Monday, December 28, 2015

CANCER FREE – Deb’s Dad Health to Wellness Success Story

CANCER FREE – Deb’s Dad  Health to Wellness Success Story
Dec 24th 2015 update from Deborah on her ‘80 year old’ DAD.  His results have now come back CANCER FREE..  Yeah!  Deb's dad has followed the Super Foods Nutritional Program for 6 months.  AND now the Doctors say his last test shows no sign of cancer. 

Here is how the story goes - Debs Dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and they did some surgeries on him but there were still 3 big tumors with cancer stage 3 and 4. He did not want to do radiation and did not want to have his voice box removed as the doctors were recommending..  He made the decision to go the natural route and now after 4 months of the Super Foods Program, on November 2015, his tests indicated two tumours are gone and the one remaining has not grown. On December 2/2015 the doctors did a scan of his whole body and everything came clear.  The doctors now say all signs of CANCER are gone.  Thank you Kathy Deane for coaching us on the Therapeutic Nutritional Super Foods Program. 

Deb’s Dad followed the Paw Paw program as outlined in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zerenity for Anxiety

Imagine…being grounded, focused, serene, in control, and rested !!

“I have suffered from severe anxiety for over 10 years, at times being on several prescription drugs; which somewhat calmed me, but left me feeling unwell and numb.  60 days ago I was ill from constantly throwing up, my anxiety was so bad.  I wasn’t eating healthy food – in fact, I was starving; no nutrition, no energy, no capacity. I was always missing work. I lost a lot of weight. I felt like I was ready to jump off a bridge.
Then, I was introduced to NSP’s Zerenity…1 capsule/day. 2 bottles later, today, I wake up with energy, I eat, have gained 16 pounds (perhaps still underweight but much better!), I sleep so soundly, and have capacity to take care of my two children, full-time stressful job, and life…even my hair is better!  I WANT TO get up every morning and do things, instead of laying in bed in the dark all day long…
I’ve got my life back!


Friday, November 27, 2015


Stroke :  Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle
Today, August 20, 2015 I had a wonderful conversation with Louise as she reported the miraculous success her husband had in recuperating from a massive stroke that took his health on Boxing Day , Dec. 26, 2015.
He was immediately hospitalized and his condition was dismal. He had lost his balance and could not walk. He could not see on one side. His right hand was particularly affected and he could not write at all. His memory was unstable. He could not think straight.  He had a hard time even knowing how to turn around in a room. Everything was upside down. Louise explained that he was in terrible shape and did not even know if he would recover because he also had a weakened heart even from childhood. “ This happened to my husband after he had a polyp removed from his colon. I was in an extreme state of stress.” But Louise did not give up on her husband. She was grateful to the excellent Rehab people who really helped him with the essential exercises that needed to be done. As soon as her husband got home from the hospital Louise gave him Smoothies as many times as she could in a day. “ Before the stroke he would not take anything. He did not believe in any of this herbal stuff. We had lots of arguments about taking herbs.” Now there was no argument. The Smoothies contained Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice, Arginine Plus and water. Louise also gave her husband CoQ10 , crystal free from Nature’s Sunshine, B 12, Vitamin D3 , Magnesium, MC off and on  and CurQMin. Louise also used a couple of products that she bought elsewhere. All sugars, all grains, all legumes and milk were eliminated.  She did this for her husband every day for 8 months. Was it worth the effort?
Here are the results as of August 20/2015
He can write maybe not as well as he used to but it is legible and readable.
He can walk without losing any balance and as a matter of fact he walks 3 miles a day.
His memory has totally come back.
His vision is great and he can see perfectly.
He did his driver’s test and passed it!
He got his driver’s licence back with no restrictions.
He goes out and socializes with all his friends.
Everything is back to normal.

“ I believe in prayer and I believe the right people come into your  life when you ask in prayer. Today he is a real believer and asks to have those Smoothies. We have been through a lot but we made it! This has been a miracle in our lives!”

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Wonders of the Vascular System

The Wonders of the Vascular System

This lesson is really an out- of -the- box lesson. Who else out there talks about the vascular system; the tubes in your body that house the blood, the lymph fluids and move out the waste matter. The health of these tubes is of utmost importance to the healthy functioning of the entire body. The big big tube known as the intestinal tract has a big job and that is moving out  all the morbid waste matter and the toxic acids. Imagine what could happen to the health of a vulnerable organ of your body if the
bowel is sluggish and can't perform its duty! On the other hand imagine what could happen to your vascular tubes if you don't provide it with enough nutrition to rejuvenate! That's what we do in TAFYH. We take high performance Smoothies and we cleanse!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Eye on the Flu Shot

Eye on the Flu Shot

Thursday, November 5, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

My name is Michele.
I became a TAFYH leader because I had a health issue I wanted to resolve. I read many books; I searched the internet. I talked to many people involved with health and everyone had different suggestions and different products.  For years I have been working with a naturopath to help with my IBS, allergies and food intolerances. Upon her suggestion, I enrolled in TAFYH. I tried many things but nothing worked as well as TAFYH, which presented me with the sound, scientifically documented educational information I needed to make the right choices regarding foods, super foods, supplements and herbals. I was truly empowered and confident with this information. TAFYH allowed me to take action for my own health with the guidance of a caring TAFYH leader and coach. (Donna Roth) Within a few short weeks I was feeling different. After experiencing a health crisis where my body rid itself of infection and parasites, I felt lighter, more energetic. My thoughts were clearer. My cellulite disappeared and abdominal cramps stopped.  By the end of TAFYH I got amazing results. I lost 10 lbs over the course of the program. I have found my dancer’s waistline again!! Well, almost, I’m at 29 inches! I got rid of total body inflammation. I got rid of intestinal parasites and cellulite. My skin glows. I have more mental clarity; I am more able to be objective. I have steady, stable and available energy. Most importantly, I have tools to evaluate my state of health and I know what to do when my body is out of balance. Not only did I get results, everyone in my team got results. Shauna has been cancer free longer on nutritional supplements than on chemotherapy. Chris, who is the CEO of a large corporation, sees the positive impact of his good health on the quality of day he and his employees have, Karen is full of exploding energy, Pat now has a deep respect for her body and conquered smoking. Margot, who is coping with squamous cell carcinoma, has experienced much needed deep cleansing after a reaction to anaesthesia and morphine.

 I then decided that I wanted to become a TAFYH leader and this is when I took the TAFYH training with Donna Roth and had the opportunity to hear the results that other TAFYH leaders experienced

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

I loved Valerie's concept this morning concerning the Emergency program. She has used this program many times with her husband who is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder . When his heart began to fail she just used this program and she personally witnessed her husband' s health normalize. Everyone needs to have MC, CoQ10 and Capsicum at home for emergency purposes.
"In emergency situations where a person may experience chest pains , liver pain, arthritic pain,
travelling pain, numbness of the left arm then 8 MC and 2 CoQ10 taken all at once with a glass of water and 3 opened  capsules of Capsicum  has known to alleviate the symptoms."
I am so grateful to be the recipient of these amazing success stories. This morning I received a new breastcancer success story from a lady who is 79 years old. This will be shared with you at a future date.

