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Paw Paw for Parasites

One lady felt very ill for approximately 1.5 years and she continued to get worse. She experienced pains and tingling in her arms, night sweats , prickly and sore skin, muscle soreness, dark circles under her eyes, no sex drive, very itchy ears and chest pains. Numerous medical tests had been done for her and doctors told her they could find nothing wrong other than high cholesterol and a cyst on the thyroid. One night she woke up around 2 am with severe grumbling in her stomach along with severe indigestion. At this point she decided to pursue a parasite program taking:

Paw Paw 4 day,

Caprylic Acid 4 day,

Psyllium Hulls Combination 2 tsps day,

Heavy Metal Detox
2 day;


Within a few days she passed some “critter” looking things which appeared to be about 1.5 centimetres, long with kind of fish tails and lots of legs that reminded her of “caterpillar’” legs only smaller. She put three of these “critters” in a jar with vodka to preserve them so others could view them.The pain and rumbling in her stomach area subsided considerably. A few days later she passed more parasites. She then realized the cause of all her symptoms. She feels so much better and is so greatful to Kathy who recommended this program to her.

A Pet's Herbal Guide

General Nutrition

Essential Liquid Minerals
This product contains all the essential minerals needed on a daily basis by the canine and feline body. it can be added to the pet's food on a daily basis.

This product is protein to build up muscles , ligaments, tendons, organs, nail , hair/fur and body fluids. It can be sprinkled over the pet food.

Super Oil or Flax Seed Oil
This product is a combination of essential fatty acids that eliminates dry scaly coats.

Nature's Gold Barley
This product is a Super Food which is 96% digestible and is loaded with nutrients and metabolic enzymes.

Structural System

ARTA with Devil's Claw

This herbal product detoxifies toxic biuld up in the joints. It is a powerful anti inflammatory and neutralizes uric acid and rids the body of calcification deposits.

Glucosamine replaces the lost synovial fluids.

Chondriotin is the glue that holds Glucosamine in place.

This herbal combination strengthens the kidneys and flushes uric acid build up thereby helping to prevnet joint pain.

Cat's Claw
It is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and cleanses the tissues and joints while healing.

Digestive System

Garden Essence

This product breaks down proteins into amino acids, changes starches into energy and improves digestion.

Catnip /Fennel

It eases upset stomachs and vomiting.

Herbasaur Chewable Acidophilus
These delicious tasting chewables serve a dainty treat for any pet. It is a great way to replace the friendly bacteria killed off by the use of antibiotics.

Slippery Elm
This herb is mucilaginous and is traditionally used for healing the mucous membranes in the stomach and the intestinal tract.

Intestinal System


This herbal combiantion is effectively used when there are swigns of blood in the feces.

Black Walnut

This is a single herb that is used to gently rid the body of parasites. It enhances the health of the skin, teeth and coat.

Chlorophyll is a tasty drink that will gently cleanse the pet's digstive and intestinal system . It is great for relieving "doggy" breath. It is added to the water to keep the body alkalized which stops the urine from burning the lawn.

Immune System

Noni, in capsule form, support's the muscular, skeletal immune nervous and respiratory system. it is known to have strong anti viral properties.

This Chinese herbal fights yeast infections which helps all skin and coat conditions.
It is known to remove almost all cases of mange, proriasis and eczema.

Paw Paw
Paw Paw has a researched history of alleviating cancers, tumours, and fungal infections. Paw Paw is also anti parasitic.

Golden Seal Echinacea

This herbal helps to rid the infection of mastitis and pyoera which is a discharge of mucous between heat cycles.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is great for combating fleas, nail fungus, ear croppings, cuts and scrapes.

Pau D'Arco Lotion
It is applied externally to relieve itch and fungal infestations.

Urinary System

Cranberry Buchu
These dual herbs are excellent for the prevention of urinary tract infections.

Nervous System

This Chinese herbalcombination relieves anxiety and worry and even hot spots in some

Reproductive System
Red Raspberry
Red Raspberry strengthens the uterus wall. It enriches the colostrum after birth. It decreases uterine swelling and post partum bleeding.

