Monday, October 30, 2017

The Key to Your Health is Your Body Temperature

The Key to Your Health is Your Body Temperature

Your healthy core body temperature is 98.6 F or 37 C , the temperature at which all chemical reactions during the oxidation process for healthy cell replication can take place.At optimal body temperature the blood is circulating at optimal levels. The energy  and nutrients are moving to all to all the organs and glands of your body.
Low body temperature results in the following problems:
Hypothyroidism: low heart rate, slow movements, mental dullness, weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood calcium, rapid blood clotting. 
·         Pituitary : sluggish mentality, increased urination, lack of hair growth
·         Adrenal: low cholesterol, low blood pressure,
·         Hypoglycemia 
·          Cirrhosis
·         Pancreatitis 
·         Central Nervous System abnormalities 
·         Metabolic toxicity
·         Fibromyalgia
·         Chronic Fatigue
·         Cancer
·         Lyme Disease
·         MS
·         Diabetes
·         Arthritis
·         Arteriosclerosis
·         Heart disease
·         Viral, bacteria, fungal infections

What can you do to raise your body temperature?
1. Natural-Bristle, Dry skin brushing: morning and evening. This knocks off the dead skin and rancid oils and soap off so that your pores are open and your body can detoxify the two and a half pounds of waste acids that should be eliminated through the skin every day. Dry skin brushing helps restore proper lymph fluid flow, as you brush your limbs and torso, always stroking up towards the heart, which is where all of the lymph fluid empties. This is inexpensive and again is something you can do for yourself that will help you perspire more freely throughout the day as your body was designed to do. 
2. Detoxification Bath:
·         Core Blend for Radiation Detox
·         Into your bath water add:
·         3 quarts of Hydrogen Peroxide
·         2 cups of Kosher salt.
·         ½ tsp of Core
·         Drink water and Chlorophyll as you soak.
·         Soak for 20 mintues

3.Mustard Foot Bath
This foot soak is used as relief from general aches and pains, toxic headaches, and overall toxic conditions. It also seems to increase blood and lymph circulation, as well as the overall sense of wellbeing. To get further results out of your mustard bath, you may either soak your hands only, or soak the hands immediately after completing the footbath using the same water. Sit in a comfortable chair and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes in this mixture.
Ingredients to make 4 Mustard Foot baths:
cup baking soda
1/4 cup mustard powder 
1 capsule of Capsicum
6 peppermint essential oil
6 drops Tei Fu Oil essential oil
6 drops eucalyptus essential oil

4, Cleanse the blood:
MC takes out heavy metals like lead, mercury, iron, calcium
Flax Lignans takes out xenoestrogens
Protease Plus takes out undigested food particles and foreign proteins
Colostrum takes out toxic lectins

5. Have a Fire Smoothie
Mineral Chi Tonic
Arginine Plus
Green Zone
Capsicum a pinch

6. Ultra Therm with green coffee bean extract is known to cleanse the liver and move that blood to increase circulation and body temperature.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Testimonials : Transforming the Health of Nations; Post NSP Convention 2017-10-23

Testimonials : Transforming the Health of Nations; Post NSP Convention 2017-10-23

Nature’s Sunshine has the answers you are looking for. The products are the best quality in the world and our education is superior backed by numerous testimonials from people who have overcome serious health problems and from people who have enhanced their athletic performance.
What we are doing by using Nature’s Sunshine products and providing people with health education in transforming the health of nations is a miracle. On Friday Oct. 20/2017 a team of 35 people in the Donna Roth line met at the Sheraton on the Falls at Niagara Falls to share their health experiences after learning to use Nature’s Sunshine products through the convention educations, TAFYH education and herbal hours offered by the herbal practitioners that were present. So today I want to share some of their words:
Cheryl ND from Red Deer , AB: We are at the right time and the right place to be learning about our health. There is so much valuable information here so go out and share. Many times I have heard , “ I don’t want to be on 15 different drugs.”There is a better way and we have it right here with Natures’ Sunshine.  We have way too much toxicity and we are not eating healthy. We need to have energy so it is up to us to make Natures’ Sunshine grow.

