Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Body is Created to Heal

Your Body is Created to Heal
Your body, your brain, your organs, your glands, your bones are created to heal in every capacity.
But you must do your part in helping the healing process. You follow the Laws of Nature!
You must feed your stem cells! They are your little inner carpenters. Give them the nutrition they need, clean out the toxic debris that obstructs circulation of oxygen, energy and nutrients. And guess what ? Those little carpenters, the stem cells,  do the rest for you. Your health  can 
be accomplished using designer herbal formulas provided for you by Nature’s Sunshine. I express
my deepest appreciation to the wise scientists that have worked diligently at the Nature’s Sunshine
labs to develop herbal formulas that are able to clean out heavy metals from the brain and arteries
and organs of your body. Some of them have spent years in research and study. 
 Dr. McCausland over a year to design our oral chelation tablet, MC .
 Dr. Jerry McLaughlin spent 20 years researching Paw Pawfor cancer.
 Dr. Trip  spent several years developing Zerenity which brings down the swelling of the
amygdala in the brain which controls emotions, memory, anxiety, and pain.
 Dr. Kelly designed ULC-R to wipe out H Pylori bacteria in your stomach. 
Dr. Christopher developed the I-X formula to increase ironcontent in the blood stream.

Not only do we have the best herbal formulas but  we also have thousands   who have taken the Nature’s Sunshine products, followed therapeutic nutritional programs and restored their health. Here is a powerful quote from Diane, a great NSP leader, a great friend, a TAFYH grad with a great success story.
“I know for a fact you can heal naturally. I was paralyzed from my head to my toes with Multiple Sclerosis and eventually learned how to heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia. It changed my life. Its why I use that experience and training to help others. “By Diane 

My message to all is that we have the answers! They lie in the power of the Laws of Nature! And no you do not have to go to Mexico or find a guru to heal you. And if it so happens that your body is not progressing in the healing you are expecting then there is a poison causing the inflammation, obstructing blood flow. This is where my years of education comes into play. I help you discover the source of your inflammation.  The power is within you if you just have the know-how! Just know you must learn the 5 pillars to health:
I urge you to attend my Monday night call at 5:45 pm PST.
Dial 604 227 1018

Monday, May 7, 2018

Steven Horne and Gastrointestinal Health

Steven Horne and Gastrointestinal Health
The medical model is trained in treating diseases. You first get a diagnosis followed by prescribed codes for the right treatment. They are treating names. It just doesn’t work that way. What they don’t know is that 50% of the time it is a gastrointestinal problem. All chronic degenerative conditions are the result of a GI issue. There are actual marketing companies that come up with new names of diseases for new drugs.
It all starts with acid indigestion. So off to the drug store to purchase antacid pills. Pretty soon that does not work so off to the doctor to get acid blockers.
6 million Americans take antacids 2014
170 million Americans take acid blockers 2014
But neutralizing the acids does not solve the problem. The stomach secretes HCl for digestion purposes. Lack of HCl leads to poor absorption of minerals and proteins which of course results in structural issues. Stomach acids also control the bacteria that enters the digestive tract. With a lack of HCl there is no control of the bacteria and that leads to dysbiosis. It is way more common to have low stomach acids than too much stomach acid. The older you get the less stomach acid you have. Now note it takes zinc to make HCl! Everyone should be taking Zinc!
How do you know if you have low stomach acids?
If foods sit in the stomach
If there is acid indigestion
If there is gas, bloating and belching
Then you have lack of stomach acids HCl.
You are not absorbing your minerals.
You have too much bacteria in the intestines
You have an elevation of cortisol.
Solution is to take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia.
Drink Water with a pinch of salt.. The chloride in salt helps to make HCl.
Now what happens when you get an infection?
You take an antibiotic.
The antibiotic lowers your probiotic bacteria and the result is:
Leaky gut
With pain in multiple joints, chronic allergies, hives, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, food allergies, chemical sensitivities.
The antibiotic then crosses the blood brain barrier and you end up with leaky brain. The probiotic bacteria is totally robbed from the brain and the result is migraine headaches, brain fog, chronic depression.
With a total deficiency of probiotic bacteria, the end result is SIBO small intestinal bacteria overgrowth
Disease associated with SIBO are numerous:
B12 deficiency
Celiac disease
Chronic Fatigue
H Pylori Bacteria
Liver Cirrhosis
Fatty liver
Restless leg
Rheumatoid Arthritis
1.       Cat’s Claw
2.       Collatrim Plus
3.       ULC-R
4.       Berberine
5.       LBS11
6.       Berberine
7.       Probiotic
Do the Clean Start cleanse
Para Pak
Candida Clear

