Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday TeleCall with Donna Roth

Monday TeleCall with Donna Roth 

Updates from Vaccine Choice Canada 

Vancouver Rally Talk; Germ Theory vs Laws of Nature; The Germ Theory is False; Vaccines are False

Your Constitutional Rights to say NO

Tricia RN, Guest; Find out about the power of Silver Guard

One Day Kidney Flush; Creatinine levels drop from 120 to 90

Words of Wisdom from Carol


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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities 

Bonnie asked about Costochondritis

Congestive Heart Failure and Fluid in the Lungs

Mole Problem  

The Brain

The Brain;  

Sylvia Rogers recording    

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A Success Story : My Son Joe:. I attended a NSP workshop in Calgary in spring 2009 where I listened first hand to the results of the 3 month study; with usage of Nature’s Sunshine Supplements and Dr. Amen protocol. My youngest son has a significant learning disorder; and was assessed in May 2009 via a Provincial Ministry Educational Psych test that spanned one week, determined with a DSM IV designation, was reading 5 grades below his grade level, (entering  Grade 11 in Sept 2009) and functioning at a 0.4 percentile in math.   I had already had him complete Grade 3 twice as he was so far behind. His grades throughout school were typically C’s and C-, occasional D, & B, and one A (from Grade 1-10).…and I did a lot of homework support. He was a candidate for drop-out, and I was often in the school consulting counsellors, VP’s and the Principal.

As well as doing deep work on his emotional state of being through counselling, and workshops (which we started in 2010), I upped his supplements in alignment with his questionnaire results by Dr. Amen’s assessment. He took NSP’s  Super Trio, Focus Atn, Magnesium Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Zambroza and Liquid Chlorophyll in high doses.(To have a SPECT scan costs approx. $3000.00.  The 98 questions is said by Dr. Amen to be about 85-90% accurate). End result: he graduated in June 2011 finishing Grade 12 with 3 B’s and 5A’s. He went on to take a 14 month Carpentry program (all Math), (of which I did no homework).  He graduated with 83.4%.