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Success Story: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis Gone!

Dr. Cowan; How did Covid Get Started in Italy?

CoQ10 and Statins

Herbs and Their Medicinal Alkaloids

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TAFYH was designed for working people and their busy time schedule. No matter how busy you are you can fit TAFYH into your busy life.

Now just take a moment to think about how much time you are spending on the internet searching for answers. That takes hours of your

time. TAFYH gives you all the secrets and produces results. It is a compilation of 30 years of work by Donna Roth. Why wait until you are

diagnosed. A diagnosis does not give you health but a disease name. TAFYH is about building your health and giving you your life back!


I love listening to the very much common sense presentation and very well researched information I get from Dr. Tom Cowan. This is what he says and I want to share it with you.

Dr Tom Cowan states no virus has ever been isolated.   The "virus" is the body cleansing out toxic debris.

Then Dr Cowan talked about Italy. Wow! This was an eye opener.

How did Covid start in Italy? Why didn't it spread to nearby towns?  The location was Po River Valley.  It turns out that this particular valley has the worst air pollution, filled with nitrous dioxide. This is the same toxin released from the train fire in Palestine, Ohio recently.   The population of this valley had the highest lung disease in Europe.  They were also exposed to asbestos.  There were high rates of cancers of the chest and abdomen.  90% of the beds in the hospital were caused by the flu before Covid was announced. At this time while doctors were busy administering drugs, an  iatrogenic epidemic was taking place.  The use of morphine rendered the patients paralyzed and many ended up with respiratory failures.People in nursing home  were  given flu shots. Then the PCR tests came along with  97% false positives. To make matters worse this portion of Italy was also under severe economic stress and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Along came a CoVid solution. Italy was offered a lot of money if they acknowledged a CoVid epidemic. Deceptive photos were then shown of many coffins indicating a high death rate of CoVid in Po Valley. It was later discovered that these photos were not from the Po Valley by  from a past incident in 2013 when an African ship capsized and many African people lost their lives.  


Program for Dennis

Concerns; can’t get to sleep, neck issues, the back 5 yrs ago. Arthritis in hip, pain, sinus clogged, high iron in the blood.


No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no dairy, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Eat meats grass fed, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, salads nuts, seeds, berries, avocado , coconut oil

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Arginine Plus 1/2 scoop 

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½ stick

White: Collagen ½ scoop

Blue: water and frozen berries

Green: Ultimate Green Zone 1 tablespoon

 With meals:

Cat’s Claw 4 a day


At bedtime

Take Lobelia


Drink water and Chlorophyll 2 tablespoons a day

Add some grey salt or pink salt


One Day Flush

1 glass water with lemon and Arginine Plus 1/3 scoop

2 K and 2 Cat’s Claw and 2 SN-X

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

2 K and 2 Cat’s Claw and 2 SN-X

By the end of the day you will have taken 10 glasses water, 20 K, 20 Cat’s Claw, 20 SN-X

On the day of the cleanse you do not need to take any other supplements.


Arthritis, Neck Pain, March 7 Results

Dennis has now completed 9 One Day Flushes. He is now adding 2 MC each hour to his flush.

Dennis no longer has to wear a neck brace. It was especially difficult when he had to drive a car. But the neck issue is now totally gone.  The stiffness in the neck is gone. He can now easily rotate his neck from side to side. He is now able to sleep through the night without pain. His sinuses are no longer clogged up. Dennis is really happy with his results.

Previously he had tried to solve his health problems in a natural way. Dennis explained that it was very complicating and expensive, and he did not get the results that he did with this program.


Co Q10 and statins

We are learning about the importance of CoQ10 and how critical it is to  health.  We have learned a lot about cholesterol and how it is not the enemy like we were always told it was.  With so many people diagnosed with high cholesterol, many are put on statin drugs to lower the cholesterol, which we have learned is really linked to inflammation.  Dr. Kim Balas states that people that are on cholesterol lowering statins have their CoQ10 levels depleted by 49% in 2 weeks!!! To have the CoQ10 levels depleted so quickly and to realize the health consequences that come with low CoQ10 levels, one can see how statins and the side effects of them can cause much more damage than they are repairing in the body.  If you know anyone on cholesterol lowering statins, you would do them a huge favour by educating them and getting them to replenish their CoQ1o levels.  You would do them an even bigger favour by educating them about the oral chelation program and CoQ10 so they could throw their statin drugs in the garbage! 

I had a client who was on cholesterol pills and had severe muscle pain.  Once I spoke with her, she began CoQ10 and her muscle pain went away.  When she told her doctor about the effects of her cholesterol pills, he said, "Oh yeah, those ones are pretty bad!"  What kind of a statement is that? I asked her, "Did you question him as to why he would put you on a pill that he knew was pretty bad?"

This is just an example of the stunts that the pharmaceutical industry is playing with our health and why we HAVE to be adamant about taking care of our own health and looking into things for ourselves.


MS, Statins,

Recently my colleague brought it to my attention that Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world.

