Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Vancouver Rally Sept 2020


Vancouver Freedom Rally Presentation by Donna Roth BA, BEd MH   September 13/2020   250 764 2852

Recently a massive peaceful rally with over a million took place in Berlin. biggest demonstrations in its history. This movement was organized by Querdenken translated as “think differently” I love the slogan and I chose to build on it in my presentation today.

The Germ Theory is a belief system. Vaccinations is belief system. What if I choose to think differently?

Why are we all here thinking differently? The way I see  it is  this: it is one thing to choose to have a certain belief system like the Germ Theory but it is another thing to find out as I have found out that the belief system  is actually causing harm , destruction and deaths.

The Germ Theory follows Pasteur’s way of thinking.

In the view of Pasteur there are germs out there, germs of death and decay. And where do they come from? Pasteur said they come from the air. And it is these germs cause the disease. The germ is dangerous and must be killed.

This Germ Theory belief system lead to the evolution of several well accepted industries common place in today’s society.

The industry of pasteurization; pasteurize and kill the germs!

The industry of antibiotics. You have a sore throat; take an antibiotic and kill the germ!

The industry of vaccinations; protect yourself from the killer virus

Businesses were built on this belief system, this Germ Theory.

To keep this business going, to move the populous into the Germ Theory way of thinking  another powerful industry was invented and that was the industry of keeping society in fear; to fear the virus; to fear  that same virus which we had experienced many times in the past; the  flus and colds and we all witnessed our bodies  overcome them; Measles was never feared. You got sick with spots and your body simply healed. Innately we never feared any virus. We trusted that our bodies were created to heal, and we developed that faith that our bodies would just heal.

 However, that Germ Theory industry continued to push us into their belief system; the virus now became an enemy. Mainstream media was used to get that strong message out; the virus was a killer and the only way to not get it and not get killed was a vaccination  

This industry had 2 very strong allies to assist in their prevailing message and that was science and mainstream media. We were told that vaccines were safe and effective proven by science.

The science was clear. One by one we succumbed to that narrative; Its scientifically proven. And using Ted’s term we became addicted to this belief system.  Eventually that faith, that our bodies could heal became lost!

I was one of those Moms that lost faith that our bodies are created to heal and I also succumbed to that fear. “If you don’t vaccinate your baby and if your baby gets the disease and how will you feel?” As a Mom I battled this emotion. And yep! I was one of those Moms; I vaccinated once and witnessed the high-pitched screaming. I was shocked and totally unprepared. This is when I asked the question: What is in this stuff and I said NO MORE!

This was a turning point in my life. I stepped outside the box, , I dared to question, I researched and then to read the insert to vaccines: aluminum phosphates, mercury, formaldehyde, sick animal pus, I don’t know them all they are such a conglomeration of witch’s brew. Reading such information, witnessing the effects of vaccines I chose to think differently. I was totally alone in this world.

I realized that those who strayed away from vaccines were shunned, ostracized, called names. But in my mind, I would hear my Mom’s voice: Ukrainian: Boh daw nam rozum God gave us common sense. In my research I discovered a whole new world that existed outside this box of the Germ Theory. It was the world of the Laws of Nature.

It started with Dr Moskowitz in the Mothering magazine. He taught me, all about the immune system and how it works.

Dr. Moskowitz provided scientific evidence that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

The Laws of Nature taught me: you don’t inject unnatural toxic substances into your blood stream.

The Laws of Nature taught me viruses don’t cause disease, injury and death and there was no fear!

Then I discovered the book; Bechamp vs Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by being Ethyl Douglass Hume 1923. This was a banned book? Why would such a book be banned?  Bechamp vs Pasteur? Bechamp chose to think differently.

Bechamp studied diseases as did Pasteur, human, animal and plant diseases. What he discovered was totally contradictory to what Pasteur was teaching.

He discovered the every essential units of life; minute particles with bottled up energy waiting to be activated. Under the microscope they were tiny round granular bodies which were crystal like and glistened as tiny sparkles of reflected light. He gave the name of these tiny crystal-like bodies, mycrozymas, tiny chemical factories that have the ability to ferment, to transform, and to create. These tiny crystal-like forces he found within all cells. They are found in fruits, vegetables, animals, humans, rocks and limestone.

 Bechamp proved that when a human is deprived of energy of nutrition and when there is a toxic overload these mycrozymas would become active and transform into bacteria or microbes or germs. They could change and mutate according to the kind of morbid waste debris and the amount of toxic morbid debris present. They are there to gobble up this toxic life robbing debris, to clean it up to allow life to continue.