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Western Speaking Tour

My next event is on Saturday, June 2/2018 
At the Kelowna Golf and Country Club 
9:30 a,m breakfast meeting.
The fee is $20
Please bring a friend and become part of this great health movement.

Western Speaking Tour
What a great adventure! I was honoured to be asked by our General Manager of Natures Sunshine to be the designated guest speaker for Western Canada during the month of April. First stop was Winnipeg with 47 people in attendance. I thank my really great Winnipeg friend, Marianne, who so graciously invited several people to attend my event. I was pleasantly suprised by the excellent reviews I received from this crowd. They could see that  by following the Laws of Nature your body can heal. Your body is created to heal. Every organ and gland of your body  has stem cells to replicate healthy cells for you but you must do your part. You must stop putting into your body toxic waste debris that blocks the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the stem cells and you must provide your body with high dense nutrition as necessary building blocks for your little carpenters , the stem cells, so they can do their work.
Present at the Winnipeg event was my friend, Allan the pharmacist, who had a long time ago changed his pharmacist career to a holistic practitioner. He made a profound comment that made everyone think.He once challenged a doctor that he would take one of every 10 herbals from his shelf if the doctor would take 1 of every drug that was on his shelf. Guess what!! That challenge never happened. The doctor was too afraid to take any of the drugs that he was prescribing to sick people! Then my pharmacist friend said this," Every poison is a drug and every drug is a poison."
Next stop was Saskatoon with 53 people in attendance. Thanks to Marilyn and her team who helped to organize this event in Saskatoon. It was great to see Wayne and my  TAFYH grads, Marilyn and Kim.Once again my presentation was very well received. But it amazes me that people are hesitant to do a herbal program even in their suffering state. " Drugs are free and herbs cost money!" I am proud to say that I have not taken a drug for 35 years even though they are free! I do not want even free drugs to be poisoning my body!
St. Albert was an exciting stop. This is where I had an opportunity to meet Matin and his wife. In 2015 Matin's Mother from Kazakhstan was diagnosed with cancer. She could only speak Russian but with Matin's translation and my education Matin's Mother was on board and Matin sent out 3 packages at three different times so she would do the Paw Paw program in her home territory. Today Matin's Mother is cancer free! Matin was happy to stand up in St. Albert to confirm that his Mother is cancer free!! It was great to see Bev and Danika from  Williams Lake and some of my TAFYH grads, June and Colleen who were excited to attend this event.
Red Deer was also well attended with 63 people thanks to Cheryl and Terry and their work in this area. Cheryl is an ND who does great work with Blood Analyses, Both Cheryl and Terry attended the St. Albert and the Red Deer Event. At this point I want to acknowledge, Shannon, also a Blood Analyst , who drove all the way from Dawson Creek to attend not only the Red Deer event but also the St. Albert event. Shannon, Cheryl and Terry totally understand the significant value this educational presentation has on health so that they can better help others to a healthier happier life.
Vancouver was the next stop with 20 people in attendance. Vancouver was fun, interactive and the attendees totally appreciated the information that I presented to them. Thank you to Phyll who told us how she overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis using the program along with doing the One Day Kidney Flush once a week for 6 months. Even the new people who attended got on board to better their health.
Kelowna, the last stop with 57 people. Thank you to Lynn and her team for organizing this event.This is my home territory and I thank my great supporters who attended this event and brought guests.Thank you to Bill and Sharon who drove from Nelson to be there. Bill and Sharon both lost over 30 pounds and Bill has restored his memory. Nan was there and she got great results after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
Thank you to the many people who came up to me to thank me for my profound presentation.It is a very different way of thinking! This is about transforming the health of nations. I will continue to educate this truth because I know that truth eventually prevails." You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." The truth is that drugs cannot fix your sick body and the truth is that you need to clean out that debris that is blocking the blood from delivering nutrient energy to you cells and tissues and the truth is you need nutrition to fix it!

