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Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

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TAFYH team 71; Completion Ceremony on Friday

Advanced TAFYH 30 participants.

Tidbits; Donna Roth

Guest Speaker; Maria, Stomach pain, spinal pain, shoulder pain: gone

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A: Please send questions to Prostate Cancer


It is really exciting when a team completes TAFYH and they now realize how programmed they had become after years of relying on blindly going to a doctor and willingly accepting a prescription drug. No thinking, no investigating, no knowledge, no information; just dropping a sick body on the doorstep of a doctor and doing what he prescribes. All of a sudden in TAFYH you are plunged into taking action for your own health, for taking responsible action, for getting to know how the body needs you to feed it properly, and for becoming aware of miraculous God given herbs created for you to use. This knowledge is not available to anyone except through TAFYH. So today you will hear from Maria and her incredible results  and how grateful she is to have completed TAFYH, not just once but twice. I ask that you really pay attention to her words and to her genuine authentic presentation.


TAFYH Evaluation (by Gabriela)


I think the biggest AHHA moment of all was in Lesson 38 about Cancer. Learning that it can be cured and by understanding its concept helped me to see the simple solutions to a complex medical problem. The fact that stress and Emotional Injury are causes of Inflammation.. was mind-boggling! The Chinese Constitutional Elements, how each represent specific organs and how they all work harmoniously together. Understanding Hering’s Law of Cure, that we all are holistic being composed of body, mind and soul, that treatments should be non-invasive, nontoxic and should strive to re-establish balance and equilibrium to develop light in dark places. The power of Kidney Flush..amazing! Understating why Cholesterol is so important and that its origin is fat or lipid that the Liver produces. The Body’s 12 Meridians and their connection to all the organs… what an eye opener! Every nerve ending from every Organ and gland of the body meets in the eyes, feet and teeth, this made me appreciate the Importance to having our teeth checked, get rid of Mercury-filling and address root canal. I loved the lesson about Simple Self Tests and how we can create our First Aid Kit.


I loved it.. I wish it could have been longer.


It was amazing..I never learned so much in these 2 1/2 month..I enjoyed that in every Lesson there were always quotations from Doctors and Researchers. It reinforced my believe in Herbs and their healing power.


Excellent. Very organized and positive, I also enjoyed the fact that we could express ourself freely and ask any questions after. 


I appreciate that we were reminded every time by doing IONIC Breathing, exercising, eating the right foods etc.. This helped me not only to see the seriousness towards this course but also towards myself. 


We live in a world that is influenced by harmful elements such as 5G, ELF and EMF. Also the Air and Water is polluted, Fruits and Vegetables are without nutritional benefits. So choosing and eating the right foods along with the right supplements are so important.


I enjoyed reading them. It helped me to continue and to be more determined in achieving my goals.


I loved my TAG Team. They were of great support and helped me to be focused. I loved sharing with them what I learned.


TAFYH helped me to think outside the Box. It helped me to be confident and realize never let anybody make decision for my health. I want to express gratitude to you Donna for all your hard work, your knowledge and insight. Thank you for helping me and so many people to understand and benefit the law of Nature. I also appreciate Maria, Brian and Sharlene, it was so encouraging hear your comments and success stories. My goal is to make my vision Board become a reality and share the things i have learned with others. I wish you all love and blessings.

Warm regards


I receive so many words of gratitude and kindness for the work that happens here and for this I acknowledge you and honor you for recognizing what health really is. There is something very magical happening with our ever growing Advanced TAFYH team. To be a member of the Advanced team you must be a TAFYH grad where you have a solid background of the Laws of Nature as it applies to health. To date we have a team of over 30 participants that meet and study once a week for 2 hours. As a result of their commitment to their own health and to bettering the health of their loved ones and friends we are all noticing that there is an increase of the numbers of people who are coming forward to ask these TAFYH grads for information  on what to do do for certain health problems. Health does not come in a drug or a treatment. It comes from nutrition and herbs and changing your thought patterns. As a result these committed 30 are moving this work forward in leaps and bounds and the success stories are pouring in. I say thank you and I love it.

So today I thought I would share with you the work that has come across my desk this week. And I only chose a few because there are many that I respond to each day. I will share with you the protocols I have organized for different people.


Cat’s Claw, Silver, Minerals

 Cancer of the prostate, now in the lungs, liver, lymph, bones.

Drink those smoothies 3 times a day. He needs lots of energy to move out all those poisons. 

Chi  Tonic 2 oz each time

Collagen 1 scoop

Green Zone 1 scoop

Rejuvenaid- 1 stick

Lobelia 1 tsp

Paw Paw 2 


Take SilverGuard about 8 ounces a day or more if he can't swallow. 

Every 2 hours take:

Ultra Biome DTX in water and  Liquid LB extract 

I think there is Una D'Gato extract which is the same as Cats Claw Take about 2 tsp each time

Mega Chel 2 can be crushed up

Eat beef broth and chicken soup with lots of vegetables!! 



