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From the Desk of Donna Roth July 5/2020

From the Desk of Donna Roth July 5/2020

A lump or a so-called tumor appears for a very good reason if you trust that the body has an amazing intelligence well beyond scientific knowledge. A tumor is your body’s way of walling off invasive toxic debris that is present in your blood stream. Your body creatively found a very safe avenue to create a wall around these poisons so that they do not harm the rest of your body. How miraculous! If you decide to expose this lump to injury via a biopsy or a surgery to remove it imagine what starts to happen. Now that amazing disposal system has been removed. The body has no longer a system of depositing unwanted poisons and they continue to float freely in the blood harming other organs and glands. The toxins in the blood have nowhere to go until another wall is created or the poisons start irritating another organ until a cancer is formed.

So I want to give you an example. Sheena at age 20 was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her leg. She had it surgically removed and then completed a process of radiation. Did cutting out the lump get rid of her cancer? Here is the answer. Five years later at age 25 here she was diagnosed with lung cancer. That’s bad enough but the worst of it is that she was told she had only 3 months to live. Cutting out the tumor did not get rid of her cancer. The poison just settled somewhere else! The happy ending to this story is that she did a therapeutic nutritional program with lots of Cat’s Claw and lots of Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll and overcame her cancer in a few short months
Juanita was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I believe many of you have heard her story as she was a guest on my call. Juanita succumbed to surgery to cut out her uterus along with the cancerous tumor and to do the chemo and radiation. Did this procedure get rid of her cancer?  Two years down the road, you guessed it! The cancer came back in the uterine area where she had had the surgery. As I clearly state; you cannot cut out cancer. Juanita then turned to the therapeutic nutritional program and to this day, now about 7 years later she is cancer free.
Shawna at age 29 was diagnosed with breast cancer. She also succumbed to surgery to cut off her breast and to chemo and radiation and to tamoxifen. Did that action get rid of her cancer? Let me tell you that 5 years later she was diagnosed with cancer in the exact same place where the surgery took place. You cannot cut out the cancer. The good news is that she did the therapeutic nutritional program and is cancer free for more than 6 years now.

It was January 2014 when Terry was diagnosed with cancer. He knew something was not right after so many bouts of suspicious vomiting. The diagnosis indicated that there were numerous tumors outside the duodenum and that some of these tumors were attached to the kidney. The tumor was placing an intense pressure on the urethra and to alleviate this, a surgical procedure was performed where a stint was placed into the urethra. Common medical treatments were recommended, and Terry underwent 5 out of the suggested 8 chemo treatments. But each treatment gave him violent vomiting to the point of aspiration which gave him pneumonia
This is when Terry and Kris went on a search, for a different way. They studied the Gershon clinic, Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Campbell, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives. They exposed themselves to many different ideas. Kris even interviewed 3 different Naturopathic doctors. Everything they researched so far was just too wish washy. Finally, they came upon Dr. McLaughlin and studied his research on Paw Paw. Something felt right about his research and they called Nature’s Sunshine. This is where Donna Roth came into the picture. “We looked on Donna’s website and I was numbed by the number of case studies.” Terry was very careful about taking on any program. He was skeptical and kept doing his research. “We listened to Barry’s talk about the success he had with lung cancer using Donna’s Paw Paw program on the teleconference call that Donna has every Monday.” There was something very different here compared to all the other studies that Terry and Kris had done. “No one out there had a program like Donna Roth had and she was very confident about her program. She had studied herbs and had an MH with lots of testimonials and lots of experience. She had done her homework.” Terry finally called Donna even though he was very skeptical. Kris was determined to stand by him,” If this doesn’t work, you don’t have a future. It had to work.” Kris also interviewed the customer service lady about Nature’s Sunshine. “They are clean, powerful and have integrity. We were pretty serious. There was no going backwards now. “Terry purchased the program and was ready to take this on. All sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes, milk was eliminated. All medications that were being used for the prostate and for Rosacea were stopped. Terry began eating meats, proteins, lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries. Each day Terry had two of those high dense Super Food Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Aloe Vera juice, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy. He took Cat’s Claw and Paw Paw with his meals and Protease Plus and Colostrum on an empty stomach. He took the oral chelation, MC to clean out heavy metals as there were mercury fillings to deal with.
Terry started the program in January of 2014 and in June 2014 Terry returned from seeing his doctor who gave him the results of his tests. The blood came up from where it was at the start, but the really big thing was that the PET scan showed no tumors.

