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Cancer Success Story ; Breast Cancer by Gail September 2016-09-06

Gail lives in a little town outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and with her permission I was able to interview her in regards to her breast cancer story. I found Gail to be a powerful woman who took control of her own health after a horrible experience with chemotherapy. Her bottom line was to let everyone know that people with cancers are not told the whole truth about chemo and that there is another way if only they would listen. Today Gail willingly shares her story with all of us. I know that there are others out there whose minds have opened up and who are lending their ears to hear Gail’s story.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 9/2014. This was a devasting experience for me but I decided to brave the surgery and I agreed to have the lump removed on July 9/2014. The next step was to do chemotherapy treatments. Now I was taking a thyroid medication at that time so I was concerned that the chemo would interfere with  the drug. I counselled with the doctor about that and I also went to see the pharmacist to talk about the drug I was on. I was reassured that the chemo would not interfere with the drug I was on for my thyroid. After the second chemotherapy treatment I became horribly sick. I honestly think the chemo was close to killing me. I certainly was not prepared for the suffering I would undergo. Noone told me. They told me that I would be okay and I trusted them. I knew I would be somewhat sick but no one prepared me for this kind of reaction. My mind went crazy. I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t care about anything, I wasn’t eating. I couldn’t make any meals. I couldn’t do the laundry. I couldn’t be with my family even though I wanted to. My mind was continually racing . I could not sleep and my sleep was in small doses. My daughter, Carleen was there to  help me and she did everything in her power to  help me. And I am totally grateful to her. But I was in such a serious condition that I  said to myself that I can’t live like this any more. The only person who really understood my situation was my nurse practitioner , Barb. She was really awesome. I decided I would go to the Psych ward. There I was put on a medication and I spent time with a support team where I was able to talk and that helped me a lot. I spent from Dec. 25 to Jan. 14/ 2015 in this ward. I was finally released where I was able to function. Then I started radiation treatments. I stayed with my sister, Eileen and she was awesome. I did 5 weeks of radiation treatments. They made me feel really tired but nothing compared to the chemo treatments. I absolutely refused to do any more chemotherapy treatments! When I told my doctor this I was told,’ You can go home and you don’t need to see me anymore.” The feeling I got was “go home and die.” I was angry and I decided that I would not die! I would find a different way.

It was shortly thereafter that my husband’s first cousin came into the picture. Gilbert told me about the Paw Paw program. I was willing to try anything because I was not going back to the chemo way. I contacted Gail Boyce who told me how to do the program and then I contacted Donna Roth who gave me further instruction and confidence. I felt really good about this program. It just felt right. I learned a lot about nutrition. I didn’t know that nutrition could be such a big part of living a healthy life.  I started doing the program. It was really easy. I ate only meats and vegetables and salads and berries from the garden. We have our own beef and our own home grown chickens so that part was easy. I stopped eating all breads and grains and dried beans. But I still had one big problem that was lingering and that was depression. I think it was a lot to do with chemo brain but then I was prone to depression all my life.So one day I called Donna Roth and she told me to buy 2 bottles of Probiotic 11 and to take it in high doses. I took 9 in the morning and 9 in the evening. Within about a week of doing this I noticed that my depression was lifting. For the first time in  my life the depression had settled down and I was able to function and enjoy life.

I was determined to  take on the Paw Paw program and do it  until  I got over the cancer. Finances were tight for me and I really had to budget to pay for my products. I have taught my children to know the difference between what you need and what you want. I knew what I wanted and I set aside the money I needed for my supplements and  I made it work!

I continued the Paw Paw program until in January of 2016 I was told there was no sign of cancer. The medical tests proved that there was no cancer at all. In June of 2016 all tests once again proved that the cancer was gone. I even had my ovaries tested and there was no sign of any cancer. The doctor told me that I did not need to see him anymore.

This has been quite a journey for me but today I look back and I can be grateful to the cancer I had. It made me take control of my life. I discovered not to be led by doctors because they don’t tell the whole truth. I told my doctor that there was one thing she could do for others and that is to tell them the whole truth. I have listened to many doctors speak on TV and not one of them would ever take that chemo they prescribe to someone else. Today I am telling everyone if I were you I would do the Paw Paw program. But when I talk to people they just turn away from it. I had a lot of anger! I was really angry that they put me through such a terrifying experience. I was angry at the chemo. Today I am grateful to anger because it pushed me to look for a different way. I thank my daughter, Carleen who really worked hard with me to express my anger. She would throw a pillow at me really hard and she kept doing it until I grabbed the pillow and threw it back at her. Then we would both laugh. I am thankful to Gilbert for introducing me to Gail. She taught me a lot. I now know what I am supposed to eat. I look forward to my Smoothies every day and I will continue to take the Mineral Chi Tonic, the Flax LIgnans, the Cat’s Claw, the Paw Paw and the Probiotic 11. Over this period of time I also lost a lot of weight. Today I am 100 pounds lighter and I am no longer overweight. I am grateful to you , Donna, for putting this program together.