It is an infection of the intestinal tract.

Eat the right foods

Smoothie 3 times a day with each meal



Essential Liquid Minerals

Water and berries

Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day

UC3J 3 with each meal and 3 at bedtime.


Breast Cancer; Very ill after Chemo treatments

Smoothie 3 times a day to build 

Rejuvenaid 1to 2 stick

Green Zone 1 scoop

MCT powder 1 scoop

Flax Lignans 1 scoop

Solstic Energy 1/2 stick 

Aloe Vera 

Water 1 glass 

Take Cats Claw 4 three times a day

Pau DArco 3 three times a day

Eat meats, eggs fish yogurt unless there are allergies. 

Be sure the bowels are moving three times a day


Heart Problems

Drink lots of Chlorophyll and water

Hawthorn 3 capsules 3 times a day

CoQ10 3 a day

Eat the right foods.


Diarrhea Vomiting Stress

It happens in the morning.

It could be hiatal hernia so do the hiatal hernia pulldown exercise.

You can google it to find out how to do this.

Take Cat’s Claw combination for infection 3 three times a day

Take ULC-R for healing the stomach lining and addressing H Pylori bacteria.

UC3J 3 with each meal.

Have a smoothie

Collagen powder

Solstic Energy



Cream for a rash in the private areas

Pau D’Arco lotion is excellent

Itchy skin and rashes.

Pau D’Arco is a yeast killer and often those rashes come from Candida fed by sugar, starches, breads, grains, fruit juices.

I use it on my face as a face cream morning and night.

One lady walked into my office one day to tell me that her eye lids hurt because they were so dry. I said Pau D’Arco lotion and she immediately opened the tube and applied to her tender sore eyelids. The relief was immediate and she was so very grateful.


Itchy Everywhere, possibly from the Shot

Arginine Plus to bind the spike proteins.

Artemisia 7 first thing in the morning and maybe 7 at night for parasites

Pau D’Arco capsules 12 a day for cleansing the blood of Candida yeast.

Pau D’Arco lotion applied to the itchy skin.

UltraBiome DTX 1 stick with a tall glass of water four times a day to clean the heavy metals.


Pain in the Right Side; possible GB

This was an emergency call and this person had no products at home to work with.

I recommended a Castor Oil pak. Castor Oil can be purchased anywhere at a store.

She took about an ounce or two of the Castor Oil on a towel and put it on her liver area right side.

She then placed a heating pad on that area and left on all night.

The pain relief was almost immediate.

The next day she did the Gall bladder flush and passed a huge gall stone that was the size of a big marble. This woman has now done 4 GB flushes, It takes more than one flush to dissolve a big stone.

The stones do not move out until the stones are dissolved. The doctor however told her that a stone may be stuck in the bile duct. I say NO Way to that response. The body has an incredible sense of wisdom that few people recognize. No gall stones move out unless they are dissolved.

 Prostate Cancer Program

No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no dairy, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Eat meats grass fed, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, seeds, berries, avocado , coconut oil

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Rejuvenaid 1 scoop 

Yellow: Flax Lignans binds toxic xenoestrogens. 2 scoops each time

Blue: water and frozen berries

Green : Green Zone Ultimate  1 tablespoon

Solstic Energy ½ stick

With meals:

Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day

Saw Palmetto conc. 1 with each meal

Herbal Pumpkin 3 twice a day

Paw Paw 2 /3 times a day

Zinc 4 a day


Take 1 scoop Collagen with hot water before bed.


Address the mercury fillings. No antibiotics to be used. Use Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel on the teeth.

Body temperature: take your BT first thing in the morning. Average : 98.6 F or 37C

Do the One Day Prostate Flush once a week for about 5 months

One Day Prostate  Flush

1 glass water with lemon and Arginine Plus ½ scoop

1 Men’s Formula, 2 MC, 2 K, 1 Horsetail

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

1 Men’s Formula, 2 MC, 2 K, 1 Horsetail

By then end of the day you will have taken 10 glasses of water with 10 K, 10, Men’s Formula, 20 MC, 10 K-C

On the day of the cleanse you only have Smoothies and eat right and do not need to take any other supplements.

 Diaper Rash

One baby ended up with a severe diaper rash. Mother applied Silver Shield Gel to the area about 5 times a day and gave the baby Silver Shield 1 tsp 2 times a day along with 2 Acidophilus. The diaper rash disappeared within 8 hours.

I have received many testimonials regarding Silver Gel for diaper rash.

 Crohn’s Disease

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no pop

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic -1 ounce 2 times a day

Cat’s Claw -4 capsules 2 times a day

UC3-J – 3 capsules 3 times a day

Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day



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Teleconference Call Feb. 20/23 the Desk of 

Donna Roth Feb 20/23

Contact Donna Roth for consultations;

Contact Donna Roth to register for the TAFYH course.

