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Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests Nov 28/22

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Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests



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The herbal combination for the brain and memory

The herbal combination to clear up toxic cholesterol

The herb that lowers blood sugar levels

Infected tooth gone!

The other side of mammograms!

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There are Laws of Nature that govern our health.

Your body has stem cell carpenters always there to repair your cells.

But it is your responsibility to give your stem cells the required building blocks for cell repair.

These essential building blocks are amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace nutrients, water, oxygen etc.

Adequate nutrients are no longer available in grocery bought foods.

Super food smoothie is the answer: Essential Liquid Minerals, Collagen, Flax Hull Lignans, Solstic Energy, Chlorophyll and water.


TAFYH Grad Janine blood analyst


Lobelia is great for asthma, coughs, sleeping and calming the nerves, pulls toxins out of blood

Focus ATN is nutrition for the brain.

Be prepared for Emergency, food, water, fuel, herbs

CholesterReg is a NSP herbal formula to help clear up congested toxic cholesterol

Lobelia taken in high doses is great for pneumonia.

Berberine lowers blood sugar levels,

Body can create its own surgery to move out tumors and fibroids and cysts.

Peppermint Oil applied at the bottom of the feet helps with teething pain.

Statins strip the fats from the brain and the myelin sheath of the nerves = dementia. MS etc

Teeth were extracted with no antibiotics; used Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel

Kidney Flush is not just for the kidneys; it is for cleansing the fluids, cerebral spinal fluids, brain, arthritic deposits, strengthening the bones, cleaning out kidney stones, back problems

Root canals caused colon damage and worms. BT dropped to 34 C, Health was a mess.Terry

MAMMOGRAMS by Dr. Tim O’Shea

Way back in 1976, the American Cancer Society itself and its colleague the National Cancer Institute terminated the routine use of mammography for women under the age of 50 because of its “detrimental” (carcinogenic) effects. A large study done in Canada in 1992 found that women who had routine mammograms before the age of 50 also had increased death rates from breast cancer, by 36%. (Miller) [27]

John McDougall MD made a thorough review of mammograms. He points out that the $13 billion per year generated by mammograms controls the information that women get. Fear and incomplete data are the tools commonly used to persuade women to get routine mammograms. What is clear is that mammography cannot prevent breast cancer or even the spread of breast cancer. By the time a tumor is large enough to be detected by mammography, it has been there as long as 12 years! It is therefore ridiculous to advertise mammography as “early detection.” (McDougall p. 114 [28])

The other unsupportable illusion is that mammograms prevent breast cancer, which they don’t. On the contrary, the painful compression of breast tissue during the procedure itself can increase the possibility of metastasis by as much as 80%! Dr. McDougall notes that a between 10 and 17% of the time, breast cancer is a self-limiting non-life-threatening type called ductal carcinoma in situ. This harmless cancer can be made active by the compressive force of routine mammography. (McDougall, p. 105 [28])

More recent data on mammograms was brought to light through the research of Samuel Epstein MD. [3] In a 2009 interview, Epstein reminds us that 5 radiologists have been recent presidents of the American Cancer Society. This might help to explain why routine annual mammograms have been their standard recommendation for years, despite any proven upside. The mammogram business is extremely lucrative and very competitive. ACS ads consistently make unsupported claims of 100% detection, with no clinical studies whatsoever to back it up.

Without question, the biggest danger of mammograms is ionizing radiation. That means the mammogram itself can be the cause of cancer. A woman who gets a yearly mammogram for 10 years would get the same cumulative radiation as a woman standing one mile away from Ground Zero at Hiroshima, according to Epstein and others. [44]

Hi Donna, Just wanted to double-check on your protocol for root canal removal. I am having 2 removed on Fri at the same time as they are beside each other. I am taking 6 Cats Claw, putting silver on the gum. The dentist said they put an antibiotic in when they remove it than a collagen plug. Sounds scary. Is there anything more I can do for the prep? Thanks for all your help and wisdom, looking forward to the call tonight. Also, at the store we are getting LOTS of sick kids and infants sick w respiratory, coughs, sore throat, etc.and  adults also, especially  .sinus issues. Still have cust coming in vaccine injured, UTI’s and cancers, other. 


How to address a blood clot?

Arginine Plus with water and 1 caps of Capsicum

Take 2 MC, 2 VariGone

Repeat every hour for 10 times