Saturday, March 14, 2015

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Thank you to Carol for her great talk on the importance of having Smoothies to keep the inner
biological terrain in a state of health. Just having a Vita Mix smoothie with vegetables and fruits
will not do it unless you are putting 28 apples and 10 tomatoes into that smoothie every single day.
My point here is that all grocery bought foods are severly mineral deficient.
" Even a deficiency of one mineral element allows morbid waste matter to accumulate." Bechamp 1800's.
To sustain health or to regain health, Super Foods from Nature's Sunshine is the only way to go the way I see it.
Mineral Chi Tonic
Green Zone
Flax Lignans
Collatrim Plus
Arginine Plus

Attend the Telecall with Donna Roth on Monday at 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 760 569 7676
IF you do not have a good long distance US plan then dial 10 -10-620 before the
call and you will be charged $1 for the call.

 Cancer is not a mysterious disease as it is made out to be.
It is simply fungus or mold ( another word that perhaps describes it)
 growing inside a body that is loaded with stagnant toxic waste debris.
Let's face it . Any time there is toxic debris with lack of O2 then mold, fungus,
yeast etc. grows in that environment. This is a law of nature and common sense.

To address cancer we need to do the following:
Stop putting poisons into the body.
Address the sources of the poisons
Stop leaky gut
Cleanse the blood of undigested food from leaky gut, from candida, from heavy metals etc.
Cleanse the intestinal tract
Cleanse the kidneys
Nourish the body with high value super foods and minerals
Get that blood circulating
The call will explain all of the above.

Many times the above process takes a short time if lots of the above Super foods are used in
high amounts. The sooner you nourish that oxygen starving body , the sooner you get that waste
debris moving out the sooner you get results.
I remember Bob in 2003 who was having 6 Smoothies a day and he was able to overcome a serious
cancer of the esophagus in 2 months. This is 2015 and Bob is still alive and well.

Here is what stops people from having results:
It costs money.
The test results show that it is not working.
I just want the magic bullet in other words , just the Paw Paw for my cancer.
I want to continue drinking my alcohol as I do this program.
The doctor told me to stop taking all those things.( Note the doctor is not an expert in the Paw Paw program)
Fear :I really don't believe my own miraculous body is created to heal.