Transforming the Health of Nations

A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, beauty, magnetism and power!


Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

Monday, Dec.5/22

At 5:45 pm PT

Dial 604 227 1018



TAFYH team 71; Completion Ceremony on Friday

Advanced TAFYH 30 participants.

Guest Speaker; Brian, TAFYH grad Team 71, bladder cancer

Your Primary Detoxification Center: Your Liver

One Day Liver Cleanse

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A: Please send questions to Parasite cleanse for children

The liver produces bile to aid in the digestion of fats. Bile also serves as a channel for the elimination of excess cholesterol and environmental toxins. The liver makes cholesterol to transport fats through the body. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) transport fats to the cells while high density lipoproteins (HDL) laden with toxins and fats back to the liver for elimination. Liver health is therefore critical to the proper metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body. There is no such thing as bad cholesterol in the body.

Most of the cholesterol in your body doesn’t come from your diet; it is manufactured by your liver. Cholesterol is used to bind environmental toxins, which is why it is usually higher in people living in Western civilization and why lowering your levels of cholesterol with statin drugs increases your risk of cancer. The liver removes excess cholesterol from the body via the bile, so sluggish bile function, dehydration and a lack of fiber in the diet will cause cholesterol laden with toxins to elevate. There is a product that helps to maintain good cholesterol levels and it is called Cholesterol Reg. I would also add Psyllium Hulls combination as your prebiotic fiber to pull out that cholesterol full of poisons from all the vaccines, antibiotics, drugs you have exposed you body to.

The liver acts as a kind of warehouse for the blood. The liver stores nutrients so they can be released into the bloodstream to be used by the cells

The liver is the body’s primary detoxification center. Although every cell has some ability to detoxify, the liver has numerous enzyme systems for breaking down metabolic waste and environmental toxins so they can be eliminated through the kidneys or the bowels.

As a storage center, the liver plays a very critical role, along with the pancreas and adrenals, in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. The liver stores excess sugar when the Sphincter of Oddi blood sugar is high and releases it again when blood sugar levels drop. Thus, both hypoglycemia and diabetes can be related to problems with the liver.

 The liver plays an important role in the immune system. When bacteria or infectious organisms are absorbed from the intestinal tract, the liver acts as a back-up line of immune defense, destroying them before they can get into the rest of the body.

The liver stores carbohydrates such as glycogen, which can be quickly converted into glucose (for energy) if needed by the brain, muscles or other organs. • Hydrogenated fats and the chemicals found in processed foods cause the liver to work harder. • The proteins albumi  globulin and fibrinogen — all components of blood plasma – are manufactured in the liver.

Because the liver has so many important functions, it’s easy to see how even moderate liver dysfunction could contribute to a whole host of health problems. Unfortunately, moderate liver dysfunction is not something that is on the “radar” of modern medicine, which tends to only recognize serious liver disorders like hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. The following list explains some of the physical problems that may be tied to liver dysfunction.

• Constipation - Bile from the liver is a natural laxative. Bile is like the soap for the intestinal tract.

• Diabetes (adult onset) - The liver works with the pancreas and adrenals to regulate blood sugar.

• Flushing of the face and hot flashes - In Chinese medicine, there is a condition called “liver fire rising” in which an over-heated and irritated liver will cause redness and flushing of the face with sensations of heat. Soothing the liver relieves this condition.

• Food allergies - Many allergic reactions to foods come from either a lack of digestive enzymes or a toxic and overburdened liver that can’t properly process certain nutrients.

• Groggy, sluggish feelings - When the liver is overburdened, we wake up feeling groggy and sluggish and may feel like Did You Know?

• The liver affects nearly every physiological process of the body and performs over 500 different chemical functions.

• The liver filters over a liter of blood each minute. IF the liver is sluggish  we can then experience “brain fog,” the sense that we just can’t think clearly.

• Hay fever and allergy-induced asthma - The liver breaks down excess histamine in the system through its enzymatic detoxification pathways. If some of these pathways are sluggish, histamine reactions occur more readily and we will experience respiratory problems as a result.

• Headaches, especially migraines - People who experience frequent headaches may have sluggish liver detoxification or may be dehydrated and unable to flush toxins the liver has processed. Migraines, in particular, seem to have a strong connection to the liver, as improving liver function often seems to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

 • Hormonal imbalances- The liver breaks down excess hormones, so problems with liver enzyme systems can cause hormone imbalances.

• PMS symptoms - Many symptoms of PMS (anger, irritability, depression, mood swings, etc.) are due to hormonal imbalances caused by congestion in the liver. When it is unable to break down excess hormones properly, the liver contributes to those PMS problems.

• Hyperactivity - Irritation in the liver makes a person feel “on edge” and contributes to hyperactivity in children.

• Hypochondriac feelings - The vague nature of liver symptoms and the inability of some health care providers to identify the liver as the cause makes people with liver dysfunction feel like they are hypochondriacs.

