Monday, April 20, 2020

Newsletter From The Desk of Donna Roth

From the Desk of Donna Roth April 20/20

Now here is an eye opener for you. Right here in Canada 524 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer every day and about 2 million people today are diagnosed with diabetes. Every 7 minutes someone here in Canada dies from heart disease. These numbers are fast growing.
TAFYH Taking Action for Your Health
TAFYH has the formula for you to become the best nutritional therapeutic practitioner. TAFYH is the access to having healthy people in this world. However the controlling conversation is “I have no money.” TAFYH transforms people’s health with velocity. You get results in 7 weeks.
Cancer; Bill;  ribs, bladder, bones  Sept. 2013
Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He followed the medical protocol. However the cancer progressed into his bladder and bones. There were spots on the ribs, cancer in his bladder and he was declared terminal. The doctor then asked Bill if he would be interested in signing up for an experimental drug for cancer. Bill agreed not really knowing what this drug was all about. A few weeks later after taking the drug he was crossing the US border when all alarms were set off. The border security officers immediately hauled him off to a private room to show him that he was the one that had set off the alarms and that the radiation levels around him were so high the Geiger counter was off the scale. Bill was shocked as he had no idea that he was so full of dangerous radiation. It was at this point that Bill looked at alternatives for his cancer. This is where someone introduced him to Upon our visitation Bill immediately started his Paw Paw program with a determination to clean out all that radiation and to bring his health back into balance as fast as possible. He drank not two Smoothies a day but three and sometimes four a day to give his stem cells all the nutrients required to repair the injury in the cancerous areas. He took up to 20 Paw Paw a day along with Protease Plus enzymes and Colostrum on an empty stomach. He also took high doses to Aloe Vera juice and Green Zone to clean out the radiation. With meals he took Cat’s Claw combination and MC. Bill stopped the consumption of sugars, all grains, legumes and dairy. He was on the path to health. After 2 ½ months of taking supplements and Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice and Green Zone  Bill had diagnostic tests done by a doctor who told him that all the cancer spots in his bones and ribs were no longer there and that he could not detect cancer.
The lesson to learn here is not to jump into an experimental drug and vaccine trial. You don’t know what is in it and how it can impact your life.
“Try this one. Best advice for someone who just been told how long he has to live: ask the doctors to put it in writing. Just ask them. They’ll never do it. Try and think about why not” . Dr Tim o’Shea

MC is what I call a designer tablet. There is a whole lot of science behind the MC and the way it was all designed. It contains vitamins especially the right amounts of Vit B6, Vit B12 and Folic Acid to bind toxic homocysteine levels. It also contains the right amount of  minerals, herbals, and bovines. MC is known as an oral chelation supplement. It has the ability to dissolve plaque that is lining the artery wall and obstructing blood circulation and oxygen flow. That plaque usually contains toxic heavy metals that may be coming from your teeth or from vaccinations you have had in the past. Because this debris is so very toxic the liver forms cholesterol to bind and store this toxic heavy metal debris so that it cannot harm your heart or your organs. However over a period of time the cholesterol builds up to dangerous levels whereby blood flow is impeded. So now along comes MC to break up and move that toxic debris that is lining that artery wall. The beauty of MC is that it can work fast and you can take it in large doses without it ever hurting you. No other chelation therapy is able to do this because it cannot be given in large doses all in one day for those times of emergency needs. What a miracle MC is!
Tumeric Curcumin — A primary therapeutic compound identified in the spice turmeric, curcumin has been shown in more than 50 clinical studies to have potent anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is hard to absorb so Nature’s Sunshine has designed it to include black pepper fruit extract to improve absorption. It is very safe, and you can take two every hour if you need to.
Steven Horne and Dr Jay:
Artemisia has been used in the past for malaria and useful for N-Corona
Very sick with some type of corona fever, took 1000 mg of Vit C every hour and got over it in a day. Natures Sunshine has Vit C TR. Its excellent with bioflavonoids.

Higher temperatures inhibit viral replication. Don’t worry. Don’t use Tylenol, aspirin or any thing else. Just don’t worry.
Give up high carbohydrates and sugars and processed vegetable oils. Eat more plants like in Ultimate Green Zone.
Quit worrying about the disease and learn about health. Know what life vibrant force is all about. Being against something reinforces the disease. Focus what you are for. Stop worrying if you are too close to someone. That has nothing to do with health.

