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A Message from Barb Re: Werner's Aggressive Prostate Cancer March 30/2015

A Message from Barb Re: Werner's Aggressive Prostate Cancer   March 30/2015
Werner is doing well. Just had another 6 month follow up exam and cancer is still undetectable!
Werner says the doctor just looks at him and is almost surprised because it still shows nothing.
(considering his cancer was very aggressive)
 Sending you lots of gratitude, and blessings,

Werner’s Prostate Success story
It was December of 2013 when Werner and his wife Barb flew from Edmonton to Kelowna . Their purpose was to put a face to the real person, Donna Roth , who they heard had a totally different approach to cancer. Werner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor stated, “This is a dense and very aggressive cancer.” Werner was devastated. He was horrified. The world came crashing down on him. He was not prepared for this! At this point Werner decided that an alternative would be the way to go and if that did not work he would do the hormone treatment. That approach did not really appeal to Werner as the side effects were nasty. Even Dr. John, diagnosed with prostate cancer whose story is written in Donna’s book ,Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, refused hormone treatment. Werner and Barb listened to Donna Roth share the many testimonials she had witnessed in the past.” I liked the success stories. Donna had worked with a number of people who had cancer very successfully and she had a lot of experience.” Barb also supported Werner’s approach to the prostate cancer,” I am a firm believer in alternatives because it helped my son.” Werner and Barb intently sat through the consultation as Donna explained cancer. “The consultation was really good, very much in depth and very personalized.” Werner was learning that there was another way and that his body was created to heal.
 Now this was Christmas time and Donna had just firmly told Werner that sugar and grains must be eliminated. Sugar feeds cancer. “ It was difficult. I just witnessed a big Christmas package arrive at my door knowing that I could not have any of those goodies in that box. But I was determined and I stuck to the program. I am an electrical engineer and I travel a lot. Everywhere I went, I took a blender with me to be sure I was following the program.” 
One month later, January 2014 , Werner was pleasantly surprised to discover that his blood pressure had normalized and the doctor took him off the blood pressure medication. The PSA test came next.  Werner, previously had succumbed to prostate surgery to have his prostate removed as the doctors strongly indicated that his lymph nodes were enlarged and that they were sure the cancer would spread to the bones. Even though the PSA dropped to 0 after surgery the doctor warned Werner that his PSA would soon be climbing up and that other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation would be necessary. The PSA test results came back and the PSA was 0. The doctor did not expect this. Werner continued with his program. March/2014 the PSA test came back once again with a 0. September 2014 the PSA tests showed a 0.Werner was declared cancer free !No chemo, no radiation! No hormone treatments! The PSA remains at 0. “I never would have had surgery if I had known about this program sooner.” Today Werner is totally grateful for this simple program. “ This program works and it has no side effects. I’m very glad it works. My energy has increased and I have lost 30 pounds and the weight has stayed off.!” Today Werner knows that he is now in total control of his own health. 

