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Words of Gratitude

Edward Griffin Quotes an Eye Opener

The Power of TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health.

Hemoglobin levels increased within 1 month


Opened Sores Healed

Kidney Function Improved

About Solstic Energy

What I Learned from Karen

Germ Theory

Words of Interest from Carol


I want to say thank you to the many gifts and cards I receive. This is one from Nat and Paul. They recently dropped in to see me with this message written in a card:

Donna, What you teach us is simply amazing. Thank you for your time, patience and understanding. You are so appreciated.


From Edward Griffin

The Creature from Jekyll Island & World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17.

Nothing comes from a test tube. And I’ve learned over the years to be very, very leery of any kind of medication that comes from a test tube, because to my observation, almost all of it, maybe a hundred percent of it is toxic. The body is not designed to take the chemicals that are being put into our medicines. And the idea of course, everybody knows that, is that well, we have to run little risk

 And if we don’t take care of their cancer, let’s just use that as an example. If we don’t use chemotherapy to poison out the cancer, he’s going to die anyway. So the trick is how do we kill the cancer just before we kill the patient with the chemotherapy, you know? And usually they don’t succeed. The actual cause of death, the actual real cause of immediate death is the chemotherapy or the radiation or something else very toxic. This is modern medicine. This is western medicine. When I finally came to the realization of that, which was another epiphany, another red pill in my life, and it changed my life completely. I think it’s probably the reason I’m here today at age 91.

When our good friend, acclaimed investigative medical journalist and filmmaker, Jonathan Otto, recently From Dr. Peter McCullough…

He discovered the latest research on the devastating effects of the clot shots
And it’s even more shocking than we knew…!

Blood clots being described from the ankle to the hip. At the time of death, the medical examiners are reporting long, rubber-like blood clots. Many of those may form post-mortem, but I clinically have seen them anti-mortem in living individuals.”

Dr. McCullough told him that a research paper published by Chinese investigators – that used American health data from the US Ophthalmologic Database – determined that even two years post-jab “there's an increased risk of blood clots in both the retinal arteries and retinal veins.

“And what we know is; retinal artery and vein inclusions are not due to eye problems. They are a reflection of systemic blood clots that are circulating going to the eyes. So I think it's disturbing that the survival curves are still widening at two years, meaning that the procoagulant effect and endothelial damage that's occurring from the vaccines do occur over a prolonged period of time. Now, according to the study, at least two years or longer.”

I have learned a lot about what is in those shots:

Liver Support : for pulling out Graphene oxide, a heavy metal

Arginine Plus or Power Beets; to bind the spike proteins.

Cat’s Claw combination to move the lympatic system and neutralize yeast, fungus , poisons

Artemisia to destroy parasites

VariGone and Capsicum to break up blood clots

NattoZyme to dissolve the rubbery plaque.

Perfect Eyes; a combination of herbs to heal the eyes


From Sophea

Raychelle has been getting IVIG blood transfusion for hemoglobin 2x a week for 17 years.  She also has neurological disorder which damaged her myelin sheath. She has been doing the herbal program since the beginning of the year, only a few months. Her doctor informed her she can reduce the IVIG transfusion to 1x per week.  Her nerves are coming back, she can lift and feels stronger.


From Paul

He was coughing, wheezing. He was diagnosed within asthma and prescribed 2 medications that made him feel uncomfortable so he was avoiding taking them  Paul followed his herbal program diligently and did the TAFYH ionic breathing. After 1 week of doing the program  the symptoms were disappearing and no medications were needed.


From Janine

Janine is a blood analyst. She is also a TAFYH grad and is presently enrolled in Advanced TAFYH. Janine was working with a client who is a senior lady. This lady suffered opened sores that would not heal for 2 years that. Janine organized a great herbal program for this lady and in 1 month the sores are almost all healed.

Janine’s program for this lady included:

LBS11 and Psyllium hulls to cleanse the intestinal tract

Cats Claw Combination to move the poisons out from the lymphatic system

Silver Guard.to increase stem cell production in the blood stream and to destroy unwanted foreign toxins

This lady did the One Day Kidney Flush

1 glass of water with lemon

2xK, 2x Horsetail, 2x MC

One hour later

1 glass of water with Chlorophyll

2xK, 2x Horsetail, 2x MC

By the end of the day this lady drank 10 glasses of water and taken 20 capsules of K, 20 capsules of Horsetail and 20 capsules MC.


