Sunday, November 4, 2018

What I Learned from Lynda Hammonds VP of Quality Control

Natures Sunshine is the herbal provider past present and future. Quality is the key building block on which Nature Sunshine was built. Quality in Nature’s Sunshine starts from the fields to the seeds down to the lab to the customer’s doorstep. Nothing is compromised when it comes to quality control with Nature Sunshine. Nature Sunshine has the most comprehensive quality control testing in the entire world. Nature Sunshine tests to parts per trillion when it comes to the actives in every herbal product that goes through its door. Quality testing ensures that the actives of each herbal product is present in the proper amounts. Other companies test their products once a year. Nature’s Sunshine tests every lot every single time. They test for the correct species and genus by certified botanists. There are 2 types of Valerian; Valerian Officianalis and Indian Valerian. One has the correct actives in it and the other does not. Of course, the Indian Valerian with no actives is the cheaper one but it has no beneficial effects. Nature’s Sunshine houses an HPTLC equipment that separates the actives to ensure they are all present in each lot that is tested. Many competitors test DNA but the DNA does not tell you the part of the plant and it does not tell you the actives in the plant. So, Nature Sunshine uses their HPTLC equipment along with DNA to test the part of the plant and the actives present in the plant. If the plant lot fails, the tests it is returned to the supplier who simply sells it to the competitor next door. Nature’s Sunshine never buys the cheapest, this company buys he best. Many of the plants are wild crafted, Lynda personally knows the grower and exactly who harvests it. She knows the soils, the seeds, the plants and the conditions it was grown in. She has found that many herbs are adulterated, or the wrong part of the plants are sued or the species in incorrect. Many companies do not test each lot as Nature’s Sunshine does. Over 85% of the brands on the market are not tested directly by the company.
Nature Sunshine is always raising the bar on quality. In 2017 Nature’s Sunshine purchased a new HPTLC system which costs $180,000. IT tests for colors, intensity of the actives. For instance, Cascara Sagrada to be effective must have 30 actives. If any of the color bands are missing it is rejected. In 2017 Nature Sunshine rejected Black Walnut because it did not meet quality standards. Heavy metal testing is intense when it comes to Nature Sunshine. Their equipment can test in parts per trillion. It is like locating tiny drop of water in 20 Olympic sized swimming pools.
Nature Sunshine tests for dirt, rocks and for over 650 different pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, for yeast, molds, bacteria and microbial contamination. Just recently the FDA discovered 300 fraudulent products on the market, some were laced with drugs, others with synthetic steroids.
Nature’s Sunshine Chinese herbs are 1000’s of years old and the cleanest in the world. They are unique with optimal actives and are TCM standard with an ISO standard as tests by Dr. Eric Brand, a leading expert in Chinese herbs.
Our oils are SureSource guarantee, pure, potent and proven which ensure the authenticity of the oils.. Nothing synthetic is added.