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Heart Valve


A lady in her 60’s was told she needed heart valve replacement surgery. She was scheduled to have the surgery in about 5 months. I suggested she might want to take the MC and Hawthorne anyway—it wouldn’t hurt. She decided to work up to 9 per day of MC and 6 per day of Hawthorne. A couple of months later she went to the doctor to be monitored. He looked puzzled and said her heart valve didn’t seem to be so bad anymore. She continued with the MC and Hawthorne, and went in for another check-up before the surgery. The doctor looked very puzzled, and said she didn’t need the surgery anymore-her valve was fine.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12

Heavy Legs

My Mom in her 90’s had no energy. She didn’t believe in taking any herbs, so it was hard to help her .She said her legs felt so heavy it was such an effort to walk. Finally she took MC, 3 capsules twice a day. A few days later we went for a walk. She kicked up her legs happily as we walked along, and said, “See, they’re not heavy anymore
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12

Heart and Circulation


The pamphlet has excellent information on the above, so I am just going to share with you my favorite products.
MC: This is by far to me the most important product I take. Without it I lose my stamina and strength. It helps not just the heart, arteries, and circulation, but it supports the adrenals. I have used it for maintenance for years at 4 per day. If I go hiking or doing something strenuous, I take more. I can hike all day when I use it. About a year ago I thought I should stop taking it for a while, so I did. About 5 days later I was doing physical work outside. After a few minutes I had to sit down. I had no stamina and strength to continue. I thought, “What in the world is the matter with me?” Then I remembered that I had stopped taking the MC. I went in and took some immediately, and about 40 minutes later was able to resume my work without any problem.
MC can be used as a base product for heart/artery/circulatory problems. If a person has a weak heart, it can be taken with Hawthorne for the heart muscle. (If the heart muscle is weak from taking statin drugs for high cholesterol, it must be used with additional COQ10, as high cholesterol drugs deplete the body of COQ10, leading to congestive heart failure. High cholesterol drugs are the leading cause of congestive heart failure.) If arrythmia is the problem, I would use MC, Hawthorne, and 4 or more per day of Magnesium Complex.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12


This is a serious condition where the herpes zoster virus attacks the nerves. It is manifest by an itchy, painful rash especially along the spine. It is this same virus that causes cold sores. Fortunately, NSP has a Chinese formula designed just for that virus. (It works on others, too) It is called HRP-C. I recall a number of years ago visiting an elderly lady who was not well and said she had shingles on her head, and it was very painful. I told her about the HRP-C, but she said she was following her doctor’s program. So I told her to call me if she wanted my help. A number of months later I dropped in when I was in that area again, to see how she was doing. She had DIED. Her family said the virus had gone into her brain and killed her.
Over the years I have worked with so many people who have had shingles, and they have all gotten better. This is the basic program I tell everyone about:
HRP-C 8 capsules per day (4 capsules twice daily with meals)
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT 6 per day. Also anti-viral.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX about 4-6 per day to support the nerves, since that is the site of the infection
Silver Guard Gel can be used externally on the rash for the pain.
I have seen so many people report success from this program that I have lost track of them, but here is a a recent testimonial from about a month ago:
A lady in her 80’s was suffering greatly with shingles. The rash went from her belly button and around to and up her back. She had been going to the doctor for help for some time, and was on mediations, but nothing was helping. She went on the above program, and took some Chinese Mineral Chi for minerals. The shingles all went away.

Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12


A lady worked in an office where mold/mildew was a serious problem. When I saw her she was feeling miserable with an allergic reaction which wouldn’t go away. Her eyes were red and runny, and she had to constantly wipe her red, runny nose. I could see that she had a respiratory infection, and that it was a “wet” condition. That calls for AL-C. So she used AL-C, 4 capsules 3 times a day for the allergic wet condition, and Echinacea and Golden seal capsules, 8 per day, for the infection. In a few days she was fine.
My experience: This winter I got home from a trip, and was very tired. I got a bad cold and my nose was constantly running down the back of my throat, causing it to feel very sore and raw. I was using infection fighting herbs, but thought maybe I’d try the Chinese ones for myself to see what would happen. I used the AL-C, since I had a wet condition. The first day, my nose stopped running down my throat, so my throat started to feel better in a matter of hours. I continued using my Echinacea and Golden Seal capsules for the infection, and got better quickly.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12