Pasteur claimed these germs come from the air and they cause the disease. Bechamp proved disease condition with its toxic overload causes the germ. These germs, viruses are actually our friends.

 Now Bechamp’s way of thinking was not very well received as it stepped on the toes of the Germ Theory business. Bechamp’s discovery of the essential unit of life, the microzyma was overshadowed and his book was banned, and the Germ Theory continued to live.

Somewhere in the 1980’s along came another scientist Gaston Naessons who also wanted to know about the essential units of life. He also discovered similar tiny crystal-like units and he named them somatids. In a state of health these somatids had a 3-stage cycle. In a stage of morbid debris these somatids mutated into bacteria, microbes, viruses, yeast, parasites and so on according to the chemical toxic and traumatic debris present in the human tissue. These things are all in the same pleomorphic cycle. Sadly, Gaston Naessons was packed off to jail protestors lost their medical freedom and thhe Germ Theory survived.

But there is something remarkably interesting about the Laws of Nature. They never die. They just don’t go away. You can’t bury them; you can’t destroy them. You can do all the fear mongering, convincing. Scientific research you want! Nothing works. The laws of nature survive all the trial and tribulations.  As a matter of fact, they don’t even need to be proven by science. They just are!

And there is always someone out there resurrecting the Laws of Nature. Now it is 2020 and we hear the voices of Dr. Buttar, Dr Busch, Dr Martin, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Wakefield, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin , Dr Judy Mikovits, Ted Kuntz, Vaccine Choice Canada  and you and  millions of others thinking differently: The Germ Theory is false. Germs are our friends. Vaccinations are not needed!

Let’s apply the laws of Nature to the corona virus. It has been documented that this virus has now changed or mutated over 32 times The Laws of Nature say exactly that; viruses never stay the constant. They are constantly changing and mutating gobbling up toxic waste debris allowing life to continue.

Following the Laws of Nature knowing that this virus has now mutated 32 times I ask these questions:

How can anyone ever isolate this Covid 19 virus? By the time you isolate it, it has changed. Rocco Gallati the constitutional lawyer hired by Vaccine Choice Canada has documented science to prove this.

How then can anyone ever find a vaccine for CoVid 19 virus if it has changed by at least 32 times and it keeps changing?

How could you ever test for CoVid 19 virus that has already mutated over 32 times?

How can you ever be scared of a CoVid 19 virus that no longer exists because it has now changed 32 times.

Just by applying the Laws of Nature and common sense you can easily answer these questions.

So why are people dying of so called CoVid 19 virus? Following the laws of nature, I believe they are not dying of the virus that shows up when there is a toxic overload. They are dying of a toxic overload and a compromised lymphatic system from an overload of poisons. Now do you suppose that came from:

Let me quote Dr. Loffler Dr. Loffler said point blank that much cancer and other diseases are caused by vaccines and serums — that these unnatural substances injected into the human blood stream deposit more toxins in one "shot" than a year of injudicious eating and faulty elimination does. For this courageous attempt to spread the truth Dr. Loffler was forever damned for exposing his belief system.

The Laws of Nature clearly show us that poisons from vaccines don’t belong in anybody’s body.

These simple Laws of Nature are so powerful that I began to discover them, to embracing them, to applying them, to  witness their healing power in my own body after experiencing that I could heal tonsillitis with Golden Seal, Echinacea Rosehips and Chlorophyll and witnessing  healing power in many other people I took it upon myself to design a course, TAFYH. TAFYH which stands for Taking Action for Your Health. I wanted to change the narrative: Germs are the friends, Viruses are our friends..  I want to give  people  the freedom of becoming self-reliant in health , to know how  take responsibility and to learn how to apply the  Laws of Nature to become fearless warriors in taking a strong stand for their own health and the health of their children

In TAFYH teaches you the 5-pillar formula I designed that follows the laws of Nature It matters not what NO HOPE disease name you were given, cancer, MS, arthritis, if you follow the 5 pillar formula you can overcome! But it cannot be done for you or to you; You must choose to do it. Here is the 5 pillar formula Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation

Pillar #1 Injury.

The Law of Nature that states that an injury sets up the process of cell replication. In cancer there is continuous cell replication therefore Cancer starts from an injury. MS starts from an injury.

