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From the Desk of Donna Roth


From the Desk of Donna Roth 

With Love and Gratitude

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What does “therapeutic” mean ?

Can herbs be therapeutic?

Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, by Donna Roth

Success stories shared

Benny is 2 now and doing good. He continues to have off and on runny nose that seems to be related to cutting his molars in. When he does go through that, I put him back on the regime you suggested before and it clears up. His rash on his chin is all gone now and has not returned.

Benny age 21 months ( He is so cute)

Cough for 6 weeks.

Hepatic 2, Intestinal 3, Respiratory 9


Eliminate all grains, and oranges and almonds

Focus on protein

CCA with Yerba Santa

Rosehips to build the immune system

HRP-C Liquid

Chocolate Whey

Nature’s Harvest protein.


Hi Donna,

I am just following up to let you know what helped. I took 12 Cat's Claw and 12 Cellular Detox daily for 7 days and the issue has cleared up. I did not have Paw Paw on hand till the very end and I only took that once. It was definitely swollen lymph nodes and not a cyst.

Thanks again. Rosalyn

What is therapeutic?

I am going to answer this question with this scenario. You have blood pressure. You take garlic for 7 days and your blood pressure starts to normalize. This defines therapeutic. The garlic had a beneficial effect for your health without any harmful side effects. It grows in your garden, it has nutritional benefits and your don’t need a prescription to get it.

The medical world would then call garlic medicinal and put it into the drug category as they have done and insist that we pay extra fees to get an NPN # before it can be sold on the market. Yet no grocery story needs an NPN # to sell garlic, or parsley, chives, cilantro and so on. Medicinal is anything that enters the body and alters its structure and function. It is a drug, and it is always toxic, has to be supervised by a doctor. It is a prescription, and it has negative harmful side effects. It has no health benefits. It is a drug, and the liver has to detoxify it.

Samuel Thompson, a wise herbalist considered herbs as an ais to assisting the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. This is a great definition of therapeutic. In the herbal world disease is looked upon as an imbalance in the body due to nutritional deficiency and toxic overload. Disease is a result of the violation , intentional or otherwise of the Laws of Nature. Disease doesn’t just decide to randomly take over your body. Disease happens when the laws of nature that govern it have been upset.

When our body becomes overloaded with poisons sucha as mercury and aluminum from mercury fillings in our teeth or from vaccination shots, , form root canals, for junk foods, glyphosates from Round Up if you are eating grains, then the elimination channels, the bowels , the kidneys , the liver, the lymphatic system can become overloaded and the poisons cannot be effectively eliminated. There is not enough nourishment and the vitality drops, the body temperature drops, and disease sets in. It is at this point that your body miraculously creates a germ or a virus or a parasite to clean up those poisons to allow life to continue. God made this world to be perfect and He thought of everything. These germs or viruses dtheir cleaning job and then go back to rest as minute microzyma as the scientist, Bechamp called them. The Germ Theory is false and always has been. Germs or viruses cannot exist in a body that is full of vitality with a body temperature of 37C.

Yet here we are in 2021 and we are lead to believe that at any moment one of those deadly corona viruses will just come out of nowhere land on you, you poor unlucky soul and kill you! So you better wear a mask, wash your hands in alcohol 50 times a day and then line up to get that vaccine which you have never investigated and which could cause blood clots, anaphylactic shock, strokes, permanent disability, Bell’s Palsy, severe allergic reactions, skin rashes and death! I got this information from Dr Hoffe MD in Lytton, BC. These are all the side effects he witnessed.

Vaccines are in no way therapeutic. As you can see they cause serious side effects.  There is absolutely no beneficial health benefits. As a matter of fact they are totally dangerous.

Another example of therapeutic, When Brent called me to tell me he had a serious infection from an extracted root canal, I recommended high doses of Cat’s Claw and Silver. In about 7 days this infection healed up. This is an example of therapeutic. There were no side effects, The Astragalus in Cat’s Claw also provided essential energy to the adrenal glands and helped to make stem cells so the infection could heal faster.

I recall one lady that came to see me because she had suffered from Shingles. She faithfully took HRP-C about 4 capsules 4 times a day .HRP-C is an excellent Chinese TCM herbal combination for infections and viruses. Then she took  RE-X combination to heal the nerves. Within about 10 days or so the Shingles healed up. This again is a therapeutic program. Now it is important to know that you need to take enough of the herbs and take them long enough for them to be therapeutic.