Thanks to Nature's Sunshine, a company that works hard to seek sources
of Super Foods that provide us with high dense minerals, vitamins, amino acids and phyto nutrients. I am so grateful to this company for their high quality products as I witness almost every day someone else who has a success story to share.This morning I received a new breast cancer success story from a lady who is 79. I am waiting to meet her at our Kelowna meeting this evening.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

Our bodies are amazing. The inner cells of our bodies have an inner sacred intelligence which is always working towards your good and never towards bad. The liver of our bodies  makes extra cholesterol when certain very dangerous toxins haveentered our bodies. That cholesterol then binds to those toxins such as heavy metals that come from flu shots or any other vaccination shots or from toxic teeth. How incredible it is to know that our inner cells have that innate intelligence that
saves our lives without our even knowing it. TAFYH teaches you how to get rid of heavy metals through a safe easy inexpensive oral chelation program. I love the inner sacred intelligence of our bodies and I love TAFYH.

Friday, October 16, 2015

You Need Super Food Smoothies

You Need Super Food Smoothies
 I am attending the Nature's Sunshine convention in Montreal next week. I 
will come back with all kinds of new information for you. I love conventions and the energy of excitementshared by everyone.  There are about 30 people attending from my line and I look forward to seeing them all. They are attending from BC, AB, Sask, Man, Ont. Quebec . These are people I hold in high regard as theywork really hard to help others to healthier, happier lives.

 If only we could get back to realizing that our bodies need energy from nutrition, water, air, sunshine, exercise for healing. Anything other than that is considered a toxin by our bodies and our bodies then use energy to dispose of these toxins. Consider the people with serious
degenerative conditions. They just don't know that they are suffering from nutrition deficiency and they don't know that their bodies are created to heal. I can't stress enough the importance of having those Smoothies twice a day; Chinese Mineral Chi, Green Zone, Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy and you can add a protein such as NutriBurn Whey, a type A2 protein from grass fed animals. You simply cannot get enough nutrition 'from your grocery store foods and you cannot buy Super Foods from a grocery store. Sooo the answer is SuperFoods from Nature's Sunshine which is quality controlled in a laboratory setting running over 600 tests!!
Put the Smoothie items on your grocery food list and purchase from Nature's Sunshine. This is the company of my choice.I know their products like the palm of my hand and I expect results from everyone who follows the program.

Monday, October 12, 2015



I love this lesson on inflammation. The medical community recognizes inflammation as the key to
cancers, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes etc but they don't know where it comes from or how
it really works. Dr. Samuel West devoted his life to the study of inflammation and the correlation
between toxic debris and the lymphatic system in eliminating this toxic debris throught the natural
elimination channels. The fact that TAFYH addresses inflammation is the key to the success of our
programs. I have become the inflammation detective. I work hard to find the key factors that cause
inflammation and then ask my clients to address it. 

One reason I love Cat's Claw is that it addresses
the lymphatic system. The energy from Cat's Claw gets that debris moving through the lymphatic
system and out!! Lately several of my family members have complained of the start of colds, sore
throats, queezy stomach. Guess what? Cat's Claw about 8 a  day and some Mineral Chi Tonic and thatdid the trick. Colds gone, runny nose gone, cough gone, queezy stomach gone!!! I would love to tell the world that it is Cat' Claw, herbal combination and Minerals you need not antibiotics!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Want to Stand on the Roof Tops and Shout!

I Want to Stand on the Roof Tops and Shout!

How often do we go to the doctors looking for a solution to our illnesses? Little so we know that Candida is at the root of our health problems. That is why TAFYH is so profound. We start to see the correlation between our illness symptoms and Candida. Note the number of symptoms directly related to Candida. There are many couples today who are having fertility issues and spend huge amounts of money on fertility clinics. Just eliminating the foods and drugs that feed Candida and
doing a Candida cleanse along with Smoothies for much needed nutrition will in the majority of cases solve the problem.
During one of our recent Nature's Sunshine trips I had a very fruitful conversation with Florence . I love her . She is so dedicatedto making a difference for people's health. She told me how many infertile couples she had worked with who today have beautiful children. I want to stand on the roof tops to tell the world that the answer is in clearing out the Candida.
When the yeast/fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of reproductive cells that end result is infertility, scrambled hormones, low testosterone, PMS, menopause, low thyroid functions, low energy and so on. In TAFYH we really focus on the simplicity of eating the right foods and taking cleansers and smoothies for this very reason. When you put enough nutrition into your body beyond the daily amounts for sustenance then the nutrition becomes therapeutic
and your body heals!! How did we forget this??

Love and Gratitude,


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Teleconference Call

Teleconference Call 
 I am sharing Tina's TAFYH success stories regarding emotions. We often think that nutrition and herbs do not address emotions.
Chinese Herbal combinations do just that ;they address the repair of emotions and this is so great! Please enjoy Tina's story and share it with
On another note please remember to join me on my Monday teleconference call where I explain in very simple common sense
terms the pillars behind every diseased condition including cancer.

At 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 641 715 3640
Access code 972723#

Just this last week I talked to Gloria whose husband has been
cancer free for 13 years because he understood the importance of nutrition in saving his own life. Bob had esophagus cancer and
lived on Nature's Sunshine Super Food Smoothies for 2 months as he could not eat. It worked and even though it was Stage 4 he
overcame and healed the cancer and continues to live a healthy fruitful life.
To date Gloria herself has 7 other cancer success stories, people she personally helped;people who did exactly what Bob did and are cancer free!
The program we have addresses every aspect of cancer and is scientifically documented and proven with anectodal reports of real people who
overcame cancers. The research has already been done and the need to surf the internet for magical solutions serves no purpose.

I also had a call from Luciano who has referred several people to me.Of all the people he referred only 3 of these people with cancer ever called me.
 Two have taken on the program with great health success. One person died within a week of contacting me. I was saddened to hear when he told me
that the rest of these people are no longer on this Earth.
I have come to the conclusion that 2 things stop people from ever contacting me. Attend my call and find out what they are.
At 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 641 715 3640
Access code 972723#

TAFYH Tidbits from Tina, a TAFYH Leader
When I first began my work in herbal consulting, I was amazed at this aspect.  I had a lady come to me with an achy knee and aches in other joints as well.  Talking with her for a while, I learned she had lost her son years ago and never really let go of that grief, which would be a very difficult process.  She relived the event almost every day. I started her on UC-C along with Cats' Claw, Chi Tonic, Arginine Plus, Solstic Energy and Collatrim Plus.  About a month later, she said her joints were feeling so much better and she was feeling better overall.  The interesting thing was talking with her husband, he couldn't believe how much better her moods were.  She was no longer dwelling in the past like she previously had been.  He became a big believer in seeing this change happen in her. I thought it was so neat how the herbs helped her physically and emotionally at the same time! I love it!