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From the Desk Of Donna Roth Ireland TAC Trip August 2016

From the Desk Of Donna Roth     Ireland TAC Trip August 2016  250 764 2852  or text 250 718 2852

TAC means Top Achievers Trip. As a Senior Diamond Manager of Nature’s Sunshine I am a TAC achiever which means I qualify for a TAC trip each year. Recently my aunt kindly stated, “ You must be a great salesman” to which I replied, “What makes me a great salesman is teaching  people how to responsibly take action for their own health. I have a passion for transforming the health of nations.” You can be part of this incredible health movement by doing TAFYH. and My next TAFYH project gets underway on September 13/2016. There are 2 spots left for this team. You will love TAFYH. TAFYH teaches you that cancer, MS, Parkinson’s   cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6 F. Take your BT and you will find out it is too low! Why wait until you are diagnosed when you can short cut the whole process just by doing TAFYH! Send me a text 250 718 2852.
Ireland TAC was so much fun even though the weather was cool and rainy. But that is Ireland. We were totally immersed in the culture of Irish music and dancing, Irish lamb stews, and the beautiful Irish countryside of Killarney. My sincere gratitude to Nature’s Sunshine who attends to our every need and rolls out the red carpet for us on these amazing trips. The highlight of my Ireland trip was being piped in by an Irish bagpiper as he led us along a long Killarney stone fenced lane to the Muckross old country school house where we were greeted by Irish musicians and Irish dancers and presented with an amazing lunch of Irish stew , sea chowder and apple pie. I really  felt like a dignitary! There is so much more;
-horse drawn carriage ride along the lanes of Killarney National Park
- a boat ride on the lakes of Killarney
-shopping in the wool factories in Killarney
-a visit to Muck Ross heritage farm and stone house
-strolling in the rain along the countryside lanes of the Europe resort where we stayed
- visiting the National museum in Dublin and seeing the bog men
- a visit to Trinity College to see the amazing Book of Kells
- a visit to the National Art Museum
-an all Canadian VIP dinner in Killarney; gratitude to Jennifer Cole, NSP GM, Canada
-a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher, the countryside, the fields of bog, sheep, cattle
The trip ended with a Gala banquet at our resort which was outstanding. But I have to admit it was my Nature’s Sunshine friends that made this trip so very special. These are vibrant, bubbly people with loads of energy, creativity and fun. So I am taking this opportunity to share with you what I have learned from them while on this trip.
Ruston is the media guy for NSP and he shared this video clip with me. It is all about NSP quality control. I am so proud to be affiliated with a company that is driven by quality and integrity. I know that NSP products are the best and I have 1000’s of real life success stories to prove it. Check my site.
Nature’s Sunshine’s Four Point Path to Unsurpassed Quality [Video]
Susie Burke is 91 years old and she continues to qualify for TAC trips! How? “I just sign everyone up into Nature’s Sunshine.” That is her secret. She has been with NSP for 45 years and has built an outstanding business and continues to do so.
My great friend, Gene, has not put a drug into his body for 70 years; nor have his children nor have his grandchildren. Imagine the legacy Gene is building! I love it. He needs no drugs. He just relies on plants from Natures Sunshine. Gene stopped being a painter in his 50’s and started his NSP business. He is a TAC member and has been for years.
The president of Nature’s Sunshine International, Adrianna stated that this quarter Nature’s Sunshine had the fastest growing sales in history. Clean Start is the #1 sponsoring product. It is definitely one of my favourites. I took it to Ireland and used up a whole box while I was there.
Adrianna taught us that there is presently a new generation of people, the Generation W. They want travel, wealth and health. We offer all that with Nature’s Sunshine. With the Nature’s Sunshine Reward program  and with some applied elbow grease you too can have travel, wealth and health! I am always here to help.  I have a passion for this work and I would love to help you. So if you would love to have an extra income, say $500 or $1000 a month or build a huge business like I have and share the secrets of health to everyone you know just contact me/
Diane was there with her daughter. She has been MS free for over 25 years now. Diane believes her MS symptoms started after high school vaccinations. I asked Diane how many MS clients she has worked with that have overcome MS. She told me 100’s!! I want you to take note of that number. There are 1000’s of MS clients out there. Tell them there is another way.
Dr. Jay did a  presentation on SilverGuard , Nature’s Sunshine liquid nano Silver.
This Silver is outstanding and miraculous. Recently there was a study done with 18 women who suffered HVP. Interestingly enough they were all vaccinated and they still got the HVP virus. What does this tell you about HVP vaccinations? All 18 women outsmarted HVP by using Silver, not any store bought Silver but Nature’s Sunshine Silver! Yahoo for Silver! This Silver is not colloidal. It is a nano  Silver made with 2 electrons so it can recharge itself and  inhibit viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds. It is different than any other on the market because it resonates a certain frequency of 850 hertz to kill bacteria:
Food poisoning
Strep throat
Infected teeth
Injury healing
Burns: immerse into Silver for 10 minutes and the pain subsides
Drop into eyes
Breathe into lungs
Gargle for 10 minutes
Urinary tract infections; drink 6 ounces within a day
Use it on tampons for STD infections and bladder infections
Use it to purify water
Dr. Leavitt stated there was not one infection that Silver could not kill.
Dr. Jay clearly stated that NSP SilverGuard does not cause Argyria! We all sat back wondering what Argyria is.  “Argyria is a condition where silver particles accumulate in the skin tissue and make it turn blue.” Dr. Jay asked us all to warn against using homemade Silver or questionable Silver products.
Now for the sharing of success stories:
A thumb of one son was cut off and pouring blood. The thumb was immersed into a bowl of Silver and left for a long time. The pain subsided within a short time. Silver was taken internally and the Silver Gel was applied externally many times a day until the thumb completely healed ; the thumb that was cut off grew back on! I told you there were miracles!