My Vitality Fuel Package:
Red: Essential Liquid Minerals ( instead of Chi Tonic at this time) Stem cells need minerals.
Yellow: Flax Hull Lignans to bind toxic xenoestrogens
Orange: Solstic Energy
White : Collatrim Plus , collagen powder to heal leaky gut
Blue: Water with Zambroza
Green: Chlorophyll to clean the blood

My Vitality Herbal Package:
Red: Brain and Nerves: Focus ATN and Super Oil
Yellow: Lymphatics;  Cat's Claw
White: For all your tubes : Probiotic 11
Blue:Cerebral Spinal Fluids and kidneys : K
Green: Electrical System and liver; LIV-C

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Success Stories March 2018

Roman: Serious deep dog bite healed in 4 days without antibiotics TAFYH GRAD
Russ: Serious dog bite healed in 4 days without antibiotics
From Kim: worked with a young 27 year old with Chrone's Disease with serious Candida problems. Within 1 year the bowels healed. TAFYH GRAD
Kim: infected root canal extracted and healed with Cat's Claw, SilverGuard and  Paw Paw without antibiotics
From Yvonne: Charla had a  nodule on the thyroid disappeared using Super Oil, Cat's Claw. Paw Paw for 8 a few months TAFYH GRAD
Jacquelyn: eye infection cleared up with SilverGuard sprayed in nose , ears and eyes. TAFYH GRAD
Jacquelyn: dry throat eased up with TeiFei Oil TAFYH GRAD
From Yvonne: worked with a lady who got Shingles and it cleared up within one week with HRP-C, RE-X, Cat's Claw, Pau D'Arco lotion TAFYH GRAD
Herlinda: Horrible flus continually , couldn't work, missed a lot of work over a couple of years. No work missed now for at least a year with Cat's Claw and Mineral Chi Tonic. " I look good and I feel healthy."
Nan: diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's ; is off blood pressure meds, cholesterol lowering meds, does the smoothies and Focus ATN" My head is clearing up. I feel great. It's working." TAFYH GRAD
Amanda: cleared up dozens of gall bladder pebbles after doing the gall bladder cleanse. TAFYH GRAD
Brenda: Rosacea, burning fiery skin, inflamed , blistered cleared up with no grains and Cat's Claw , Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll " I swear by your products."
Delores: painful chest pains, low blood pressure, took 2 Utra Therm and  Emergency First Response Protocol and Cat's Claw, SilverGuard and Fankinsence; cleared up within a day TAFYH GRAD
From Val: a lady she worked with had a fast growing cancer on her leg, 2 months to live; did the Paw Paw protocal and by the time the surgeon got to her the cancer was gone! TAFYH GRAD
From Linda; a bed wetting problem cleared up with Cornsilk and Heavy Metal Detox

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Success Stories Feb 2018

Success Stories  Feb 2018
Emergency Protocol
Doreen ended up with pain and pressure around her lung and heart area. A cardiologist examined the fluids around the heart but found no fluids around the heart or around the lungs. Her blood pressure dropped dramatically and she was feeling awful. Her daughter called me to ask for some advice. Not knowing what the problem really is, I was directed to the Emergency Protocol that I teach in one of my TAFYH lessons. When in doubt this is when I resort to the common sense approach which is to get the blood cleaned out and flowing.  Doreen agreed to do the protocol. She took 8 MC all at once along with a glass of water and 1 opened capsule of Capsicum. Then 15 minutes later she took she took another glass of water and Capsicum and 15 minutes later another glass of water and Capsicum. This protocol was followed for 2 days whereupon the pressure and pain subsided. Now I know that in analyzing this situation you might say that this was in fact coincidence. And you are right. I really do not know that this protocol really did it! But this I want to say; what might have happened if this protocol was not followed?  A heart attack? A stroke? Fainting? All I know is that the blood pressure normalized and the pain and pressure subsided before an ambulance needed to be called. And I know that D was out there playing Pickle Ball the next day. I know you are thinking this: Where is the science behind the Emergency Protocol? What I want everyone to know is that there is a whole lot of work that Dr. McCausland did to formulate MC. It took over a year. It was formulated to clean out the blood, the heavy metals, the sticky triglycerides, metabolic wastes. Capsicum, is hot pepper, to get the blood to move, to circulate, to get the oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need repair as quickly as possible. If this simple common sense protocol prevents someone from getting a heart attack or a stroke then I say it works.