Peter’s Success Story: Bladder Cancer

 Peter’s Success Story: Bladder Cancer
In April 2014, Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer. Previous to this diagnosis he had experienced numerous bladder infections about 6 years before this time , where antibiotics were used. At the point where he was urinating blood, he knew this was very serious. It was Tina, certified TAFYH leader, who gave him a copy of Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury.
 Peter immediately stopped sugars, grains, and dairy and started having 2 Smoothies a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Arginine Plus, Collatrim Plus and Solstic Energy. He drank water with Chlorophyll. He took MC to chelate the heavy metals from the blood stream. Colostrum and Protease Plus were taken on an empty stomach. He worked up to taking 12 Paw Paw a day along with lots of Cat’s Claw and K for the kidneys and bladder. He was totally devoted to this program. “I knew this program would work for Peter.” reported Tina.
 But with the intense intimidation and fear from the doctors, Peter started taking chemo treatments only to experience extreme sickness. The chemo just did not work and Peter refused to do any more treatments. The doctor insisted on surgery as the only option. When Peter mentioned a change of diet the doctor firmly told him that there was no scientific evidence that diets worked and that the tumours would only grow larger. However after about 3 months on the program when Peter went back to have a CT scan done, the bladder was reported to be unaltered and there was a modest diminished size in the lymph nodes. The doctor informed Peter that if he would not do the recommended surgery, then radiation treatment would be the other option. He explained that the tumour was now involving the prostate and that this was very urgent and would get worse unless the bladder was surgically removed. Peter refused!
In September 2014 another CT scan was completed. Peter had now completed his 5th month on the Paw Paw program. To the amazement of 3 medical specialists the tumours were gone. When asked what he had been doing Peter told them that he had changed his diet drastically; no sugar, no grains, no starches. Peter decided that more information would only lead to mockery. One specialist told him that this would work for prevention of cancer but would serve no value if you already had cancer. This specialist had just witnessed the CT scan where Peter showed no tumours in the bladder!!  When Peter told Tina what the doctor had told him, she said he should have asked the specialist, “If this is true why are you not telling your patients this information?” To date, Peter has been told that he would have another scan in September and that if there were no signs of tumours he would be declared cancer free.
This was a very difficult thing for Peter to do; take a stand against the doctors. But inside he knew that there was something great about super food nutrition. He knew that he could heal his body. He worked really hard to overcome the fear that these doctors had created. And overcome he did!

Regarding the money he spent, he looks back at it now. He was sick, weak and could not work as a carpenter. There was no money coming in. But he found the money for the Super Foods and supplements. Today he has so much energy he is back at work, happy, healthy, and making money. Think of where Peter might have been had he not spent the money on this program. Many people look at it as expensive, but for Peter it was worth every penny that he paid to get his life back! This is not just a program for Peter. It is also for me and I am doing it too.  But are you?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Monday Teleconference calls with Donna Roth

Thank you to Carol for her great talk on the importance of having Smoothies to keep the inner
biological terrain in a state of health. Just having a Vita Mix smoothie with vegetables and fruits
will not do it unless you are putting 28 apples and 10 tomatoes into that smoothie every single day.
My point here is that all grocery bought foods are severly mineral deficient.
" Even a deficiency of one mineral element allows morbid waste matter to accumulate." Bechamp 1800's.
To sustain health or to regain health, Super Foods from Nature's Sunshine is the only way to go the way I see it.
Mineral Chi Tonic
Green Zone
Flax Lignans
Collatrim Plus
Arginine Plus

Attend the Telecall with Donna Roth on Monday at 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 760 569 7676
IF you do not have a good long distance US plan then dial 10 -10-620 before the
call and you will be charged $1 for the call.

 Cancer is not a mysterious disease as it is made out to be.
It is simply fungus or mold ( another word that perhaps describes it)
 growing inside a body that is loaded with stagnant toxic waste debris.
Let's face it . Any time there is toxic debris with lack of O2 then mold, fungus,
yeast etc. grows in that environment. This is a law of nature and common sense.

To address cancer we need to do the following:
Stop putting poisons into the body.
Address the sources of the poisons
Stop leaky gut
Cleanse the blood of undigested food from leaky gut, from candida, from heavy metals etc.
Cleanse the intestinal tract
Cleanse the kidneys
Nourish the body with high value super foods and minerals
Get that blood circulating
The call will explain all of the above.

Many times the above process takes a short time if lots of the above Super foods are used in
high amounts. The sooner you nourish that oxygen starving body , the sooner you get that waste
debris moving out the sooner you get results.
I remember Bob in 2003 who was having 6 Smoothies a day and he was able to overcome a serious
cancer of the esophagus in 2 months. This is 2015 and Bob is still alive and well.

Here is what stops people from having results:
It costs money.
The test results show that it is not working.
I just want the magic bullet in other words , just the Paw Paw for my cancer.
I want to continue drinking my alcohol as I do this program.
The doctor told me to stop taking all those things.( Note the doctor is not an expert in the Paw Paw program)
Fear :I really don't believe my own miraculous body is created to heal.