High Blood Pressure

I was contacted by a man whose back was badly injured in a trucking accident. He was in a lot of pain, and had difficulty walking and sleeping. Since the accident his blood pressure had shot right up, and his doctor wanted to put him on blood pressure medication. I asked him if he had high blood pressure before the accident and he said he didn’t. Obviously his arteries hadn’t suddenly gotten plugged up, so I knew it must be the stress of the accident and the pain that were causing his adrenal glands to work overtime. When we are stressed, our adrenal glands signal our kidneys to hang onto more fluid, to raise blood pressure to cope with the “fight or flight.” The Chinese recognize the balance between the adrenals and kidneys, so I thought maybe K-C would balance his system. He used the K-C, 4 capsules 3 times a day with meals, and a few things for stress and minerals. His blood pressure came right down to normal in a short time. His doctor was amazed.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12


This is the first Chinese formula I had experience with. It is for an over-worked liver trying to detoxify. It seems to be very good for skin conditions.
My daughter, then 16, had eczema on her hands. Her fingers were scaly and cracked, and would weep and sometimes even bleed. She had tried some herbs, but with no success. Finally she said, “Mom, I’m going to go to a REAL doctor with this problem.” I told her to go ahead—I was quite sure what would happen. (ie nothing) When she came home from the doctor, she looked very discouraged. She said the doctor said she had eczema and she would have to live with it the rest of her life. For occasional relief, cortisone crème could be used. Soon after that NSP introduced the Chinese line of herbal products. I brought home a bottle of LIV-C, and she tried it. Within a week her eczema was cleared up. (Note: Super Omega 3, 3 per day, and Burdock, about 6 per day can be used with the LIV-C with good results.)
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newlsletter Spring 2012

From the Desk of Donna Roth Spring 2012-03-
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Wow ! This year 2012 has opened with an amazing number of accounts revealing some very interesting and exciting herbal success stories. I have picked three of the many I have received and I am sharing them with you in this message. I feel a certain shift is taking place in the minds of many. A genuine awareness is occurring . People are becoming empowered through the unique education we offer through the Monday evening teleconference call. These calls not only serve to educate but they also provide specific instructions on how to overcome diseased conditions. To be able to overcome cancer in the comfort of your own home without the nasties of” cut, poison , burn” is nothing short of a miracle. To be able to clear up a serious blood poisoning with humble lowly herbs of Cat’s Claw 18 capsules a day and a bottle of Silver Guard without the use of antibiotics is in the eyes of many achieving the impossible. To clear up years of arthritic pain by simply undertaking the One Day Kidney Flush is astounding. So now why is not everyone taking on these methods of regaining their health ? If this is so good why doesn’t everyone know about it ? The answer to these questions lie in our present day belief systems also defined as myths.
1. The cure for cancer will come from the medical establishment. In the day of Christopher Columbus the world was flat. The answer to cancer is outside the box if you read the accounts of the many who no longer have cancer in Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth.
2. Infections will never heal without antibiotics. I am proud to say that I have not touched an antibiotic nor a drug for 30 years. There are many others I know who have also followed this path. How did we all do it ? It was by using our powerful herbal combinations and they work every time if we only but understand their workings.
3. A diseased condition requires a diagnosis before taking any herbs.
One man I know spent a whole year suffering in sickness because it was his belief that a diagnosis was essential before taking herbals. Finally in desperation and without a diagnosis he gave up the “ I need a diagnosis” and walked into the office of Donna Roth only to discover that it was nutrition that was needed to heal his body and not a medical diagnosis. Within three weeks he was totally feeling alive again.
4. Drugs work faster than herbs for clearing up infections. I have witnessed many an infection clear up in days with Cat’s Claw combination and Silver . A serious cancerous stomach condition was cleared up within 3 days after using high doses of Silver Guard. Blood poisoning was cleared up in 2 days with Cat’s Claw and Silver. Malaria was cleared up within 5 days using Dr Pedersen’s Silver protocol. Candida was cleared up within 7 days of the Silver protocol. The list continues if you go to www.donnaroth.com .
For those of you who are searching the common thread to all diseased conditions please attend my Monday evening calls 760 569 7676 Access Code 972723 # at 5:45 PM Pacific time.
If you require an educational session or you are interested in this as a business please contact Donna Roth at 250 764 2852 or kdroth@shaw.ca
1000 Herbal Success Stories #64 - 66
65. Peter’s Prostate Cancer Paw Paw Success Story Jan. 2012
Peter first went to see his doctor in November of 2010 as he had a concern with high blood sugar and needed to ask for some advise as to how to bring down has blood sugar levels. The doctor prescribed a drug to lower the blood sugar levels and also recommended a PSA test as a precautionary step to prostate cancer prevention. Peter , upon having the PSA test completed ,discovered that his PSA was on the high side at 5.3. The doctor was suspicious and sent Peter to have a biopsy tests on his prostate at the cancer clinic. The 12 samples of biopsies taken indicated that 3 of the tests showed positive cancers. Surgery was immediately scheduled. However Peter did not feel comfortable with surgery and thereby refused. Peter started the Paw Paw program in December of 2010. Here are the PSA tests as reported by Peter:
November 2010 PSA 5.3 Biopsies indicate 3 out of 12 samples cancerous
December 2010 started the Paw Paw program. He eliminated all sugars, grains, legumes, milk.
January 2011 PSA 4.75
April 2011 PSA 3.5
July 2011 PSA 3.8
Peter is now off the blood sugar drugs
January 2012 PSA is 3.3
Normal PSA is 1.0 to 3.5 Peter’s tests show that he is in the normal range of PSA . Peter is elated.
It was interesting to note that as Peter’s sugar levels dropped his PSA tests dropped accordingly. Once again these tests confirm the correlation between PSA and blood sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. This fact was documented scientifically by Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 when in a laboratory setting he discovered that when oxygen levels drop below 35 % ,oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place and if there is enough sugar in that area then oxidation flips to fermentation and that is when fungal infections become active. This is the first stage of cancer.