Brenda had a huge skin problem; Rosacea. She just did not know what to do. Her face was hot and red, burning and inflamed. It was painful and itchy and dry. This is when she turned to the Laws of Nature. She stopped eating all grains that today contain harmful lectins that cause inflammation and that glyphosates used in herbicides on most agricultural grains today cause leaky gut and get into the bloodstream. She then used Mineral Chi Tonic, lots of Cat’s Claw and Chlorophyll and water. Brenda used products other than Natures Sunshine that did not work. She says this: “ I swear by Natures Sunshine products.” And yes, Rosacea for Brenda is history for a few years now. Brenda also loves Stress Pak which helps her to sleep. She had not slept fully for at least 6 months. She would wake up every 2 hours. What really helped Brenda was Stress Pak.

Nan was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s and she just decided that she would not have Alzheimer’s’. Her brain was not working right. The memory was not working. She found it difficult to find the right words. She could not remember what she just said.  This is when she made a big decision! She decided to do TAFYH to take action for her health.” I was so hyper, so stressed out. I decided I would hang in there. I had nowhere to go. The medical system was not working for me. I was angry with the system. I had already gone through 23 different surgeries in my lifetime. I had my breasts removed because I was diagnosed with cancer. I just did not know there was a different way.”This is when Nan was introduced to Nature Sunshine products, each day she took Smoothies, Cat’s Claw combination, she took Focus ATN. Today she has seen an improvement in her memory and she has adopted the TAFYH principles as her lifestyle.

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Serious Dog Bite Cleared Up with a Herbal Protocal

One man ended up with a severe dog bite what was quite deep and ugly. His choices were to go to Emergency or to take action for his own health. When fear came over him the thought of going to Emergency crossed his mind. But he did ponder the consequences of such a decision. First of all we are very trained to act on the first impulse of going to Emergency and it is fear that leads us to Emergency.
Then he contacted me to ask about herbal remedies for a serious dog bite. I pursued to tell him about Wes whose very good friend was bitten by a dog once when Wes was out in the wilderness with his ATV. The drive to a hospital would take at least 2 hours. So Wes asked his friend if she would take Cat’s Claw and Silver. He was very well prepared for emergencies in all his travels. He just happened to have Cat’s Claw and SilverGuard with him. She agreed. Wes proceeded to tell her to take 4 Cat’s Claw 4 times a day along with 2 ounces of Silver. She did that too. The next day the entire hand was totally swollen. Wes was confident the Cat’s Claw would work. So his friend kept taking the Cat’s Claw in high doses. The next day the whole situation changed and the swelling was totally gone.
Upon hearing this story this man first thought about Emergency but that would mean a tetanus shot which he was totally not in favor of. And it would mean antibiotics. He didn’t like that either. He decided to take the herbal route. He soaked his hand in Himalayan salt and water, then slathered the bite with Silver Gel. He drank 1 ounce of SilverGuard throughout the day and took 20 Cat’ Claw a day. He did this for 2 days and on the third day the swelling had eased right up. Once more success story using the Emergency protocol I teach in TAFYH.

