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Guest: Ellen shares her experience in TAFYH 75

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of the Product Focus ATN

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The Great and Humble

Men who are not

bound by precedent.

dominated by an institution.

controlled by authority

led by deceptive narratives.

flattered by success.

spoiled by eminence.

nor dazzled by their own importance –

these are the men who carry

progress with them.


Women who are not

bound by precedent.

dominated by an institution.

controlled by authority.

led by deceptive narratives.

flattered by success.

spoiled by eminence.

nor dazzled by their own importance –

these are the women who carry

progress with them.


TAFYH teaches you not to be bound by institutions, or authorities, or deceptive narratives.

TAFYH speaks truth to you. It is based on the Laws of Nature. Laws of Nature are evident and around us at all times. But do we see them.

Do we see the leaves budding in the springtime?

It is the Law of Nature

It does not need science.

It does not have to be scientifically proven.

It is a law and it just is.

Do we see the flowers opening up their heads to bring us beauty and color.

It is the Law of Nature

It does not need science.

It does not have to be scientifically proven.

It is a law, and it just is.

Do we see those poisons being injected into children’s innocent and our bodies cause harm?

Poisons do not belong in our bodies.

It is the Law of Nature

It does not need science.

It does not have to be scientifically proven.

It is a law, and it just is.

TAFYH follows the Laws of Nature and you will identify with them once you embrace the power in Nature that gives us wisdom, magnetism, beauty radiant energy and vigor.


Ellen guest speaker


The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind receives and files all your thoughts and impressions regardless of the nature of these thoughts and impressions. The subconscious mind acts on the your most dominating thoughts. It determines which thoughts are the most dominating by the feelings, passions, emotions and faith you apply to those thoughts.


It is human nature to doubt and to have skepticism. It is human nature for others to discourage you and lead you into fear.

But know this. You have the power to control your own mind. The doubting thoughts are always going to be there. However you have a choice. You can  transform those thoughts of doubts to simply focusing on your perfect state of wellness no matter what symptoms are. You know you are committed.. In every moment you have the opportunity to choose wellness or to choose illness. If you allow your doubts to control you , you are actually contributing to your illness.. At this moment and each moment the thoughts you choose must match the vision you have in your mind which is to be in health. A famous quote well known, “Man is the master of his own destiny.” Therefore it follows, “You are the master of your own destiny.” And it also follows that if you work with a team of supportive people together as a Master Mind team you are the master of the destiny of transforming your illness to your wellness. Now who might be your Master Mind team. All the people on this call are part of your team. I am part of your team. Your supportive friends are part of your team. And if you are part of TAFYH your TAFYH team are part of your Master Mind team. TAFYH grads are also invited to join Advanced TAFYH so you are part of another Master Mind team.


There is one other very important ingredient that needs to spice up your pathway to your health destiny. Your subconscious mind only acts upon the thoughts that show passion. Passion can be enhanced when you activate your 5 senses in the process of manifesting your thoughts. In doing so it is important to clear out any thoughts of self doubt, of skepticism, of negative emotions, negative  thoughts, and stories such as,” I don’t have enough money”, “this won’t work”, this doesn’t make sense, etc .Avoid all thoughts of fear, poverty and all negative thoughts that may serve as a stimuli to your subconscious mind. Avoid:









This is a time when you set aside such thoughts of inadequacies Your subconscious mind functions voluntarily and it is up to you to make every effort to influence it and give it direction. If you do not take on this action you can rest be assured that there are plenty of thoughts out there in the universe that will take that space in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not remain idle. Either you choose to influence it or it will be influenced by foreign unwanted thoughts:

I don’t have enough money.

I’m afraid of spending my money.

I am afraid this is a scam.

The programs are expensive.

Drugs are free

Its easier to take that drug or that vaccine

A doctor will look after me

You can learn to control the door to your subconscious mind so completely that no undesirable thought can ever enter that doorway. You have the opportunity to create your own vision for your own wellness. Its takes practice to control those doubts. I am here to say that eventually you will get there. Here is a simple affirmation you can practice.  My faith in my vision is so strong that I can see it before my eyes.