Friday, October 2, 2015


Tidbits from Donna Roth
There have been many books that are in this present day being written about toxic lectins that are found in present day grains and legumes. Lectins cannot be digested and they cause leaky gut , get into the blood stream and make the blood sticky and heavy. Lectins cause inflammation. All diseased conditions are caused by inflammation. We are in control of our bodies. We can stop the intake of all lectin foods and take qualtiy Colostrum which binds toxic lectins. Colostrum is a whole food which is able to regulate blood sugar levels.  It increases bone and lean muscle mass.It regenerates the neurotransmitters of the brain.  Colostrum regenerates and accelerates the growth of aged
 and injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nervous tissue.  In its natural state it retains the warmthof body temperature.  Colostrum is an anti-aging food.
Dr Shealy says, “By heating it above 140 degrees, Colostrum loses all its potency”.
Colostrum from Nature's Sunshine is not heated which makes it live and anti aging.
It is so great  to know that for every health problem there is a simple solution.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Successful People do Nature’s Sunshine Business.

Successful People do Nature’s Sunshine Business.
Diane and Bill got involved in Nature’s Sunshine products because Diane was diagnosed with MS when she was a young student  at McGill University studying piano. She was forced to give up her piano career as her fingers did not work.  This is when she discovered Nature’s Sunshine products and followed an extensive program for 2 years at which point all symptoms disappeared. She has now been symptom free for 25 years. Today Diane  and her husband , Bill, had 2 clinics where they counsel people on how to take responsibility for their own health. Their Nature’s Sunshine business is driven by the huge number of testimonials they receive every day.
M & R, a husband and wife team came to Canada from a foreign country during the recession. M was mopping floors to make money and R, a vegetarian , was flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. R had some healthy issues .They were introduced to Nature’s Sunshine and extensively studied the quality control of the product. Within 6 weeks of using the products R was symptom free. The moved to promoting the products in their spare time.The NSP commissions were now big enough so that R could go to naturopathic college and get a degree as an ND. Today M &R  have a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. They help a lot of people and they both love what they do. “ I love what I do!”
Elise is from Quebec and Nature’s Sunshine is part of her life. She has worked from home for 35 years. She is always there when someone has a need . Many of her clients today are her best friends.She works hard to motivate her people to attend every Nature’s Sunshine event.She loves talking about the company and the product. “ I enjoy my work very much!”
B &E have a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business in Alberta. B was an electrical engineer. He found Nature’s Sunshine through Dr Bernard Jensen. He was very impressed with the quality of the products and decided to start a small office. “ I wanted to help people.” Both B & E, a husband and wife team work full time as practitioners. “ It is something we love to do.”
B & F discovered Nature’s Sunshine when F had some serious health problems. With Nature’s Sunshine products she had amazing results. Then the question came to her mind. “ Maybe I could help people.” Shje started a home business talking about the products and displaying them on her kitchen table.” People got results and I never had to advertise. The products speak for themselves.” Then her business outgrew the kitchen table and they moved into the garage. After 3 years they moved out of the house and rented a spot. Today they operate 4 health food stores with huge success.
V & R started using Nature’s Sunshine products for health reasons. V was diagnosed with cancer and has been cancer free for many years now. She first started using health products from a health food store and that did not go so well. So V started to read and study, overcame her cancer  and transitioned to being a practitioner . She then married Rob and both of them had a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. Today they only work 2 days a month. V continues to help her down line Managers to establish their businesses. “ I love working with people.”
Gene “ I am privileged to be among great friends. “ Gene was a painter by trade. He ahs a large company with 18 painters. He soon learned that he was spending huge amount of time organizing projects and time was never his own. He was introduced to Nature’s Sunshine by his wife. That was it. “ I’m a creator and I realized that I love business building. I thoroughly enjoy Nature’s Sunshine and I look forward to creating a great structure.”
Marilène was a sick child with asthma and she was being raised by a single Mom who was a nurse. Her Mom discovered the value of homeopathic so when Marilène grew up she became an ND .” Taking care of kids is my passion. We make a big difference for kids. I felt is a privilege to be sponsored into Nature’s Sunshine by Rhea. “ Today Marilène runs 3 very successful clinics for kids. “ I have 30 employees. I have a vision that we have to change the way we take care of our kids.”

Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Exciting Success Stories

Shirley’s Dog Hoochie
It was one late night 2;30 am  when Shirley could hear her dear pet dog , Hoochie panting. She went out to find out what the problem was. There was Hoochie, restless, irritable and panting. His heart was racing and it appeared that he was having heart problems . At this point Hoochie threw up and lay down with continuous heavy breathing. Shirley knew there was something terribly wrong with her dog. She felt she had no time to waste . “ I’ll take this on myself.” She quickly went into her kitchen where she found some cheese and into the cheese she inserted 2 MC tablets, 1 Capsicum, 1 CoQ10. Back out to the garage to find Hoochie. She gave him some water and then the cheese .He willingly gobbled  that up. Shirley sat beside him patting him and waited for a change. Within 15 minutes Hoochie’s heavy breathing subsided and he was a totally different dog. “ He’s been fine ever since.”
Shingles as reported by Kathy
Rose ended up with a serious bout of very painful shingles on her back. The doctor gave her a prescription and here she was one week later still suffering from severe pain. The medication did not work.  Rose decided that there must be another way and this is when she contacted Kathy who designed a very intensive program as this case was a state of crisis. The program included:
12 HRP-C  for the virus
6 IMM-C for the immune system
6 Colostrum to bind toxic lectins and to enhance the immune system
4 Stress Formula and 2 Zerenity for the nerve pain
3 Vit D3
6 Black Walnut as a source of iodine
12 Cat’s Claw to open the lymphatic system
Silver Gel applied topically 3 times a day
Within 3 days there was a huge difference. The pain has subsided substantially . Within 2 weeks the sores were down to 1/3 the size and after two weeks the shingles  are almost all cleared up. Rose is extremely happy with the results.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

From the Desk of Donna Roth September /15 Kuwaii TAC

From the Desk of Donna Roth  September /15   250 764 2852 Nature’s Sunshine TAC Trip 2015 Kuwaii

