Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prostate Cancer

Peter’s Prostate Cancer Paw Paw Success Story Jan. 2012

Peter first went to see his doctor in November of 2010 as he had a concern with high blood sugar and needed to ask for some advise as to how to bring down has blood sugar levels. The doctor prescribed a drug to lower the blood sugar levels and also recommended a PSA test as a precautionary step to prostate cancer prevention. Peter , upon having the PSA test completed ,discovered that his PSA was on the high side at 5.3. The doctor was suspicious and sent Peter to have a biopsy tests on his prostate at the cancer clinic. The 12 samples of biopsies taken indicated that 3 of the tests showed positive cancers. Surgery was immediately scheduled. However Peter did not feel comfortable with surgery and thereby refused. Peter started the Paw Paw program in December of 2010. Here are the PSA tests as reported by Peter:
November 2010 PSA 5.3 Biopsies indicate 3 out of 12 samples cancerous
December 2010 started the Paw Paw program. He eliminated all sugars, grains, legumes, milk.
January 2011 PSA 4.75
April 2011 PSA 3.5
July 2011 PSA 3.8
Peter is now off the blood sugar drugs
January 2012 PSA is 3.3
Normal PSA is 1.0 to 3.5 Peter’s tests show that he is in the normal range of PSA . Peter is elated.
It was interesting to note that as Peter’s sugar levels dropped his PSA tests dropped accordingly. Once again these tests confirm the correlation between PSA and blood sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. This fact was documented scientifically by Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 when in a laboratory setting he discovered that when oxygen levels drop below 35 % ,oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place and if there is enough sugar in that area then oxidation flips to fermentation and that is when fungal infections become active. This is the first stage of cancer.