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From Tony Robins

In January 2024 I took the course, Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robins. What he taught was profound and followed the Laws of Nature. Many of his profound quotes were from the Bible. I want to share just a few of his words of wisdom:

You have the power within to heal. You have the power within to heal your emotions. You have the power within to heal your body. I say you have the power within to heal your cancer. You don’t have cancer, you have been poisoned. Become your own inner masters.

Attacking someone never influences them.

Love is he essence of who you are.

As we love, love flows back.

It is divine intelligence that guides us.

You are born with faith.

If we don’t put ourselves in the state of faith we have no life.

Fall in being with people who light you up.

The world needs your life.

Be clear on what you want. Create it, make a list.

Shed your old identity and create your new identity.

I want to say that is exactly what TAFYH. Taking Action For Your Health Does.

You are shedding your old identity.

You are giving up the dogma.

You are creating a new you.

You are conquering your old dragons.

You are growing and you are giving and you are creating a new you!


TAFYH team 75 is launching tomorrow morning at 7:57 am PT with 6 members and I am pumped.


From Dr Jay

Healthy salt; your lymphatic system is salt water needed for cleansing purposes.  It is the Law of Nature that says your body is created to repair and to heal if you give your body  high dense nutrition in large enough quantities for a long enough time. I have taken high dense nutritious super food smoothies for over 30 year of my life and I don’t plan to quit. It took Dr. Jay four years of high dense nutrition to overcome bladder cancer but did he quit after overcoming cancer? Not! Last time I saw him he was still drinking 2 Smoothies a day.

From Dr Jernigan

You eat the right foods and drink 2 Smoothies a day and take lots of good fats to build up your cholesterol. “ If you drive down your cholesterol inappropriately( that is with statin drugs) you will totally throw your overall health in the toilet! Cholesterol is not the enemy!” Dr. Jernigan

You do the 5 STOPS:

Stop eating grains, wheat, barley, rye, oats, they have all been engineered and they contain glyphosates from Round Up.

Stop drinking water with Chlorine and Fluoride. And who knows what else is in your water. Is the municipal water being filtered to be sure there are no vaccine or CoVid shot residues in it? Is the municipal water being filtered to be sure there are no drug residues in it? I think about the millions of shots and millions of drugs being administered every single day. Is it going into my water system. I have a Berkey water filter for that reason.

Stop drinking alcohol, pop. and fruit juices. Its way too much sugar for you.l

Stop putting poisons into your body. Of course first of all you must determine what poisons? Here are a set of simple questions for you. Get a pen and paper. Write N for nutrition and P for poison.

Are the CoVid shots nutrition or a poison?

Are flu shots nutrition or a poison?

Are Shingles shots nutrition or poison?

Are pneumonia shots nutrition or poison.

Is a tetanus shot nutrition or poison?

From Dr Moskowitz

Dr. Moskowitz “a basic rethinking of our entire medical and scientific enterprise( has to take place) which will hopefully reaffirm health care as a human right rather than a commodity for sale………”


Gall Bladder Cleanse from Sophea

Sophea from Advanced TAFYH related another great gall bladder cleanse experience. This was her 6th gall bladder flush. She told us that upon completing the cleanse she had passed 100’s of tiny dissolved gall stones. They were medium to large stones. Sophea looked radiant and excited as she told us in doing this cleanse she came from a place of knowing, a place of healing and a please of feeling good. She knew what to expect. She was in her comfort zone. Sophea explained how she felt when she did her first cleanse. She was desperate and in fear and she did not know what to do or where to go or what to expect.

I recall the first time I talked to Sophea  She was very sick and in pain and So today I will read her story to you.


Sophea was afflicted many times with horrible pain on her right side. Then she would go to emergency and wait for hours to see a doctor who would prescribe a pain killer. She had no idea what was causing the pain. To put more fuel into this situation she also experienced liquid diarrhea. She would go to the gym to work out but that was really tough as the energy was low. Despite the fact that she was working out she could not lose weight. Finally, she was told that this may be a gall stone attack and that surgery was required. The idea of surgery kind of freaked her out. Instead of surgery she called her friend, Shauna, who was able to overcome breast cancer using a herbal program. Maybe there was something that could be done for gall stones. That’s where I came into the picture. I sent Sophea the instructions to the 3-day liver cleanse and the gall bladder flush. Feeling hopeful and empowered Sophea was ready to take this on. She did the liver cleanse for 3 days using LIV-C and Lecithin and Hydrangea. On the third day she prepared her Epsom Salt drink and followed the instructions. In the evening she prepared the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice and Black Walnut extract. She sipped this mixture with a straw and off to bed she went. In the morning the big surprise happened. When Sophea went to the bathroom the toilet bowel filled up with hundreds of green blobs. I had prepared Sophea that in doing the gall bladder flush the gall stones would dissolve and pass through the intestinal tract and be eliminated via a bowl movement as green blobs that were dissolved gall stones. Wow! Sophea had no idea that gall stones could soften and dissolve. No doctor had ever told her that! And to her surprise Sophea felt wonderful. There was no pain. The bloated feeling on the right side was gone. She had energy and she loved this feeling. Sophea however did feel apprehension as she was still thinking that maybe there could be more stones or maybe they were not stones.