Jennifer had fungus on her leg on and off for 3 years and nothing worked. She discovered Silver Gel and applied it often and the fungus is long gone never to return.
One young son had a tick in his eyes. He drank lots of Silver and the tick totally disappeared. Silver crosses the blood brain barrier.
A daughter with MRSA on her leg and arm used Silver Gel on the affected areas and MRSA was gone.
A tile layer ended up with Alzheimer’s disease and took 3 bottles of Silver and his Alzheimer’s is gone! In this case the infection caused the Alzheimer’s.
One person with renal carcinoma took lots of Silver and it worked.
One woman with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) was infertile and could not conceive. By taking lots of Silver the PCOS dissolved and guess what! There is a baby!

Suzanne joined Nature’s Sunshine because she lost 150 pounds by following a program.

Rhea shared her story regarding her severely swollen knee where surgery was recommended. Now Rhea is an avid golfer so a swollen knee was really imposing on her chosen lifestyle. Rhea is a TAFYH grad and this is where she learned all about the One Day Kidney Cleanse. She did this cleanse for one day a week for several times and took 12 Cat’s Claw a day along with her Therapeutic Nutritional Smoothies. And guess what? Her swollen knee is gone! No surgery! And Rhea is back on the golf course. Yahoo!!

I invite you to attend my Monday night calls at 5:45 pm PST. Dial 604 227 1018.

I look forward to serving you in the capacity of health and if you choose wealth to go along with health I will serve you as well.

Love and Gratitude,


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No Monday Calls Until End of August

There will be no calls for the next 3 weeks or so as I am taking a recess in August.
You can listen to the past talks on podcast posted on .I am available to help you
if you connect with me at
I am away for part of August and I ask that you email me during that time if you need help. I am always
there to guide you and help you in your journey of health.

My husband and I are off to a Nature's Sunshine TAC trip to Ireland. I am so excited about this trip as I get
to rub shoulders with the most awesome like minded people in the world. These are people who have
a passion for transforming the health of nations as I do. We share ideas, have fun, and enjoy the sights
and spirit of Ireland. And to top it all off this trip is an all expense paid trip by Nature's Sunshine, the best
company in the whole world; a company who cares about quality, who understands Therapeutic Nutrition,
a company who employs the best scientists in the world to undertake clinical studies.
If you have a passion for health, if you are looking for a great business that will transform health then please
connect with me

Gratitude to you, TAFYH grads for your deligence in health and being the example of health to many others searching
for solutions not visibly evident in the present day world. Health is not appointments and presriptions.
Health is not keeping an eye on it. Health is not pain, worry and frustrations.
Health is peace of mind. Health is knowing that your body is created to heal! Health is knowing how to heal
your body. Health is beauty, empowerment, freedom and confidence. Health is taking a stand with that strong inner
How do we all achieve such a great gift of health? We do it all through Therapeutic Nutrition. Who out there
ever tells you that nutrition can be therapeutic? Nutrition always was and always will be therapeutic if you
know what nutrition is, if you address the sources of inflammation, if you take enough of the right kind of nutrition
and you take it long enough.
Thousands of people have discovered this very simple Law of Nature , have taken on the power of Therapeutic
Nutrition and have healed their own bodies from "no hope" diagnosed diseased conditions:
Paddy: MS
Baljit's Mom: breast cancer
Michael: kidney, prostate cancer
Bill: blood pressure, cholesterol,
Sharon: lost 30 pounds
Peter: bladder cancer
Werner: prostate cancer
Pearl: cervical cancer
Barry: lung cancer
Juanita: uterine cancer
Garry: throat cancer metasized lung cancer
Wes: C Diff, lymphatic cancer, liver disorder
Marvene: colitis
Amarjit: asthma
Melissa's little boy: ADD, ADHD
Diane: MS
Now I am not listing the names of thousands here but I think you get the picture.

