Monday, June 2, 2008

Migraine Headaches

Nutritionally speaking, Migraines have been related to 3 basic problems.
There is a problem with H pylori bacteria in the stomach area and this is the same bacteria that is known to cause ulcers. Nature Sunshine has formulated the most incredible herbal formula to alleviate this problem and that is ULC-R. ULC-R has been researched for over 2 years by the Nature Sunshine team of scientists and therefore it is very well documented to have a negative effect on H pylori bacteria. Just follow the directions on the container which says to take 2 capsules 2 times a day and then 2 at bedtime , each time with a glass of water.

There is a problem with mineral deficiency in our society. Agricultural practices have depleted our soils of essential and trace minerals . The body is not able to heal or repair adequately if there is a mineral deficiency. Consequently Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic is a must for Migraine headaches and it is suggested that one take 1 oz twice a day .

Finally in all Migraine sufferers there is a sluggish liver which attributes to a sluggish bowel. It is the liver that releases the bile to the gall bladder which dumps it into the duodenum of the intestinal tract for the digestion of fats and for the cleansing of the bowels. Bile is like the scrubber for the bowels. So here it is strongly recommended to stop the consumption of fats such as ice cream , chocolate etc and to use Cascara Sagrada to stimulate the flow of bile and to cleanse the bowels. LoClo is a great fiber to accompany the Cascara.

In a nut shell:
No fats, no sugar, no yeast
ULC-R for the H Pylori bacteria
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Cascara Sagrada
Please send me an e mail when you get results.