So what cleared up the tumors in Terry’s duodenum and the tumors outside his kidneys?
What cleared up the cancer in Juanita’s uterine area?
What cleared up the cancer in Sheena’s lungs?
What cleaned up the cancer in Shauna’s breast?

As you can clearly see the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that each one of them did, did not work. The cancer came back in Sheena’s case 5 years later. The cancer came back in Juanita’s case 2 years later. The cancer came back in Shawna’s case 5 years later. And Terry just stopped chemo. Then in each of these cases these 4 people took on their own health by following the Laws of Nature. Dr. Edward Shook, “The herbalist…recognizes that disease, including trauma is the result of the violation, intentional or otherwise of the Laws of Nature.” The Laws of Nature simply states you need fuel for your stem cells to replicate healthy cells for you, That fuel does not come from chemotherapy or radiation but it comes from eating clean foods, from high dense nutrition, from herbs. Your stem cell carpenters cannot build healthy cells for you using chemotherapy or radiation! We all know this just does not make any common sense. It is no wonder that the cancer came back for Sheena, Shauna and Juanita. Poisons instead of fuel were injected into their bodies.
The Law of Nature states your body is created to heal but your job is to be sure that you are giving the body the fuel it needs to heal.

In 1800 the great and pioneer American herbalist, Samuel Thompson said this “I shall now describe the fuel which contains the fire of life of man. This is contained in two things, foods and herbs which are in harmony with each other.”

What foods is he talking about? Foods that contain fire to give life. In other words foods that burn at a high temperature. The Law of Nature stated that cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C . IT also states that viruses cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C. What are we all experiencing in our present day; the taking of body temperature indicating if it is about 37 you have the corona virus? Following the laws of Nature if your body temperature is about 37C you are burning up the virus and killing it. The key is to raise the body temperature and not take aspirin or any of those other drugs to suppress the fire that gives life.

What foods raise body temperature?
Think of fats and how you can light a match to them and watch them burn. I remember my Mom using good farm grade lard in her fryer to make homemade French fries, we called them potato chips. On more that one occasion I witnessed the lard catch on fire when it happened to drip onto the propane stove, she was cooking on. In those days lard was a good food. My Mom made all kinds of pies using good lard. Then along came Health Canada who totally condemned it and the good lard that came from clean animals was bad and the hydrogenated oils from corn, canola became good! Hydrogenated oils are causing the plague of our century. I am here to say farmers intuitively knew those foods that were needed to raise the body temperature because they were hard workers. They had that common sense and that common sense that follows that Laws of Nature has been destroyed in modern day turned over to Health Canada and the agricultural industry and the pharmaceutical companies who of course fund medical schools.

What are those foods that raise body temperature to keep your immune system working at top notch.
Note the color of fire is red and so red foods come into play.
Red meats grass fed which contain the good fats
Good fats from fish, eggs, coconut oils, Flax Seed Oil, Super Oil, Lecithin Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Saw Palmetto Oil, Super Omega 3 oil from Nature Sunshine,
Then we add the high dense nutrient shake with all its colors because they are serve a purpose.
Red Chi Mineral Tonic
Yellow Flax Hull Lignans
White Collagen
Blue Zambroza and Noni juice
Green Ultimate Green Zone

And that is exactly what Sheena, Juanita, Shawna, Terry did. They ate those good fats and good proteins and took high dense nutrient shakes to give their stem cells all the building materials to repair their cancer injuries.
There is one thing that stops us from taking on our own health and that is fear!
Fear is programming technique. Fear causes the amygdala of the brain to swell and at this point we cannot think rationally, and you rely on an outside source to make decisions for you. You do irrational things; you spout out words that do not reflect your inner thinking. You go into a state of anxiety. At this point I want to mention one herb that has been scientifically documented to bring down the swelling of the amygdala in your brain and that is Zerenity.

