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From the Desk Of Donna Roth Ireland TAC Trip August 2016

From the Desk Of Donna Roth     Ireland TAC Trip August 2016  250 764 2852  or text 250 718 2852

TAC means Top Achievers Trip. As a Senior Diamond Manager of Nature’s Sunshine I am a TAC achiever which means I qualify for a TAC trip each year. Recently my aunt kindly stated, “ You must be a great salesman” to which I replied, “What makes me a great salesman is teaching  people how to responsibly take action for their own health. I have a passion for transforming the health of nations.” You can be part of this incredible health movement by doing TAFYH. and My next TAFYH project gets underway on September 13/2016. There are 2 spots left for this team. You will love TAFYH. TAFYH teaches you that cancer, MS, Parkinson’s   cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6 F. Take your BT and you will find out it is too low! Why wait until you are diagnosed when you can short cut the whole process just by doing TAFYH! Send me a text 250 718 2852.
Ireland TAC was so much fun even though the weather was cool and rainy. But that is Ireland. We were totally immersed in the culture of Irish music and dancing, Irish lamb stews, and the beautiful Irish countryside of Killarney. My sincere gratitude to Nature’s Sunshine who attends to our every need and rolls out the red carpet for us on these amazing trips. The highlight of my Ireland trip was being piped in by an Irish bagpiper as he led us along a long Killarney stone fenced lane to the Muckross old country school house where we were greeted by Irish musicians and Irish dancers and presented with an amazing lunch of Irish stew , sea chowder and apple pie. I really  felt like a dignitary! There is so much more;
-horse drawn carriage ride along the lanes of Killarney National Park
- a boat ride on the lakes of Killarney
-shopping in the wool factories in Killarney
-a visit to Muck Ross heritage farm and stone house
-strolling in the rain along the countryside lanes of the Europe resort where we stayed
- visiting the National museum in Dublin and seeing the bog men
- a visit to Trinity College to see the amazing Book of Kells
- a visit to the National Art Museum
-an all Canadian VIP dinner in Killarney; gratitude to Jennifer Cole, NSP GM, Canada
-a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher, the countryside, the fields of bog, sheep, cattle
The trip ended with a Gala banquet at our resort which was outstanding. But I have to admit it was my Nature’s Sunshine friends that made this trip so very special. These are vibrant, bubbly people with loads of energy, creativity and fun. So I am taking this opportunity to share with you what I have learned from them while on this trip.
Ruston is the media guy for NSP and he shared this video clip with me. It is all about NSP quality control. I am so proud to be affiliated with a company that is driven by quality and integrity. I know that NSP products are the best and I have 1000’s of real life success stories to prove it. Check my site.
Nature’s Sunshine’s Four Point Path to Unsurpassed Quality [Video]
Susie Burke is 91 years old and she continues to qualify for TAC trips! How? “I just sign everyone up into Nature’s Sunshine.” That is her secret. She has been with NSP for 45 years and has built an outstanding business and continues to do so.
My great friend, Gene, has not put a drug into his body for 70 years; nor have his children nor have his grandchildren. Imagine the legacy Gene is building! I love it. He needs no drugs. He just relies on plants from Natures Sunshine. Gene stopped being a painter in his 50’s and started his NSP business. He is a TAC member and has been for years.
The president of Nature’s Sunshine International, Adrianna stated that this quarter Nature’s Sunshine had the fastest growing sales in history. Clean Start is the #1 sponsoring product. It is definitely one of my favourites. I took it to Ireland and used up a whole box while I was there.
Adrianna taught us that there is presently a new generation of people, the Generation W. They want travel, wealth and health. We offer all that with Nature’s Sunshine. With the Nature’s Sunshine Reward program  and with some applied elbow grease you too can have travel, wealth and health! I am always here to help.  I have a passion for this work and I would love to help you. So if you would love to have an extra income, say $500 or $1000 a month or build a huge business like I have and share the secrets of health to everyone you know just contact me/
Diane was there with her daughter. She has been MS free for over 25 years now. Diane believes her MS symptoms started after high school vaccinations. I asked Diane how many MS clients she has worked with that have overcome MS. She told me 100’s!! I want you to take note of that number. There are 1000’s of MS clients out there. Tell them there is another way.
Dr. Jay did a  presentation on SilverGuard , Nature’s Sunshine liquid nano Silver.
This Silver is outstanding and miraculous. Recently there was a study done with 18 women who suffered HVP. Interestingly enough they were all vaccinated and they still got the HVP virus. What does this tell you about HVP vaccinations? All 18 women outsmarted HVP by using Silver, not any store bought Silver but Nature’s Sunshine Silver! Yahoo for Silver! This Silver is not colloidal. It is a nano  Silver made with 2 electrons so it can recharge itself and  inhibit viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds. It is different than any other on the market because it resonates a certain frequency of 850 hertz to kill bacteria:
Food poisoning
Strep throat
Infected teeth
Injury healing
Burns: immerse into Silver for 10 minutes and the pain subsides
Drop into eyes
Breathe into lungs
Gargle for 10 minutes
Urinary tract infections; drink 6 ounces within a day
Use it on tampons for STD infections and bladder infections
Use it to purify water
Dr. Leavitt stated there was not one infection that Silver could not kill.
Dr. Jay clearly stated that NSP SilverGuard does not cause Argyria! We all sat back wondering what Argyria is.  “Argyria is a condition where silver particles accumulate in the skin tissue and make it turn blue.” Dr. Jay asked us all to warn against using homemade Silver or questionable Silver products.
Now for the sharing of success stories:
A thumb of one son was cut off and pouring blood. The thumb was immersed into a bowl of Silver and left for a long time. The pain subsided within a short time. Silver was taken internally and the Silver Gel was applied externally many times a day until the thumb completely healed ; the thumb that was cut off grew back on! I told you there were miracles!

Jennifer had fungus on her leg on and off for 3 years and nothing worked. She discovered Silver Gel and applied it often and the fungus is long gone never to return.
One young son had a tick in his eyes. He drank lots of Silver and the tick totally disappeared. Silver crosses the blood brain barrier.
A daughter with MRSA on her leg and arm used Silver Gel on the affected areas and MRSA was gone.
A tile layer ended up with Alzheimer’s disease and took 3 bottles of Silver and his Alzheimer’s is gone! In this case the infection caused the Alzheimer’s.
One person with renal carcinoma took lots of Silver and it worked.
One woman with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) was infertile and could not conceive. By taking lots of Silver the PCOS dissolved and guess what! There is a baby!

Suzanne joined Nature’s Sunshine because she lost 150 pounds by following a program.

Rhea shared her story regarding her severely swollen knee where surgery was recommended. Now Rhea is an avid golfer so a swollen knee was really imposing on her chosen lifestyle. Rhea is a TAFYH grad and this is where she learned all about the One Day Kidney Cleanse. She did this cleanse for one day a week for several times and took 12 Cat’s Claw a day along with her Therapeutic Nutritional Smoothies. And guess what? Her swollen knee is gone! No surgery! And Rhea is back on the golf course. Yahoo!!

I invite you to attend my Monday night calls at 5:45 pm PST. Dial 604 227 1018.

I look forward to serving you in the capacity of health and if you choose wealth to go along with health I will serve you as well.

Love and Gratitude,