If you happen to be diagnosed with the "no hope illness" and you do not know what to do then contact me,
sign up for TAFYH and learn how to take on your own health. Only you can overcome your own disease.
 Please don't let the "money issue" get in the way. You don't think twice about spending a thousand dollars when your
car breaks down but you hesitate to spend that amount on your sick body thinking that
maybe this is a waste of money. Why is my business so huge? Because people are getting
their health back and they refer others to my work because they want everyone to know how
to do this!
 Contact me and register for TAFYH get on the road to
successful health and love life the way it is meant to be.

Love and Gratitude,

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Newsletter : From the Desk of Donna Roth July 21/ 2016

Newsletter : From the Desk of Donna Roth July 21/ 2016    250 764 2852,

Hi to All,
My gratitude to you for being part of that great movement of transforming your own health and of
transforming the health of nations. There is this incredible excitement floating in the air ! It feels like
a big birthday celebration. And it is a celebration when you discover that you can take total responsibilty
for your own health and overcome your diagnosed illness just by addressing the inflammation and taking on
therapeutic nutrition at therapeutic doses. Yahoo!!

 Here are some recent success stories:
Denita: reduced her blood pressure medications from 4 meds to 1 med in 2 months. Her brain fog disappeared
and mental clarity has improved dramatically. The breathing problems are gone and she is sleeping soundly. The
Frequent urination has subsided.
Christine: Left knee joint has improved and energy is back.
Kim: eczema which was itchy all the time and very irritating in the folds of the elbows improved significantly; the aches
and pains are all gone, the bloating and foggy brain is gone. Clarity and focus has returned, lost 8 pounds,
Lilah: depression has gone, now has a positive outlook and the bloating is gone. With 2 jobs she relies on Chinese MIneral
Chi Tonic to keep her going.
Melanie: lost 8 pounds, pain in the leg has reduced significantly, diahrea is gone , gas and bloating is gone, fogginess is gone
and stiff achy, painful muscles is gone.
Diane: lost 10 pounds, is more energetic and now has the tools to share this with others; this is incredible. Everflex cream
has helped the sore achy joints.
Iona: diagnosed with PLS; a diseased condition where muscles were deteriorating, difficulty walking and swallowing ;
 energy levels has jumped 10 fold, no more sleeping in the afternoon, swallowing has improved, speech is way better,
nerves have improved dramatically, the fog has lifted, body temperature has gone up, night sweats are gone." I am feeling
so much better about myself."
Iona is giving herself 2 years to overcome PLS; presently working on removing many mercury fillings.
Sharon; worked on weight loss and she has now lost 33 pounds, the energy has returned,;"this is a whole new way of life
and I am a little emotional today!"
Bill: off all blood pressure medications, off lipitor, speech has improved dramatically, thought processes have improved,
lost 35 pounds,
Barb: was on pain killers for leg pain; today off all pain killers and is walking like normal, energy is back, " I feel alive again."
Shauna: did the Paw Paw program for breast cancer and has been cancer free for more than 5 years with this program,
was told she would never have children and today has given birth to 2 healthy boys,breast fed 2 babies on one breast,
" My energy levels have sky rocketed, the pain in my shoulder from surgery has gone. I am a human being once again!"
Jerry: diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, lips were frozen and one of the cheeks lost feeling; within 4 days using lots of HRP-C,
Cat's Claw, and Mineral Chi Tonic the symptoms are gone.
Kelly: bad cold and cough, fever disappeared within 2 days using high doses of Cat's Claw and Mineral Chi Tonic , Silver and

Everybody in the above programs did 4 basic things:
1. Cat's Claw Combination
2. Smoothies daily  with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax LIgnans, Solstic Energy
3. Cleanse with Psyllium Hulls and LBS11
4. Drink Chlorophyll and water.
I urge you to do the same! Why?
Present day agricultural practices have interfered with our plants' abilities to convert raw elements into bioavailable minerals.
You are all mineral and nutrient deficient ! How do I know this?  You are either low in energy, taking a drug or have depression
and a foggy brain. If you had enough nutrition in your body to sustain your health you would not be feeling this way.
And you cannot get the nutrition you need from common grocery store foods or even health store bought foods. You need
quality controlled  high dense nutrient super foods only available from Nature's Sunshine. I have all the success stories to
prove that what I say is true ! You cannot get this information from any webiste so please do not order from a website. You
need an account # with Nature's Sunshine and I can provide you with an account. Call me 250 764 2852 or