This fast-acting, non-drowsy formula that helps relieve nervousness, worry and tension associated with daily living, features Sceletium tortuosuma time-honored South African herb and key nutrients that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves.   Zerenity targets feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways. Designed to quickly calm your mind, helps boost your mood and reduce fatigue

VCC update
Lawsuit against the federal govt concerning our constitutional rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be served on Monday according to Rocco the VCC lawyer.
And OR nurse has created a movement in Ontario to stop the mandatory masking policy. Masks she said are dangerous in that they create a high CO2 level in the air inside the mask and causes fatigue and fainting.
Hand sanitizers are all alcohol based and get absorbed into the blood stream If you read the book by Dr Hulda Clark A Cure For All Cancers you will find out how that ethyl alcohol is carcinogenic and endangers the liver. If you want a hand sanitizer you can use Silver Gel, just a little dab on your hands. I carry it in my car at all times. Or you can use Natures Fresh with the Essential Oil Purity. I love Purity oil I use it in the bathroom. Just a few drops in the toilet water and the whole room smells fresh and clean. I use it in my office as well.

Dr. Stoian Alexov, a pathologist from Bulgaria called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.
Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.
He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.
The main conclusion [of those of us who participated in the May 8 webinar] was that the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden do not show that the virus is deadly.”

He added that:
What all of the pathologists said is that there’s no one who has died from the coronavirus. I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus.”
the WHO is creating worldwide chaos, with no real facts behind what they’re saying.”

At this point I ask that you support us by purchasing your products through Natures Sunshine. We put in a lot of work to organize these calls and provide you with this education that no other doctor in world can provide for you because their hands are tied to their license. I ask kindly that you do not purchase your products from Amazon or Costco or a pharmacy but that you support us. We are always willing to answer your questions and we respond to all the calls. We are here to help you get through your health crisis and help you restore your health without the use of drugs and vaccines. Thanks to each of you that support us by purchasing Natures Sunshine products.

There is a divine solution to ever situation. It is up to each of us to believe, to trust to put it in prayer and to take actions. Because mainstream media censors our information action is crucial.What actions?
Join a rally in your town
It is a rally of awareness particularly to make people aware of the dangers of a corona virus vaccine.
Tell everyone to avoid vaccines.
Talk to your friends, family, strangers you meet on the street or shopping.
Tell them what you are doing to keep your immune systems strong; Silver and Vit C, D and Zinc
Each day write in your prayer journal as I do.
Express gratitude for divine guidance and all the great people in large numbers who are working hard to to warn their neighbors.
Create a Vision board of that life without a virus and know that it is in the process of manifesting by a Higher Intelligence.
Keep your mind in that state of power and divinity and know that you are in the process of receiving your highest good of mind body and spirit and of worldly affairs.
Know that with our great work on this Earth God is making room for this greater good to happen in His own time and in His own way.

Teleconference Call July 6/2020

July 6/2020
Tumor Appears for A Good Reason
4 Cancer Clients
Zerenity for fear
Donna ; swelling of legs

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June 29/202
Taking a Stand for Freedom
Healthy Gut
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Breast Cancer
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Teleconference Call on June 15/2020

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Laws of Nature
Sheena Overcame Cancer
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Colicky Baby

 For the little one for colic
Catnip/Fennel a drop on your pinkie and into the mouth
Probiotic 11 ; open the capsule and put some on the pinkie finger and put it into the mouth

Arthritis Program

For Arthritis
One Day Kidney Flush ; do this two days a week
1 glass water with a squirt of lemon organic
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

About 2 hours later take:
1 glass water with 1 tablespoon of Chlorophyll
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

Alternate every 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.
Do this all day long.
Have your Smoothie and eat the right foods
This is not a fast.

