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Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer)


Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer):

 I am a 49 year old female diagnosed with Stage IIIb breast cancer in 2016 following which I underwent a double mastectomy.  There were multiple spots on my lungs as well that showed up on a CT Scan but it was not confirmed to be metastatic until I underwent a lung biopsy in the fall of 2018.  Somehow I got up the courage to say no to the conventional chemotherapy as was recommended following the mastectomy along with 5 weeks of radiation.  The challenge for me back then was I wanted quality of life and I cannot explain why but I just didn’t believe it would help me.  It made me sick to my stomach the thought of injecting the chemo.  I did agree however to try the hormone therapy medications such as Tamoxifen and Letrozole.  I struggled with the side effects of these meds throughout and ending up stopping them as well.  When the lung metasticies was finally confimed in the fall of 2018, my oncologist recommended Ibrance and Faslodex combination.  Ibrance being a selective chemotherapy pill and Faslodex a hormone related medication.  I began this program in January 2019 with the proviso of seeing how well I would tolerate it. I immediately struggled with the side effects which included stomach issues (i.e. cramps, stomach aches, diarrhea), nausea, fatigue, hand/foot joint pain and found myself having to take even more medications for the side effects.  I ended up having to take a lot of breaks from the cancer meds to settle things down.  I was continuing to be assessed throughout with CT Scans and had some change but all was fairly minimal, suggesting the program may indeed be helping slow the cancer progression.  I was trying different ways of boosting my energy with better nutrition, avoiding sugar, green supplements and ozone therapy.  But unfortunately the side effects from the medications continued and it didn’t seem like my body was adjusting to it.

 Then in December of 2019, I joined the TAFYH program.  Through TAFYH I was able to focus on taking the right supplements for my symptoms and commit to a more regular exercise routine.  I completed the one-day bowel cleanse, the one-day kidney flush and the three-day liver cleanse.  I did my ionic breathing, chlorophyll water and drank my smoothies every morning.  Supplements included Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, Probiotic II, Flax hull Lignans, Ultrabiome DTX, Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw, Master G and TS II.   I was also doing about 60 minutes of exercise a day (combination of yoga, strength training and aerobics).  In the spring, summer and fall I also ride horses regularly but not so much during the cold winter months.  I did conduct the Navarro test which tested positive for cancer in mid December.  With my confidence in how I was feeling and trusting my own body, I decided to stop taking all prescription medications which included the chemo meds as well as all the ones I was taking for side effects.

 At the end of TAFYH, I went from reducing my body systems score from 46 to 8.  I successfully eliminated almost all of my symptoms and finally had energy again.  What a difference!  Getting my digestive system back on track was a big win as had suffered from IBS all my life. I also used to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  But not anymore.  And I finally had way more energy than I can ever recall.  It’s changed my life and now feel like I’m actually living again.  I will continue with the Navarro test and see how things are going on the cancer progression.  But really I have all the confidence that if I’m feeling this great, then my body can handle anything.

TAFYH Evaluation by Jody


We are naturally charged and the ion exchanges affect one's day to day mood and well being

Only I can change my condition; no one can do it for me

Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body

The brain relies on the healthy microbes in your gut to effectively mobilize nutrient delivery to all parts of the body

Optimal core body temperature is 98.6F (37C), the temperature in which all body chemical reactions occur to maintain health.

It is significant to know that If your body temperature drops by a mere .5 degrees Celsius your immune system drops by 35%.

Such inflammation if not corrected, impedes the flow of O2 and nutrients to the cells and tissues.

The consequences of insufficient oxidation due to foreign toxins in the blood, lack of minerals and lack of oxygen are the real cause of disease.

The lymph system produces several types of specialized cells capable of destroying unwanted foreign matter.


I found the short morning conference calls work.  Our daily lives get in the way sometimes of making every phone call but good to be able to send your homework in advance.

The accountability of picking Ahha's and Concepts makes people accountable to read the lessen.


I found it to be a well rounded, high level overview which was easy to follow and absorb.

I better understand the importance of keeping internal body temperature at 37.0 degrees and above.

I am now able to focus on how to build and maintain my health plan


The short daily conference calls structure and format works.  Keeps people engaged and focused.


Commitment to exercise as well as keeping up with lessons and tracking progress is effective.


