Friday, October 16, 2015

You Need Super Food Smoothies

You Need Super Food Smoothies
 I am attending the Nature's Sunshine convention in Montreal next week. I 
will come back with all kinds of new information for you. I love conventions and the energy of excitementshared by everyone.  There are about 30 people attending from my line and I look forward to seeing them all. They are attending from BC, AB, Sask, Man, Ont. Quebec . These are people I hold in high regard as theywork really hard to help others to healthier, happier lives.

 If only we could get back to realizing that our bodies need energy from nutrition, water, air, sunshine, exercise for healing. Anything other than that is considered a toxin by our bodies and our bodies then use energy to dispose of these toxins. Consider the people with serious
degenerative conditions. They just don't know that they are suffering from nutrition deficiency and they don't know that their bodies are created to heal. I can't stress enough the importance of having those Smoothies twice a day; Chinese Mineral Chi, Green Zone, Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy and you can add a protein such as NutriBurn Whey, a type A2 protein from grass fed animals. You simply cannot get enough nutrition 'from your grocery store foods and you cannot buy Super Foods from a grocery store. Sooo the answer is SuperFoods from Nature's Sunshine which is quality controlled in a laboratory setting running over 600 tests!!
Put the Smoothie items on your grocery food list and purchase from Nature's Sunshine. This is the company of my choice.I know their products like the palm of my hand and I expect results from everyone who follows the program.

Monday, October 12, 2015



I love this lesson on inflammation. The medical community recognizes inflammation as the key to
cancers, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes etc but they don't know where it comes from or how
it really works. Dr. Samuel West devoted his life to the study of inflammation and the correlation
between toxic debris and the lymphatic system in eliminating this toxic debris throught the natural
elimination channels. The fact that TAFYH addresses inflammation is the key to the success of our
programs. I have become the inflammation detective. I work hard to find the key factors that cause
inflammation and then ask my clients to address it. 

One reason I love Cat's Claw is that it addresses
the lymphatic system. The energy from Cat's Claw gets that debris moving through the lymphatic
system and out!! Lately several of my family members have complained of the start of colds, sore
throats, queezy stomach. Guess what? Cat's Claw about 8 a  day and some Mineral Chi Tonic and thatdid the trick. Colds gone, runny nose gone, cough gone, queezy stomach gone!!! I would love to tell the world that it is Cat' Claw, herbal combination and Minerals you need not antibiotics!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Want to Stand on the Roof Tops and Shout!

I Want to Stand on the Roof Tops and Shout!

How often do we go to the doctors looking for a solution to our illnesses? Little so we know that Candida is at the root of our health problems. That is why TAFYH is so profound. We start to see the correlation between our illness symptoms and Candida. Note the number of symptoms directly related to Candida. There are many couples today who are having fertility issues and spend huge amounts of money on fertility clinics. Just eliminating the foods and drugs that feed Candida and
doing a Candida cleanse along with Smoothies for much needed nutrition will in the majority of cases solve the problem.
During one of our recent Nature's Sunshine trips I had a very fruitful conversation with Florence . I love her . She is so dedicatedto making a difference for people's health. She told me how many infertile couples she had worked with who today have beautiful children. I want to stand on the roof tops to tell the world that the answer is in clearing out the Candida.
When the yeast/fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of reproductive cells that end result is infertility, scrambled hormones, low testosterone, PMS, menopause, low thyroid functions, low energy and so on. In TAFYH we really focus on the simplicity of eating the right foods and taking cleansers and smoothies for this very reason. When you put enough nutrition into your body beyond the daily amounts for sustenance then the nutrition becomes therapeutic
and your body heals!! How did we forget this??

Love and Gratitude,


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Teleconference Call

Teleconference Call 
 I am sharing Tina's TAFYH success stories regarding emotions. We often think that nutrition and herbs do not address emotions.
Chinese Herbal combinations do just that ;they address the repair of emotions and this is so great! Please enjoy Tina's story and share it with
On another note please remember to join me on my Monday teleconference call where I explain in very simple common sense
terms the pillars behind every diseased condition including cancer.

At 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 641 715 3640
Access code 972723#

Just this last week I talked to Gloria whose husband has been
cancer free for 13 years because he understood the importance of nutrition in saving his own life. Bob had esophagus cancer and
lived on Nature's Sunshine Super Food Smoothies for 2 months as he could not eat. It worked and even though it was Stage 4 he
overcame and healed the cancer and continues to live a healthy fruitful life.
To date Gloria herself has 7 other cancer success stories, people she personally helped;people who did exactly what Bob did and are cancer free!
The program we have addresses every aspect of cancer and is scientifically documented and proven with anectodal reports of real people who
overcame cancers. The research has already been done and the need to surf the internet for magical solutions serves no purpose.

I also had a call from Luciano who has referred several people to me.Of all the people he referred only 3 of these people with cancer ever called me.
 Two have taken on the program with great health success. One person died within a week of contacting me. I was saddened to hear when he told me
that the rest of these people are no longer on this Earth.
I have come to the conclusion that 2 things stop people from ever contacting me. Attend my call and find out what they are.
At 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 641 715 3640
Access code 972723#

TAFYH Tidbits from Tina, a TAFYH Leader
When I first began my work in herbal consulting, I was amazed at this aspect.  I had a lady come to me with an achy knee and aches in other joints as well.  Talking with her for a while, I learned she had lost her son years ago and never really let go of that grief, which would be a very difficult process.  She relived the event almost every day. I started her on UC-C along with Cats' Claw, Chi Tonic, Arginine Plus, Solstic Energy and Collatrim Plus.  About a month later, she said her joints were feeling so much better and she was feeling better overall.  The interesting thing was talking with her husband, he couldn't believe how much better her moods were.  She was no longer dwelling in the past like she previously had been.  He became a big believer in seeing this change happen in her. I thought it was so neat how the herbs helped her physically and emotionally at the same time! I love it!


Friday, October 2, 2015


Tidbits from Donna Roth
There have been many books that are in this present day being written about toxic lectins that are found in present day grains and legumes. Lectins cannot be digested and they cause leaky gut , get into the blood stream and make the blood sticky and heavy. Lectins cause inflammation. All diseased conditions are caused by inflammation. We are in control of our bodies. We can stop the intake of all lectin foods and take qualtiy Colostrum which binds toxic lectins. Colostrum is a whole food which is able to regulate blood sugar levels.  It increases bone and lean muscle mass.It regenerates the neurotransmitters of the brain.  Colostrum regenerates and accelerates the growth of aged
 and injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nervous tissue.  In its natural state it retains the warmthof body temperature.  Colostrum is an anti-aging food.
Dr Shealy says, “By heating it above 140 degrees, Colostrum loses all its potency”.
Colostrum from Nature's Sunshine is not heated which makes it live and anti aging.
It is so great  to know that for every health problem there is a simple solution.