Every day take 2 smoothies:
Chi Mineral Tonic 1 oz each time
Solstic Energy ½ each time
Collagen  ½  scoop each time
Nature’s Harvest
Water and Ice

ART-A take 4 three times a day
Cat’s Claw take 3 twice a day
LBS 11 take 1 to 4 to be sure your bowels are moving twice a day

Monday Call Information

Vaccines are safe and effective is a commonly heard phrase. Dr. Tenpenny explains this statement well. Vaccines when injected into the body create antibodies.  So in this sense they are effective. Of course, vaccines create antibodies. Antibodies are created whenever there are a poison in the blood that do not belong there. The immune system immediately kicks in to fight off the toxins. But being effective says Dr. Tenpenny does not mean they prevent you from getting sick. For example, you can get a tetanus shot which creates antibodies in your blood and then you can end up with tetanus or an autoimmune disease from the adjuvants such as mercury and aluminum present in all shots. Effective does not mean protection. Effective does not mean there are no dangerous poisons in the vaccines. Effective does not mean you will not get asthma, eczema, diabetes, autism seizures and do on from the vaccines. Dr. Tenpenny pleads for all of us to take responsibility and read the labels. People read the labels on their food products but never read the labels in the vaccines they inject into their bodies. Question your doctors. Stop being intimidated by an authority figure.
What can you do to clean out the blood once the blood has been exposed to the toxic debris from vaccines? You can take Heavy Metal Detox, MC , Super Oil and Mineral Chi Tonic. Do this program for  one month for every 10 years of your age. This  is called the Oral Chelation Program.. I love Laurence Smith who helped to design this program. At one time in his life Laurence was once a very sick man who suffered 2 heart attacks at the age of 37 years old. He turned to the Oral Chelation program and he explicitly explained that he did not get any results from this program until he took it for 5 months. What do people want when they start any herbal program? The want results now! And they quit just after about 3 months saying it didn’t work. This is a common saying. “ I tried it and it didn’t work for me.” The reality is that you didn’t do it. The fact is you just keep doing the program until it works!

Updates from VCC
Bill 11 in New Brunswick; madate vaccinations to every child attending school
Was defeated ; 22 MLA’s vs 20 voted it down.
Guest Diane, who worked tirelessly as a mother along with Cheryl, another mother were guests on VCC
“ One bad product to be forced on everyone and we could lose humanity!”
This is so much bigger that not getting shots!
Its about humanity.
Its about having no say over our own bodies or our children’s bodies.
Its about slavery to a vaccine company.

Rocco the VCC lawyer
A mask is used to remind us that we are slaves and we are not in control.
Its to remind us to remove identity as a human being
I freed 1000 slaves.
I could have freed a 1000 more if only they knew they were slaves..
My take on masks:
During WW 11 the Nazi all wore a swastika as a symbol in support of the Nazi agenda.
Today 2020 the mask is a symbol in support of the WHO agenda.
I will have no part in wearing a mask that hides my identity, that prevents me from taking in my God given breath, that symbolizes my submissiveness to a non-God authority, that shows everyone I support  the WHO 80% privately funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates.

"Guess what?" he continued. "Today, she walked the whole thing back and ... I know I’m left thinking how can we possibly trust the WHO at all?"

Van Kerkhove said earlier Tuesday that there had been "misunderstandings" about comments she made Monday, when she stated that coronavirus transmission by asymptomatic individuals was “very rare.”

Jody; TAFYH Grad is my guest this evening.
Just wanted to share a brief health update.  I am now 7 months off the chemo medication and the results of my latest CT scan show the metastasis in my lungs is stable with no change in the last 3 months. Note I knew even going into the appointment it would be. I have continued to trust myself, eating well, taking my supplements, being active (riding horses) and feeling good. I bless the cancer for giving me a different life that I can enjoy now and continuing on my journey of transforming myself and mind body connection.
 All the best!

For Arthritis
One Day Kidney Flush ; do this two days a week
1 glass water with a squirt of lemon organic
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

About 2 hours later take:
1 glass water with 1 tablespoon of Chlorophyll
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

Alternate every 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.
Do this all day long.
Have your Smoothie and eat the right foods
This is not a fast.

