Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gall Bladder Flush Three days before the flush take LIV-C 3 with each meal , Hydrangea 3 four times a day and Lecithin 3 with each meal. On the day of the flush mix 4 T of Epsom Salts in 3 cups of cold water and refrigerate. 6 pm 3/4 cup Epsom Salts 8 pm 3/4 cup epsom salts 9:45 pm Prepare 1/2 cup Olive Oil 1/2 cup Lemon Juice0 10 drops Black Walnut extract Shake hard Use the bathroom 10:00 Sip the above Olive Oil mixture with a straw. Lie down immediately and lie still for 20 minutes. Then fall asleep. 8:00 am 3/4 cup Epsom Salts 10:00 am 3/4 cup Epsom Salts 12:00 You can eat. Kidney Cleanse 8 am - Drink a glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice and 2 capsules of K 9:30 am - Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of Liquid Chlorophyll and take 2 capsules of K , 1 Hydrangea 11:00 am Water and lemon juice and 2 K, 1 Hydrangea 12:30 am Water and Liquid Chlorophyll and 2 K , 1 Hydrangea Repeat every hour and a half until 9:30 pm . If there are kidney stones add 1 Marshmallow capsule to each glass of water. If there is arthritis add 2 capsules ART-A. If there is pain take lemon juice straight up. This cleanse has been known to be very effective for kidney stones, gout arthritis., blood pressure The kidney cleanse can be repeated twice a month if needed. In between cleanses take Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz and K , ART-A and Hydrangea on a daily basis about 2 capsules three times a day until all symptoms subside. One Day Bowel Cleanse Aloe Vera juice 2 oz in 1 glass water , ½ Solstic 1 T Chi Tonic, 1 tsp Green Zone 4 times a day. BWL-BLD or LBS 11 2 to 4 capsules each time

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

84. Don: Colon Rescued from Cancer Don had given me permission to share this letter with you .Don was diagnosed with colon cancer and the prognosis was dismal. He had had 2 rounds of chemo and was about to embark on his third. Part of his colon had been removed. Don’s sister had been to one of my cancer seminars in October 2011. She contacted me on January 19 2011 saying her brother was dying, and could I help. Needless to say I was only too happy to. Chemotherapy was recommended by his doctor, and that was not what Don really wanted to do. The information his sister had gained at the October seminar impressed her enough to encourage Don to set up a consultation with me to discuss the Paw Paw program. In January 2012 Don did just that. He ordered the Paw Paw Program for colon cancer. In January 24, 2012.Don went off the sugar foods , grains, legumes, dairy. Daily he made a Super Food Smoothie which contained Flax Seed Oil with Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Protein powder, Solstic, berries and avocado. He also took Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Super Omega 3, Paw Paw , Protease Plus, Cat’s Claw, Heavy Metal Detox, Probiotic 11 , MC, Silver and Colostrum. On January 24, 2012, Don cancelled the third chemo the day before it was due to begin, and ordered the Nature’s Sunshine products instead. “Cancelling the chemo is a real relief. I don’t think I will miss anything positive by cancelling.” Don took this program very seriously, as time was of essence. He also ordered Mud Pies and Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth. These I sent him immediately. At the end of January Don started the program. Three months later April 25, 2012 i.e. Don writes: “Despite not having contacted you for a while, I have been doing my best to follow the Paw Paw and diet protocols. I'm feeling good. I've lost about 25 pounds (a really nice bonus) and my blood sugar is under better control than it has been for a long time. The diet is a bit restrictive, but definitely doable, and I'm getting better at working with it. Most of the stuff I no longer eat is not a big deal, but I do miss the convenience of bread. Oh well. Just got some great news! I asked my oncologist for a CEA* blood test to see what's going on with my cancer. I had gotten to the point that I really needed to get some feedback on what is happening, whether the news was good or bad. The results came back a few minutes ago. The result was 119.8, down from 208.5 in January , 2012 (normal is 0-5). The five prior tests since about this time last year all showed increases, so this is a nice change in the trend. I'm interpreting this to mean that I am making great progress in the right direction, but there is plenty more to go. I'm going to try to get another CEA test in a couple of months and hope it will be even lower.” We are thrilled for Don, and will be checking in with him two months down the road to see what his next CEA shows. Meanwhile, Don is continuing to go full out on the Paw Paw program, and we are sure this can only mean there will be ‘plenty more’ good news. Jacquelyn Johnston