Flax Hull Lignans

Recently Ken Campbell, the scientist behind Nature‘s Sunshine Flax Hull Lignans sent me an article from HSI that totally amazed me.
“Stage 4 cancer patients cancer free within two months. Tumor metastasis reduced by 82 percent. A human study in which 31 percent of cancer cells were flat out killed in thirty days. In another study, mice fed Flax Hull Lignans ended up with half the tumors of the control group.”“People withType 2 diabetes have stopped needing shots of insulin. Men with enlarged prostates have started sleeping through the night.”
This following information comes from the AIDS Research Assistance Institute. The breakthrough that targets cancer is not flax seed but a concentrated Flax Hull Lignans which is extracted from the hulls of Flax seeds using a special process designed by farmer, Curtis Rangeloff. Consequently the nutrients in the Flax Hull Lignans are very concentrated where one teaspoon of Flax Hull Lignans contains the nutritional equivalent of two gallons of flax seed. Lignans are a group of chemical compounds that work together to provide amazing health benefits. Flax Hull Lignans contains 27 different lignans and the major lignan in flax seed is called secoisolariciresinol diglucoside, SDG, which isn’t unlocked until it is metabolized by your body. Once it hits the intestines it has power to wipe out cancer, as well as battle diabetes, shrink enlarged prostates , boost the immune system and bring the hormones into balance. Each scoop of the Lignans contains 150-300 mg of SDG . Flax Hull Lignans also contains high levels of omega-3s and high amounts of antioxidants. In comparing the antioxidant levels of kale, one of the highest ORAC (a measurement of food’s antioxidant content) at 1,770 per 100 grams, concentrated Flax Hull Lignans measures at 19,600 per 100 grams. Lignans also contains 4.3g of fiber and 2.8g of protein per scoop.
HSI reports that recently “an exciting study was carried out in Canada on a group of postmenopausal women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Each day for a month, the women in the test group ate a flaxseed muffin containing a predetermined concentration of SDG. After only one month, the growth of the cancer cells was reduced by 34.2%. Even better,31% of cancer cells were completely killed, and the expression of the cancer growth receptor Her2 (c-erB2) decreased by 71%”. Her2 is a gene that helps to regulate cell growth. Some breast cancers, ovarian cancers and stomach cancers have multiple copies of unnecessary Her2 genes whereby cell growth regulation goes out of control. The SDG found in Flax Hull Lignans brings this process to a halt and causes the cancer cells to die.
“In two studies on breast cancer cells implanted into immune deficient mice, Flax Hull Lignans again proved deadly to cancer. Both tumor growth and metastasis were significantly reduced. In one of the studies, metastasis to the lungs was reduced by 82 percent. The average number of tumors was also considerably lower in the test group than in the control group.” ( HSI)
“A study in California demonstrated that SDG reduced risk of endometrial cancer in some women by 32 percent. This reduced risk was most evident among postmenopausal women who consumed high levels of both isoflavones and lignans.4 Other studies have shown similar reduced risk for uterine and ovarian cancers.” (HSI)
“A clinical trial in Canada found that higher dietary lignan intake was linked to considerable reduction in colorectal cancer risk. And, according to studies with human colon cancer cells, lignans stunt the growth of tumor cells and actually drive them to what can only be described as mass suicide.” (HSI)
“Supplementation with SDG reduced tumors significantly in mice with melanoma. The average number of tumors in the control group was 62, while the average number in the groups of mice receiving SDG was around half that. Tumor size was also decreased.” (HSI)
The Mayo Clinic says Flax Hull Lignans may inhibit the growth of some breast cancers. The American Cancer Society cites a study in which the growth rate of cancer cells was slowed in men suffering from prostate cancer.
Flax Hull Lignans is a rich source of phytoestrogens, and their ability to prevent cancer is presently being acknowledged by the National Cancer Institute.
The most powerful evidence of the significant uses of Flax Hull Lignans comes from actual people who have used them. The following testimonies come form the Health Sciences Institute :
“A 52-year-old woman started taking Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans two years after she was diagnosed with bone cancer. At that point, she was only able towalk with crutches, and painfully at that. After just one month with the lignans, she stopped taking her pain medication, ditched the crutches, and found her energy level returning to normal.”