Every day take 2 smoothies:
Chi Mineral Tonic 1 oz each time
Solstic Energy ½ each time
Collagen  ½  scoop each time
Nature’s Harvest
Water and Ice

ART-A take 4 three times a day
Cat’s Claw take 3 twice a day
LBS 11 take 1 to 4 to be sure your bowels are moving twice a day

For the little one for collic
Catnip/Fennel a drop on your pinkie and into the mouth
Probiotic 11 ; open the capsule and put some on the pinkie finger and put it into the mouth

Daughter fatigue
Chi Tonic 1 oz twice a day
Liquid Methyl B12 20 drops into the mouth and hold for about 30 seconds.
Do this three times a day
Magnesium 4 twice a day
Probiotic 11 take 3 with evening meal.

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Scientifically Proven ??? June 8/20

What does scientifically proven really mean?
Success stories of people who have defied science.
Laws of Nature vs science
What is a virus?
Words of wisdom from Carol.
Question and Answer
Scientifically Proven ???
A Physicist  once said, “The very expression “scientifically proven” is a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing that is scientifically proven. The core of science is the deep awareness that we have wrong ideas, we have prejudices. We have ingrained prejudices. In our conceptual structure for grasping reality, there might be something not appropriate, something we may have to revise to understand better.
"[Science] has nothing to do with the assembling of data and the ways of organizing the assembly of data. It has everything to do with the way we think, and with our mental vision of the world."
Dr. Marcia Angell, editor of The New England Journal of Medicine for 20 years, has written:
 "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine." (NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, "Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption")
Dr. Barbara Starfield's revelation: The US medical system kills 106,000 people a year with its medicines. Extrapolate that number for a decade: more than MILLION DEATHS. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Is broccoli scientifically proven?
Sheena came into my office this past week. You need to know her history. In 1998 she was given 3 months to live. According to scientific data, proven by medical authorities, the advanced cancer that Sheena had would lead to death within 3 months. So, the doctor point blank told her there was no way she could live. Note what Sheena did. She did not believe a word of it. Sheena defied all science and all scientific data. She took health into on her own hands. She fed her stem cells. I want to stop and define stem cells in my own language. Stem cells are your inner little carpenters that work tirelessly to replicate healthy cells for you. When I say Sheena fed her stem cells I say that she took responsibility to feed her body with high dense nutrition. This is something not available in grocery stores. If it was Sheena would never have had cancer neither would anyone else. She fed her stem cells with Nature Sunshine quality controlled nutritionally analyzed nutrition.
 Chi Mineral Toni and high dense tested mineral tonic with herbs,  
(potassium chloride) 180 mg,
concentrated desalinated inland sea water
Schisandra chinensis, fruit)
(Ginkgo biloba, leaf
grape juice,
fulvic acid,
apple flavour, cherry flavour.
Chinese medicine teaches that when the energy meridians are in balance, the body will heal itself.
Tonic herbs balance the meridians as well as
nourish the adrenal glands, major managers of
energy powering the “electric” human body.
Minerals, particularly those known as the
electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium,
and sodium), with their positive and negative
electrical charges, are responsible for every
electrochemical reaction in the body, from
muscle contractions to the firing of
neurotransmitters in the brain.

Sheena drank lots of Chlorophyll and water. Chlorophyll is the greens from plants like alfalfa. It cleans the blood and adds oxygen to the blood stream.
She cleaned out her poisons using Cat’s Claw combination. It has Una Da Gato which come from a vine in Peru and Astragalus to make stem cells for you and Echinacea. This combination has a whole whack of studies to prove its effectiveness in opening up the lymphatic system to clean out the poisons and to destroy the infection. Sheen overcame her cancer in 1998 and she won. She discovered that her body is created to heal. Sheena wanted to tell the world, but the world would not listen. Why?
The world is deeply programmed in a dogma a belief system that only a doctor can heal your body.
How could a nondoctor like Sheena ever heal her own body?
It costs money and you don’t have any! You only have money for your car when it breaks down!
You don’t have a diagnosed cancer, so you don’t have to pay attention to Sheena. I am here to say that Steve Jobs cancer started when he was 24, diagnosed at 45 and died at 54.
This worked for Sheena, but it won’t work for anyone else.
What Sheena did is not scientifically proven, so I am not listening to that garbage.
Today it is 2020 and Sheena is still alive and well for 22 years. Can we scientifically prove that Sheena overcame cancer with therapeutic nutrition? Good luck with that!

