Friday, November 27, 2015


Stroke :  Louise’s Husband Massive Stroke, A Miracle
Today, August 20, 2015 I had a wonderful conversation with Louise as she reported the miraculous success her husband had in recuperating from a massive stroke that took his health on Boxing Day , Dec. 26, 2015.
He was immediately hospitalized and his condition was dismal. He had lost his balance and could not walk. He could not see on one side. His right hand was particularly affected and he could not write at all. His memory was unstable. He could not think straight.  He had a hard time even knowing how to turn around in a room. Everything was upside down. Louise explained that he was in terrible shape and did not even know if he would recover because he also had a weakened heart even from childhood. “ This happened to my husband after he had a polyp removed from his colon. I was in an extreme state of stress.” But Louise did not give up on her husband. She was grateful to the excellent Rehab people who really helped him with the essential exercises that needed to be done. As soon as her husband got home from the hospital Louise gave him Smoothies as many times as she could in a day. “ Before the stroke he would not take anything. He did not believe in any of this herbal stuff. We had lots of arguments about taking herbs.” Now there was no argument. The Smoothies contained Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice, Arginine Plus and water. Louise also gave her husband CoQ10 , crystal free from Nature’s Sunshine, B 12, Vitamin D3 , Magnesium, MC off and on  and CurQMin. Louise also used a couple of products that she bought elsewhere. All sugars, all grains, all legumes and milk were eliminated.  She did this for her husband every day for 8 months. Was it worth the effort?
Here are the results as of August 20/2015
He can write maybe not as well as he used to but it is legible and readable.
He can walk without losing any balance and as a matter of fact he walks 3 miles a day.
His memory has totally come back.
His vision is great and he can see perfectly.
He did his driver’s test and passed it!
He got his driver’s licence back with no restrictions.
He goes out and socializes with all his friends.
Everything is back to normal.

“ I believe in prayer and I believe the right people come into your  life when you ask in prayer. Today he is a real believer and asks to have those Smoothies. We have been through a lot but we made it! This has been a miracle in our lives!”