcie, who said she needed to take K, Chlorophyll and Hydrangea. Gloria, however, only took high doses of K and drank Chlorophyll and water. She started this program on Tuesday and by Sunday all back pain was gone. She thinks she might have dissolved the stone and passed it.
Anne shared her amazing and powerful story on how she was horrified when she was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Her Onsen Therapist, Linda referred Anne to TAFYH and Anne jumped in immediately to take the course. After 2 months of TAFYH and given another month of following the program NOTHING HAPPENED and Anne was discouraged and ready to give up. But one thing she did was communicate with Donna who simply said, DON’T QUIT. Anne decided to keep going with her program. By March which was 3 months later the liver enzymes dropped from 34 to 23 and the normal range is under 30. Anne was ecstatic. She also lost 15 pounds and she could see the veins in the back of her hand one more time. Today Anne tells her story to encourage others to know that there is another way and never to quit! My side note here is that I have personally witnessed many people quit their programs because they thought there was a better way, a magic bullet, that clinic outside the country with all the answers, that ND who assured them he would have the answers. The key to healing your body is to get educated and to take responsibility so you can make informed decisions.
Judy shared her story. She also had a Fatty Liver Disease. Judy also completed TAFYH and her high liver enzyme count dropped from 68 to 34 and the 34 was as of a few months ago. Judy also stuck with the program and now understands that disease happens when there is a nutritional deficiency and a toxic overload. Judy wants the world to know that anyone can overcome their illnesses just by following a simple Herbal Nutritional Program as long as you do it long enough. The key to any program is to keep doing it until you get RESULTS!
Val shared her fool proof recipe for anyone being diagnosed with the medical term of Arthritis. Mix Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil into the Tei Fu Message Lotion and apply it over the affected areas. Then once a week do the One Day Kidney Flush. Every day take Essential Liquid Minerals and Collatrim Plus and Skeletal Strength. Val followed this program to heal her broken arm. The doctor told her she would never be able to raise it above her head. Guess What?? Val raised her hand well above her head with ease.
Bernice was acknowledged for reaching Manager status in Natures Sunshine. To reach Manager status you need 1000 PV points per month. What did Bernice do to reach that level. She brought her friend, Judy on board and her friend, Ruth on board. She has helped Judy get her health back and now she is helping Ruth. Natures Sunshine is a business of helping others to a happier healthier life and Bernice is a great example of this motto.
Thank you to Nan who brought Lorraine and now Lorraine is taking on her health; to Linda who brought Erik; To Gloria, Lillian, Val, Terry who brought friends There were 8 new guests at this event.
Welcome back Jack and Anne. They are moving back to Kelowna and we are so excited to see them back.
The highlight was to welcome the new babies that have recently been born in our midst. Val’s son, Dane and Angie welcomed their new baby girl, Terry recently became a grandmother and Crystal has a new great granddaughter. And there is a new baby girl in our family, Sienna was born in April to Dennis and Bri. (my step children)
I am also sharing tidbits that I learned from my Nature Sunshine Baltic Sean cruise.
One lady was diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease. She did the INFORM program which is similar to TAFYH and all the lesions on her lung disappeared.
Goal for Natures Sunshine is to maintain a large comprehensive product line. Nature’s Sunshine is presently working with Steven Horne MH and Linda Hammonds, VP of quality control to magnify our position as the Herbal Leader in the World! There is no question in the mind of Linda Hammonds that Nature’s Sunshine is the leader of quality control in the world!
Sylvia’s Life Tonic; a high antioxidant drink.
Noni Juice 1 bottle
Zambroza 1 bottle
Hawthorn capsules opened 1 bottle.
Drink as much as you want all day long.