Juanita overcame uterine cancer using therapeutic nutrition. She has been cancer free for at least 14 years. Can this be scientifically proven?
Gail overcame breast cancer and lost 100 pounds using the Paw Paw program. Can you scientifically prove it?
Recently this year Gloria and Bee who were both guest on my call overcame breast cancer. They did no chemo or radiation. Can this be scientifically proven?
If you take my course TAFYH you will be exposed to all kinds of people who have overcome all kinds of diagnosed conditions; cancers of various kinds, lupus, leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, MS, infections and so on. Other cancer success stories are in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury; sold over 5000.
Most of these cancer clients took the herb known as Paw Paw. It grows in eastern US.
Dr. McLaughlin did scientific studies using Paw Paw for the cancer of laboratory animals. Paw Paw was very effective in arresting these cancers of every single laboratory animal. Dr. McLaughlin was so excited and stated that Paw Paw was almost a million times stronger than adriamyacin for cancer. Paw A clinical study was then done by Dr. Forsythe, an oncologist in Reno, Nevada which involved more than 130 patients.
Patient #3 reduced his tumour size form to the point of what it was no longer detectable.
Patient #8 After 7 months of using Paw Paw 14 tumours on they lymph nodes were no longer detectable, and the patient was considered cancer free.
Patient #12 had stage 4 breast cancer. After using Paw Paw for 6 weeks the tumour markers reduced from 160 to 80.
Patient #52; non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After 35 days of sue the high white blood cell count dropped from 34,000 to 12,000. The lymphocyte count dropped from 67% to 30% well within the normal range.
Anna, a patient with stage 4 breast cancer, saw a tumour marker reduction of 50%
Ed with stage 4 lung cancer used Paw Paw for 2 months and the tumour marker decreased, and he was able to walk again.
Byron with stage 4 prostate cancer reduced his tumour size by 25% within 6 weeks.
Note there were 130 patients and the report I received only accounted for 8 patients. Eight patients got marvelous results. What about the other 122 patients?
Why is it that clinical studies using Paw Paw for these 122 cancer patients not get the same results as that demonstrated by the animal studies where the results were 100% effective?  The answer lies in extraneous variables. The variables in the clinical studies were not all controlled! What are extraneous variables? “They are those factors in the research environment which may have an effect on the dependent variable ( in this case Paw Paw) but which are not controlled. Extraneous variables are dangerous because they can manipulate the study. They may damage a study's validity.So, think about little lab mice and the variables I am referring to. Do they eat the amount of sugar that we as humans consume? Here is a shocking stat for you. “Today the average American consumes 176 pounds of sugar per year!” That’s 1000% more sugar than 100 years ago. Do those little animals take all those antibiotics that humans do? Do they drink mounds of pop and alcohol  that humans do? How about 57 gallons of soda pop per person per year on the average! Do those little critters have root canals as humans do? Have they had all those vaccination shots containing foreign proteins, sick animal pus, formaldehyde, all those toxic heavy metals injected into their bodies as we inject into our bodies? You start to see that those extraneous variables are all part of our human makeup that are not controlled in this  clinical study:
Sugar consumption
Pop consumption
Alcohol consumption
Root canals and mercury fillings.