From Dorothy

Dorothy resided in Utah. She is a TAFYH grad and is enrolled in Advanced TAFYH. Her daughter is Kyla, age 15, who is also a TAFYH grad and now is leading a group of 15 year old friends in TAFYH.

Dorothy has a friend whose doctor recommended kidney surgery.  Dorothy told her of the 1 day kidney flush. She called back and got on a program.   After 2 weeks she called back thrilled!  Her kidney function had improved , she almost cried because the herbs had already helped so much. The test was 1.4 and needs to be a 1.6, almost there. Her magnesium levels had also improved.  Dorothy also mentioned Ultra Biome detox as well.


From Karen,

I recently did a consultation for Karen and she has agreed to commit to following the program. During our consultation she proceeded to tell me that her husband had experienced a heart attack. There he was in the hospital. There were doctors and there were specialists. And to my horror I hear Karen in tears as she proceeded to tell me that these doctors had her husband taking 31 different drugs. Karen worked hard to advocate for her husband to inform the doctors of the side effects of these drugs. Eventually Karen was able to have the doctors reduce the number of medications to 5. Even though reducing the medications was a success Karen proceeded to tell me as she choked back the tears that her husband passed away.

I think about how resilient our bodied are really made to handle 31 drugs. They are all listed to have side effects and these side effects are all posted on Google and at the pharmacy. Side effects is another name for poison. It is just a softer way of expressing it. Now the question came to my mind. Have these doctors that prescribe these drugs ever tried taking them them selves so they know what it feels like before they prescribe them to their sick patients. Has any doctor tried the chemo or the radiation they prescribe to their sick cancer patients.? Why not I ask? Well they could say that they don’t take them because they are not sick. I say they would not take any of them because they know how poisonous they are.

A client once told me how there was a spill of chemo in the cancer clinic. Immediately the room was evacuated and there were people with hazmat suits that came in to clean up the mess. I hope everyone heard me. Yet these same poisonous chemo drugs are injected into people’s sick bodies. It is the day and age of evil is seen as good.

I believe the doctors really do not want to know that drugs are poisonous. It would undermine their hard earned career. I believe that doctors do not want to know that the vaccines they promote are poisonous causing harm, injury and death. To believe that would crush all of their hard years of studies and break the dogma thinking and that would lead to an end to the way they would treat patients.

I  am witness to the many people who do not like to take these drugs. But they line up at the doctor’s office when they are sick. Yet they know that the best that doctor can do is give them a prescription drug.

I am also witness to the people I work with who are afraid to stop taking their poisonous drugs. They think there might be horrible consequences.Of course they have been deeply indoctroniated into believing that they must take them for the rest of their life and that drugs are essential to keep them healthy.

In my world drugs will never give you health. They are all toxic and poisonour and not worthy of being put into my body and I would say anybody else’s body.  Your body cannot heal by a drug. Your body requires nutrition to heal. It is the Law of Nature and it is that simple. Once again I remind everyone on this call about the importance of the Power Shake.


The Power Shake:

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic for minerals , the glandular system,

Collagen  for bioavailable  amino acids

Flax Lignans to sop up toxic xenoestrogens

Arginine Plus to boost the heart , circulation, immune system

Aloe Vera juice to heal leaky gut and cleanse the intestinal tract

Power Greens for any other crucial phytonutrients and enzymes.

Solstic Energy ½ stick.


Just add one ounce of each liquid and 1 scoop of each powder along with 8 ounces of water and some ice into a shaker bottle . Shake vigorously and enjoy. It takes less than 5 minutes to make one of these Power Shakes and it gives you lasting energy, boosts you immune system , your circulatory system and increases brain capacity. It fuels your entire body and provides your stem cell carpenters with all the essential energy for health cell repair.


I want to tell you about Solstic Energy.

Solstic Energy NPN 80069538, 30 Stick Packets, Low Calorie, Multi-vitamin Supplement, Stock No. 6500

Solstic Energy is a low-calorie, energy-boosting, citrus flavored multi-vitamin supplement with the herbs,  guarana, Korean ginseng, green tea extracts, grapeseed extract and loaded with B vitamins.