The Law of Nature: Your body has this amazing set of carpenters that workday and night on your behalf never complaining or grumbling. They are there to repair and replicate healthy cells for you. They are called stem cells. But you have to do your part; provide them with the essential building blocks with nutrients, oxygen and clean water and super foods because they do not come from a grocery store. I use a Chi Mineral Tonic, Flax Hull lignans, Collagen, Ultimate Green Zone put together in a smoothie. These super foods are all tested, and quality controlled so that there are no glyphosates, no chemicals, no antibiotics, no vaccines in them.

It is the Law of Nature: Your body is electrical; your body is 78% water with an electrical charge of 7.5 millivolts. You will hear Dr Ross Anderson speak about ELF and EMF later today. When you have an injury the brain sets up an electrical current of injury to the injured area and that current sets up an ionic field which activated the stem cells into action. An electrical charge is needed to heal tissue. What is the conductor of your body’s   electricity? water and copper; in your home its metal  copper, in your body its mineral copper found in Chlorophyll.

Pillar #2 Inflammation

Law of Nature: You have a lymphatic system that parallels the blood stream. Its your personal inner garburator to clean out the toxic waste debris so that those nutrients and oxygen can reach the area of your body that need repair. But if you load up your body with starches, antibiotics, Candida, vaccines you clog up the lymphatic system and your blood pathways become loaded up with waste debris your tissues become inflamed so oxygen and nutrients can no longer reach the areas that need repair.

Law of Nature: When the oxygen levels to the injured area drop to below 35% than oxidation for the purpose of cell replication by the stem cells can no longer take place.

It is critical to identify the poisons that are obstructing the blood pathways, causing inflammation, address them and clean them out. The one herb I never leave home without is Cat’s Claw combination with astragalus and echinacea. I have witnessed it bring down swellings and infections within a short time. But you need to learn how to use it and love it.



Pillar #3 Elimination

Law of Nature; Poisons in your body are eliminated via the bowels, the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. They are your elimination channels.

There are herbal combinations for each of these organs. Nature is so very wise. I have witnessed clients who have very low kidney functions preparing for dialysis use the One Day Kidney Flush that I have designed raise their kidney functions dramatically within one month after doing this flush once a week for 4 times. I have seen arthritis and RA totally come under control with this flush. Your body is created to heal if you only know how to do this and you learn to trust the Laws of Nature.

Pillar #4 Infection

Law of Nature. A low oxygen environment gives rise to the activation of those microzyma and Bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast become active; not to kill you but to save your life. They are gobbling up this morbid stuff to allow your life to continue.

The fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line during the process of replication and mutates the cells as they replicate.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of skin cells the result is cancer.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of nerve cells the result is Parkinson’s

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of spinal cells the result is MS.

Infertility, obesity.

For these heavy duty fungal infections I resort to a herb called Paw Paw.


Pillar #5 Circulation

Law of Nature: Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6 F. Whenever your body temperature is too low, the blood becomes thick and cannot circulate

This is where I recommend a program called  Oral Chelation where you take a designer type vit/min/herbal tablet  to clean the blood to clean the heavy metals, metabolic wastes, sticky triglycerides from a overloaded liver to get the blood to move and circulate.


Your body is created to heal but those stem cell carpenters cannot rebuild your organ for you overnight. Give them time.

Has this 5-pillar formula worked?  Allow me to read the names that are on my TAFYH Hall of Fame.

Sheena: given 2 months to live at age 25 and her second bout of cancer when I met her in 1998 overcame lung cancer. This is 2020

Juanita overcame uterine cancer.

Marg overcame cancer of the ureter.

Shauna overcame breast cancer

Bee overcame breast cancer

Bachtiar overcame stomach cancer.

Terry overcame esophagus cancer

Ralph overcame lung cancer

Gloria overcame heart problems and breast cancer

Peter overcame bladder cancer

Judy: off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, liver enzymes are down to 34(normal is 30),

Phyll; overcame RA and leukemia

Brenda; overcame serious rosacea.

Lynn; overcame lupus

And I could go on and on.

Now there is something I want to point out.. Nothing these people did is scientifically proven. Their scientifically medical treatments did not work. One physicist said, there’s nothing that is scientifically proven. All science is based on prejudices, on certain mind sets, maybe even on money.

Today I ask you to ponder on the words that have been spoken. Choose to think differently.

Choose to come to join us; Vaccine Choice Canada. I love Ted Kuntz and the work of Rocco Gallati.

We have a constitutional right to think differently.

The Germ Theory is a belief system. Vaccines is a belief system. I choose to think differently.

I choose not to support death and its works.

I choose the laws of nature that gives us life and I support it fully.