Last September, Tony, aged 84, was told his lung cancer was so advanced that he wouldn’t make it to Christmas. His daughter-in-law was distraught, knowing her daughter’s December wedding would be a sad event without him. She learned about the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans from a friend and had some sent to Tony. Come December, he was a happy guest at his granddaughter’s wedding.” “A scan showed the cancer had not spread and actually was reduced to one tiny nodule in his lung. This was after Tony had been taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for only six months.” (HSI)
“In a 12-year study of Finnish men, it was found that those with the highest intake of plant lignans were significantly less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than their counterparts who ate the least amount of foods containing plant lignans.” (HSI)
Flax Hull Lignans have also been shown to suppress the development of atherosclerosis (chronic inflammation of the arteries due to an accumulation of plaque) in a study on rabbits. The development of atherosclerosis in rabbits treated with the lignans was reduced by 34.4percent. The lignans also lowered LDL cholesterol and raised levels of HDL cholesterol. “(HIS).
“A 26-year-old man who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago has been struggling to manage his illness ever since. Unable to keep his blood sugar down, he watched helplessly as it regularly spiked to 600, despite taking 40 units of insulin with every shot. Two weeks after he began including Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans in his diet, he noticed a change in how he felt. Now, his blood sugar stays under 200, and he hasn’t had to give himself a shot in two months.”
“A recent study demonstrated that Flax Hull Lignans could reduce prostate size. Rats given the human equivalent of 50 mg per day of SDG had significantly smaller .”
There are reports of men who suffer from enlarged prostate and make frequent trips to the bathroom at night when they should be asleep. In taking a scoop of Flax Hull Lignans a day within 2 weeks their nightly bathroom routines came to a halt.

“In a study of 25 men who were scheduled for prostatectomy, supplementation with flax brought significant changes in serum cholesterol, total testosterone, and the free androgen index. Researchers concluded that Flax Hull Lignans may be very beneficial food for men battling prostate cancer.”(HSI)
Flax Hull Lignans was given to children who were alarmingly underweight . They gained both weight and energy, and stopped getting the colds and flus they once constantly suffered from, according to, a nurse working in Swaziland. (HSI)
“In a 90-day anecdotal test on 100 people with HIV (75 percent exhibiting full AIDS symptoms),97 percent reported positive health changes, with energy and appetites increasing. Most amazing is the fact that, after 6 weeks, 28 percent had viral loads drop to non-detectible levels.” (HSI)
“ In 2005, 14.5 percent of flu viruses were resistant to major flu drugs. That might not sound like a lot, but compare it to the fact that only 1.9 percent of flu viruses were resistant just one year earlier.Luckily, it seems Flax Hull Lignans can do the same thing for influenza that they are doing for the HIV virus in Africa. When a virus enters the cells of the body, it stimulates hormones that activate the gene for p53. When this gene is activated, it actually induces virally infected cells to shut down, thereby preventing the virus from spreading.If this is activated shortly after infection, further viral replication is completely stopped. Based upon recent studies, influenza virus infections can be stopped in this way. Flax Hull Lignans, through a series of interactions with the inner workings of the body’s cells, can increase the level of p53 in cells. Long story short, Flax Hull Lignans can actually help to both prevent flu infections and fight those that already exist.”
“A Canadian study also suggests that SDG may have a therapeutic role in treating lupus. A Dutch human study showed that Flax Hull Lignans could be an answer for hair loss for both men and women. :”

Skin Cancer before and after Paw Paw

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Xenoestrogen Overload by Donna Roth BA BEd MH 250 764 2852 May/06

Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman out of 8 up from 1 out of 30 in 1960.

In 1995 American Cancer society concluded a 13 year study of 240 000 menopausal women using HRT to discover a 40% higher incidence of ovarian cancer. After using HRT for 11 years the incidence rose to 70%.

In 1998 Physicians Desk Reference discovered that HRT actually leads to an indirect decrease in bone formation.

50 % to 80 % of American women suffer from hot flashes. Japanese women don’t even have a term for hot flashes.

Lancet – Human sperm count has dropped by 50%over the past 30 years.

In Puerto Rico a study found hormone blood concentrations were 13 000 to 22 000 times higher than those normally found in blood.

In menopause estrogen drops by 40% , progesterone drops by 90% the ideal ratio of progesterone to estrogen should be 200 to 1.

The levels of estrogen in males are too high and testosterone is too low. Increasing number of young boys are reporting the development of female characteristics with delayed development of male characteristics.

600 000 to 1 000 000 Am women have hysterectomies every year. 90% are unnecessary. In Canada 62 000 hysterectomies are performed each year. One in every 1000 hysterectomies die. Many suffer from nerve damage, hemorrhage, bowel or bladder injuries.