• Hypoglycemia - The liver stores sugar for release when the blood is low in sugar. Inadequate stores of glycogen in the liver contribute to low blood sugar.

•Insomnia - People with moderate liver dysfunction tend to feel restless in the evening and are unable to fall asleep easily because the liver energy is most active around midnight (according to TCM philosophy). In the morning, however, they wake up feeling tired and sluggish.

•Intestinal gas, bloating and distress - While these symptoms are primarily digestive, they can also signal moderate liver dysfunction.

• Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea - Toxins that the liver has dumped into the intestines can irritate the intestinal tract, causing the digestive tract to try to flush these irritants through vomiting or diarrhea. In some systems of traditional medicine, the 24-hour flu was called a liver crisis.

• Prostate problems - Sluggish liver detoxification and congestion of the venous circulation in the liver is a contributing factor to prostate swelling and enlargement.

• Severe body odour - This is a sign the body is toxic, which points to the need to cleanse the liver and digestive tract.

• Skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc.) and skin eruptive diseases (chicken pox, measles, etc.) - In traditional Western medicine, these conditions were thought to be the result of “impure blood” and treated with “blood purifiers.” These purifying herbs are typically bitters that improve liver and lymphatic function. Remember that part of the liver’s job is to prevent toxins from the digestive tract entering the general circulation and to remove them from the blood. When it is unable to do this, the job of removing these toxins falls on other eliminative systems like the skin.

• Varicose veins - Generally, when one has varicose veins, one also has sluggish venous circulation in the liver.

The Liver and Emotional Imbalance

 Emotional imbalances that can be connected with the liver. These include:

• Anger, irritability and defensiveness - In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and traditional Western medicine the liver is seen as the seat of anger. Anger is the emotion that allows us to stand up for and protect ourselves. The liver is the primary organ that protects the internal systems against environmental toxins and appears to have a strong link with feelings of anger. Relieving congestion and irritation in the liver can help people feel more calm and less prone to be easily irritated. Hence, feeling easily angered is a major symptom that your liver may need to be cleansed.

• Depression and discouragement - These emotions are the opposite of anger because they are feelings of being defeated and overwhelmed. These feelings are often connected with sluggish liver function, where the liver is inefficient in its removal of toxins from the body.

One of the herbs that has  remarkable detoxification alkaloids called silymarin is Milk thistle, Studies have shown that milk thistle has a protective effect on liver tissue, even in cases of chemical poisoning. It keeps toxins absorbed by the intestines from damaging the liver while it works to neutralize them. Milk thistle inhibits liver damage, thus helping the body flush out toxins. Anyone who works around fat-soluble chemicals of any kind (painters, hair stylists, dry cleaners, auto mechanics, etc.) ought to include milk thistle to their daily supplement regimen.

I had a personal experience with how the body handles these fat-soluble toxins one summer while I was camping with my kids. We arrived at our campsite after dark. I was wearing shorts and in my attempt to fill the Coleman lantern with white gas, I spilled gasoline all over my legs. I knew this wasn’t good, but I wiped it off and didn’t think too much about it. On the second night of our camping trip, I woke up in the middle of the night with my head swimming and my stomach churning. I thought I had food poisoning. After several hours of dozing in and out of sleep, and trying to drink some water to flush my system, I finally managed to throw up. What I threw up was mostly bile. None of my kids were sick, so I realized that I couldn’t have had food poisoning. What was the problem then? I finally realized it was the white gas. My body had used cholesterol in my bloodstream to grab hold of the chemical and transport it to my liver, where it was processed and then dumped into the bile ducts for elimination. This nauseated me and caused me to throw up, eliminating the chemical from my system as I threw up the bile containing the toxin. If just one exposure to a fat-soluble chemical like gasoline could do that, think about what repeated exposure to solvents, cleaning solutions, beauty parlor chemicals, paints, mercury, and a host of other fat soluble chemicals over a long period of time can do. If the eliminative channels can’t get rid of it, then it’s going to get stored— in fat. If you break down the fat, then the chemicals are going to be released into the bloodstream, causing a variety of problems if the liver and eliminative organs aren’t strong enough to handle them. Laurence Smith

My Three Day Liver Detox

8 am 1 glass of water and 1 tsp of Psyllium Hulls,  2 LBS11, 4 Lecithin

Have a smoothie for breakfast


9 am Glass water with lemon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


10 am 1 glass of water with Chlorophyll 1tablespoon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


11 am 9 am Glass water with lemon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


12 Noon 1 glass of water and 1 tsp of Psyllium Hulls and 2 LBS11 and 4 Lecithin

Have soup and salad for lunch


1 pm  Glass water with lemon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


2 pm 1 glass of water with Chlorophyll 1tablespoon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


3 pm Glass water with lemon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


4 pm 1 glass of water with Chlorophyll 1tablespoon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule



5 pm Glass water with lemon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule


6 pm 1 glass of water and 1 tsp of Psyllium Hulls and 2 LBS11 and 4 Lecithin

Have soup and salad for supper


7 pm 1 glass of water with Chlorophyll 1 tablespoon

Milk Thistle 1 tablet, LiV-A 2 capsules, Liver Support 1 capsule












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Teleconference Call Feb 13/23


TAFYH team 71; Completion Ceremony on Friday

TAFYH team 72; 7 registrants and well on the way.