First of all I express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me in this business of transforming the health of nations. Thank you for helping me achieve the prestigious award of Top Sponsor at the recent International TAC trip in Kuwaii. This was an amazing trip with helicopter rides, catamaran cruise of spinner dolphin watching, awards dinner, luau dinner, all with great Nature’s Sunshine friends who are really my family. Thank you for getting me to this position of Senior Diamond status.  Thank you for sharing your success stories so willingly. Thank you for making a difference in this world lost in a state of confusion. Thank you for being brave and taking a strong stand for the health of your own body. Thank you for taking ownership of your own health and life.
I am empowered by a young man’s conversation about his refusal to have vaccinations even though 4 white coat authorities were there to coerce him to do so. He took a strong stand all alone with no one by his side except his own spiritual intuition that told him this was so wrong. He soon discovered that they would not dare vaccinate him against his will. He won his case not through arguments, not through vicious exchange of words but by taking a strong noble silent stand of “ No!” No amount of intimidation could overthrow his decision.  I am not only empowered by this man’s incredible ability to overcome such intense pressure but also by his deep inner knowing and standing for the rights of his own body. Just recently this man broke out his first Manager in Nature’s Sunshine.
I am moved by a young Mother who is presently nursing her second baby on only one breast because at a tender young age of 29 she succumbed to having her right breast cut off as a result of a so called diagnosed cancer. Following the orthodox chemo procedures only gave her cancer in the same breast area 3 years later. This time she took control, got educated, followed the Paw Paw program , gave birth to 2 boys even though she was told to forget about having children and today  has been cancer free for 5 years. She wants to empower women to take control and not allow fear to rule their decisions. Just recently she has requested becoming a TAFYH leader.
I admire the strength and the deep compassion of one woman who nursed her husband back to health using an intense herbal program after he underwent a severe stroke even though her husband vehemently refused herbal nutrition in the past.
I am privileged to be the recipient of the many phone calls I receive from people telling me their success in overcoming their serious health issues. I loved the excitement of hearing one man’s voice tell me that his PSA is now in normal range and that his biopsy was cancelled. There was no more prostate cancer!! What did he do? He followed the Paw Paw program.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading the word , for helping us all come back to our senses, for empowering us all to take responsibility for our own health not through the use of drugs but through common sense nutrition. This is my business, the business that I love , the people that I love. It is you who bring joy into my life continually. For this I say Thank You.
I want you to know that there is a great business opportunity with Nature’s Sunshine. If you like health , if you have a desire to help others to stay healthy , to overcome health issues through nutrition, I  am here to tell you that Nature’s Sunshine is the perfect business for you. You can choose your own hours , set your own working parameters and set your own financial goal and you will achieve it. The herbal industry is booming and is the best business to get into. So give me a call 250 764 2852. We also need to get the word out. There is a different way.
I wish also to share some outstanding moving remarks that were shared with us during this trip.
Bryant Yates: I am overwhelmed by the intelligence and knowledge of our Canadian people. I have watched what you have accomplished and all the good you have done in this world. You’re truly making the world a better place.
Doug Corrigan: The spark, fuel and engine of Nature’s Sunshine is the 3 P’s, passion, purpose, prosperity. We all have a passion in healing and giving someone back their vibrant health. Our purpose is to guide people to become who they really want to be and to transform into their God given potential. As leaders with a prosperity mindset we look beyond ourselves and develop other leaders in becoming true achievers.
Greg Probert: Your passion inspires us, the passion to help people to build better lives. This is a very special place , a special company with special people. You make the world a better place.  You have a mission greater than the cheque you receive each month. Your cheque is the by-product of doing the right things. Our secret is you. You are our greatest asset. You are our brand. You are our Nature’s Sunshine brand. Keep sharing your stories.
Jennifer Cole GM Nature’s Sunshine Canada: A Math teacher with his wife had some health concern, resolves it with NSP products and today has a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. A single Mom decides to make health her business and today manages 3 stores with NSP products. A house painter reviews the hours he spends on painting and becomes a great Nature’s Sunshine leader and educator. An immigrant couple come to Canada and end up flipping burgers and their quest leads them to a very successful Nature’s Sunshine business. You are the elite of the elites. You have a purpose , you live with passion and you have a prosperity mindset. You have overcome many adversities and you stayed the course and you are winning big time. Our growth in Canada this year has been over 10%.  I love you guys. You are what inspires me.
Nature’s Sunshine is a growing company that stands on solid ground with solid people and we as people hold the secrets to your health success. I urge you to join me. Come forward and allow me to present you with the business plan.
Love and Gratitude,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stroke : Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle

Stroke :  Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle
Today, August 20, 2015 I had a wonderful conversation with Louise as she reported the miraculous success her husband had in recuperating from a massive stroke that took his health on Boxing Day , Dec. 26, 2015.
He was immediately hospitalized and his condition was dismal. He had lost his balance and could not walk. He could not see on one side. His right hand was particulary affected and he could not write at all. His memory was unstable. He could not think straight.  He had a hard time even knowing how to turn around in a room. Everything was upside down. Louise explained that he was in terrible shape and did not even know if he would recover because he also had a weakened heart even from childhood. “ This happened to my husband after he had a polyp removed from his colon. I was in an extreme state of stress.” But Louise did not give up on her husband. She was grateful to the excellent Rehab people who really helped him with the essential exercises that needed to be done. As soon as her husband got home from the hospital Louise gave him Smoothies as many times as she could in a day along with his supplements and the prescribed medications.. “ Before the stroke he would not take anything. He did not believe in any of this herbal stuff. We had lots of arguments about taking herbs.” Now there was no argument. The Smoothies contained Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice, Arginine Plus and water. Louise also gave her husband CoQ10 , crystal free from Nature’s Sunshine, B 12, Vitamin D3 , Magnesium, MC off and on  and CurQMin. Louise also used a couple of products that she bought elsewhere. All sugars, all grains, all legumes and milk were eliminated.  She did this for her husband every day for 8 months. Was it worth the effort?
Here are the results as of August 20/2015
He can write maybe not as well as he used to but it is legible and readable.
He can walk without losing any balance and as a matter of fact he walks 3 miles a day.
His memory has totally come back.
His vision is great and he can see perfectly.
He did his driver’s test and passed it!
He got his driver’s licence back with no restrictions.
He goes out and socializes with all his friends.
Everything is back to normal.

“ I believe in prayer and I believe the right people come into your  life when you ask in prayer. Today he is a real believer and asks to have those Smoothies. We have been through a lot but we made it! This has been a miracle in our lives!”

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cancer Success Story : Stomach Cancer /Lymphoma by Bachtiar