Prostate Cancer - Dr Shealy
Now the greatest news about Quercetin itself. It is especially powerful in reducing the symptoms of chronic prostatitis—a problem affecting all too many men. Quercetin has shown also to be helpful in many forms of cancer, but especially in prostate cancer.
Effective immediately, I am revising my recommendations for all men over 50:
• Saw palmetto, 160 mg, double strength extract, 4 daily. With ANY prostate symptoms, increase gradually up to 12 daily if needed to control symptoms or PSA. Incidentally, an excellent urologist told me recently that the so-called upper limit of 4 for PSA is ONLY for men up to age 40! By 50 years of age, it can be 5 and by 70’s, 6! No need to worry about a PSA not above 6 at 70+ years of age and asymptomatic! He says most urologists use the non-age “normative” of 4 because they make much more money doing biopsies! BEWARE!
• Nettles, 500 mg 2 daily and increase to 4 if any symptoms
• Quercetin, 500 mg. 2 daily. Increase to 4 with symptoms

Using Dr. Shealy’s sound advise here is a solid program for prostate health :
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day
Flax Lignans to sop up xenoestrogens 2 scoops a day
Men’s Formula 3 tablets a day will give you 624 mg Saw Palmetto, 15 mg of Zinc, 504 mg of Gingko Biloba for circulation. For serious symptoms increase to 9 a day.
HistaBlock Quercetin and Nettles are available in Nature’s Sunshine Histablock. To reach the required dose as suggested by Dr Shealy 5 tablets a day are required.

66. Account of P’s Arthritic Pain
P suffered terribly from arthritic pain. There was pain in all the joints, legs, ankles, wrists, neck. Chiropractic adjustments would not hold and the stiffness was awful. It was hard to get up and out of the chair. “ I had to use my hands to help me out of my chair.” P also took blood pressure medication for high blood pressure. “ I was in constant pain. I felt total hopelessness.”
In January , 2012 P decided to make changes in her life. She came to the conclusion that what she was doing and the foods she was eating was not working. This is when she visited Donna Roth who recommended a program of no sugars, no grains, no legumes and no milk. “The foods I was eating were all wrong. I got the beans out of my diet and started to eat meats. Rice and beans were my staple diet. Now I don’t eat them any more.” P also took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic for depleted minerals, K for the kidneys , Black Walnut for iodine and drank a lot of Chlorophyll and water.
Then P decided to take on something extraordinary. Donna had recommended a One Day Kidney Flush and P was ready for this. On the day of the flush P drank water with lemon juice and alternated it with water and Chlorophyll every 2 hours. Each time she drank the water she also took 2 K and 1 Hydrangea. In one week she repeated the kidney flush. And to her utter surprise dramatic changes took place. P felt total relief from all that pain in her joints, hips, knees, ankles, wrist and neck. Stiffness was greatly reduced . Chiropractic adjustments were holding. P was able to freely get out of her chair without pain in the back and hips and she no longer relied on the use of her hands to help her get up. The blood pressure dropped dramatically and P was able to go off the medication. “The only pain I feel is in my knee where I had surgery in Nov. 2011.”
In all her discoveries and excitement P has been sharing her experience with others in hopes of helping them overcome their pain and health issues.