Advanced TAFYH 30 participants.

Stats on Harm of Trans fats

Heart Attack: What to Do?

The Trap of Not Heeding to Nature

What Does Research Say about Prostate Cancer

Words of Interest of Carol

 According to National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), at least 21 states, including California as the latest state, have banned the COVID vaccines from being included in school mandates as of February 6, 2023. to listen to Empower Hour on Wednesdays at 5 pm PT.

 Dr. Dohan worked in New Guinea in the 1960’s and studied the wheat foods. When wheat foods were added to the diet there was a 35% increase in schizophrenia.

Gliadins have been added to present day wheat strains that act like opiates and these opiates cause appetite stimulation and leaky gut. These gliadins then leak into the blood stream and trigger immune responses and cause autoimmune disorders

 Dr. D Jenkins stated that wheat has a glycemic index of 72 compared to sugar which is only 59. Wow!!

 Dr. Davis: In order to reverse heart disease it is required to have normal blood sugar. To do this eliminate all grains. The proteins in all present day grains are all different with a gene added called GIOA9 and these can induce mutations and are the cause of all kinds of intestinal disorders such as celiac , ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, joint pain, heart palpitations, paranoia, schizophrenia, hallucinations, ADD, violent behaviours, depression . Dr Davis Wheat Belly

 All agricultural grains today have been manipulated and I don’t trust them If you are not in health then start by eliminating grains; wheat, barley, rye and take Colostrum available in capsules from Nature Sunshine, Colostrum is found abundantly in the first milk that a cow produces after a calf is born. I was raised on a farm so I know how much milk a cow produces after a calf is born. There is enough for the calf and enough for the whole family. The cow is delighted to be milked even after feeding her calf. Milking the cow empties her udders and gives her comfort. Colostrum is scientifically proven to bind the harmful lectins found in grains. It helps to build healthy muscles, bones and teeth.

 Trans fat; Dr Knobbe

Trans fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called PUFAs, found in vegetable oils, edible oils, seed oils and plant oils, are a fairly recent invention and include cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, soybean, corn and other popular oils.

According to Knobbe, writing on the Cure AMD Foundation website:

“The first of these [PUFAs] was cottonseed oil. This was soon followed by the hydrogenation and partial hydrogenation of cottonseed oil, producing the first ever artificially created trans-fat. The latter was introduced by Proctor & Gamble in 1911 under the name ‘Crisco,’ which was marketed as ‘the healthier alternative to lard … and more economical than butter.'”

Crisco, the grandfather of commercially produced PUFAs or trans fats, is still widely sold today. The plan of vegetable oil producers, says Knobbe, was to undersell and therefore replace animal fats, which were priced higher. The plan was successful.

PUFAs became so popular that they now make up 63% of the American diet, form the basis of U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, food recommendations and are found in 600,000 processed foods sold in the U.S. today.

 According to Knobbe:

In 1900, 12.5% of the U.S. population died of heart-related disease; in 2010, that figure was 32%.

In 1811, 1 person in 118 died of cancer; in 2010, 1 in 3 died of cancer.

In 80 years, the incidence of Type 2 diabetes has increased 25-fold.

In the 19th century, 1.2% of Americans were obese; in 2015, 39.8% were obese.

In 1930, there were no more than 50 cases of macular degeneration; in 2020, there are 196 million cases.

 Rat studies and indigenous people show PUFA harm

Animal studies have dramatically demonstrated the deleterious effects of PUFAs. In one study Knobbe cites, two sets of rats were put on identical diets except one group received 5% cottonseed oil and the other received 1.5% butterfat.

The result of the study was that:

“… the rats on the cottonseed oil grew to sixty percent of normal size and lived 555 days on average; They were weak, fragile and sickly little rats. The rats on the butterfat were healthy; They grew to normal size and they lived 1020 days so they grew to almost twice the size of the cottonseed oil-fed rats. They lives twice as long and were infinitely more healthy.”

From Children's Health Defense

 This study and many studies show that we must follow the Laws of Nature if our intention is to stay in health. That means we eat those foods that Nature provides for us. Lard is good fat from pork.  Butter is good fats from grass fed cows. Raw milk cheese is good fats from grass fed cows. I am so thankful to the farmer here at my farmer’s market that makes raw milk gouda cheese from his grass fed cows.

 100% GRASS FED BEEF from Sayer Jy

Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids

Not only does grass fed beef contain much higher levels of omega-3s than conventional beef, it also contains an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids which is vital in helping control and reduce inflammation.