There is an answer for cancer but it's not a cure.

Empowered to better understand the laws of nature.

Am encouraged and motivated to champion my own health.

Going to stick with my nutritious morning smoothie with the added supplements of Chi Tonic, Psyllium Hulls, Chlorophyll, Collatrim, Solstic Energy, UltraBiome.

The Paw Paw/Cat's Claw program is my go to for immune support.

The implications are that I have quality products to go to when needed and simple easy to follow tests to help sort out the root of problems.

 Reaching Others:

I can see how others can benefit and happy to share my experience.

I will share with others how the TAFYH program and Nature Sunshine supplements have improved my life.

I will continue to follow up and share my progress with others.


My Health Plan for my Future Good Health February 2020 by Lillian


My Health Plan for my Future Good Health February 2020 by Lillian


I continue to walk, use small weights and have added floor exercises. Exercise is so important for good health. Movement keeps the body functions moving also. Cat’s Claw for lymphatic drainage has been a mainstay of mine for several years. My muscle movements are effortless now, I am not stiff, unsteady, or unsure. I run up and down stairs and walk with a rapid gait easily already.


I have eliminated processed foods, grains, legumes, milk and sugar from my diet. I eat fresh, certified organic whole vegetables, some fruits and berries, and always free range, pasture-raised and finished meats and eggs as much as possible. I supplement the nutritional deficiencies with my morning smoothies. These contain the colors Red, Mineral Chi Tonic always, and Solstic energy occasionally. To strengthen the Chinese Fire element, I take the supplement HS-C, which is also red. Also in the smoothie is Flax Hull Lignans, as well as Collatrim Plus for the white color. Blueberries and water are the blue color in it also. I drink chlorophyll water which is the green color between meals to help with blood purifying and to discourage parasites. I eat a lot of greens daily as well. And I will be adding Green Zone to my smoothies as well.  I take Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 as well.


For the bowel cleanse, I use psyllium hulls combination with LBSII. I also have done the kidney cleanse which I will be doing weekly now for several weeks. I  have also done the liver flush and gall bladder cleanse. My intention is to continue cleanses in the following weeks and months.



Digestive – I use and have taken Probiotic11, Protease Plus, Garden Essence. I don’t have H pylori, which would introduce ULC-R.

Intestinal Aid - Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBSII as in the bowel cleanse is used.

Circulatory – I will be doing the MC oral chelation for several months along with CoQ10 plus UltraBiomeDTX later. I have also added Colostrum, another favourite of mine.

Nerves - Zerenity, Focus ATN. Stress Pack has helped a family member greatly also.

Immune - Cat’s Claw always. I call it Mother Nature’s Antibiotic. Also I will add CurQMin, and if ever necessary, Pawpaw.

Respiratory – has greatly improved, but will use AL-J and SN-X for the sinuses as well.

Urinary - I used KB-C and K for the Kidney cleanse and will continue this for several weeks.

Glandular – my old standby, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

Structural – I take Collatrim and KB-C, and will add Herbal CA, and Art-A if necessary (arthritis).

TAFYH Success Stories by Lillian February 2020 for Completion Ceremony


 I got through this January completely healthy, not as the last 2 years.

Two years ago in January I had a mystery cough that lasted for about 3 weeks before it completely disappeared. Last January is explained shortly.


Physical and visual improvements

  1. No longer have cold hands and feet all the time (Yay thyroid)
  2. varicose veins have visibly lessened and are soft
  3. forgetfulness is improving
  4. immune system better as there is more energy upon wakening from a lovely,

 solid sleep. I have energy to last the day.

  1. my metabolism is remarkable compared to when I was a child.
  2. kidneys/bladder system improving thanks to the kidney flush and KB-C
  3. asthma symptoms improved
  4. skin not as dry as before I started TAFYH
  5. sinus congestion greatly improved
  6. body temperature improved by 1.1 degree to normal 98.6


Some of BSQ scores improved also. Digestion from 3 to 2, Hepatic from 6 to 5, Intestinal stayed at 1, Respiratory stayed at 2, Urinary from 2 to 1, Circulation stayed at 2, Nerves from 4 to 2, Glandular from 4 to 3, Structural stayed at 2, Immune from 4 to 3, Reproductive from 2 to 0. The score went from 32 to 23.