I choose to take a stand for my grandchildren. I want my grandchildren to be proud that their Baba was instrumental in bringing justice and freedom to this world. I choose to stand for you, your children, your grandchildren. I invite you today to set aside your past beliefs, your past prejudices, your criticisms and just to open your eyes to see.

 See that there is no killer virus. The virus is a friend in Nature.

See that no one can shed a virus upon you, and you cannot shed a virus upon someone else.

See that there can ever be a genetically engineered vaccines full of heavy metals, mouse virus formaldehyde and all that other creepy stuff created in some secret lab by the hand of man that can save you.

See that you do not need protection, safety measures, masks, social distancing and vaccines

See that Nature is there to give you  life,  love and protection.

 See your greatness, see how your body is created to heal, see your own God given inner power.

With your greatness in action, with your innate inner power, with your love this world is changing as we speak on this day.  Greatness is upon us and by following the Laws of Nature we are in the process of creating for us, our children, our grandchildren, the most awesome amazing beautiful world!


















Monday Call Vancouver Rally


Vancouver Rally

Big sign Vancouver Freedom Rally : a media station posted it as a QAnon Conspiracy theorist anti-mask

Ryan warned everyone that there would be paid protesters at the rally and under no circumstances do we respond to any of their nasty words. The media would be sure to blame us if there was any confrontation.

Ryan had contacted the Vancouver Police and they were in total support of our peaceful rally.

They patrolled on motor bikes and bicycles visible at all times.

There were only 3 people that I witnessed who displayed aggressiveness but that was quickly dispersed by 6 trained Marshals who knew exactly how to handle these agitators. This was brief and defused quickly.

Several car load attended from the valley and I attended via bus.

Vaccine injuries shared on the bus.


Oh Canada

We all chanted Freedom is Essential

A long march in downtown Vancouver as we chanted

Back to the Art Gallery we again sang O Canada.

I have never heard so much energy in the song O Canada, we stand on guard for theee

God keep our land glorious and free!

Ted Kuntz VCC Once again I ask that you join VCC and support this movement of freedom.


Together they announced that the BC govt and Health Ministers will be charged for breaking our Constitutional Rights.

Tanya stated that money was needed to pursue such a litigation.

Without hesitation hundreds of people immediately came up to Tammy to give her money

Someone finally found a box and the money went into the box.

This was very moving! That all kinds of 100 $ bills were thrown into that box.

Then the most amazing experience took place

Tammy reminded us that Canada is based on  Christian principles and those principles have been compromised over the last few years; the bible was taken out of the schools, religions was attacked , now churches are locked down. So she asked us to humble ourselves, to kneel. We all kneeled , 1500 people kneeling as Tammy said a prayer; a very moving experience.

After two more speakers, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson,

I spoke on Germ Theory Vs Laws of Nature.

My message was to break the narrative of Viruses can kill and you need a vaccine to Viruses are your friends and no vaccines are needed!

I will present it to you next Monday.

Then David Lindsay from Common Law

Dr Ross Anderson and Ferron two of my TAFYH grads spoke on ELF and EMF

 Every Saturday we have a freedom rally at Stuart Park. Please join me. You will love the people that come out and support this event.

 Children’s Health Defense is proud to stand with all of these organizations and countries (below) as we work together to pushback on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly totalitarian governments.

 In the coming months, these issues will be front and center in discussions around the world as people decide whether to cling tightly to their freedoms or blindly follow whatever edicts are put in place by corrupt government officials and profit-driven corporations.

 The making of this video was accomplished through the teamwork of organizations and individuals who will not stand by and watch liberty be stripped away from citizens little by little until total tyranny reigns.

 Please join us in standing up and demanding that our individual and medical freedom rights are forever protected. The time to be courageous is now.

 #WeSayNo   #StandFirm

35 associations affiliated with a short powerful documentary to say NO.

VCC is part of it.

22 countries have united to be part of this movement; Canada is one of them

 Script: United, We Say NO! Childrens Health Defence Robert F Kennedy

We stand together representing MILLIONS who proclaim the right to health freedom for our ourselves and our families.

 In recent months, people around the world have suffered death, illness, shutdowns, quarantines, school closings, food shortages and other restrictions because of COVID.

 And now we face a new threat – the threat of being bullied into vaccination.

 Some are predicting we won’t get our lives back ‘til we get vaccinated. Some are saying that every person on the planet has to be vaccinated and tracked to “get back to normal.”

 Now is this based on sound science?