Elevated levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

100% grass fed beef is one of the best sources of CLA. CLA exerts potent antioxidant activity. Studies have documented CLA’s ability to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

More vitamins and minerals

100% grass fed beef contains more calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, beta-carotene and iron than grain-fed beef. It also has higher levels of B vitamins – specifically (thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2), as well as the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These fat soluble vitamins enhance mineral and protein absorption and are believed to protect against cardiovascular disease.

Elevated concentrations of Glutathione

Glutathione is often called the body's "master antioxidant. It is a very powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from oxidation and DNA damage.

 Nature Sunshine has some really good fats in capsules that come from ocean fish. Super Omega 3 is an all fish oil. Vitamin A and D are good oils from cod  fish.

 Heart Attack

In 2013 John reported that he had spent a day in the hospital because he had experienced chest pain. The doctor upon examination stated that John had a slight heart attack. Upon his revealing this story to me I told him the story of Diane who one evening called me in desperation. She had pain running up her left arm and up into her shoulder and neck. There was a suspicious tightness in her chest. What could she do ? This is when I told her to take 8 MC tablets all at once along with a glass of water and 3 opened capsules of Capsicum and 2 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic. “How could any of this hurt you?” I said. She also had CoQ10 and she added about 3 of them as well. She then repeated the Capsicum in water about 15 minutes later. Within 30 minutes all symptoms subsided and she decided that this was no longer an emergency. John intently listened to this story. As few short days later John once again had those chest pains. Without hesitation he took 10 MC along with the Capsicum in the water and Mineral Chi Tonic. And it worked! Within 30 minutes all symptoms subsided and the heart was back to normal.  He repeated this procedure once again that same day. On an everyday basis he now takes MC, Mineral Chi Tonic and Capsicum along with CoQ10.

Now here is some solid wisdom and advice to those out there who experience any kind of heart symptoms. This is your emergency take action plan:

MC 5 twice a day

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz twice a day

CoQ10, the oil based one from Nature’s Sunshine about 3 a day

Capsicum about 1 with each meal.

MC is what I call a designer tablet. There is a whole lot of science behind the MC and the way it was all designed. It contains vitamins especially the right amounts of Vit B6, Vit B12 and Folic Acid to bind toxic homocysteine levels. It also contains the right amount of  minerals, herbals, and bovines. MC is known as an oral chelation supplement. It has the ability to dissolve plaque that is lining the artery wall and obstructing blood circulation and oxygen flow. That plaque usually contains toxic heavy metals that may be coming from your teeth or from vaccinations you have had in the past. Because this debris is so very toxic the liver forms cholesterol to bind and store this toxic heavy metal debris so that it cannot harm your heart or your organs. However over a period of time the cholesterol builds up to dangerous levels whereby blood flow is impeded. So now along comes MC to break up and move that toxic debris that is lining that artery wall. The beauty of MC is that it can work fast and you can take it in large doses without it ever hurting you. No other chelation therapy is able to do this because it cannot be given in large doses all in one day for those times of emergency needs. What a miracle MC is!

 Dr. Glidden – “30% of people get better because of placebo effect. It is people accessing the field. People are smart enough to take care of themselves; however, people are destroyed by lack of knowledge and they fall deep down into the rabbit hole. The drug companies have convinced you for the last 100 years  that the only person you should see is the MD. To heal requires 90 essential nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 essential fatty acids. We live in an industrial agricultural world and these nutrients are no longer present in our food, unless you are using minerals, something breaks down. Your body wants to fix itself but the MD says your body cannot fix itself.”

The Magic Bullet Worked!

Quote Carol, “Here is the trap that many people fall into by not heeding Nature. A man in his 60’s tried MC and after using it for 1 month said that he would not take it anymore because it wasn’t doing anything for him. However, what he did not acknowledge was that he did not have to get up to go to the bathroom at night after using MC for 1 month. His prostate started to work right, the swelling went down, and the bathroom trips subsided. So, he went off MC. Consequence was that the prostate began to swell, then he was diagnosed with cancer= surgery= a serious hospital infection=isolation for 3 weeks= antibiotics= intestinal tract infection= diapers= diabetes= a brain tumor. The result is that he died. Yet all this could have been prevented if he had stayed on MC!”

 Dr Tim O’Shea

Then consider delaying biopsy until some visible perceptible health change warrants such an invasive and potentially carcinogenic procedure. What’s the worst that could happen by doing that? Few people die of cancer only; most die of cancer treatment. That’s the far greater danger, statistically.

If you have cancer, guess which system is the most important to you at this time, more than it’s ever been before in your whole life. Right – your immune system. Now guess which system suffers the most from chemotherapy and radiation. Right again. So the one time in your life you most need it, your immune system will be weakened by those therapies. That’s what the word cytotoxic means. As we will see, most people don’t die of cancer; they die from cancer treatment.