82. Hepatitis C One man suffered from Hepatitis C where he had taken a medication that made him feel terrible. For a short time he felt somewhat better but then the medication effects wore off and the doctor threatened that he would have to take that same horrible medication for a second round . In this man’s eyes nothing could be as traumatic as taking this stuff .At this point he decided that there must be another way. This is when he became alert to the alternatives that might be floating around . Lo and behold a short time later someone told him to see Donna Roth. This man was totally opened to that suggestion. Anything would serve better than that nasty drug! A big turning point ! He started a program of Green Zone, Collatrim, Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day, Rosehips 6 a day, Paw Paw and LBS 11 to clean out the bowels. He also drank nothing else but water and Chlorophyll. One month later he dropped by to replenish the herb supply with a big smile on his face. He was feeling 100 % better and could hardly believe it. He shed 10 unwanted pounds, his hemorrhoids healed up , his continuous oozing boil healed up and there was color in his toenails where previously there had been a fungal infection.” I pulled off my sock and the whole toenail came off.” It’s amazing how this stuff works.”
81. Energy Restoration One lady takes one shot of Mineral Chi Tonic and 2 capsules of Cat’s Claw a day. She is then able to sleep 7 hours and when she gets up she is raring to go. This simple program sustains her energy throughout the day.
80. Braeden’s Story Braeden is 12 years old and loves to play soccer. Better still he loves to win. Well he has this very strict coach that teaches all the boys that they must not have any sugar or junk food a week before the game. So here the boys are at this crucial soccer tournament and they are up against the toughest team from Penticton. The first round of soccer was tough and the 2 teams were neck in neck . Finally it was time for a break . The Penticton team were treated with Tim Bits and Kool Aid. Braeden’s team sat and watched drooling with envy while they drank their water and ate their pieces of fruit. But hey all stayed loyal to their coach. Now off for the second round of soccer. You can well imagine the results. Braeden’s team smoked the other team no problem with the end score being 5 to 2. They won the tournament ! Furthermore they all realised the secret to their win – not to eat sugar as the coach had instructed them and that sugar zaps your energy big time ! Hugs to you Braeden for you awesome story.
79. Pink Eye Imagine ending up with pink eye, a contagious infection !. Well one lady did not wait a minute when she discovered Pink Eye in her eye.. She had in the past attended the Donna Roth classes and learned all about silver Guard spray. She sprayed the Silver Guard into her eye and within 20 minutes the pain and the itchiness subsided. Here is a note to all. “ It is most important to attend the Donna Roth classes and teleconference calls . Such knowledge saves contagion! “
78. Bad Cold One lady ended up with a terrible cold. She was not going to waste any time getting rid if this nasty attack. So she hit this cold hard. She downed 8 capsules of HRP-C , 8 capsules of LH-C and Lobelia 10 drops three times a day. By the 4th day the cold was gone! Now for her friend it was a different story. She also ended up with a nasty cold but refused to take any of these natural remedies. She suffered for 2 weeks before this thing went away.
77. Weight Loss One lady followed the Candida diet eliminating all sugars, grains, legumes and dairy. She then used Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , Chlorophyll and Paw Paw . To her utmost delight she lost 17 pounds. She was thrilled to report , “I have not been this weight since high school.”
76. Canker Sore One young man are too much Easter chocolate and Easter bread and ended up with a painful puffy white cancer sore on the tip of his tongue. His first instinct was to stop the intake of all sugar and bread. He then applied Silver Gel to the tip of his tongue and held it there for 6 minutes each time as that is the length of time it takes Silver to destroy all pathogens. He followed this procedure for 3 times . He also drank a lot of water to flush out those nasty sugars, Within 10 hours the canker sore was gone.