Now let’s see what happens when one of my clients decides to take on the Paw Paw program.
What do I do when I work with clients that are working to overcome cancer? I identify the sources of their inflammation. In other words, I identify the extraneous variables and bring this to the attention of my clients so that they can work on eradicating as many poisons from the body as possible. In other words, I try to control as many extraneous variables that I can. Now many times I do not always get the cooperation of the client. One cancer client with cancer had root canals and when I asked him to address his root canals, which was by the way many times, his response was, “This is not going to happen.” He then decided that my program was not effective and that my work was not worthy so off he went to a very expensive cancer retreat center. IT cost him about $20,000. The end result of that story is that he died. Of course, that ultimate experience for his family was that he tried the Paw Paw program and it did not work. What the family failed to realize is that part of the Paw Paw program is to address the inflammation, those toxic root canals, and in science these are called extraneous variable. So you guessed it the rumour is now that the Paw Paw program does not work!
That same year one lady with cancer of the throat was told to address her toxic root canals. She went to 3 dentists who refused to extract them because with their diagnosis there was nothing wrong with the root canals. They all failed to realize that a root canal is a dead tooth. It is the law of Nature that tells us when once something is alive that has oxygen flowing through it and then it dies Nature automatically activates microbes in that dead thing to break it down. That is the job of those microbes is to break dead matter up. Sometimes this process is called decaying. Well if it is a dead crow on the lawn than the decaying matter simply goes back into the Earth. But where does the decaying matter of a dead root canal go? It goes right into the flow systems of your body, the blood stream and the lymphatic system. The consequence of this action means the energy of the immune system must constantly clean up the decaying matter of this root canal. Eventually the immune system is overloaded, and microbial infestation is constantly happening in your body. The blood becomes a cesspool of waste debris. This lady in her very vulnerable state was not able to be strong enough to tell the dentist to extract her root canals and she died. The two people I am referring to did not do TAFYH where the course teaches you to discover your own sources of inflammation and to take action.