Cancer Success Story : Stomach Cancer /Lymphoma  by Bachtiar
In June of 2013 Bachtiar was experiencing pain in the stomach. He couldn’t sleep and decided to see a doctor who gave him medication and ordered a H Pylori bacteria test. The test showed positive. The doctor also sent Bachtiar to a specialist.  On July 9, 2013 Bachtiar saw a stomach specialist who  took pictures of the inside of the stomach and declared that this was cancer. The specialist immediately scheduled surgery so that Bachtiar’s stomach could be removed.  This was an absolute shock to Bachtiar to think that his entire stomach would be removed. “ I was really scared!”  Then a biopsy was done and the biopsy results indicated cancer of the lymph nodes in the stomach . The cancer was given  the name lymphoma. In his state of despair Bachtiar resorted to  prayer and meditation and he received his decision. When he saw the surgeon Bachtiar’s answer was clear.” I said No to surgery.”  The surgeon then recommended chemotherapy and it was clearly explained to Bachtiar that his hair would fall out and that he would experience nausea. “ I said No to chemotherapy. This did not make sense to me; to put a poison into my body that would make me sick. I told the doctor I was going to try natural products.”  The doctor immediately nodded with disapproval to state that natural products do not work and that Bactiar was making a mistake. “ I said to the doctor, it’s my body and I am going a different way.” 
This is when Bachtiar contacted Donna Roth and asked for the Paw Paw program. “ I was really strict with the program and I did exactly as suggested. I made 2 Smoothies a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy. I drank about ½ bottle of Aloe Vera juice every day. I took about 6 Paw Paw a day and 8 Cat’s Claw a day. On empty stomach I took Protease Plus enzymes and LBS11 to get my bowels really moving. I stopped eating all grains, all legumes , all sugar. This was really hard for me and it was a very strict diet but I believed that my body could heal.” Within 1 week of this program the stomach pains subsided and Bachtiar was able to sleep. “ I did this for 8 months and it cost me about $2000. My children all helped me to pay for the program. They all believed in it. I never went back to the doctor as I don’t trust their tests. I am not going back. I trusted this program and it worked. I know my cancer is gone.” As I write Bachtiar’s words it is August 18, 2015 and he has not had any symptoms of pain for 2 years now.
 “ You cannot force people but I know it is a good product and I know the program works. I trust  you!”
These stories I receive prove to me:
-that Nature's Sunshine products are meticulously quality controlled
-that all the NSP products have a high amount of nutrition and energy
-that this is a one stop shop; you have all you need with Nature's Sunshine
-that to be successful all 5 pillars must be addressed: injury, inflammation, elimination, ciruclation, infection
-that all kinds of cancers can be overcome
-that this program is more accurate than scientific studies as all the variables that affect cancer are controlled within this program.
-that  it can take months to overcome cancer
-that this program is very inexpensive
-that you do not have to travel to a foreign country
-that you can do this program easily in the confort of your own home
-that most people do not believe that they are capable of overcoming cancer with nutrition.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bronze Academy Training with Donna Roth

 Bronze Academy Training with Donna Roth

October 20/2015 at the Nature's Sunshine Convention, Montreal, QB
10am Business Action Training—Donna Roth
Donna Roth, BA BEd, MH,
Senior Diamond Manager,
Author of Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury
Coauthor of Mud Pies, a ‘Health Inspired’ recipe book.
Founder of Taking Action For Your Health (TAFYH),
Nominated for Dr. Rogers Prize, 2013 and 2015
Recipient of the NSP Award of Excellence in 2014.
Setting Goals,
 Sunshine Rewards
 Elevator Speech,
Confidence Poses,
 Importance of Success Stories,
TheMoney Issue,
Overcoming Fear,
Developing Managers by using BSQ & ABC+D programs,
Learning the Language
Realizing your Greatness.
12 noon Lunch
1pm Business Action Training Continued—Donna Roth
2:30pm Growing your Business—Rhancha Trick
Topic: We will work together to take your business to the next level! We will discuss Social Media, Customer
Relationship Management CRM, Duplicating Yourself, and Marketing Your Business.

4pm Adjourn

Tina's Story: TAFYH Grad, TAFYH Leader Age: 38 Height: 5’5” Start weight: 216.5 lbs Final weight: 205 lbs

Tina's Story: TAFYH Grad, TAFYH Leader

Age: 38 Height: 5’5” Start weight: 216.5 lbs Final weight: 205 lbs

This challenge helped me to maintain my 40 lb. weight loss, lose more inches, tone and gain muscle. Previous to Nature’s Sunshine, I would lose weight but would gain it back just as quickly. This time, using NSP, I have kept it off for a year and a half and I KNOW I am going to reach my goal of 155 lbs. During this challenge, I really focused on building my muscle mass by working up to 3 miles on the elliptical and lifting weights every second day. This is where NSP products were so important because they increased my endurance and energy levels dramatically. I love Chlorophyll as it increases the oxygen in my blood. I drink it throughout the day and especially during exercising. I love my mineral smoothie consisting of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Nutri-Burn Protein Powder and Solstic Energy which builds my body, muscle mass and stamina. We own a dairy farm, which is physically exhausting. I have six children ranging in ages from 16-4 and a Nature’s Sunshine herbal consulting business on the side. The energy I feel today is tenfold compared to the way I used to feel. This is where NSP made such a huge impact on my weight loss progress. I am a walking example of Nature’s Sunshine products in how their products transformed my life. It is my goal to Transform the Health of Nations! This Transform Challenge to me wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale. I have transformed in my attitude, my self-image and my confidence. I love going out and sharing this information with others and I know there’s greater days ahead! Today, I have a new sense of freedom, confidence and a new love for myself. Thank you, Nature’s Sunshine, for making my dream a reality! Tina Knockaert – Bruxelles, MB

As the 3rd place winner of round two, Tina was awarded $250 Cash,
Free registration for two to Conference 2015, a Product Prize Pack
and IN.FORM certification.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

One lady was afflicted with lower back pain. The doctors warned her that she would need a wheel chair as her back was deteriorating . She decided to do the Emergency protocol as stated in the TAFYH lesson. She took 8 MC all at once along with a glass of water and Capsicum and CoQ10. By that evening the back was no longer sore. She did this one more time and since then she has no more back pain. Not only is her back pain gone but all aches and pains are all gone. She continues to follow a therapeutic nutritional program.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

White Cell Count Up using the Therapeutic Nutritional Program by Tina

White Cell Count Up using the Therapeutic Nutritional Program by Tina

Success stories are growing!  Another client called last night to tell me that she had been to see her doctor and her white blood cell count is now normal.  This is so fantastic because the doctor had told her that the medication she is on is lowering her white blood cell count but, because of her condition and allergies to other meds., taking her off this medication was not an option.  The doctor told her to get a flu shot, which she is not an advocate of, and stay away from... sick people! 

When she came to see me  she commented that she did not want to live in a bubble. She began a Therapeutic Nutritional Program in October. Her white blood cell count was at 3.6,  in January her white blood cell count had gone up to 3.8 and is now 4.5, which she was told 4.25 is normal. Her doctor gave her a big smile and shook her hand, stating how surprised he was to see it come up this quickly! I am hearing a lot of doctors, from different areas, shaking my client's hand after being on a therapeutic nutritional program.  Love it!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dr. Jay on Quality