The average person eats fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed 75 times a year with illegal pesticides.

In the past 100 years several hundred million pounds of pesticides have been released into our environment.

Sperm count dropped from 113 m /ml in 1940 to 66m/ml in 1990

The Problem is Xenoestrogens

Xeno means foreign, foreign estrogens, free radicals. They make things grow – breasts, hips, bellies, tumors, cysts, cancers.

We eat estrogens for lunch.
Meat raised on steroids and antibiotics have xenoestrogens. It takes 60 lb of feed laden with growth hormones to produce 1 lb of edible beef. 25 m lb of antibiotics are fed to livestock each year

We breathe in estrogens.
Deodorizers, vehicle exhaust, perfumes,

We rub estrogens into our skin.
Lotions, cosmetics, soaps, nail polish,

We wash in estrogens.
Soaps, detergents

We spray with estrogens.
Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, lawn fertilizers, household cleaners

What can we do?

Eliminate as many xenoestrogens from your environment as possible.
Nature Sunshine Natria Skin Care offers lotions, shampoos, conditioners,
Nature’s Concentrate, a household soap for cleaning and washing clothes.

Use only organic fruits and vegetables .

Buy only hormone free meats.

Replace xenoestrogens with phytoestrogens.
Spinach, lettuces, beans, fruits, Nature Sunshine SynerProtein powder, NSP phytoestrogen blend C-X, Black Cohosh

Xenoestrogens are excreted in the stools so add 11 to 13 grams of fiber to your diet as in LoClo or Psyllium Hulls or Nature’s Gold
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
Evening Primrose Oil or Flax Seed Oil

The importance of raw proteins
The stomach produces enzymes to break down proteins into amino acids.
One crucial amino acid is LYSINE If it is not present the other amino acids cannot be converted to usable forms required by the liver. The body needs proteins to make hair, skin, nails, muscles, and all its tissues. Proteins are also needed to make enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. The proteins need to be in a raw form as heating kills the enzymes and deactivates the LYSINE. Raw proteins are found in:
SynerProtein powder, Bee Pollen, Spirulina
Nature’s Gold – raw germinated barley seed
Raw seeds- sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax, hemp

Cleanse the liver.
Use LIV- C to cleanse the liver. The liver processes the amino acids to make hormones and to help to cleanse xenoestrogens,

Progesterone – Wild Yam and Chaste
Progesterone is a hormone that is part of the developmental chain for the production of complete and balanced hormones. It is the main factor in the creation of other hormones.
-precursor to estrogen and testosterone
-maintains healthy uterine lining
maintains a healthy gestation cycle
-natural diuretic
-uses fats for energy
-natural depressant
-helps thyroid action
-normalizes blood clotting
-normalizes zinc and copper levels
-restores proper O2 levels
-has a thermogenic effect
-protects against endometrial and breast cancer
-builds bones
- precursor of cortisone
Nature Sunshine ‘s Wild Yam and Chaste is progesterone precursor

Testosterone – Korean Ginseng

Fainting Spells

One man who was feeling very faint with a very feeble pulse took 2 HSC three times a day, 2 Stress Formula three times a day and some Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. Within a day he noticed a remarkable difference.

Skin Rash

One person had a rash on the face and in several places on the body. For years nothing could clear up the rash. A program of BwlBld and 10 Paw Paw a day caused the body to break out into a severe acne for a couple of days and then her acne and the body rash cleared up never to be seen again. This program took one month.

Breast Cysts

One lady with a cyst in the breast and one in the back took 10 Paw Paw a day along with 4 Protease enzymes on an empty stomach. Within 3 weeks both cysts were gone.

West Nile Virus

One horse diagnosed with West Nile Virus was given 20 oz of Nature's Sunshine Noni Juice and in 24 hours the horse was up and around. He was given Noni Juice daily for a period of 2 weeks after this incident and the virus did not reoccur.

Burning Feet

For 10 years one lady had experienced excruciating burning feet and a painful ripping feeling in the area of her feet. She was diagnosed with planterfaciitis. The pain was so bad she couldn’t go downstairs in the morning and she could only walk in the mall for a short period of time. Finally she got some orthotics and that helped her feet a lot but the pain was still there. When she came to see me I recommended large doses of Pantothenic Acid and Calcium/Magnesium. Now she no longer has burning feet, no more leg pains and she can walk all day without pain.