TAFYH : Taking Action For Your Health; Transforming the Health of Nations.
The reports from the above 11 people came as a result of TAFYH. I am enclosing an attachment and encouraging you to enrol
in TAFYH as the information you receive to responsibly take on your own health is profound. You can search the internet for
hours and never discover what TAFYH offers. Here are the comments from TAFYH grads:
Shauna: mother of 2 boys;"  I loved the accountability. The information is incredible. I have a better understanding of health. I am going to miss the calls.
It has motivated my friends to take action for their health."
Barb:  university professor: " The education is amazing and the  information is awesome. You were a lifeline. I can help my husband. This is real."
Diane: retired : The information is nirvana. It is an idea worth spreading. People are looking for this. We need prevention care not sick care."
Iona: diagnosed with PLS " I was told to make my bucket list as I would be in a wheel chair. I can now see my body full of vitality!"
Sharon and Bill:  " This is a whole new way of life."
Denita: nurse, " I have all confidence to help others. I loved this course. Donna, you are a credible person with a passion for getting this message out."
Melanie: " This is a life plan,. I learned the hazards of certain foods. I thoroughly enjoyed this course."
Christine: I am so grateful to be in this program. I can now listen and help others. There was a lot of new information. I appreciated every lesson."
Kim: " There was a lot packed into 20 minutes. The information was invaluable to heal my own body. I am so excited that I want to share this with everyone."
Lilah: " It gave me a new sense of confidence. I can now help my family members."
You can take time for your health today or you will be forced to take time for your illness tomorrow. TAFYH has the answers you are looking for!
Register by contacting Donna Roth , ,

The Nature's Sunshine convention is around the corner ; October 13 to 15
in Calgary , AB, right at our doorstep. Please set time aside to attend this event. You will start to understand why we are so very passionate about
conventions. People get their lives back when they " get it!" And there is a big " getting it" regarding your health and your life when you come to
know what we are really about. I would be happy to help you in regards to convention once you contact me. Register for convention NOW!

I am often asked about how to get the Nature's Sunshine products for a discounted price. I want you to look at the Sunshine Reward program that
Nature's Sunshine offers:
-20% discount
- points redeemable for free products
-free shipping
Your obligation:
- order monthly with a 135 PV order
- for a minimum of 3 months-
- the more you continue with the Sunshine Reward program the higher the volume of points.

Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury by Donna Roth BA , BEd, MH
This book has sold over 5000 copies and the movement of people taking control and healing their own cancers
is happening! Yahoo for these brave and courageous people stepping outside the box, taking control, overcoming cancers!
Order your  copy or call me 250 764 2852

Mud Pies; sugar free, grain free, diary free recipes by Susan Roth
Susan, my daughter,  loves to cook and create and her recipes are loved by everyone who has this book.
Order your copy or call me at 250 764 2852.

Monday Teleconference Calls with Donna Roth:
At 5:45 pm PST
Dial 604 227 1018
Injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation.
" Cancer , Lymes disease, etc. cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C!"
The most recent cancer success story came from Michael.
 Go to to listen to the posted podcast.
If you would like to be notified of these calls please contact  with your email and I will put your name on my email list.

Thank you to the many people who have contributed to this newsletter. I have received so many more success stories that are not even posted on this newletter and I want to thank you as well.
I love all your comments, all your phone calls, and your excitement. You are the energy raising the bar in the world of health.  You are making a huge difference to the health of your nations just by being the example of health that you are, by sharing , by touching others and most of all by caring.
For those of you are reading this newsletter wanting to come on board “ your own health “please connect with me and together we will make it happen.

Love and Gratitude,


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Amarjit: Asthma Meds Gone Following the TAFYH