Dr. Jay on Quality
 “ If you lose your health, you lose everything.” Dr. Jay
May you never know the disease you prevent.
If  you never have cancer it was worth every penny of it.
Metabolism is another word for energy.
No tissue in our body is more than 7 years old. We are meant to regenerate.
Just because bowels move does not mean you are detoxifying. Detoxifying means moving out the toxicants and that takes energy. We live in a toxic world.
The greatest practitioners in the world use NSP products.
Nature’s Sunshine products are the greatest products in the world.
600 different tests are preformed to ensure quality.
Nature’s Sunshine just purchased a Mass Spect 50 machine which is presently housed at their new Innovation and Research Center. This technology can take the cells of the human body with supplements added to it and it lights up the cells with energy.In other words if there are certain supplements added to this technology which do not light up the cells then such supplements are not worthy of consumption. All foods, all plants, all herbal formulas , all vitamin and mineral supplements can now be proven to be of high energy and of the best quality in the world. There are many other companies out there that tell you their products are the best quality. These are just words. If such a statement is spoken, Dr. Jay recommends that you ask them to prove it. What comfort it is to know that Nature’s Sunshine can prove their quality in a heart beat. There are only 2 Mass Spect 50 machines in the world. One is in Sweden and the other is at the Nature’s Sunshine head office.
Dr. Jay talked about the quality of our Silver products. There is a vibrational quality to Silver so he recommends that we get Silver into every orifice of our bodies so that Silver can come in contact with every pathogen that may possibly be lurking in your body. NSP Silver has a magnetic resonance and therefore is very valuable to cellular communication as it has the ability to clean out the pathogens, the viruses, the toxicants at the cell level so that cells are able to communicate. Silver takes all the stress off the immune system. NSP Silver is a nano silver particle embedded into the water molecule. It is so tiny it fits into the red blood cell. It has the frequency to destroy all kinds of pathogens. Never use it with salt. First thing in the morning Dr. Jay puts 1 oz of Silver into a gallon of water and drinks that all day.
Dr. Jay then talked about the oils. Oils are the life essence of plants. Tei Fu Oil is 10,000 years old. Dr. Jay learned from NAHA that oils presently on the market are not in their pure state. Here is the progression of oils as they move into the market. The Distiller distills the oils and these are then pure unadulterated oils. The Distiller then adds an additive such as propyl glygol or vanillin to dilute the oils. They are then sold to a broker who then cuts and dilutes the oils one more time. They are then sold to the distribution centers who sell their oils to the consumer. None of the oils in the market are authentic. Nature’s Sunshine decided to go straight to the distiller and therefore bypassed the brokers and has contracted the distillers to sell them the pure oils. Nature’s Sunshine then tests the finger prints of all these oils using 6 different machines to ensure the purity, potency and quality .These are then authentic oils. Your cellular walls are made of cholesterol and these cellular walls need to be protected. These pure oils added to the cells make the cells vibrate with energy. They actually make the cells sing. When cells are clean and they are communicating they then have the power to cleanse and to rebuild.
Regarding the quality of herbs Dr Jay said he visited his neighbour once who had all kinds of dried herbs hanging in her garden shed. He touched the herbs and they all pulverized in his hands. These , he said , have no energy in them. In order for herbs to have energy they must have a specific moisture level to become active. Such herbs then contain the essence of the plant for healing purposes. Someone may say their herbs have quality but are they guaranteed. Show me that you have the finger prints to every plant in your capsule. Prove it. 85% of all companies that sell herbs do not put their own label on it. Many of them are 50% sawdust. Nature’s Sunshine products are pure, potent and proven.
Our water is in crisis. Adding Chlorophyll to your water will add extra much needed nutrients to your body.
10% of your body is microbes. They live in you and the love fiber. They farm us as much as we farm them. We owe it to these healthy microbes to give them Psyllium Hulls or LoClo or Nature’s Harvest every day. Then add a Probiotic 11 , Acidophilus or Bifidophilus. Dr Jay said it is a good idea to alternate these.
In conclusion, Dr. Jay stated that Nature’s Sunshine quality have the cutiing edge technology and are proven to be the best in the world. I am sharing a quote from Diane who 23 years ago was diagnosed with MS. She knows they are of purest quality. Look at her results. I know they are of purest quality. My TAFYH results are “ too good to be true.” I plead with you to join us as we in Nature’s Sunshine have proven guaranteed quality.
“I know for a fact that you can heal naturally!  I was paralyzed from my head to my toes by Multiple Sclerosis & eventually learned how to naturally heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, CFS & Fibromyalgia, it changed my life; it's why I use that experience & training to help others.” Diane Maclaren.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Arthritis Diminished by a One Day Kidney Cleanse from Tina, TAFYH Leader

Arthritis Diminished by a One Day Kidney Cleanse from Tina, TAFYH Leader
Another lady, who is now a TAFYH grad, had severe arthritis.  Upon doing her kidney cleanse, she felt quite sick and even felt feverish at some points.  She didn't feel well for a couple days and went she went to the bathroom, she noticed grit in her urine.  She called me quite concerned. Knowing she had severe arthritis and knowing toxins in the kidneys play a role in arthritis, I told her to keep doing what she was doing and flushing by drinking lots of water.  After a couple days, when she woke up, she felt better and she said upon getting out of bed, " I feel like a young deer!"  Her arthritic symptoms were a lot less and she was so happy she had kept on with her cleanse!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Message from Barb Re: Werner's Aggressive Prostate Cancer March 30/2015

A Message from Barb Re: Werner's Aggressive Prostate Cancer   March 30/2015
Werner is doing well. Just had another 6 month follow up exam and cancer is still undetectable!
Werner says the doctor just looks at him and is almost surprised because it still shows nothing.
(considering his cancer was very aggressive)
 Sending you lots of gratitude, and blessings,

Werner’s Prostate Success story
It was December of 2013 when Werner and his wife Barb flew from Edmonton to Kelowna . Their purpose was to put a face to the real person, Donna Roth , who they heard had a totally different approach to cancer. Werner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor stated, “This is a dense and very aggressive cancer.” Werner was devastated. He was horrified. The world came crashing down on him. He was not prepared for this! At this point Werner decided that an alternative would be the way to go and if that did not work he would do the hormone treatment. That approach did not really appeal to Werner as the side effects were nasty. Even Dr. John, diagnosed with prostate cancer whose story is written in Donna’s book ,Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, refused hormone treatment. Werner and Barb listened to Donna Roth share the many testimonials she had witnessed in the past.” I liked the success stories. Donna had worked with a number of people who had cancer very successfully and she had a lot of experience.” Barb also supported Werner’s approach to the prostate cancer,” I am a firm believer in alternatives because it helped my son.” Werner and Barb intently sat through the consultation as Donna explained cancer. “The consultation was really good, very much in depth and very personalized.” Werner was learning that there was another way and that his body was created to heal.
 Now this was Christmas time and Donna had just firmly told Werner that sugar and grains must be eliminated. Sugar feeds cancer. “ It was difficult. I just witnessed a big Christmas package arrive at my door knowing that I could not have any of those goodies in that box. But I was determined and I stuck to the program. I am an electrical engineer and I travel a lot. Everywhere I went, I took a blender with me to be sure I was following the program.” 
One month later, January 2014 , Werner was pleasantly surprised to discover that his blood pressure had normalized and the doctor took him off the blood pressure medication. The PSA test came next.  Werner, previously had succumbed to prostate surgery to have his prostate removed as the doctors strongly indicated that his lymph nodes were enlarged and that they were sure the cancer would spread to the bones. Even though the PSA dropped to 0 after surgery the doctor warned Werner that his PSA would soon be climbing up and that other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation would be necessary. The PSA test results came back and the PSA was 0. The doctor did not expect this. Werner continued with his program. March/2014 the PSA test came back once again with a 0. September 2014 the PSA tests showed a 0.Werner was declared cancer free !No chemo, no radiation! No hormone treatments! The PSA remains at 0. “I never would have had surgery if I had known about this program sooner.” Today Werner is totally grateful for this simple program. “ This program works and it has no side effects. I’m very glad it works. My energy has increased and I have lost 30 pounds and the weight has stayed off.!” Today Werner knows that he is now in total control of his own health. 