Menstrual Problems

The sister of one lady suffered from very heavy menstrual flow and backaches. She went to see a gynecologist who prescribed testosterone which attributed to her gaining 18 pounds. She developed bad moods – “grumpy as a bear”. She decided to stop the testosterone and took 10 Nature's Sunshine Red Raspberry capsules instead. In 4 days her heavy menstrual flow subsided, her backache was less severe, and she was no longer “a bear”. What made her life easier was that she no longer has to spend 2 days in bed with pain each time she had her menstrual cycle.

One young woman tried Red Raspberry from the health food store for heavy menstrual bleeding. It did not work. But when she tried Nature's Sunshine Red Raspberry the heavy menstrual bleeding totally subsided.

Crohn's Disease

One young son developed Crohn’s Disease after a serious car accident and after side effects of medication he was prescribed. His mother gave him UC3J, 3 capsules three times a day to coat the inner lining of the bowel so it would not bleed and Yucca root to make the bleeding of the bowel stop. She also gave him Bifidofilus to balance the natural flora of the bowel’s ecosystem. The bowel healed right up and today her son no longer has Crohn’s disease.

An Ill Sheltie Puppy

Sierra, a cute Sheltie puppy, became very ill. It appeared that the illness was caused by something he ate from the garbage. He began throwing up and of course he couldn’t eat. After 3 days and no success with medications Sierra was given 1 Paw Paw at 1:30 and another capsule of Paw Paw at 3:30. Sierra has not been sick since!


One lady had low energy, felt depressed, heavy headed, and weird. She took 2 scoops of Syner Protein powder and 4 tablespoons of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic a day. Within a few short days her energy returned and the depression left. She explained that for a couple of days taking the Chi Tonic made her feel almost worse like light headed as the minerals traveled up the neck into the head area. Then this feeling cleared right up and she felt great.
It is my opinion that the Chi Tonic is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and detoxify even the brain area.

Leg cramps

One lady with annoying leg cramps took 6 tablespoons of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic for 2 weeks and the leg cramps disappeared. She also used to get up at night to go to the bathroom. KB-C solved that problem.


Nature Sunshine Practicing Herbalist, Karen has had great success with women harboring infertility problems. These are women who have tried to conceive for many years and who are in their 30s. This is the program she uses after women undergo the usual medical tests and all tests show that nothing is physically wrong.
a.Detoxification with Psyllium Hulls and Cascara Sagrada or LBSII for at least four months
b.Wild Yam/Chaste for hormonal balancing
c.Kelp for the thyroid
d.Protease enzymes to cleanse the blood

Serious Infection

One gentleman’s jawbone became seriously deteriorated due to a piece of tooth root that had been stuck in his jaw for a number of years. It became infected. It was then lanced and he took Cat’s Claw in high doses to clear up the infection. A dental surgeon extracted the pieces of tooth root and said that he would have to have a bone grafted to rebuild his deteriorated jaw. However this gentleman insisted on a six month herbal program before proceeding with the dental surgeon’s recommendation. He began taking Collatrim, CalMag, Vitamin E, Vitamin A&D, Collostrum and Cat’s Claw. To everyone’s amazement the jaw healed and rejuvenated within six months and no bone grafting was necessary.


One lady who felt tired and was not able to focus took Magnesium, Stress Formula and Bwl Bld Formula. She stopped eating wheat. Within a short time her bowels started to move twice a day, her energy levels increased and she was able to focus. This focus difficultly was due to a toxic bowel disorder.

Joint Pain

One lady experienced annoying elbow pain which disrupted her golfing ability. She took Super Oil and within a short time she was golfing without pain.


One young seven year old who had difficulty focusing in school has been given 2 Focus Attn a day. Today he is more calm, more relaxed and his stuttering speech has subsided and for the first time ever he is able to draw


One nurse working in a nursing home used Black Ointment for a deep wound that would not heal. The resident doctor gave her permission to apply the Black Ointment twice a day. In three weeks this wound was healed up.

Back Pain

For nine years one hairdresser suffered with lower back pain. She was diagnosed with a worn out disk. She used Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for four months and the pain subsided.


Marvene has been able to help others who suffer from colitis and diverticulitis. Her diet program includes no citrus, no milk, no tomatoes and no wheat. Her herbal program includes Nature Sunshine Pysllium Hulls 1 teaspoon/ 2 times a day with lots of water, IGS II, Acidophilus, Slippery Elm and Vitamin A&D (Cod Liver Oil). She uses Chromium GTF to keep the sweet cravings down. This program works every single time to stop diarrhea and to overcome the doubling over gas pains.