Let me just mention some of the science that has been thrown into our lives and we bought into it. We believed it. We trusted the authorities that do this science.
I recall the scientific studies that were presented to the world in the 1950’s that Thalidomide was a great drug for settling nausea in expectant Mothers. This drug was proven to be safe and effective. The outcome of this drug was that babies were born without limbs and many mothers miscarried their babies as a result of this drug. Then suddenly this so called very safe and effective scientifically proven drug was removed from the market.
Vioxx was another drug that gained widespread acceptance among physicians treating patients with arthritis and other conditions causing chronic or acute pain. FDA originally approved Vioxx in May 1999 because the science date proved it was safe and effective. But then 5 years later in 2004 it was pulled off the market. Why? Food and Drug Administration's Office of Drug Safety has estimated that Vioxx killed some 60,000 patients--as many people, he points out, as died in the Vietnam War. It took 60,000 deaths and 5 years before it was pulled off the market!
Today we have a corona virus to face. So, I ask where is the science that proves that corona virus even exists. I know that the mainstream media has told us it came from Wuhan, China and we must trust those scientists; they know what they are doing. We must believe that they really did find a killing virus. But wait a minute. I also heard a medical doctor, Dr. Tenpenny publicly tell everyone that this virus has now changed or in other words it has mutated at least 32 times.
 How then can there be a science to prove what it really looks like if it has changed at least 32 times.; yet we have seen a picture of it 1000’s of times repeatedly on mainstream media.  
How can a vaccine possibly be found for a virus that has changed 32 times?
 How can science ever invent a  test for a virus that changes its size and its shape and has now changed at least 32 times?
This is where the Laws of Nature come into play. In Nature there are thousands and perhaps millions of viruses always changing their shapes and sizes. And those viruses must be there in Nature. They have a specific purpose and its purpose is certainly not to kill us unless you succumb to the mainstream media, God created our world to be perfect. Here is the bottom line about those viruses.  Viruses are there to break down dead waste back into the Earth. Think of the leaves that decay and become earth again. Viruses and bacteria break them down. Think of dead animals in Nature. Viruses and bacteria break them down and we witness them decay back into the earth. Think of trash that decays. If it were not for these microbes, germs, these bacteria, these viruses, we would be living in a cesspool of waste. Now think of your inner body. Not everything you have put into your body is pure. There are toxins, and poisons that you have put into your body that also must be cleaned up. Therefore, according to the miraculous ways, you were created you also have a method of cleaning out that waste debris. Your body also has microbes that sit dormant. But when there are poisons that enter your body they then change into bacteria or to viruses and these all change according to the type of waste debris and poisons you have dumped into your system. Viruses are there to clean up your inner environment to allow life to continue. All of what I say here has documentation in a book Bechamp vs Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by E Douglass Hume. Today I hear it from Dr Judy Mikovits: The Germ Theory is false, from Dr. Buttar, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Wakefield, Dr Suzanne Humphries and at least 700 other doctors that have come on board and the numbers are growing. Why don’t you hear about them? They are all being censored! We the people of this Earth are catching on and discovering the truth and they are scared.
 And yes, we do have people who are dying. But they are not dying because a virus is killing them. They are dying because they have become overloaded with poisons; starting with foods such as sugar, today’s grains loaded with glyphosates, with all kinds of drugs they took and there is no such think as a non-poisonous drug, the antibiotics they took the flu shots, MMR shots, DPT shots, shingles shots, tetanus shots, mercury fillings, root canals, drug upon drug upon drug.  Just think of the way these people have compromised their health, not intentionally but in ignorance believing in science buying into the medical dogma. Its not the virus that is killing them. It is the cesspool of waste debris that their body can no longer dispose of. Finally, a virus comes along to clean up that debris but the energy to life no longer exists and life ends.
I say thank you to the many viruses that tried to save lives. But today we are blaming a corona virus for killing these people in their elderly homes? My Dad spent some time in a nursing home. This is what really struck me. There were care workers, nurses I presume walking around with trays of drugs feeding the elderly their various drugs all day long. Those trays never stopped coming. And you are asking me to trust science? You, media, are telling me there is a virus that might jump at me and kill? And now you want me to believe your science is going to invent a vaccine for me and save me and save the world! This is ludicrous! It is insanity!
Once again, I ask how accurate is science? You can now clearly see why I question science.
 My solution:
Look after your own health. Become self reliant in health. Eat good foods. Have a super food smoothie every day with Nature Sunshine Mineral Chi , Ultimate Green Zone
Have food storage and super food storage at home. Have a herb storage at home? This is an investment.
Know what to do for infections, You don’t need antibiotics. Cat’s Claw and Silver in high doses.
Take Vit C and Vit D every day.
Trust that your body is created to heal. I have not taken a drug for over 35 years.
Attend these calls every Monday and bring others on the call.
Turn off the TV and stop listening to mainstream media.
Become aware of the psychological ploys used.
We are in this together! I am not in this with any of them so count me out.
Stay safe. Safe from what?
Honor to the front line! Are we at war?
Support our heroes. What heroes?
Wear a mask! Why? There is nothing to protect me from.
This is the new norm! Not playing the new norm game.
Social distance: note is it  social to distance. Since when?
“Stopping the Spread” and “Flattening the Curve” are wonderful propaganda slogans to meddle in our lives under the guise of an emergency and global crisis.
It’s not the germ, it’s the false announcement of the germ. It’s the concoction of an apparition, a ghost, a phantom. That’s how you launch a fake pandemic. That’s how you sell fear. That’s how you try to make people take their vaccines and keep their mouths shut.” Jon Rappoport, March 26, 2016
Carol with words of wisdom.
Q and A
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Yet when you investigate, you learn that only six corporations own 90% of what you read, watch, and listen to. This sheer fact alone should indicate how a narrative can be co-opted, maligned, and turned inside out.
Other News
The CDC itself, whose tests were initially contaminated with coronavirus, state that the RT PCR tests are not a diagnostic tool and result in “presumptive positives,” a.k.a an assumption.
And pre-existing conditions are not even considered as a cause of death when it comes to signing off on a death certificate, something Dr. Deborah Birx concluded herself during an April 7 presser.
And pre-existing conditions are not even considered as a cause of death when it comes to signing off on a death certificate, something Dr. Deborah Birx concluded herself during an April 7 presser.
This opens another debate since disruptors, including Officer Derek Chauvin, were arguably hired to disrupt peaceful protestors and fuel race wars.)
The Contagion filmmakers consulted with the CDC in the making of the film. In fact, the CDC has an entire department dedicated to Hollywood. In the past, they have paid employees to watch soap operas and make sure T.V characters speak about health ‘accurately.’
The abdication of one’s liberty to the State in exchange for supposed security is a regrettable recurrence in the story of human history. The exchange is a sucker’s deal. The State & the elite who run it are rewarded at the expense of an imprisoned population.” 
Do you stand for medical freedom? Or tyranny delivered via a forced-upon poison-filled syringe? The great divide is before us.
Isaiah 41:10
"Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will
strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand."