Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macular Degeneration, Cataracts

Macular Degeneration and Cataracts
In January, 2008 Hilary was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and Cataracts . She was told to take a drug but she refused. Instead she took Perfect Eyes- 3 per day with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Oil for 1 year. She recently went to the optometrist who tested her eyes. He said the Macular Degeneration was so mild there was no need for for any testing. There also was no sign of cataracts.

Insomnia, Anxiety

Severe insomnia and anxiety
Jessica had severe insomnia and anxiety. First she tried Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, Pantothenic Acid- 8 a day and Super Oil up to 6 a day. This program was not readily working but she did not give up. Instead she began reading the Nature’ s Sunshine Fact sheets to find out if there was anything missing. She discovered that AD-C might be the answer . So her program then included 8 AD-C per day, 4 Adrenal Stress , 8 LIV-C per day, and 2 All Cell Detox. Within 2 weeks she was falling asleep and staying asleep with a more restful sleep and much lower levels of anxiety.

Sinus Congeston,Heartburn

Heartburn and Sinus Congestion
A horse owner in Saskatchewan had ongoing heartburn problems and congested sinuses with a plugged head. He could not breathe through his nose. He visited the top allergist in Saskatchewan who told him that he was allergic to everything on his farm so he planned to sell all of his horses . But a friend suggested an herbal program which he agreed to do. For the heartburn he took ULC-R as directed on the bottle and the ULC-R cleared that problem right up. He also took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz day , SN-X – 6 per day and Bwl Bld to clean out the bowels. He said it was unbelievable when the sinus congestion started to drain out. He needed a towel to catch everything that continued to drip out of his nose. It took about a month before it started to breakup and clear up. Now he is one happy farmer because now he can work around his horses without allergies.

Fever, Flu

Fever and Flu like symptoms
Dean had a fever and flu like achy symptoms, no energy and sore back muscles. He took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic-3 oz, Zambroza – 1 bottle, Cats Claw- 4/2 times per day. In 24 hours all symptoms were gone

Sinus Congeston,

Plugged up head and nostrils
One woman had a terrible plugged up head and nostrils and she felt absolutely lousy. Before bed she drank ½ bottle of Silver Shield Sol . In the morning she woke up semi –stuffed up. This time she drank one whole bottle of Silver Sol and by 11 am she felt absolutely fine and unplugged. She was one impressed lady and is really pumped up about doing Nature’s Sunshine as a business.

Hoarse Voice

Hoarse voice
One morning Helda woke up with hoarse voice and ear ache. She went to a doctor to get antibiotics. The ear ache subsided but the hoarse voice continued .Finally Helda consulted with Donna Roth and took Tei Fei Oil. She also took Silver into the mouth and held it there for 6 minutes, she spritizered Silver Sol on the throat, and used Mineral Chi Tonic and HRP-C capsules. This continued for 1 month and there still were no results. That is when we looked at the teeth. Two mercury fillings had been lost and Helda had not been to the dentist to get these teeth looked after. Finally she got to the dentist’s office . The mercury fillings were removed and replaced with white fillings and within 2 days the hoarse voice disappeared. People have no idea how much teeth affect the health of their body. Congratulations to Helda who did not give up but pursued responsibility until the problem was resolved.


Black Mole
A man had a black mole on his back. He applied Silver Gel 2 times a day to this area. He then scraped it off and put on a band aid with Silver Gel. Black stuff started coming out of mole location until finally a black root worked itself out. It was scary and was all red underneath. But with the daily application of Silver Gel it has totally healed up and gone.


One young lady was very sick with pneumonia. She took Fenugreek/Thyme 6 per day , Pau d’Arco 10 per day then Dr. Pederson’s Silver Shield program
Day 1 - 4 oz,
Day 2 and Day 3- 2 oz each day,
Day 4 to 7 - 1 oz each day.
In 2 days the Silver Shield Sol had knocked the pneumonia right out.