Ankle swelling formula
Purify helps to drain the lymphatic system
LYM-X and Cat’s Claw

Brain Memory Restoration by Dr. Jay
40% of the people who reach age 80 have dementia and this can be reversed.
The brain is fats, proteins and water.
Methyl Combo B 12
Focus ATN
Fats such as Super Oil or Flax Seed Oil
Proteins such as NutriBurn, Smart Meal

Circulation pathways become hard and brittle; hips, the bones and joints cannot receive the oxygen and nutrients for repair. It starts by doing the following:
Repair the colon with Purify and LBS11
This opens the circulation to the hips and all the joints start to repair themselves.

By age 60, 1/3 of our teeth are gone:
Black Walnut prevents plaque, and nourishes the teeth
Use Silver Gel, Aloe Vera Gel and Peppermint Oil for the teeth

Adrenal glands become exhausted that could lead to allergies to citrus, tomatoes, lemons, vinegars. Exhausted adrenals lead to sinus conditions, nasal drip, sinus infections.
Solution to repairing the adrenals:
Pantothenic Acid 4 to 8 a day
Rosehips 8 a day
Vit A & D
SN-X for sinus congestion.

I am so very grateful to Nature’s Sunshine and for the variety of meticulous quality-controlled products they have provided for us over the last 45 years. I think of all the great scientists and
people who have worked hard with passion and diligence to put the herbal combinations
 together for not only my health but for the health of nations:
Lynda Hammonds VP of Quality Control 25 years
Jeanne Burgess, herbalist, for AL-J, a lung formula and STR-J, a stress formula
Dr. Richardson for his courses on herbs, Iridology, and practice in using herbal formulas
Dr. Kelly for his formula ULC-R used for H pylori bacteria
Dr. McCausland for the MC formula
Dr. Chen for all the Chinese formulas
Dr. Scala for SynerPro Vitamins/Minerals
Dr. Segelmen for Magnesium Malate formula and his solution for fibromyalgia using
Magnesium Malate 2 twice a day
Super Oil 4 a day
Lecithin 6 a day
Super Vit/Min
Mineral Chi Formula
Dr. Christopher for LB-X for bowels, C-X for hormones,
Dr. Tripp for Zerenity formula, excellent for anxiety
Dr. McLaughlin for his 20 years of research on Paw Paw for cancer.
What is really cool is that I know all of these people personally with the exception of Dr. Chen.
I have conversed with them, attended their workshops, shared ideas with them They are all honest caring heartfelt scientists with great minds and I feel honored to be a part of this great movement. I am here to say Nature’s Sunshine is to the best in the world.

Nature’s Sunshine has a great business opportunity for you wishing to start your own business.
If your reach that 1000 PV mark you get 30% discount and 15% bonus cheque.
If you are a practitioner and you are looking for a product line, please contact me.
Or you just want to get free shipping, a 20% discount and points for free products.
Contact me!
Love and Gratitude xx

Friday, July 20, 2018

Nan’s Success Story; Diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s 2018

Nan’s Success Story; Diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s 2018
Nan is a TAFYH grad and continues to abide by TAFYH principles which follow the Laws of Nature.
Previous to this I had told you my personal story as it pertained to me.
Well , I misunderstood what was needed  to be said. There is so much
more to be said, so here goes.
I actually started TAFYH a week before it became a group of six.
During that week I lost 18 lbs of toxic waste. I was not malnourished.
I had weighed 181.2 lbs before I started. When the TAFYH group formed
I weighed 168 lbs. I am now 156.6 lbs and will probably lose a bit more.
I did the first Candida Test and the spit went immediately down to the
bottom of the glass. In the new test I did today, the spit floated on the top for
a few seconds, then strings started to go down. After five minutes it was all on
the bottom of the glass.
Checking on my blood pressures, I found that the first week of TAFYH, was in a range
of 124/75 to 134/85. It is now 126/78 give a point or two differences. There are no big
spikes in the range. My body remains under the ideal and very often I feel cold.
I will be eating more red meat in the future.
After doing a BSQ on myself, I was totally amazed! The numbers are hard to believe!
They are below. The ones in brackets are the current numbers.
STR-10 (6)