 Wasn’t the US founded on liberty? Who are these people anyways?

 We are scientists, physicians, nurses, lawyers, religious leaders, parents, journalists and more. We are freedom-loving individuals who will never allow a liability-free, poorly-tested product to be injected into ourselves or our children.

 We say “No!” Mandating an invasive medical procedure violates our most fundamental rights. All medical procedures, including vaccines, carry risks; they must be voluntary.

 And vaccine injuries aren’t rare – they’re approximately 1 in every 40 doses, according to a  U.S. Agency for Health Research Quality 2010 study.

 Being pressured to vaccinate — to stay in school, keep a job, get welfare benefits, or get on a plane – violates rights to personal autonomy, informed consent, parental rights, religious freedom, medical freedom, equal protection and due process.

 What will you do when someone shows up at your door to vaccinate you or your children? We say “No!”. Will you consent — or refuse? If your employer, school or government can bully you into vaccinating, what’s next? More forced medicine? More forced tracking? All for the greater good??

 We stand for your rights — and ours – including your right to consent. But know this:

 The government has never tested the entire childhood schedule in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children.

Vaccines are typically tested for days or weeks, not years, like drugs.

Government agencies charged with vaccine safety are, in essence, vaccine companies, owning patents and earning royalties. They are sock puppets of industry.

Mainstream media heavily censors information critical of vaccines. The vaccine companies spend billions every year in advertising revenue to the big media companies in our country, and they’re not only buying ad space, they are dictating content.

It’s important to know you can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer for a vaccine injury or death.

 Instead, you have to go through a government claims program where most people lose.

 Vaccine makers get all the profits, but the injured get all the losses — physical, mental, emotional and financial.

COVID-19 vaccines have received billions in government subsidy and private money.

These vaccines have become “too big to fail,” even though the clinical trials have been disasters.

So, please:

Be courageous!

Stand up for YOUR right to consent or refuse.

Protect your individual and medical freedom rights!

You decide – not the government – what substances can be injected into your children’s bodies and your own.

Our health, our freedom and our future depend on what we do NOW!

So say no, and stand firm.

How “ethical” and “safe” can Moderna’s forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine be when it is not even a vaccine! According to the company’s federal filings it is a “genetic therapy.” The injected AIDS-like virus delivers “mRNA” that alters the human genome turning people into GMOs. How many years beyond its ‘fast tracking schedule’ might it take to report cancers and other deadly diseases? No one knows or admits.

Now, at the time of this writing, we read that AstraZeneca put its late stage COVID-19 vaccine trial on hold after a “potentially unexplained illness.” The vaccine, which AstraZeneca is developing with researchers from the infamous University of Oxford, is viewed as one of the “leading candidates.”


The company is investigating a case of “transverse myelitis” suffered by a volunteer after receiving the “leading candidate” vaccine.


That vaccine-induced injury is described as “inflammation of the spinal cord generally caused by infections,” the New York Times said, citing an anonymous source.

In this case, the infectious source was literally monkey feces (i.e., sub-human primate stool collected at a zoo). From this ‘shit’ Oxford’s agents derived adenovirus “vectors” and turned them into genetic mutants. That’s what the Oxford/AstraZeneca “leading candidate” vaccine is made from.

 Emergency Tips

             Capsicum – bleeding: apply right on the affected area. For trauma, heart attacks, fainting, internal bleeding: 3 capsules opened into juice or water. Drink and repeat as often as needed.

             Cat’s Claw Combination –4/ 3 times a day for infections, swellings, food poisoning

             Kelp – 4 caps for iodine for radioactivity, thyroid, weight loss

             Rosehips – for Vit C, A, D, immune system

             Silver Guard – bacterial, fungal, yeast infections, 8 drops to a glass of water to purify the water.

             Silver Shield Gel- topical applications for bacteria, fungus, infections, teeth

             Tei Fu Oil – sore throats, dry mouth, headaches, thirst

             LBS 11 extract –digestion, bowel movements

             Lobelia - relaxant, asthma, lung congestion, shock, tightness, muscles

             Pau D’Arco lotion – scratches, bruises, itchy skin, rashes

             TNT bars – all encompassing vitamin, mineral, protein, fiber bars on the go

             Green Zone – whole food powder with a shelf life of about 5 years

             Solstic Energy – vitamin /herbal/ ginseng blend for energy

             Super Trio - each packet contains 1 vit/min tablet, 1 antioxidant tablet, 1 omega 3 capsule.

             Zerenity- anxiety, panic, feeling scattered