75. Growth on the Bottom of the Foot Y had a growth on the bottom of her foot that had somehow appeared a year ago. She discussed this growth with her doctor and he was not concerned about it. However Y did not take any chances. She immediately decided to do the Paw Paw program where she eliminated all sugar foods, grains and legumes. Then she did the following program for 6 weeks: Paw Paw 4 a day, Protease Plus 4 a day, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T a day , Zambroza 2 T a day, Vit B complex , C-X ,Pantothenic Acid, Super Oil and Cat’s Claw 4 a day. After 6 weeks the doctor performed minor surgery to remove the growth. The doctor was totally surprised at what he found. There was absolutely no root attached to the growth and he simply lifted the growth out. He was prepared to spend 15 minutes completing this surgery but in fact this whole procedure took only 3o seconds. Y then went home and applied Silver Guard spray to the affected area. Silver Guard healed it with no infection and no pain. This true account clearly demonstrates the incredible action of the Paw Paw program where all 3 pillars of all growths, tumours, cancers etc are addressed namely Injury, Inflammation, Infection !
74. Healing Crisis –Frozen Arm One a lady who had in the past long time ago as a young girl experienced a frozen arm after a vaccination shot decided to do a lymphatic cleanse .She stopped eating all grains, sugar foods, legumes and dairy. She drank large quantities of good water with lots of Chlorophyll. She made Green Zone Lemonade with lemon and Xylitol and drank a lot of this. She then took Lobelia a few times a day BWL-BLD 8 capsules a day and Echinacea about 10 capsules a day . Within 8 days the arm that had been frozen after the child hood vaccination shot became swollen and frozen again as the toxins released from the lymphatic system in the arm area. These symptoms lasted only for a short time. She is totally greatful for having experienced a detoxification in this arm . She now has a toxic free arm. What this lady underwent is referred to as a healing crisis as described by Dr. Hering. “You heal from the head down, from the inside out and in reverse order of the symptoms you have experienced in the past.
73. High Blood Pressure, Thyroid One man following the Paw Paw program was able to go off this blood pressure medication within 2 weeks of doing the program. His thyroid functions also normalized and he was able to go off the thyroid medication as well. He gave up all sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy. He also makes 2 Shakes a day with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Liquid Calcium and he is taking Paw Paw Protease Plus, HRP-C , Super Oil and Slippery Elm.
72. Lost 35 Pounds One man diagnosed with prostate cancer had been on hormone therapy and found that the hormone therapy really zapped his energy. He was also quite overweight. He stopped eating all grains, sugars, legumes and dairy . He started making a Shake twice a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Collatrim, Chlorophyll , Kale and berries. He took Paw Paw 12 a day, Protease Plus 2 twice a day, Super Oil 3 a day and Vit D 3 6000IU a day. What he noticed with this program was that his energy was sustained during the hormone therapy and he lost 35 pounds.
71. Severe Arthritic Pain April 2012 One lady suffered from severe arthritic pain and stiffness. She took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Cat’s Claw about 8 capsules a day along with apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons in water. Within 2 weeks her arthritic pain and stiffness decreased significantly. She had in the past taken large amounts of all kinds of drugs and one day a wonderful therapist’s words deeply struck her and awakened to her reality “ Your life is almost over and you haven’t even lived yet.” Today she has weaned off all her drugs ,” You don’t know the hell it is to get off the drugs.” Today her determination is evident ,” I am in total control of my life. In the beginning I didn’t know I had a choice.”
70. Mood Change April 2012-04-28 One lady had a feeling of sadness . She started taking Shakes with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and SynerProtein to work. Within a short time there she was bright-eyed, happy, and smiling. “What a difference.”
69 Asthma April 2012 One lady had a suffered with asthma. In May 2011 she stopped eating grains and legumes and started eating meat products . She also took Glucosamine, Iron/Vit. C , RE-X and HSN-W on a regular basis along with Mineral Chi Tonic. As of March 2012 she reported “ This is the first time I could go for a walk and I had no problem with asthma. The asthma has totally cleared up.”