Tricia: past nurse, TAFYH grad, has her own powerful success using MC and Cat’s Claw in high doses to overcome pneumonia within 7 days without antibiotics. Tricia has some amazing success stories to share.
1. Do you suffer from fatigue, anxiety or weakness?
2. Do you have a swollen or sore tongue?
3. Do you experience tingling or numbness (similar to pins and needles) in your hands and feet?
4. Do you have difficulty concentrating or a poor memory?
5. Do you suffer from stress, irritability or depression?
6. Is your skin usually pale?
7. Is your skin inside your mouth pale?
8. Do you experience dizziness or light-headedness?
9. Do you have brittle nails?
10. Do you have indigestion, gas bloating, diarrhea or constipation?
11. Have you experience unexplained weight loss?
12. Do you have difficulty losing weight?
13. Do you have joint pain, Osteoporosis?  Arthritis?
14. Do you have cold hands and/or feet and low body temperature first thing in the morning?
15. Do you have insomnia or have trouble sleeping?
16. Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?
17. Do you suffer from shortness of breath with minimal exertion?
18. Do you have trouble walking?
19. Do you regularly drink alcohol?
20. Are you a strict vegetarian or vegan?
21. Do you experience frequent or daily headaches?
22. Do you have celiac disease, Chrones Disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or have you ever had gastritis bypass or other stomach or intestinal surgery?
23. Are you taking metformin?
24. Do you have skin redness, dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema?
25. Do you have adrenal exhaustion or thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance?
26. Do you have frequent viral or bacterial infection?
If you have more than 6 of the symptoms above, you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency.
Vitamin B12 deficiency indicates a decreased production of red blood cells.
Red blood cells deliver oxygen to all the cells and tissues in the body.
Red blood cells increase metabolism, blood circulation and body temperature.

Quality Control
Nature’s Sunshine has the most reliable, dependable, state of the art quality control in the world. I absolutely know this because I have visited their lab at least 5 times in my life, I personally know Lynda Hammonds, the VP of Quality Control, and I have witnessed thousands of suffering people overcome serious health problems. As a matter of fact, I have even written book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury that houses over 60 (cancer gone) testimonials. This book has sold over 5000 copies. The whole point of the book is to stop putting poisons into your body and start putting nutrition into your body. The nutrient energy you get from Nature’s Sunshine is so powerful people have been able to overcome heart disease, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, bowel disorders and the list goes on. The Laws of Nature state that it is nutrition that is required to repair, sustain and maintain health. It’s not poisons! It’s not chemicals! It’s not dead foods. It’s not drugs! And Nature’s Sunshine has the nutrition you need! Nature’s Sunshine offers outstanding education The education we offer is truth!
Business Opportunity
Let’s all be part of the solution to this pandemic we face today by sharing with others.
Nature’s Sunshine offers a business opportunity. When I realized that there was a Nature’s Sunshine business opportunity, I gave up my prestigious position as a VP of elementary schools to be a stay-at-home Mom, to raise my children, to study Nature’s Sunshine products and to serve others by teaching them how to take responsibility for their own health. I love the products, I love the education and I love the business. 
Intelligent physicians, medical and drugless, will tell you that there is only one disease known to the healing arts. Its overall name might be TOXEMIA and it is called by 415 (more or less) different names, depending on where the inflammation (pain or distress) is located and who is doing the diagnosing (guessing).
A tumor is an accumulation of toxins confined in a membranous sac. Cancer is toxins running wild, and cannot be cured except by cleaning them out of the blood from within. Just why this merciful sac forms in some cases no one knows. But even when the tumor is cut out another one forms unless the patient takes steps to eat and eliminate properly, and prevent the accumulation of excess toxins in the blood.
Hi Donna:  Thank you so much for sending this information through.  I want you to know that we went on a short holiday recently and I took the 1st aid kit with me, just in case.  I regularly consult my printed out sheets, received as a result of TAFYH, that I keep in my binder in the kitchen on a shelf all on its own.  Terry continues to get stronger; his wasted muscles are slowly being restored.   I want you to know that I very much appreciated your firmness for good nutrition on the initial call that you had with Terry.  If you hadn't been convinced about the program our results would have been different.  Much gratitude, Kris and Terry Doogue
“If corporate medicine is going to be permitted to over-ride parental philosophical and religious objections, and invade the bodies of our children with dozens of vaccine antigens, chemicals, animal DNA, aborted fetal tissue, and cancer cells, the source of these laws must come under scrutiny. “Vaccinations by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