Fainting Spells

One man would get fainting spells. Muscle testing found that there was an amino acid deficiency. He used SynerProtein Powder 2 to 3 scoops a day and within two weeks he regained energy and the fainting spells ceased.


One lady had very bad psoriasis and she had no energy. She could not work for two days in a row without being in bed for two days to recuperate. She started a herbal program of HRP-C 4/ 3 times a day, Protease Enzymes with meals and on a empty stomach and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. She replaced white salt with Celtic salt, eliminated wheat, and drank only water as a beverage. She did a parasite cleanse by using one tablespoon of Black Walnut on an empty stomach once a day. Within a month the psoriasis cleared up and the energy levels increased significantly.

Energy, Colon Problems

One lady who had previously experienced cancer of the bowels, was suffering with frequent diahrea and a lack of energy . She did a program of Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day with lots of water, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, ULC-R to alleviate gas and bloating, Pantothenic Acid 4 at bedtime to help her sleep and I-X 4 with meals to increase the iron levels. She also made the famous SynerProtein shakes with banana and the fruit of choice to provide her body with the amino acids that were lacking due to a distorted digestive system. Because of a past history of cancer she also decided to add Paw Paw 4 a day and Protease Plus enzymes taken on an empty stomach to cleanse the foreign proteins that may be lingering in the blood stream thereby adding toxins to her blood. Within a week of following this program she was very excited to report that her energy had increased to the point that she could now carry heavy boxes where previously that was quite impossible. She also reported that the diahrea has subsided. She is very happy with the results she is achieving.


One lady had difficulty with her sleep patterns, She would wake up frequently during the night. She also noticed that since she returned from her trip she was experiencing bloating. With the advise of Donna Roth she started a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 oz a day for the mineral deficiency, BWL BLD 2 in the morning and 3 at night to cleanse the intestinal tract and Black Walnut extract 1 tsp in the morning. To address the erratic sleep patterns she took Pantothenic Acid also known as B5 3/2 times a day and 3 at bedtime. Wheat, yeast , sugar and milk were eliminated from the diet. Within 3 weeks the bloating had subsided, the energy increased and she was SLEEPING!

Bug Bites

One lady recently spent 2 months in the Caribbean and she noticed that in the evening there were a lot of pesky bugs to deal with. In other words there were bug bites and they were itchy and irritating. She just happened to have brought a tube of Pau D’ Arco Lotion with her on her trip. In wisdom she applied the lotion to the bug bites and the bites were always healed by morning. She also used Pau D’ Arco Lotion for burns and rashes and she was very impressed that they were cleared up almost instantly with the lotion. Now here is a word of advise to all travellers. On your trips be sure to pack an emergency type kit with you for the “just –in-case“ instances and here is what I pack on my trip :
Cat’s Claw for infections and swellings
Tei-Fu Oil for sore or dry throats, headaches
Capsicum for bleeding or shock or trauma
Cascara Sagrada for the bowels
Digestive Enzymes
Pau d’Arco Lotion for burns, rashes, bug bites, dry skin
Black Walnut extract to prevent parasites
TNT bars and Zambars for the vitamin /minerals and for a quick healthy snack.

Gall Stones and Kidney Stones

One lady had gallstones and kidney stones confirmed by an ultrasound. The kidney stone was two centimeters in diameter. She took LIV-C 6 a day for ten days. At this point she regurgitated some green stuff. She continued to take 3 LIV-C a day. After one month on this program she repeated the ultrasound. The gallstones were totally gone and the kidney stone size was reduced to one centimeter.

Cysts and Polyps

Cyst and Polyps - Bladder

Doctors removed Corry’s uterus and took out one of her ovaries. Recently a surgeon removed the second ovary due to endometriosis. Then the doctors detected a cyst the size of a baseball and polyps on the outside wall of the bladder. They told Corry they would have to remove the bladder within three years. Corry started taking:
Paw Paw 4 day,
Spirulina 4 day,
Cal Mag 2 day.
Six weeks later, after using this program faithfully, the doctors told Corry they didn’t think they would have to have to operate on Corry’s bladder as the polyps and cyst had shrunk immensely.