Here is my thought regarding MS. Everyone that goes to a doctor today is prescribed a statin drug to lower cholesterol. All doctors are taught that cholesterol is the culprit to heart disease. The truth is that statin drugs strip the fats from the brain and the myelin sheath lining the nerves leaving it vulnerable to infections and I would add tumor growths. When the yeast/fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of the spinal cells the end result is MS. This is the Law of Nature. This is exactly what happened to my client, Paddy, who was diagnosed with MS. He was on statin drugs for 7 years. He then ended up with many ear infections, took lots of antibiotics and finally a lesion was detected in his brain. He stopped the use of statins,

cleaned out all heavy metals, rebuilt the microbiome, and rebuilt the brain and the full use of the left arm and left leg returned within the year. Paddy is a construction worker in New York. He has his life back.

 Another client, Bill,  was totally losing his memory. He also took Lipitor for 12 years. He stopped taking Lipitor, took TAFYH and his memory has been greatly restored. In this case Lipitor stripped the fats from the brain.

Think of all the people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s disease. The solution is to clean out the heavy metals take high dense nutrition and stop taking statin drugs.

 Today I planted tomato seeds and cabbage seeds into soil cells. I thought about that seed that went into the soil as I planted it. A tiny seed the size of the eye of a needle has the power, the energy and the strength to produce a tomato plant that can be 4 feet tall and yield anywhere from 50 to 90 tomatoes the size of a large orange. That means 1 tomato plant could feed me for about 2 months if I were to eat one tomato a day.

To use this as an analogy I thought about the herbs that are dried and tightly packed into a little capsule. These herbs also came from tiny little seeds the size of the eye of a needle. They also have the power, the strength and the energy to produce plants that do not lose their power, energy and strength but actually that power is enhanced as it grows collecting the sun’s energy and the energy from the earth and water to produce minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients for your body’s healing purposes. Those herbs are also mysteriously  able to create medicinal active alkaloids that are able to perform certain healing functions in our bodies.

I first discovered active alkaloids when I learned about Paw Paw from Dr Jerry McLaughlin. He taught me that Paw Paw has these alkaloids called acetogenins in them. It was the acetogenins that he isolated and used in deactivating cancer cell growths in the lower animals in a laboratory setting. He said that these alkaloids were so powerful that they were 1 million times stronger than adriamyacin chemo drugs that are used to treat cancer patients. These are significant studies that were scientific and were published in medical journals.

Here is the insight that comes to my mind. The acetogenins in that Paw Paw herb are 1 million times more powerful than those chemo drugs. No man can create a drug in a lab to overcome cancer compared to the ability that humble plant has to overcome cancer proliferation.

Yet we are made to believe in our medical society that drugs have more powerful healing ability than drugs. Today I want to correct that statement. Drugs have powerful killing properties.  Herbs have powerful healing properties. The goal of any diseased condition is not to kill the cancer or the tissue  but to remove the poisons that are killing and to heal the tissue that is damaged. If one tomato seed has the power of creating 90 tomatoes then one Paw Paw herb has the power to clean up the poisons that cause the cancer to keep growing.


I remember one lady who was trying to convince me that herbs don’t have the power to protect her from viruses and that she needed a vaccine to serve as her protection. Under no circumstances would I have a vaccine because I know it is filled with poisons. Poisons cause cancer and other diseased conditions no matter what name you call it. Poisons do not belong in my blood stream. Even if I did not use any herbs it is unmeasurably  safer not to inject a vaccine into your blood stream.


What about other herbs and their medicinal alkaloids.

Black Walnut for instance has tannin type of alkaloids that are able to precipitate free proteins found and damaged and inflamed tissues. If you think of tannins than think of the acids that are used in tanning animal skins. These tannin alkaloids then have the ability to destroy, worms, parasites and any other undigested foreign toxic proteins lingering in our body cells.

 Capsicum has the active alkaloid known as capsaicin that has stimulant properties. Consequently Capsicum has that ability to move the blood and the lymphatic system because it heats it up. In any diseased condition the poisons need to move out and they do once the active capsaicin hits the blood and lymph fluids.  It raises the body temperature and the fluids in our bodies move. I bet that you never thought that a humble herb like Capsicum could heat your whole body. Dr. Christopher was famous for using Capsicum in every ailment he treated as an herbalist. He knew that the blood had to move to provide life saving energy and oxygen to the areas that were suffering from oxygen and nutritive deprivation.


Alfalfa is a plant that everyone is familiar with. Our animals love alfalfa hay which is why farmers grow alfalfa in their fields. Yet little do we think about the medicinal part of that plant. And little are we aware that Alfalfa has some incredible active alkaloids with powerful healing properties. There are 3 specific alkaloids in Alfalfa; trigonelline, stachydrine,  and homostachydrine. This all sounds very impressive! And it is! Medicinally speaking Alfalfa has he ability to address inflammation very powerfully. Think of the inflammation in the knee joints or finger joints that are responsible for arthritic pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Along comes Alfalfa with its 3 powerful alkaloids that has the ability to clean out the toxic debris that causes the inflammation. These powerful alkaloids also make Alfalfa a great blood detoxifier. Think of your liver making cholesterol because there is an overload of toxic debris in the blood. No need for the liver tot do that when you add Alfalfa capsules which has the active alkaloids to bind toxic debris from the blood.