Peter’s Success Story: Bladder Cancer

 Peter’s Success Story: Bladder Cancer
In April 2014, Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer. Previous to this diagnosis he had experienced numerous bladder infections about 6 years before this time , where antibiotics were used. At the point where he was urinating blood, he knew this was very serious. It was Tina, certified TAFYH leader, who gave him a copy of Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury.
 Peter immediately stopped sugars, grains, and dairy and started having 2 Smoothies a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Arginine Plus, Collatrim Plus and Solstic Energy. He drank water with Chlorophyll. He took MC to chelate the heavy metals from the blood stream. Colostrum and Protease Plus were taken on an empty stomach. He worked up to taking 12 Paw Paw a day along with lots of Cat’s Claw and K for the kidneys and bladder. He was totally devoted to this program. “I knew this program would work for Peter.” reported Tina.
 But with the intense intimidation and fear from the doctors, Peter started taking chemo treatments only to experience extreme sickness. The chemo just did not work and Peter refused to do any more treatments. The doctor insisted on surgery as the only option. When Peter mentioned a change of diet the doctor firmly told him that there was no scientific evidence that diets worked and that the tumours would only grow larger. However after about 3 months on the program when Peter went back to have a CT scan done, the bladder was reported to be unaltered and there was a modest diminished size in the lymph nodes. The doctor informed Peter that if he would not do the recommended surgery, then radiation treatment would be the other option. He explained that the tumour was now involving the prostate and that this was very urgent and would get worse unless the bladder was surgically removed. Peter refused!
In September 2014 another CT scan was completed. Peter had now completed his 5th month on the Paw Paw program. To the amazement of 3 medical specialists the tumours were gone. When asked what he had been doing Peter told them that he had changed his diet drastically; no sugar, no grains, no starches. Peter decided that more information would only lead to mockery. One specialist told him that this would work for prevention of cancer but would serve no value if you already had cancer. This specialist had just witnessed the CT scan where Peter showed no tumours in the bladder!!  When Peter told Tina what the doctor had told him, she said he should have asked the specialist, “If this is true why are you not telling your patients this information?” To date, Peter has been told that he would have another scan in September and that if there were no signs of tumours he would be declared cancer free.
This was a very difficult thing for Peter to do; take a stand against the doctors. But inside he knew that there was something great about super food nutrition. He knew that he could heal his body. He worked really hard to overcome the fear that these doctors had created. And overcome he did!

Regarding the money he spent, he looks back at it now. He was sick, weak and could not work as a carpenter. There was no money coming in. But he found the money for the Super Foods and supplements. Today he has so much energy he is back at work, happy, healthy, and making money. Think of where Peter might have been had he not spent the money on this program. Many people look at it as expensive, but for Peter it was worth every penny that he paid to get his life back! This is not just a program for Peter. It is also for me and I am doing it too.  But are you?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Thank you to Carol for her great talk on the importance of having Smoothies to keep the inner
biological terrain in a state of health. Just having a Vita Mix smoothie with vegetables and fruits
will not do it unless you are putting 28 apples and 10 tomatoes into that smoothie every single day.
My point here is that all grocery bought foods are severly mineral deficient.
" Even a deficiency of one mineral element allows morbid waste matter to accumulate." Bechamp 1800's.
To sustain health or to regain health, Super Foods from Nature's Sunshine is the only way to go the way I see it.
Mineral Chi Tonic
Green Zone
Flax Lignans
Collatrim Plus
Arginine Plus

Attend the Telecall with Donna Roth on Monday at 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 760 569 7676
IF you do not have a good long distance US plan then dial 10 -10-620 before the
call and you will be charged $1 for the call.

 Cancer is not a mysterious disease as it is made out to be.
It is simply fungus or mold ( another word that perhaps describes it)
 growing inside a body that is loaded with stagnant toxic waste debris.
Let's face it . Any time there is toxic debris with lack of O2 then mold, fungus,
yeast etc. grows in that environment. This is a law of nature and common sense.

To address cancer we need to do the following:
Stop putting poisons into the body.
Address the sources of the poisons
Stop leaky gut
Cleanse the blood of undigested food from leaky gut, from candida, from heavy metals etc.
Cleanse the intestinal tract
Cleanse the kidneys
Nourish the body with high value super foods and minerals
Get that blood circulating
The call will explain all of the above.

Many times the above process takes a short time if lots of the above Super foods are used in
high amounts. The sooner you nourish that oxygen starving body , the sooner you get that waste
debris moving out the sooner you get results.
I remember Bob in 2003 who was having 6 Smoothies a day and he was able to overcome a serious
cancer of the esophagus in 2 months. This is 2015 and Bob is still alive and well.

Here is what stops people from having results:
It costs money.
The test results show that it is not working.
I just want the magic bullet in other words , just the Paw Paw for my cancer.
I want to continue drinking my alcohol as I do this program.
The doctor told me to stop taking all those things.( Note the doctor is not an expert in the Paw Paw program)
Fear :I really don't believe my own miraculous body is created to heal.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Newsletter Feb. 2015

Newsletter Feb. 2015        From the Desk Of Donna Roth 1 250 764 2852

Announcements and News

News from my family
As many of you know my son, Devin, graduate from New England Conservatory , is a composer for the movie industry  in LA. Recently his trailer music composition was selected for the new upcoming movie, entitled, Noble. This movie will be released in this summer.  In December he composed music for the movie, Book of Life and the TV program , ELF. Thank you to the many people who offered their congratulations and support.
My daughter, Susan, was honoured to be chosen to play violin with her orchestra at Carnegie Hall in June, 2015.
We honor and support families and with this note we send love to you and to your family.

Paw Paw Teleconference Call
Monday evening I do a teleconference call on the Paw Paw program. This call is for everyone who wishes to understand how to prevent cancer or to overcome it if you are diagnosed with it. Please share this number with everyone you know.
Mondays at 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 760 569 7676 ( This is a US long distance number)

TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health)
Transforming the health of nations!
Action combined with education to give you health results never before achieved.
15 minutes a day 5 days a week via teleconference for 8 weeks.
Work with a team of 6 people
Daily accountability, commitments, and reports
Guided education
Action steps  that are easy to follow.
Very understandable with easy flow and common sense.
Daily 5 minute educational lesson backed by expertise, experience, and science
Education is coupled with quality controlled , best in the world products from Nature’s Sunshine,
Individualized consultations from your TAFYH leader.
Results are amazing.
Everyone loves TAFYH.
$375 + cost of the hi-value foods( way more nutritional value than juicing) and supplements
Knowledge + action= results
Choose to become a TAFYH leader upon your completion of TAFYH.
1 250 764 2852 or

Kidney Pain
One lady was in serious trouble when she came to see me. She described her pain as “kidney pain ”It was in the lower back area and very uncomfortable.  She immediately started the program that was suggested to her:
4 Cat’s Claw 3 times a day to get the lymphatics to move the waste debris out and to move out that infection.
One Day Kidney Flush with Lemon, Chlorophyll, K and Hydrangea. She repeated this cleanse for 4 days in a row with great results.  On the 4th day all pain and discomfort subsided.