CoVid update
This past week I have listened to Dr, Shiva, Dr Buttar, VCC, Steven Horne, Dr. Jay.
Africans are used as Guinea pigs to test vaccines. They vaccinate then wait and see how many die.
Bill Gates has a foundation for worldwide vaccinations. Agenda is to frighten everyone into a accepting vaccinations. Wuhun lab was researching corona bat viruses. So where do you think corona virus came from. Facebook censored the fact that the virus came from the Wuhun lab because Facebook has a Chinese market. It has been used to impose draconian measures. The numbers have been fudged.
Gates has no medical background and is pushing vaccinations. Why?
No mass gatherings unless we are vaccinated. Why?
Jan 2017 Fauci said there is no question there will be a virus outbreak. Why?
A computer simulation showed 67 million dead. The corona virus was patented in US and in Germany. Why? Why would you patent a virus? PM in Australia ; only way out of our homes is a vaccine. Why?
Statistics can always be manipulated. Number who died divided by number tested and does not count those who have recovered. The numbers have been skewed. They die from the pneumonia not the virus.
PCR test tests DNA but not RNA. If you test DNA does not test that you have corona.
How many die because of a pre diagnosed condition.?
Morbidity studies are not accurate.
Freedom of speech; dieticians cannot talk about foods and its criminal if you do about there is no credible science which only comes from WHO.
Dr. Fauci Your will be more vulnerable to diseases after corona vaccines.
We don’t know the ingredients to their vaccines.
Wait for the next corona virus that will come.
Why did media come out against citizen journalists and call them fake news?
Why did the nonaccurate numbers from WHO get pushed to shut down the countries?
There are medical people laid off all over the country?
The numbers do not support the projected numbers and fears from WHO.
75% of small businesses are shut down. Then how healthy are we going to be?
It attacks the hemoglobin in the blood. Iron drops. Oxygen plummets That means there is no iron to carry O2. Vit C in high doses neutralizes the virus which attaches to many parts of the body. Whoever designed that knows human anatomy.  Vit C stops the viral attachment. Then the iron goes up and the oxygen increases. This is common sense. Stop trying to kill the virus
Why have a new series of new movies come out about viruses come out; to keep us in fear and lock down because of a virus.
Are we taking care of the greater good? No! There is no disease savior today. You can only save yourself. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the only way you can save yourself. It has been my mission for over 35 years. That is the greater good. Pray for the good. Darkness cannot survive if there is light. The light here is lifestyle. Right now, there is the exposing of an invisible enemy. We have to stop those who are using us and are walking all over us.
I was once in the dark. I too, used lots of antibiotics for my tonsillitis and I kept getting that infection back. It didn’t work. That’s when I took Carol’s advise. Now she was not a doctor, not even an ND not an herbalist. She had no certificates to prove her education. She was just a lowly Mom looking after her family. Yet she took the time to teach me about herbs. And I opened my mind and I listened, and I took her advice and it worked. I saved my own tonsils from infection.
We are being called upon to stand up and have a   spiritual awakening; wake up! They fear the uprising of people. Now more people will be opened to what we have to say than ever before.
Renee has been doing some amazing research. She is a SCENAR therapist and was my therapist when my arm was injured. She has years and years of knowledge, training and experience. Renee is also a TAFYH grad and will share information on the WHO agenda.
Dr. Buttar stated that since CoVid lockdown, he was sent a mandate that asked all doctors to alter in the way they report the causes of death.
VCC live meeting ; 300 attendees with a top lawyer, Rocco, epidemiologist ,Nella
If we hold on to the vibration of fear we give them more power than they deserve. Ted
Our constitutions are dissenting.
CoVid is no more pronounced than the average flu.
The prime minister’s messages hold no water and they are without any legal authority. Every time Trudeau gives orders they are unlawful.
It is unlawful to dispense messages without parliament.
Fear and infringement of our constitutional rights ae being used to destroy our economy and impose a complete global involuntary vaccination program as the only solution.
The end goal is a new global order; to do away with sovereignty and structures.
Social distancing is the worst thing we can do. It is not scientifically proven.
WHO is a political organization?
Dr Tam and Dr Henry are committee members of WHO.
I don’t believe in any of the scare tactics; any flu can be dangerous
Evil perpetuates when good men stand by and do nothing.
No data is science and it is all manipulated.
All cases are based on antigen tests; 50% of them are false positives
PRC test is never to be used as a diagnostic tool and they are using it to diagnose Covi
They shut flu watch down because of CoVid; they take flu deaths and put them into the CoVid 19 deaths and we all assume these deaths are all CoVid deaths.
Question was: Are there any numbers we can trust? Answer . Yes the population of Canada
There are 35 CoVid deaths to 1 million population.
There are 235 flu deaths to 1 million population.
They also dumped pneumonia and flu deaths into I category called CoVid according to WHO.
Go to Vaccine Choice Canada and become a member. Write a letter to MLA, MP, PM.

Monday Call April 20/20

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