Amarjit's story: asthma meds are eliminated
It started with one spoken word to Donna during a final Q and A during a presentation in November: “Menopause”. She also responded with one word: “Candida”.  I wanted relief so I was in. As a teacher and mom, my life is busy so I was overwhelmed at taking on one more thing. However, my daughter Dhyan was struggling with an eating disorder and erratic mood swings. My husband Kulwant has a heart condition. I wanted to get out of it and Donna said, “you will never have enough time” and “imagine the difference you can make for your daughter and husband”. That was it, I was in.  So, I took it on because I committed daily during the 15 minute calls on my commute to work.  I was off the grains, bread, sugar, and most caffeine ( I still take green tea and the occasional coconut milk latte). I am also a committed vegetarian.
The changes in symptoms as per your BSQ
Your BSQ score changes
Start BQS Nov.25, 2015 Glandular=13     Nerves=9    Digestive=9
CompletionBQS Jan.14/15Glandular=6   Nerves=6    Digestive=2
Weight changes  started at 134lbs , dropped to 123lbs then back up to 126lbs.
Body temperature changes steadily improving …from 35.5 – 36.2C
Candida saliva test changes clearer
Energy levels improved
Attitude changes much more positive and calmer
Psychological changes the brain fog has lifted and there is much greater mental clarity. I feel like I’m seeing the world and my life with new awaken eyes.
Medication changes  significant reduction of asthma inhaler use (ventolin…needed only when I ate the wrong foods otherwise I am not relying on ventolin. Previous to TAFYH, I was using ventolin several times a day.
Other improvements I’ve noticed:
·        Sugar and salt cravings diminished significantly
·        Back pain significantly reduced…I haven’t needed physio in 2months
·        I am much more conscious about my eating. My emotional eating habits are in check (no longer relying on food to soothe my heartache or disappointment)
·        Hot flashes eliminated!
·        A general sense of control and well being for my own life…I feel like I can make a difference in my own life.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Antioxidants and Paw Paw

Paw Paw research by Dr. Kirk Pomper
 Recall that our product Paw
Paw contains a Paw Paw twig
extract. This extract is composed of
over 50 active acetogenins. The fact
that the twigs needed for extraction
are expensive to source (collect)
prompted me to conduct more
research. A collaborative research
project with Dr. Kirk Pomper from
Kentucky State University yielded
some surprising results. “ We found
that ripe Paw Paw fruits contained
higher concentrations of active acetogenins
as compared to the twigs.
These findings may lead to a less
expensive product because ripe
fruits are much easier to collect and
extract than the twigs.
For a long time it was assumed
that Paw Paw could not be combined
with antioxidants. This old
view suggested to avoid this combination
because the Paw Paw
induced cell apoptosis (programmed
cell death) would be
blocked by antioxidants. The current
view, based on our research
efforts, is that antioxidants have no
effect on Paw Paw’s action. In collaboration
with the Ford Cancer
Center, we have demonstrated that
with cultures of HCT-116 (human
colon cancer) cells, Paw Paw, in
combination with a wide variety of
different antioxidants, including
Zambroza, showed the same effect
as when Paw Paw was used alone.
Furthermore, it appears that antioxidants
may actually complement
Paw Paw. Recently published data
show that antioxidants block cellular
HIF-1 (Hypoxia Induced Factor)
by depriving this protein of needed
free radicals. Without free radicals
HIF-1 does not function and without
HIF-1 cancer cells cannot grow
in anaerobic conditions that occur
when tumours are rapidly growing.
Therefore, it appears that Zambroza
and Paw Paw is a beneficial combination
in most cases.
The science behind pharmacognosy
is fascinating and in this article
I have presented a brief scientific
tale of two products. I believe
that you can now see a correlation
of ingredient actives with the health
benefits of these products. These
correlations are supported by scientific
evidence, much of which came
from our original research. This
original research contributes to the
scientific substantiation of product
value and is a mark of distinction
that characterizes Nature’s
Sunshine. And finally, through this
article you have come away with an
understanding of how an industry
leader creates knowledge that facilitates
the development of their truly
outstanding products.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stage 4 Cancer Throat Lymph Nodes

Ken's Success Story
Ken was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his throat lymph nodes in 2010.  We were devastated. We visited with the cancer agency and he was told he had a 50% chance of making it.  He was offered a chemo and radiation program to fight it.  We came home feeling really discouraged.  We decided to try an alternative approach while he was waiting for the Petscan.  We met with Donna Roth and Ken decided to follow the Paw Paw program, that being no sugar, no dairy, no grains/legumes, no alcohol and no coffee plus supplementation of the pawpaw herb as well as many additional nutrients that his body was lacking. We listened to every report by Dr Jerry McLaughlin and tried to understand how one’s body could heal itself. Ken also chose to do radiation treatment along with the pawpaw program. 
Ken followed a cancer free diet. From the many articles we have researched on cancer, the conclusion is that sugar feeds cancer, therefore get off the sugar and starve the cancer!  Secondly, grains have molds/ mildews which also contribute to immune system issues.  Wheat products promote the movement of sugar quickly throughout the body which also helps to feed the cancer.  Dairy is mucus forming and thus again plugs up and slows down the body functions plus it often contains sugar. He followed the Paleo diet which promotes lean,organic meats, organic vegetables and fruits.  This was not hard to follow as we are prairie people and we ate these foods daily. The hard part was no dairy and no grains. Ken had a daily chart he filled in for his pills and his calories.
He was told by various staff at the CA agency that they have never seen someone do as well as he has. We tried to share his program but no one was interested. We set up a site called Caringbridge where family and friends could read his blogs and comment back. It became a daily support for Ken and was very meaningful.