As continuation of the January dilemma above, I had an emergency over a year ago when I was in Arizona for a family birthday party. I got sick, fainted for the first time in my life, went to the hospital emergency in an ambulance for the first time in my life, was seen by a doctor, gave blood samples, had a chest x-ray, EKG. The first responders kept saying they had never seen anyone as healthy as me for my age. The emergency doctor said the same thing. (I am 75.) The only thing they found was that my sodium was low and this was after a bag of saline solution was administered in the ambulance. I later found out that this was what caused the fainting.

And I had a “slight touch of pneumonia in my lower right lobe”. I had not had pneumonia for decades!! When I got home I got back on my Cat’s Claw, Chi Tonic, and vitamins, etc., and was better in no time. I would probably not have been sick if I had taken twice as many herbs with me. My sister got sick first and I gave her my herbs; she got better and then I got sick. I have been healthy so far this winter and it is my intention to stay that way and improve my health as much as possible.

 1. Body temperature noted in number 10 above.

2. BSQ score went from 32 to 23.

3. The Candida Saliva test results:

The first one in early December showed everything dropping to the bottom within 15 minutes and staying there.

The second one showed some dropping to the bottom and some staying at the top.

I took that to be an indication of going in the right direction.

TAFYH Evaluation by Lillian January 2020


  • TAFYH Evaluation by Lillian  January 2020
  •  My Ahaa lessons: I have learned a lot.  There will never be a cure for the common cold, it is the cure!!  The 4 main causes of diseases, the many wonderful ways our body works and heals, explanations of the interconnection of our body systems, meridians, how to give the body the opportunity to clean out itself, the importance of water, the contents for our home First Aid kit, emergency procedures, PawPaw’s power with cancer, Silver’s amazing capabilities and many more herbal remedies. IF our body is given the chance, it will heal itself physically and emotionally. Proper body temperature to avoid cancer, foods to avoid, proper foods and nutrition, Nature’s Sunshine supplements, body cleanses, are all important. It was overwhelming at times, but it all made complete sense.
  • Time: It was a good time of year for me. Winter time gives me more free time. Morning teleconference calls for 15 minutes were well spent.
  • Participation: was very motivating and kept one accountable. I enjoyed everyone’s perspectives and successes. The common goals gave me inspiration to do everything possible to participate fully. Shared successes are motivating.
  • Education: When I took TAFYH 5 years ago, I felt like the 5 minute lesson was the equivalent of reading a whole book. This time it was a University course in taking care of one’s own health according to the Laws of Nature. I feel well prepared to care for myself and to coach others who are willing to learn as well.
  • Structure: Well set out. I knew what was expected and enjoyed listening to others views as well.
  • Information: Overwhelming at times, but the lessons sent to us enabled one to study and study to gain more insight. It is also wonderful to be able to review whenever desired.
  • Commitment: I agreed to take the course so I was ready, willing and able to be on the call every morning wherever I was, and to be able to finish the lessons as required.
  • Application: Regarding staying well - to be able to now know what to do and how to do it is invaluable!!! I can continue to help myself on the natural road to health, and to assist others who want to be helped. The problem is to stifle oneself, and to learn when is the right moment to introduce the BSQ, (which is such an introduction to learning and healing) at the correct moment.
  • Implication: For myself, it means that I will know what to do when I get sick and everyone does at some point. But I can do all I know to prevent it and it is working well right now. Thus being the example, it will hopefully be easier to teach others how to stay well. The dream is to have the whole family, neighbourhood, city, province, country, world be able to look after their own health instead of giving our power over to those who are not interested in good health. What a world that will be!!
  • Money: the price was right, and I got most of my supplies on time. Priorities have to be considered and once I was committed to the program, there was no question.
  • Comments: Thank you once again. I now have the “equipment” to stay healthy and to help others to become healthy again, if they are open to that. The years of research you gave to make this course happen is so appreciated. I also appreciate having received the “roadblocks, repairs, recipes and the ingredients” for health. This is priceless.  The paradigm shift happened in spite of my own doubt. I, alone, am in charge of my body and my health!! You still are an excellent teacher and inspiration Donna. Thank you so much!