Terry, contractor from Red Deer, AB:  I learned how emotions affect my body. With Natures Sunshine products we have what we need. We love people. We want to help people. Money is secondary to us. We all need to deal with stress. The key is teaching and coaching.
Osmond from Toronto: If you want to be happy for life then help people.
Sonja, nurse,  from Toronto: I have gratitude to Donna and Dr. Deane. I had a swollen leg and tried all the medications. I was introduced to the TAFYH course by Dr. Sheila. I did TAFYH. Today I am on no medications, and I lost more than 20 pounds. With TAFYH the sky is the limit. Just follow the program. I wish my Mom was still alive so she could have done this program.
Maj , nurse from Toronto: I am grateful to Neomi for inviting me to this conference and for sharing this information. I have watched people suffer because of lack of knowledge. So I ask myself, what can we do to help these people in an easy way. There are a lot of people out there willing to know and it is up to us to share the products and the education with them.
Fran from West Kelowna: I met Donna in 1987 and I am thankful to her. Nature’s Sunshine has quality herbs and vitamins that work . In the store I owned I noticed that other products did not have the quality and they did not work. TAFYH is simple and easy to do. I took the TAFYH course. I simply put out the herbs for my husband and he takes them. His transurethral bypass surgery was cancelled because of Natures’ Sunshine herbs. The knowledge I have learned is powerful. Yes, you can be discouraged but keep going and move on. I know these products work. I remember when I fell off the ladder and broke my ankle. Collatrim Plus healed my foot.
Neomi, nurse from Toronto: I am grateful to Donna and Dr. Kathy for being my mentor. I did TAFYH in January 2017. This has touched so many lives. We do the Body Systems Questionnaire and we work together. I have worked with health products before but nothing matches the Natures Sunshine products. These products work. It empowers me to be able to help people.
Al from Merrit, BC: All the people that were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the same time Phyll was diagnosed are now all dead.  Phyll is still alive and well!
Phyll from Merrit , BC: I am new in Merritt and they don’t trust me yet and they need to  trust Natures Sunshine. But I am working with a lady who has an autistic son. I love them and I care about them.
Carol from Campbell River , BC: This all started for Donna because she had tonsillitis and discovered that there was a different way after using the Nature Sunshine products. Today Donna is passionate about this work. This can be so big! It started when I was raising kids and they were getting colds and having bed wetting problems. I also discovered a different way with Nature’s Sunshine products and I never look back. Catch the vision! We have the answers! Tell people about this with love and passion. I wasn’t afraid to open my mouth. Notice how one person can have a big impact!
Val from Kelowna, BC : I have worked with Nature’s Sunshine for a long time. We need to make it bigger. We have started monthly meetings in Kelowna in a really nice venue, the Kelowna Golf and Country Club and including breakfast the cost is $20 . The people love the message. We are on the verge of a big breakthrough.
Dane , Val’s son from Boulder, Colorado: I am a triathlon racer. My first race was a half iron man where I suffered with extreme pain , cramping and I had to stop every 2 miles because the pain was so severe. Some months later I did the TAFYH course while I prepared for a full Iron Man race. In following the TAFYH principles and in drinking Dr. Kathy’s special energy drink formula at every station during the race I had no cramps. I completed the race feeling 10 times stronger than when I started.
Here is the energy drink recipe: Solstic Energy, Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll , Zambroza and water.
Rob , motor home service from Toronto: Phyll and Al introduced me to Natures Sunshine when they were serving a mission in my area. I know the product Natures Harvest. There is lots of information shared here and I am hopeful with all the testimonials shared and how the body really works that I can overcome osteoarthritis. I want to share this information with the people in my community.
Charlie, works on the oil rigs from Brandon MB: I couldn’t even stand up my health was so bad. My body was shutting down. I did TAFYH with Tina and this saved my life. You need to know why, how and where.TAFYH gives you those answers.
Nancy’s sister from Brandon MB: My husband has prostate cancer and leukemia. He was going to start chemo but I got him on the Shakes. He started In January 2017 he has had blood tests since and his blood has been stable. There were polyps in the colon that were scheduled to be removed but with the program the colon in now clean as a whistle with no surgery. The Shakes are Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Natures Harvest, Pea Protein and water.
Grant from Lake Country, BC. TAFYH has been the solution to my life. I call Donna Roth the Master. And just recently the media has released news that sugar is linked to cancer!
Michael from Vancouver:  This is about health freedom. There is no freedom in health in our society. But it is here with Nature’s Sunshine. I disappeared prostate cancer and the doctor said, I don’t need to see you anymore.  I remember when I injured my ankle and I could not work. I declared bankruptcy and had 6 eviction notices. If you don’t have health you have nothing. We’ve got the answers right here that no one else does. Others have agendas and we have the answers to emotional spiritual, physical health! Then Michael asks: What would you like to accomplish in your health? I am willing to help you by sharing 4 tips with you:
Share my story on how I overcame prostate cancer using herbals.
Earn your trust
Bring you to Donna Roth’s teleconference calls
Share my access to real expertise and expert resources.