We would gladly share our suggestions to others but it is a huge commitment. It was a full time job for Ken and his wife Gayle to find the healthy foods, supplements, to keep track daily of his progress and to stay committed to the paw paw program which included huge supplementation and diet change.  Ken reached the five year cancer free mark this spring.  We are so thankful for the pawpaw program and it’s part in healing Ken’s cancer.  He claims that if he was given five choices of healing, he would do them all. He gives credit to the diet, the pawpaw program, the medical doctors, the love and prayers of family and friends and a strong will to survive. 

Gayle's Success Story on Fibroids

Gayle's Success Story:

In 2002 at the age of 45 years G was diagnosed with fibroids of the uterus. Within the next nine years she underwent a yearly ultrasound to check the fibroids. The fibroids continued to grow for over a period of nine years. Eventually her bladder was being compromised because the size of the fibroids were pushing upon it. By spring of 2010 G looked like she was 20 weeks pregnant. She could not lay on her back because of the discomfort. In August of 2006 she visited a gynaecologist who recommended hysterectomy. G refused hysterectomy. Her thoughts said that there was a better way. G continued to visit the gynaecologist regularly over the next four years and the suggestion was always the same – hysterectomy. In August of 2010 a biopsy was performed on the uterus and all the results came back negative even though the fibroids were growing. In December 2010 an ultrasound showed little changes. A CAT scan was recommended but G refused the CAT scan as she was afraid of the strong radiation that may harm her health. In January of 2011 G talked to Donna Roth and started a herbal program. She eliminated all toxic lectins from her diet-all sugar, all grains, all legumes, and all dairy. Her program included Aloe Vera juice 3 ounces, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic two ounces, Flax Hull Lignans two scoops, Ginger four capsules a day, Cats Claw five capsules two times a day. Six weeks later G noticed a big change in her weight and also that she possibly had passed some of her fibroids during her menses. She continues to follow the lectin free diet, she has lost over 24 pounds, she is hopeful the rest of the fibroids will continue to disintegrate as she continues to follow Donna’s plan. The education in the book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth was extremely important in helping her understand how the body can heal itself.  She has never felt better in her life and is so thankful that Donna was able to educate her on the natural healing of fibroids. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Saskatoon Event a Great Success

One lady, Gail , traveled at least 3 hours to be at this event. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.She had  2 chemotherapy sessions that made her very sick and at that point she made a decision that was life changing. She would never do another chemotherapy session ever again. She would find another way.That is when Gayle B , a TAFYH Grad, came into her life who taught her all about the Paw Paw program.She has followed it religiously since June of 2015  and she was there to tell me she has now lost 100 pounds and her severe depression is gone. She feels great. She is now in the process of helping her sister overcome cancer.I love these great stories.

Donna and her husband drove 4 hours to be at the Saskatoon event. Donna is a TAFYH grad. She was afflicted with asthma and high blood pressure for years and took medication for each of these problems. Donna was able to wean off the medications by following the TAFYH principles. She has been off asthma and high blood pressure medication for 3 years now. Donna was there as she needed reinforcement to stay on track.Here is Donna's exciting comment in June 2013.
"I am so happy to report that I did some cardio exercise today and made it through without using my inhaler!I had it tucked in my bra just in case and I was a little concerned but not even a hint of trouble! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Loving my breathing!"

Gayle and Wendy drove 4 hours to be at the Saskatoon event. Gayle is also a TAFYH Grad. She was instrumental in helping Gail ( story above)  in overcoming her very serious health problem. Here is Gayle's TAFYH comment as of June 2013.
"This program is really helping me to understand the source of these issues.  I am feeling so much better energetically,mentally and emotionally as a result of doing this program.  I know I always feel so much better when I am on purpose,or on track, I love to learn and I love to help others.  I am achieving all these goals as a result of taking this program. I am looking forward to my BSQ score of 10 or less."

Rose related her story regarding the blocked arteries she was diagnosed with many years ago where angioplasty was recommended.I loved Rose's response to that recommendation. She just said , No!" and looked for another solution.She discovered the Oral Chelation program initially starting with a similar product to MC. Then that product was discontinued so she discovered Nature's Sunshine and MC for the Oral Chelation program. She has used theseproducts for many years for prevention. She is on no blood pressure medications,no  beta blockers and no statin drugs.Rose is over 80 and she dances with her husband twice a week. They have a great time. Thank you Rose for sharing
your success story.

