Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zerenity for Anxiety

Imagine…being grounded, focused, serene, in control, and rested !!

“I have suffered from severe anxiety for over 10 years, at times being on several prescription drugs; which somewhat calmed me, but left me feeling unwell and numb.  60 days ago I was ill from constantly throwing up, my anxiety was so bad.  I wasn’t eating healthy food – in fact, I was starving; no nutrition, no energy, no capacity. I was always missing work. I lost a lot of weight. I felt like I was ready to jump off a bridge.
Then, I was introduced to NSP’s Zerenity…1 capsule/day. 2 bottles later, today, I wake up with energy, I eat, have gained 16 pounds (perhaps still underweight but much better!), I sleep so soundly, and have capacity to take care of my two children, full-time stressful job, and life…even my hair is better!  I WANT TO get up every morning and do things, instead of laying in bed in the dark all day long…
I’ve got my life back!