Then time went on and there continued to be energy and there was no more pain. There was no more feeling of fullness. There was no more diarrhea. The bowel movements were regular and there were formed stools. Sophea would go to the gym with zest and energy. She lost weight. She had energy and she was empowered!

Then there was that one day where Sophea once again had uncomfortable digestive problems. There was pain and discomfort. What did she do ? She called me. I calmy said just do the gall bladder cleanse.

But it so happened that there was no Hydrangea or LiV-C or Lecithin in her house. And it does take 3 days to receive a product order from Nature’s Sunshine. This is when I recommended a castor oil pack. Sophea did find castor oil and prepared castor oil pack and placed it on her right side over the liver and gall bladder area. The pain subsided. When Sophea received her order she once again did the liver and gall bladder cleanse. And once again she passed 100’s of dissolved gall stones.  Sophea then realized that it would be a good idea to do a few more cleanses. So this week was her 6 th  cleanse.

It is quite simple. The hard part is to drink the nasty tasting Epsom salts with water and to  sip the olive oil and lemon juice at night before bed.

What can we learn from Sophea’s experience.

Drugs are not necessary. There is a different way but you just need to find it. What did Sophea do? She called her friend Shauna who referred her to me. That’s it. The answer is not in Google. Just make a decision to find another way, keep your ears opened and listen. Your inner intuition will guide you. Someone somewhere will give you  the answer.

Shauna was also able to help Bee. Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. She followed the medical protocal, breast cut off, chemo, radiation, tomxifan for 5 years and then the cancer came back! She was so mad she threw her Tomoxifan in the garbage and made a decision to find another way. This is when she went to the Integrative Health Clinic looking for alternative answers. Its not the clinic that gave her the answer. It was the woman she met that gave her the answer. This woman knew of Donna Roth and that’s where Shauna came into my life. Shauna has now been cancer free for 12 years or so.

Now here is Bee diagnosed with breast cancer. She is also looking for an answer. One day on a ski hill Bee happened to meet a woman who knew Shauna. Bee contacted Shauna and that’s where Bee came into my life. Bee has been cancer free for about 5 years.

The answer is out there in the universe waiting for you to come forward to receive it. We have forgotten how to use our inner guide called intuition.

We learn from Sophea that yes there is fear because you are moving into an unknown world and it’s the world of the Laws of Nature and that’s where the answers lie. But to overcome that fear it takes a plunge of faith, the faith to take it on and do it.

We learn that in that wonderful world of the Laws of Nature, it is safe. There is no harm. There are no harmful side effects. There is a BUT! It is up to you to take action and do it. It is up to you to step outside your comfort zone and learn a different way.

We learn from Sophea that health is a journey. It is not a destination. Sophea discovered that just doing one gall bladder cleanse was not adequate. She needed to do this many more times.

We learn that any health journey also requires a change of foods you eat. Little did Sophea know that the lectins present in grains and drugs and heavy metals can accumulate in the gall bladder as stones. She also needed to stop eating all grains and she needed to give her body nutrition which came from eating the right foods and form drinking super food smoothies.

We learn from Sophea as she did the cleanses it became more comfortable. The fear was gone and there was that feel good feeling.

We learn from Sophea how she got her power back. She now knows what to do and she is now in control. She no longer has to succumb to any so called authority figures. She is the authority, She is the power.

I am here to say that is what TAFYH is designed to do. It  teaches you to be the master of your own body,of your own health and of your own soul. TAFYH teaches to stay in your own God given power. Hold your head high, eyes forward with purpose, keep your shoulders back. Be the master of your own mind.

I once again reflect on the stories I shared with you this evening. Sophea who took on her own digestive health issues and resolved them I shared Shauna’s breast cancer story and briefly how she resolved them and I told you about Bee that she overcame breast cancer.

I now want to say that these 3 women took control, they worked at their health and they did not regain their health overnight. It took time. As it takes time for a football player to become a stay football player. Every day he practices his ball skills until he masters it. The same applies ot your health. Every day stay on the health path. Eat the right foods. Take a super food smoothie, be sure you drink clean water with some grey salt. Be sure your bowels are moving. And maybe once a week you can do the One Day Kidney Flush. It takes time for your body to heal. Your inner body has its own time and wisdom. Your body is created to heal and you must know that with the whole strength of you inner being. It was God that created this body and if you stay in the health path know that you are also passing this health path on to your children and grandchildren. It takes time to heal from cancer. It took Bee and Shauna a year to heal. It took Diane diagnosed with MS  2 years to heal. It took Dr Jay with bladder cancer 4 years to heal bladder cancer.

This is a life’s journey. But there are wonderful consequences. You will have energy; you will be strong. Your mind will be free from worry and despair. You will be in a state of freedom. You will not be tied down to waiting lines, emergency clinics and all those medical appointments. You will not be coerced  to take a vaccine or a Covid shot. You now know how to differentiate a nutrition from a poison. You are not driven by fear mongering TV authorities telling you what you must do. You are now in your God given power. Health is freedom.