Rosella was there. Her brother is Ron Gdansky who wrote the book , Cancer Cause , Cure and Cover Up. It is this book that gave me the big Ahha that cancer starts from an injury and progresses to a fungal infection when there is a lack of nutrients and oxygen in the blood and the injured area is clogged up with toxic debris. It is inflammation that clogs up the injured area.If you can understand this you would come to know that you cannot cut out cancer. It must be cleaned out of the blood stream.Later on I came to know that cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F or
 37 C. In my program I work hard with all my clients so that they can raise their body temperature and clean out their blood. I have become the inflammation detective detecting all the poisons that may be a contributing factor to inflammation.Rosella also stated that her son is  cancer free and has been for about 5 years now. He also followed the Paw Paw program.

I loved Marilyn's talk on TAFYH. She stated that it was TAFYH that changed her attitude. She used to think there was no need for super foods and supplements. But she then realized that today's agricultural practices interfere with the plants' abilities to convert the elements from the earth to bio available minerals. She came to know that today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to give you the same nutrient value 1 tomato gave you in 1941; scientifically documented.  She came to understand the importance of high quality super foods to give you the nutrients needed to sustain life and health. I loved her message;
" This could happen! Really!! We need to take responsibility." This message was repeated several times as she related stories of people who were dear to her heart and who sorely suffered needlessly due to medical errors. And she reiterated the statement: " This could happen! Really!! We need to take responsibility" She learned to take responsibility by doing TAFYH.

Please feel free to ask all questions and I am here to answer them for you. I have worked in the field of the nutritional arts for over 30 years and I have become an expert in this field. My book , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has sold over 5000 copies. I am here to serve you, to help you. This is my mission; transforming your health. TAFYH is now 3 years old with about 50 teams who have completed TAFYH. There are several TAFYH grads  in Canada whoare leaders of TAFYH and TAFYH is growing as people discover the formula of taking on their own health responsibly. In the
year 2015 I trained 7 naturopathic practitioners in Quebec in TAFYH and they are now leading their own TAFYH teams with amazing results. TAFYH has now been translated into the French language.

I invite you to do TAFYH,  learn its principles, take on your own health, help others to do the same and join me in the great movement of Transforming the Health of Nations. and

Every Monday unless otherwise stated I do teleconference calls on cancer , MS, Parkinson's , obesity, heart disease, diabetes. All of these diseased conditions are sorely lacking nutrition and they are inundated with toxic waste debris. Hear the solution.

Dial in at 5:45 pm Pacific time 1 604 674 1322.

Baljit’s Mom is Breast Cancer Free April / 2016

Cancer Baljit’s Mom is Breast Cancer Free April / 2016

On December 20 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was a lump in her breast. The doctor recommended chemotherapy but being a nurse she knew the side effects of chemo so she refused to do it. She did have the lump removed. In January she told Baljit that she was diagnosed with breast cacner. I wanted to help her and it was my brother in law who told me about Donna Roth. I called Donna and she taught me about the 5 pillars that needed to be addressed in order to overcome cancer; injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation. I told my Mom she would have to change her diet and being vegetarian that meant that she would have to stop eating the traditional wheat chapattis that she ate every day. She would have to stop eating the legumes as well. She agreed and I explained the Paw Paw program to her. She found it difficult to understand so I took the supplies needed for the program and I flew to England to help her.
Once in England I told her how to make Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Green Zone, Solstic Energy. I opened the capsules up for her ; Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw, LBS 11, Protease Plus and put them in the Smoothie as well. However she did not like the taste so then we adjusted the program. She then had the Smoothies with berries, coconut water and almond milk and then she would open the capsules and put them in water with Solstic Energy and drink it down. This was a whole lot better. I taught her to make lots of soups and salads, steamed and roasted vegetables and lots of nuts and seeds. For breakfast she would have a rice cake with almond butter and chia seeds which she really liked. I looked at what Nature’s Sunshine had in the UK and I would send her the Cat’s Claw and Flax Lignans from Canada. My Mom really stuck to this program. Within 10 days she was losing weight and she started to feel better. I also told my Mom that she needed to walk every day. I noticed that she was colouring her hair and I taught her to stop the hair colours as there were chemicals in the hair colour. She continued to have 2 Smoothies a day and to follow the program. Over time she lost 28 pounds and felt great. When I came back home I registered for the TAFYH program which taught me how to take responsibility for my own health and I taught my Mom as we went along.
Recently my Mom went to see the doctor who told her that she was totally cancer free.

I am so thankful to you, Donna for your program and to the way you help people. I took TAFYH and I lost weight. I had a dry skin problem and I learned I needed more oils. I also took Smoothies and herbal supplements. I learned a lot about how the body works and how it is connected with what we eat. With TAFYH I was able to teach my Mom and today she is cancer free.