Solstic Energy helps with metabolism and production of energy to reduce fatigue. Solstic Energy is the healthy alternative to the various energy drinks and caffeinated beverages that so many people are reaching for today.

Did you know?

Approximately 85 percent of the world’s population uses coffee, tea, colas, energy drinks, or some combination of them to help get through the day. Unfortunately, many of these drinks trade off a short term “kick” for long-term health consequences. Long term, high sugar and caffeine consumption can lead to a variety of health issues including dehydration, chronic inflammation, addiction, fatigue, and insulin resistance. Another key ingredient in many energy drinks is taurine, the safety of which is unknown.

 NSP Advantage

All of the medicinal ingredients in Solstic are natural, herbal-based products and are guaranteed pure and of the highest quality. Only 12 calories per serving.

Guarana contains caffeine so there is 60 mg of natural source caffeine in Solstic Energy compared to the 100 mg of caffeine found in a cup of coffee.


 Paullinia cupana (guarana) seeds 283 mg standardized to contain 60 mg caffeine;

Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) root 100 mg of a 3:1 extract standardized to contain 3.5 mg total ginsenosides;

Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaves 50 mg of a 10:1 extract;

 niacinamide (vitamin B3) 20 mg;

pantothenic acid (calcium-d-pantothenate, vitamin B5) 10 mg;

vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2.0 mg;

riboflavin (vitamin B2) 1.7 mg;

thiamine (mononitrate, vitamin B1) 1.5 mg and

 Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg.

Maltodextrin, grape skin extract, sucralose, citric acid, citrus flavor, DL-malic acid and silicon dioxide.

I never thought much about Solstic Energy being a powerful therapeutic herbal combination. I just thought it was a pleasant powder that you add to water or smoothies to make it taste delicious. I remember attending a Nature Sunshine convention where  I  listened to the controversy regarding Solstic because it was sweetened with maltodextrin and sucralose. I also investigated sucralose:

“Sucralose is made from a process that begins with regular table sugar (sucrose); however, sucralose is not sugar. Three select hydroxyl groups on the sucrose molecule are replaced with three chlorine atoms.

Sucralose has no impact on blood glucose or insulin levels in randomized controlled trials, and no effect on appetite.

I also discovered that sucralose does not remain in the body but it gets excreted by the kidneys. Solstic Energy contains very little sucralose and you must know that you are not drinking sucralose but you are drinking a herbal combination of green tea extract, grapeseed extract, Korean ginseng and guarana and all the important Vitamin B’s.

Finally, I heard the words of someone who had tried Solstic Energy from the US side. It was sweetened with Stevia which is a much better choice. However, there was a big problem with Stevia. It did not taste good; I also tried the Solstic with Stevia and I must admit I really did not like it. And there is one thing I know as a herbal educator. If it does not taste good, people who know little about these products will not take it. I also know there is something special that happens in your body when something tastes good. In our society we are bred to consume things that taste good.

As you all know I stress having a super food smoothie daily as your source of missing nutrients. I also know that the smoothie needs to taste good. Tasting good means feeling good and feeling good means power to your health. My bottom line is that it must be easy and it must taste good. So I voted to have Solstic Energy with the sucralose.

Am I happy with my decision. Let’s put this into perspective. I have now witnessed hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer overcome cancer. They all used Solstic Energy in their smoothies. They all loved their smoothies. Did they overcome cancer with the program I designed for them. Absolutely yes. So let me tell you this story.

One day I got a call from Linda who told me her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She laid the law down. She had warned her husband many times about his addiction to coke but he paid no attention until of course his diagnosis happened. Then panic set in and he was ready for some serious advice. That’s when Linda called me. The first thing we had to think about was not to deprive him of his love for coke but to make him a pleasant drink that would take the place of coke. That’s when I suggested Solstic Energy and Solstic Nutrition. Linda than added that she would buy a machine to make bubbly water. I also suggested Paw Paw and Cat’s Claw combination. Linda was off to a good start and her husband agreed to try the Solstic bubbly idea. He then would take Solstic Energy and add it to a glass of bubbly water and he loved the taste so yes this worked. The Solstic bubbly was his new drink. Instead of drinking 8 cans of coke a day he now drank 4 Solstic Energy Bubblies  and 4 Solstic Nutrition Bubblies a day . He also agreed to take Cat’s Claw combination and Paw Paw and he also took a pancreatic enzyme that the doctor recommended. It was about 3 ½ months later that I got the phone call from Linda that her husband no longer had pancreatic cancer.