A study in Journal of the American Medical Association of 223 patients concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure. (Johansson [41]) Unlikely the statistics would be any different today since the recommended  procedures have not substantially changed.





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Advanced TAFYH 30 participants.

I Bet You Never Thought About How the Pandemic Started

Muscle Ataxia and CoQ10

Why do People Quit a Herbal Program

I love Dr Tom Cowan’s work and I love his mission.

His mission is to squash the Germ Theory and that viruses do not exist!

There is no virus that has ever been isolated.

The viruses they talk about have all been generated in a lab.

They have never isolated HIV, or Zika, HPV, Corona virus, Cold virus, Influenza virus, Polio virus, Small Pox virus, Measles virus, Mumps virus and so on.

These are all symptoms of detoxification.

Your body with its inner intelligence throws off poisons and toxic debris and symptoms appear.

They have given those symptoms names so as to create vaccines to deceive you in believing the vaccines will prevent you from getting those symptoms. As you can clearly see a vaccine can never prevent the body from expressing symptoms of detoxification. They keep inventing new names for viruses to keep the vaccination industry going. As you notice the new names that showed up in the last 2 years or so; omnicron, delta and sure enough there were vaccines for them.

What Dr. Cowan says next should make your blood boil.

When they wanted to create a pandemic all they had to do was remove all those virus names and give it one name: corona virus and boom. All of a sudden there were no flus or colds or HIV and so on. It was a pandemic with only one name; corona virus. Mikki Willis

 Young man diagnosed with muscle ataxia:

Problem started with vaccinations.

Avoid all sugars, grains, legumes. Dairy

You can read The Lectin Report by Krispin Sulivan to learn about toxic lectins in all grains and legumes.

Eat meats, grass fed is best, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, apples,

Drink water and Chlorophyll or water and Solstic Energy

Have at least 2 Shakes a day with:

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz for the minerals

Collagen  1 scoop to build the muscles

Green Zone 1 T to build

Solstic Energy ½ stick

Add berries and water and blend.


With meals take:

Passion Flower 3 twice a day

Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day for infections and the lymphatic system

Focus Atn  4 twice a day for the brain and nervous system

Super Omega 3     2 once a day

CoQ10      2 twice a day

 Once he is comfortable with the program we can then do a liver cleanse and I will give him further instructions and then a kidney flush.

I never heard back from him.

 I am sharing this program with you so you now know what to do for Muscle Ataxia or any other muscle pain you may have.

Dr. Wm Judy did 40 years of research on CoQ10.

He developed a highly absorptive CoQ10 and this is what he says.

Dr Wm Judy says that for “any system on the body to function properly energy is required. This includes heart , lung, kidney, liver, brain, sensory, gastrointestinal, reproductive, endocrine, immune functions as well as formation of blood and lymph. Without energy they will break down with resulting illness and death. SIBR Research Crystal Free CoQ10 is required to synthesize energy and help the patient return to health.”

Muscle ataxia is a disease of the muscles having their origins in the central nervous system. “When these patients are supplemented with SIBR Research Crystal Free CoQ10 they regain the tone and strength in their legs. They again have the strength to stand and to walk. Again this response is not fast but takes several months to be manifested. This appears to be related to the times it takes to build up the peripheral and brain CoQ10 levels in order to build up the skeletal muscle mitochondria and to recondition the skeletal muscles.

Immunity Studies done in the 70’s and 80’s found that people with low immunity also had a low count of CoQ10. Energy is essential for the body cells to make immune system elements. SIBR Research Crystal Free CoQ10 stimulates the synthesis of T cells cytotoxins that the body injects into cancer cells and prevents them from developing.

87% of cancer patients have low plasma CoQ10

Here is what I want to say about the people I have worked with.

Laurence Smith did not see any results until well into the 5th month of his program. He had 2 heart attacks at age 37. Faithfully he took MC 5 twice a day, Chi Mineral Tonic, Super Omega 3 about 4 a day. He stuck it out. What would have happened if he had quit?


Dr. Linda did not see any results with her program until she had followed it for 6 months. That’s when the doctor told her that her tumor in the uterus grew bigger. She was terrified and thought this program was not working.  She called me.That is a key; call me to hear my perspective. She continued the program. Two weeks later she called me to tell me she passed a tumor. It was confirmed by medical diagnosis that there was no tumor in the uterus. What would have happened if she had quit the program?


Grant had a sarcoma tumor behind his leg. He followed the program for 1 ½ years. Grant did not quit.HE did not get sicker and sicker as people with cancer usually do. Think of Terry Fox who had his leg amputated and then died with cancer. Grant then decided to go to the doctor who told him the tumor was bigger. In Grant’s mind the program was not working. Grant agreed to the surgery only to find out the tumor had totally detached from the walls of the muscles in his leg. All the doctor did during surgery was remove the tumor which was not attached to any muscle. The surgery took 45 minutes instead the estimated 90 minutes. Grant was declared cancer free. What would have happened if Grant had decided to quit the program.