There is one more factor regarding therapeutic. The herbs you use must be analyzed to ensure the essential nutrients and alkaloids are present in that herb. The herbs must not be sprayed with Round Up that contains glyphosates which by the way causes leaky brain and leaky gut.

Let’s look at the very simple herb known as Alfalfa. In the analysis of Alfalfa it has a high nutritive value of Vit A, B1, B3 niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, K , biotin, amino acids digestive enzymes, and protein, chlorophyll, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium , zinc and trace minerals. With all of these nutrients present as determined through nutritional analysis as done in a natures Sunshine lab Alfalfa it then used for inflammation as in arthritis, gout, blood pressure. It is a  blood purifier and aids digestion, elimination, and is an excellent source of nutrients. This analysis shows Alfalfa to be a high-quality therapeutic herb. On the opposite side of the coin; note there are no nutrients in vaccines, there are no nutrients in drugs.

I recall Dr McLaughlin’s profound story when he was on tour and he stayed at my house. He talked about Paw Paw, the herb he studied for cancer. It grows in the eastern US and it is a tree. It has amazing therapeutic effects if the active alkaloids known as acetogenins are present. It is these alkaloids that assist the body to clean up parasites, fungus, and cancer cells. It causes cancer cell apoptosis which means cancer cell death. Dr McLaughlin explained how one Paw Paw tree’s acetogenins could differ by a thousand times from one tree to another. The branches of one Paw Paw tree could be loaded with acetogenins and the tree next to it would have no acetogenins.

All cancer clients I have worked with took Paw Paw along with super foods and other herbs and they got great results meaning they overcame cancer. My book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, has 60 success stories.

Quality control to ensure the herbs are therapeutic with the essential alkaloids is important.

A few years ago there was a company that was selling an herb labelled, Golden Seal. It looked like Golden Seal, it smelled like Golden Seal, it tasted like Golden Seal but when this herb was analyzed it was found to be Barberry, which does not have the same alkaloids as Golden Seal. Golden Seal is excellent for assisting the body to overcome infection. I used it in high doses to overcome tonsillitis many years ago.

There is another alkaloid known as amphetamines and that one is isolated and called aspirin for pain purposes. This alkaloid known as amphetamines is found in White Willow bark. White Willow bark is in the Magnesium tablets. It has the therapeutic affects of alleviating pain.

Lobelia has lobeline that calms down the nerves and relaxes the muscles and is very effective for asthma and serious congested lung conditions or spasms and spastic colon.

And we can continue this discussion but I have 2 great people waiting to share their experiences in TAFYH. Maybe there are some of you wanting to understand health I suggest you do my TAFYH course. I am organizing TAFYH team 61 to start in about 10 days. 

I have a question for tonight’s conference call.  I have, I think,  a somewhat advanced stage of Candida.  I have had a groin and anal rash for a few months.  The doctor and the specialist are not sure why or from where it is originating, but suspect it is a fungal rash.  The specialist is concerned as he has never had or seen a rash like this on men.  It also always coincides with a overall body itch from head to ankles.  I did the candida test and the saliva sits at the surface for a couple of seconds before drifting down to the bottom of the glass, with some in string formation.  It comes and goes, but I’m thinking it reacts to my sugar, bread and dairy intake, which I have significantly reduced.   I searched Nature’s Sunshine, but could only find the Candida clear and the not the six pack you mention on your site.  It also suggests that Candida clear is for mild cases.

Minimum Candida Program by Lawrence Smith

1 hour before each meal take the 1 pack (2 enzymes) Candida Clear on an empty stomach.

40 minutes later or 20 minutes before the meal take the 6 pack, Candida Combo (yeast killers)

Take 8 “Probiotic 11” before bedtime.

Eat the Candida diet.

Continue the program for at least 6 weeks or 3 boxes of “Candida Clear”.


Monday, April 19/21 Teleconference Call

From the Desk of Donna Roth

With Love and Gratitude

Teleconference Call

Monday, April 19/21


What does “therapeutic” mean ?

Can herbs be therapeutic?

Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, by Donna Roth

Success stories shared

Gayle and Shawn present their TAFYH experiences.

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