This was an eye opener for me. I now took Solstic Energy very seriously.

Oh I must bring up this very important factor as to why people take drugs instead of Power Shakes. Drugs are free and Power Shakes cost money. How many times have I heard the very common excuse; I can’t afford it.”

Just this past week I had a call from Sheena. She was my very first cancer client in 1998. Yes you heard me. She had cancer at 25 years old, the second time diagnosed with cancer. The last cancer happened at age 20 and yes she had done all the radiation and chemo. Here she was 5 years later in my office with cancer. She was not going back to repeat that same poisonous process. She had had enough. Did she have money? Was she rich? Could she afford it? No, No and No! Death stared at her! This is when the God given common sense kicked in. It was either the grave or it was life. She chose life! No more poisons and the decision was clear it would be a herbal program. To this day Sheena found the money and never once has it crossed her mind that she could not afford it.  Not once did she ever regret the money that she spent way back there in 1998. It is now 25 years later, and she lives to celebrate Father’s Day with her father.

The way I see it. I think Big Pharma set it up so that drugs would be so called free so that you would not dare to spend your money on herbs that would make you well. Their marketing plan is to keep the door revolving. You go in get a free drug, you get sick, you back in to get another drug and now you are on that treadmill.


 Most people I know spend at least 5 to 10 dollars a day on hot sugary beverages and snacks that are known to deplete your energy levels , rob your immune system and clog up your arteries.  They just don’t know  how such foods impact their health.  Now is the time in your life that you can make a decision to spend your money where it really counts and that is on your health. A  Power Shake a day  amounts to less money and more health.


The Germ Theory is False

From Wikopedia

“Although Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner developed the first vaccines to protect against viral infections, they did not know that viruses existed”

Note they did not know viruses existed because they did not exist. Just as Bechamp and Pasteur knew that viruses did not exist so today we need to know that as well. Viruses do not exist. There is no such thing as an airborne virus out there to attack you. There are microbes in your body that produce a diseased condition when your body is overloaded with poisons and toxins but there in no such thing as an airborne virus. Now I will continue with more comments from Dr. Tom Cowan

From Dr. Tom Cowan

B├ęchamp’s various discoveries led him to conclude that our bodies are, in effect, “miniecosystems.” When an individual’s internal ecosystem becomes weakened—whether due to poor nutrition, toxicity or other factors—it changes the function of the microbes that are naturally present in the body, producing disease.20 In other words, microorganisms only become pathogenic after environmental factors cause the host’s cellular “terrain” to deteriorate.15

As one example of the powerful influence of weakening forces on the host’s ecosystem, a mid-1980s study looked at French children who experienced complications of wild-type varicella (chickenpox).22 (Note: France has never implemented varicella vaccination.) Although three deaths resulted from what is ordinarily an extremely benign childhood illness, all three fatalities took place within a subset of nine children who had been taking steroid medications on a long-term basis. In comparison, ninety-four previously healthy children recovered from varicella without incident. The researchers concluded that the deaths occurred “as a function of the [weakened] terrain.”

From Dr Cowan

Explaining why the (Pasteur-influenced) model of vaccine-induced immunity is so flawed, Cowan notes that vaccines deliberately favor and provoke one type of immune response (antibodies) but short-circuit the other crucial prong of our immune system (cell-mediated activity). In short, vaccines generate a state of “excessive antibody production”—and “this excessive antibody production actually defines autoimmune disease” 

Vaccines wipe out the good bacteria in our gut.

“Diminished microorganism diversity in the gut has been associated with conditions as varied as “allergy, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases and. . .neuropsychiatric disorders.”4

Regarding a medicalized society that must devote huge resources to dealing with sick people Dr Cowan states: as the amount of medicine in our world increases, so, too, does the amount of sickness. Beyond a certain basic level of care, use of more medicine not only undermines an individual’s freedom and autonomy, but also degrades a society’s health.”