Last week our guest speaker on the Advanced TAFYH call was Bee. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. Against the will of her doctors and family members Bee pursued a herbal program. She did TAFYH and continued with the program for a whole year. That’s when she noticed results. The thermograph indicated no hot spots in the breast, the Navarro test was 50.2 and all other tests indicated the cancer was gone. It took her a year. What would have happened to Bee if she had complied to the pressure of her doctors?


Then there is the story of Shauna diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. She had her breast cut off and did chemotherapy and radiation and took Tomixifen for 5 years and the cancer in the same breast area came back. You cannot cut out cancer because it has to be cleaned out. She followed a program for a whole year before the Navarro test showed the cancer was no longer there. She has been cancer free for over 10 years. And she was instrumental in helping Bee with her program. Shauna is also a TAFYH grad, What would have happened to Shauna if she had quit the program?


I worked with a woman once many years ago who was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. They were big and she felt like she was 8 months pregnant. She was dedicated to her program because she did not want to have any surgery to remove the uterus. They call it hysterectomy.


I worked with a man once who had kidney disease. He sent me his tests beginning in July.

Creatinine           213         Normal l60 to 130

eGFR     27           Normal 30 to 59

His Creatinine levels were really high and his GFR kidney function kept dropping and now were at 27.

The eGFR indicates the kidney functions ratings of 15 to 29 may be placed on kidney dialysis.

 He did a nutritional program for his kidneys. It involved eliminating sugars, grains, and dairy and then taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll and water, K for the kidneys, kidney flush and an array of herbs according to my directions. He was determined to improve the health of his kidneys.  He did at least 4 kidney flushes and one month later in August he reported back to me.

All tests indicate a normal reading except for the Urea count which shows a slightly high reading. The most exciting reading is the kidney functions eGFR at 48 compared to 27 in July. Kidney dialysis is no longer a consideration.

 What would have happened to Don if he had decided not to do the herbal program?

 When you are diagnosed with cancer or any of those other NO HOPE diseases you are driven not by common sense but by fear and the authorities step in because you have given your power away. You stopped looking outside the box. Your mind was stopped by authority figures. Someone else. Outside your realm created a vision for you. You did not take time to create your own vision that your body could heal, that it is created to heal. The minute you give away your power to someone else you stop thinking. Common sense goes out the window. Someone else takes over and creates the vision for you such as

Don’t worry; we will put you on these medications and then you can just do kidney dialysis twice a week. When your health deteriorates further don’t worry we will put you into a nice home and you will be looked after served with medications and vaccines.

In TAFYH I really emphasize these words strongly: Stay in your power.

 In the Advanced TAFYH team we talked about why people quit. Here is what they said:

There is a belief system that herbs would never work.

If the drugs can’t fix it how can a humble God given herbal program do anything.

Herbs are seem as  frivolous and demonized.

Truth is distorted. Only a doctor can fix the problem. You cannot possible fix it your self.

It takes patience and we live in a fast-food world.

It takes discipline to follow a simple foods program where you can’t eat cookies and donuts.

Fear is massive.

 What if this doesn’t work? I am here to say nutrition always works.

They fail to see the question What if your drugs or chemo doesn’t work?

It costs money and drugs are free. They choose the free part!

It’s also free to go into the spider’s larder: Come into my larder said the spider to the fly!

They expect immediate results. There are no immediate results for cancer. But I am here to say a year is short time. I am reminded of Bee’s words diagnosed with breast cancer. It took her a year and now in her 30’s she is cancer free and knows how to be self-reliant in her health. Is a year too long? It’s a perception.

The question comes up: Why would someone help me? What do they want from me?

There is no trusting relationship between the cancer victim and the person who had been through it and wants to help you so badly. They just want to help! That’s it!

I think of Terry who worked on her health for 5 years and she has been through it and seen the results. Now she is in health and wants so badly to help others. One person she was working with was able to raise her GFR kidney function from 11 % to 16% in one month. This same person after seeing a doctor who put her on blood pressure medications is now laughing at the stupidity of taking herbs to fix her kidney problems.

The peer pressure is huge. These are people who have never taken a chemotherapy course in their lives and decide to become the influencers pressuring you to do chemo and surgery. These are those who have never taken a herbal course in their lives and yet push you into avoiding them.

No one should ever make those kind of  decisions for you.

It is normal to take chemotherapy so why would you not do it? We never question that it is a poison.

The doctors are pressuring me to take chemotherapy.

To this I say you name me one doctor who has taken chemotherapy to try it out so he can then know the consequences.

People have a sense of belonging and most people belong to that 90% of society so it is difficult to pull yourself out of the 90% and move into the 10% camp those that overcame cancer, are self reliant in health and don’t comply to the masses. They have common sense.

Laws of Nature are all common sense and we have given up common sense to a pharmaceutical business.