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By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.on Vaccinations

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Part six in our series of studies comparing health outcomes among vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Once again, chronic illness plagues the vaccinated cohorts. Despite the CDC and Pharma's efforts to block researchers from performing these studies and to prevent the journals from publishing them, public health advocates willing to search can find them in quiet abundance among the peer-reviewed literature on "Pubmed."
Titles from Part 6 Vaxxed/Unvaxxed Slides:
             Vaccination increases the risk of asthma (11.4X) and hay fever (10X) in children with no family history of those disorders;
             Vaccination with DTP simultaneously with measles vaccine or DTP after measles vaccine increased risk of death (2.59X);
             Hepatitis B Vaccination Increases the Odds (3.1X) of a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis;
             70% of SIDS Deaths Occur Within Three Weeks of DPT Vaccination.
  A Generation Asleep? Narcolepsy in Teens and Young Adults
Narcolepsy, a severe sleep disorder that typically emerges in adolescence, appears to be on the rise in the U.S. A new analysis of U.S. health care claims reports prevalence roughly 50% higher than the upper limit cited in most prior studies, with the highest incidence in late adolescence and the early 20s.
As with many of the chronic conditions that plague today’s youth, narcolepsy researchers suspect that environmental exposures in genetically susceptible individuals are a key trigger. This perspective is compatible with recent studies proposing that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. And among the environmental exposures capable of setting autoimmunity in motion, recent medical history provides one clearly established culprit: an H1N1 influenza vaccine widely used in Europe in 2009–2010 during the so-called swine flu “pandemic.”

MC Oral Chelation

MC Oral Chelation
Dr. Donsbach: It is my opinion that you should use the product as your daily vitamin and mineral support for the rest of your life, particularly if you have any indication that you circulation may not be what you would like it to be.
A study was conducted at the Preventive Medicine and Nutrition Care Center in California.
There were 30 men and women with an average age of 62 years old. They all took the full dosage of  5 tablets twice a day 5 with breakfast and 5 with dinner. Two testing procedures were used; Pulse Volume testing and Thermography. The results after 5 weeks of taking the Oral Chelation tablets were as follows
Pulse volume in hands increased by 40%
Pulse volume in feet increased by 50%
Vascularity in the hands increased by 70% as determined by Thermography.
Vascularity in the feet increased by 86% determined by Thermography.
An overwhelming number of the patients reported a greater feeling of wellbeing, less arthritic pain, increased feeling of warmth in the extremities, required less sleep, more mental alertness, all of which are directly related to an increase in blood circulation.

TeleCall with Donna Roth Nov 18/2019

TeleCall with Donna Roth Nov 18/2019
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