Anxiety Attacks
One lady experienced severe anxiety attacks . She has discovered Zerenity and found out that if she takes 6 all at once the anxiety subsides quickly without the use of drugs. “ I love Zerenity.” Every day she takes  Mineral Chi Tonic and Solstic Energy. “ I feel amazing!” Today this same person has come on board to help others with their health. She had completed the qualifications for TAFYH and to this date she has now touched 4 people who have been able to overcome their heath issues; colitis, stress, arthritis, chronic gas and bloating.

Exam Anxiety
One 19 year old would really stress out at exam time and her Mother introduced her to Zerenity. Zerenity provides her with calmness ,concentration during her studies and good sleep.

TAFYH and Weight Loss
One man was quite overweight and needed the use of a cane for walking. The arthritis prevented him from walking and dancing which he loved to do. In taking 8 weeks out of his life to complete TAFYH with his instructor , Tina,  he dropped 30 pounds, threw away his cane and danced all night at the New Year’s Eve dance Dec.2015.

TAFYH and Yeast infections.
One lady suffered terrible yeast infections and had come to her wits end. She learned all about taking responsibility for her how health through TAFYH with Tina  and today her yeast infections are gone without the use of any drugs. She is delighted.

Root Canal Extraction
One man with a serious diagnosis knew it was critical to have his root canals extracted as the poisons from the infection leach into the blood stream and prevent healing from happening. It was difficult to make the decision that under no circumstances would he use antibiotics. He knew that antibiotics would flare up the cancer in the colon. He took Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day and on the day of his extraction he used small amounts of  SilverGuard in the mouth for 6 minutes and swallowed.  He repeated this procedure every hour for two days. The gums healed up with no infection.

Metastic Melanoma Gone Using the Paw Paw Program   : Bill’s Blog
August 2014In August of this year I was working at Eagle Bay a bible camp at Shuswap lake. I noticed under the left ear in my neck a lump, i thought it was a bad bug bite I didn't pay too much attention. 
Mid September I had a physical done and mentioned the lump. Concerned the doctor sent me for an X-ray which came back inconclusive.
An ultrasound was set up and after that a biopsy was taken from the lump. A week later the result came back malignant and further tests were set up. CT scan showed no other place with cancer. Thank you God.
However the doctor explained to my wife that this is an aggressive cancer in the lymph nodes called melanoma.We were both devastated and didn't know what to say or think.
More doctor appointments as well an appointment with the medical oncologist on October 24th.
Dr. H explained the different ways of treatment. He did another physical. I was told that I needed a PET scan in Vancouver and an appointment with the surgeon in Vancouver and then three weeks after the surgery I would be able to do the follow up with Dr H again in Vernon.
We were a little taken back and we're hoping for a less radical solution.
On Oct. 28 we received the final results and found out the name of the beast...... metastatic melanoma.
November 3, 2014 On Friday I started on the Paw Paw program. Rather then explaining it please check out the name Donna Roth from Kelowna.
Its a health herbal program which suggests not to eat dairy, grains, sugar or legumes, drink Smoothies, take Paw Paw and herbals and other supplements.Our kitchen looks like a pharmacy except with no drugs. Ken, a friend of ours went through a similar scare and with a combination of this program he came out on top with flying colours. 

Tomorrow I have a feeling some doctors want to talk to me in regards to my decision to postpone my surgery.Just to let you know I feel fine and have no pain I guess that the sneaky part of this disease it gives you a false sense of security. However on my no grains, dairy, sugar and legumes diet I lost 9lbs.
Nov. 4/14 My days are low key with a strict routine of taking my vitamins, special meals and 2 Smoothies a day.At this time we chose to delay the surgery due to the result of the Pet-scan which were very positive  The surgery may be a step we have to take at a later date.At this time I have taken no treatment like radiation.At this time I am staying with my diet of no sugar, grains, dairy and legumes and the Paw Paw vitamin program.

Nov 17/14 Stitches were removed today from the removal of a mole. The good news was it came back benign. Also the tumour seems to stay the same size which is good news.
Nov 26/`14  We had an explanation what may happen after the surgery.
Radiation will happen 5 weeks after the surgery depending on the pathology report( Radiation was not needed as the results all came back clean) The tumour isn't growing and I'm thankful for that, I have a good appetite, sleep well, stay with my diet and the Paw Paw program while waiting for surgery.
Dec. 13/14( Bill’s wife)  When we first heard the words, "Aggressive, incurable cancer our world did a massive loop-dee-loo and left us numb for 3 weeks."
With Bill being on this "Paw paw" program we have learned to eat a lot healthier even though I will not give up my 2 cups of coffee every a.m. Being in the kitchen has not been one of my ideal locations but I am finding it is very rewarding to be able to create meals that will help Bill to maintain his weight and stay healthy. We now have grass fed beef as our main meat and that is a challenge to cook properly and keep it tender. Tony and Noreen were our first guinea pigs as we had sirloin roast, cauliflower & broccoli with lemon pepper, baked kubacho squash in coconut oil and Himalayan salt, and for dessert butterscotch pudding made out of kubacho squash with coconut whipped cream topping, and sugar free Vanilla Biscotti. Very Exciting.
Dec. 31/14 ( Bill decided to have the surgery) Dr. M told us everything is healing fine. However I have very little range in my left arm and he said most likely a muscle or nerve has been cut or damaged during the surgery. He ordered physiotherapy and we hope that it will correct the range. 
If not I might have to add a couple strokes onto my golf score.
I'm still following my diet and my vitamin program, however today received a parcel from Holland with all kind of Dutch treats and I pray for willpower not to give in and if I do for forgiveness.
January 12/2014 During the surgery 49 lymph nodes were removed from the neck area. They were sent to a lab to be tested and checked and the results came back all clean. They could not find any cancer cells. I attribute my success to the Paw Paw program and Donna Roth’s education.
There are answers and the big answer is found in TAFYH. You will not be able to find what you need to know without TAFYH backed by pure science and expertise with over 30 years of experience. Contact Donna Roth 250 764 2852.
I urge you to take on your health. It is precious beyond measure. Your body is the vehicle you use 24/7 and if you don’t fuel it, it will break down. Today it is difficult to decide what fuel really drives our body. Nature’s Sunshine has some remarkable Hi-Value foods that no grocery store will ever provide for you. I am here to say that  it is way more profitable for you to purchase Green Zone from Nature’s Sunshine than any vegetables or fruits you can buy . It has been said many times before that today you would have to eat 10  tomatoes to get the same nutrient value that I tomato gave you in 1941 . You would have to eat 28 apples to get the same nutrient value 1 apple gave you in 1941!  Just taking 1 spoon full of Green Zone provides you with all that and more.
Do your body a favor today and every day and fuel up with 1 spoon full of Green Zone and 1 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic in a shaker bottle . Then add water, ice and Solstic. This is easy quick high dense fuel for your body as you run out the door!
Think of the trouble Bill could have saved if he knew this simple common sense tip!