Friday, May 23, 2014

My Learnings from the I Inspire NSP Cruise May 2014

My Learnings  from the I Inspire NSP Cruise  May 2014
I have always said that my University is the people that I come in contact with as I travel and listen. Those incidental  inspired moments of conversation are precious. The I Inspire cruise  was, of course, ideal  for such learnings  and I would like to share them with you.

Jasse is from the Vancouver area. Her job was prestigious . She was the Principal of her school. However, there was one serious complication that prevented her from continuing the career she so loved and that is that her health was in serious trouble. She was forced to quit her Principal’s job and focus on her health. In doing so she started a practice, a health practice. Her health slowly improved over a period of 6 years with the vitamins that she was taking. But she was looking for more than just vitamins. She knew that there was more to this than vitamins. In her silent decision to search out the “more” she came across Nature’s Sunshine products at the Dr. Jerry McLaughlin event in Vancouver. Wow! This was it! A meticulously quality controlled product line that offered a wide variety of herbs, super foods and supplements. Jasse was on board! The first thing she did was try out a program designed for her own specific health problems. “ In 6 weeks of doing this program I got 6 years of health improvement!” To date Jasse has used Nature’s Sunshine products in her practice. She has helped many people and as a result she was able to win the I Inspire cruise.
Kathy was there from the Okanagan area. She is the upline to Jasse. She has used Nature’s Sunshine products for about 20 years with amazing results in her clinic. Her profound words,” Nothing happens by chance. We are all here at the right place at the right time. This is about bonding and friendship.”
Lucy was the winning NSP Manager from Nanaimo. She is a massage practitioner in her own Health Centre  and she has also chosen Nature’s Sunshine products as her product line. Her object is to build a team when it comes to Nature’s Sunshine events. The Dr. DeVisser event in Nanaimo boasted an amazing attendance of 80 people. Her motto, “ 10 people bring 10 people. Success stories speak loud and clear. It is about commitment and accountability.”
Loretta was another winning Manager from BC. She is the owner of a Wellness Center 

She was a looking for a reliable quality controlled product line and discovered Nature’s Sunshine online. I loved her excitement and enthusiasm when she discovered the changes that these products had made in the lives of the many people who won this cruise. She looked me straight in the eyes with a statement of authority, “ I will make you a millionaire!”

Paul and his wife are from Austin , Texas. They met at the University of Waterloo in Canada where they both received their university degrees . Paul received his degree as an Electrical Engineer and his work was in the area of cellular communication. Then one day the tide turned. Paul became afflicted with a type of allergy asthma. For 20 years Paul regularly visited the same doctor in Austin, Texas who followed the same procedure during every visit and that is write out a prescription. One day, after hundreds of visits over the span of 20 years, Paul discovered that something was not quite right with this picture. Nothing changed in his health . He still suffered with allergies and asthma. He proceeded to tell the doctor that there must be another way. The doctor’s response was ,” We’ll see you in the spring,” That was the last visit Paul ever had with this doctor. He found the other way. It so happened that his wife took on the search. She was at home surfing the internet for herbal remedies for allergies and asthma. Shortly thereafter they bumped into a friend who told them to go to the neighbouring store to inquire about Nature’s Sunshine products. The store owner advised Paul to take high doses of AL-J and AL-C . Paul took him up on this advise .” I took high doses of both products as recommended and within 15 minutes I noticed a significant difference.” This was a huge discovery and a big turning point in Paul’s life. Paul gave up his career in cellular communication and today he and his wife do a full time Nature’s Sunshine business helping people to a happier healthier life.
One day when the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down my husband and I decided to have lunch in the classy dining hall. It wasn’t long before Karen was guided to sit at our table and of course we struck a conversation. Karen is a practicing medical doctor who happened to be on the cruise because she qualified to attend as a Nature’s Sunshine business associate. I immediately asked if she found this to be in conflict of interest knowing that she was obligated to hold a professional membership with her College of Physicians. She confidently replied that she freely uses Nature’s Sunshine products in her practice with the 30 or so patients that she sees on a daily basis. “No one has told me otherwise and I continue to do this. I am helping a lot of people.”She also told me that there are a lot of doctors out there who share the same beliefs that she does ;that nutrition is needed to heal a sick people. When I told her about my book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, she immediately ordered a copy then proceeded to tell me something I thought I would never hear from a doctor. “There will come a time when you will be teaching us, the medical doctors, what it is that you know about herbal healing.” I loved those words. There is a silent movement out there even among the practicing doctors to embrace herbal nutrition , to embrace our teachings and to stand on the same grounds as we do for the same purpose “ to make a difference in this world. “

Jerry and Kathy are store owners of a country store in Illinois.. The main product line in their store is Nature’s Sunshine. They were the chosen winners of the top Nature’s Sunshine distributors of the year at the recent NSP convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jerry was one of our speakers. “ There are so many folks out there that need to get this message. We have a life changing message, a powerful message of hope and health for the world that desperately needs it.” Then he said something that really struck me. “ We don’t have to say much in portraying our message as 93% of the message comes from nonverbal communication.” Then Jerry proceeded to demonstrate his nonverbal method with a few chosen simple words using the power of passion, passion to proceed , pursue and prevail ! This was so profoundly simple yet so moving! It became very clear to me that it is our passion behind the message that reaches the hearts of people more than any other trick in the book. And passion requires no education. It speaks for itself.

Marta was one of the speakers. She had only been with Nature’s Sunshine for 3 years and doing a very successful business. Her method is also very simple. There are 5 Chinese constitutional elements and for most people these elements are all in a weakened state. Marta recommends that everyone purchase all 5 herbal combinations to strengthen all 5 elements, HS-C  for Fire, UC-C for Earth, LH-C for Metal, KB-C for Water, BP-C for Wood . “Take 2 of each every day.” Results are profound!

Jennifer has been with Nature’s Sunshine for 38 years and her residual income brings her about $30,000 a month. She knows people who make well over $100,000 a month.