Now I want to say that there are specific herbal combinations that will assist your brain to stay in the focus of your path to health. The herbal combination I am mentioning is Focus ATN.

From Natures Sunshine

Focus Attention is a special formulation of herbal nutrients that help protect the body from undesirable side effects caused by drugs or exposure to toxic chemicals, food additives, pesticides, etc. Focus Attention combines powerful nutrients required for quiet, balanced mental activity. Slippery elm aids nutrient absorption and is used as a soothing and cleansing herb for the digestive system. The amino acid l-Glutamine supports healthy brain activity and mental ability. DMAE is a biodynamic nutrient used for memory and learning enhancement. It also quenches damaging free radicals. Lemon balm leaves have been approved by the famous German Commission E for their ability to soothe the nervous system. Grape seed extract is high in proanthocyanidins—highly active compounds that can readily neutralize brain-damaging free radicals caused by toxins or over-stimulated brain metabolism. Ginkgo biloba is well known for its support of brain and circulatory health.


Lemon balm (aka melissa or balm), has been part of European culture since the 14th century when people drank Carmelite water: lemon balm and other herbs infused in wine. In the Middle Ages, people credited balm for help with sleep, stress support, wound healing and even longevity! And later, English doctors prescribed it to renew vigor and strengthen the brain. The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest in the world! And ginkgo has been a big part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Today, this unique, fan-shaped leaf is used for its protective effects against oxidative stress. In many European countries, ginkgo is recommended for brain-supporting benefits.


Studies conducted using Focus ATN proved improvements in the following areas:


 neuromotor control.

Decreased anxiety,

remarkable improvement in learning and behavior problems such as ADD,

 improvement in attention span,

decreased irritability,

improved scholastic ability

elevated IQ levels


Focus ATN carries this name because it is specifically used to help you focus on your own vision, your own thoughts, your own destiny.


Now I would like to relate a story of one of my past clients whose winds of doubt overpowered her in one swoop of a doctor’s words.

Tumor in the uterus

Lynda was diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus. She understood the importance of consuming high dense nutrition for the purpose of feeding the stem cells so that they could replicate healthy cells to heal the injury: Flax Hull Lignans, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Green Zone, Collatrim Plus. She took Paw Paw was taken to clean up the fungal infection. Protease Plus was taken on an empty stomach to cleanse the blood stream. Bowel herbs were used to ensure all toxins would be eliminated.

Six months later In September 2010 another ultrasound was done, and it indicated that the uterine lining measured at 8 mm and it had decreased in size from the original 15 mm, the vascular network decreased in size but  the tumorous mass in the uterus measured 2 cm and that it had increased in size. Dr. Lynda was shocked at these results. She had now faithfully followed the Paw Paw program for 6 months and the tumor measured bigger in size! She then decided she had no other option but succumb to surgery.

Then about 3 weeks later on a fall day of October 2010 Dr. Lynda underwent the most amazing bathroom experience. A bloody tissue mass was expelled. This she believed was the tumor. Lynda just experienced a healing crisis.  On October 14, 2010, Dr. Lynda went in for another ultrasound. This time there was no blood flow, no mass, no tumor and the uterine lining measured a normal 3 mm. The cancer was all gone!

All tests confirmed that the tumor was gone, that were was no cancer. But the doctor stepped into the picture with that defined look of authority and declared that the uterus be surgically removed. Lynda succumbed to this authority and had her healthy uterus surgically removed.

All thoughts of fear, of self-doubt, of skepticism took over and all power and authority was immediately given to the voice of a doctor.


I recall working with a man diagnosed with cancer. He was following my program and the blood work gave him the evidence he needed to prove the program was effective and working. He was starting to feel better. His energy has increased. He was in constant communication with me. He called me often to share his blood work results with me.He was excited with his progress. There came a time when  I was away travelling. At that time cell phones were not in use so there really was no way for him to communicate with me. I had been away for 2 weeks and upon returning home I received a phone call from him. His doctor had looked at his blood work and said a chemo treatment was in order. My client succumbed to a chemo treatment. He called me on Thursday and on Saturday. I received a call that he had passed away. The winds of doubt took over. The voice of an outside authority stepped in. He forgot his body was in the process of healing. He forgot that the blood work confirmed his progress.