Marie Reveals Her Story on Overcoming Osteoarthritis

by: Donna Roth
Marie had been sick off and on for 17 years. She was stricken with asthma attacks and relied on steroids to ease asthma .The side effects of the steroids led to osteoarthritis and now she was taking pain drugs to alleviate the terrible pain of the osteoarthritis . She tried so hard to get off those horrible steroids but whenever she did the pain in the joints was crippling and she could not function. She could hardly get off the chair to walk to the bathroom. Then there was always the constant congestion in the sinuses and the lungs and the serious attacks of asthma which only puffers and steroids could control. Within the first 5 months of 2011, Marie spent 55 days in the hospital and she was admitted to the ICU 3 times with life-threatening asthma. Her lung capacity was so low that she could only blow 160 points on the Blow Scale. The Blow Scale registers up to  800 points. Here we go again - more steroids and the steroids helped her to blow to 350 points on the Blow Scale.Marie was so sick that thinking was an issue.  “Depression was so involved in my illness and my mind was constantly foggy and I could not think. Steroids cause depression so you’re caught up in this vicious catch 22 cycle.”
Now here is a point of interest. I have known Marie for 17 years and on more than one occasion I mentioned a herbal program to her. The idea just did not catch on. She just did not think that herbs could ever help her. She was too sick and if drugs could not help how could herbs ever make a difference. Finally in July 2012 Marie, with the help of her daughter, succumbed to a herbal program. In July of 2012, Marie attended a consultation session with Donna Roth and committed to following her educational advice. Here is Marie’s secret to her success.
First, she totally went off all grains, all sugar foods, all milk products.
Second, she increased her nutritional status by making high dense nutritious super shakes with Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, and Zambroza.
Third Marie took capsules of  HSN-W 5 a day to heal the inner membrane of her damaged lungs.
Fourth Marie took capsules of Nature’s Sunshine  Cat’s Claw combination 5 a day to clear up the infection in the lungs.
Fifth Marie found that she no longer needed steroids and so she went off the steroids.
The turning point came after 6 weeks on this program. Once again it was time for Marie to do the Blow test. She recalled that in the past she was able to blow only as high as 350 points and that was with the help of the steroid drugs. This time there are no drugs. To Marie’s utter amazement she was able to blow to 450 points the best ever in 17 years. Marie is ecstatic. What a difference nutrition and herbs have made in her life. This is the best she has felt in 17 years. And she is enjoying life. She is presently well enough to go on a holiday with her husband and her grandchildren.
Marie wants all those who are suffering with health problems to know that you don’t have to waste 17 years of your life to do a herbal program. Just call Donna Roth and she will give you sound educational information regarding nutrition and herbs. It will change your life !

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Chronic Pain Is Resolved by doing TAFYH.

Just yesterday I had an eye-opening chat with Pauline, a TAFYH grad who wants to do
TAFYH Leader training. So today I want to share her story with you.
Pauline knew Natures Sunshine products and had used them sporadically from time to time.
But what she did not know was the power of the products when they are organized into a
In 2015 Pauline ended up with a severe pain in the hip. She was unable to walk to the beach.
She could not play with her grandchildren. She could not ski. She could not dress or tie her
shoes. There was pain during the day and there was pain at night. Sleep was terrible. Did
Pauline think that the Natures Sunshine products would help her. NOT! This was PAIN way beyond
simple herbs in her mind. So she went for physiotherapy treatments until the physiotherapist stated
that there was no more he could do for her. And she used tubes upon tubes of Voltarin muscle rub.
That made little difference. She then went to the pain clinic for Prolotherapy not for 1 treatment but for8 treatments that cost $250 each. No success! Then to the naturopathic doctor for more Prolotherapy with little success. In between times she did hotpads, then cold pads, then the TENS machine; more money!Next came the IMS accupuncture needles with cost $500. Now time has gone by. 
It is now 16 months later.Pauline is able to get dressed on her own and tie her shoes. But the pain continued. " My whole life was consumed by pain." Pain! Pain! Pain! Money! Money! Money! Pauline then enrolled in Blood Plasma treatments.

Thousands of dollars later in May 2017 Pauline looked at the TAFYH program , a course which teaches you health , how to take responsibility, discovering your own sources of inflammation, how to detoxify your bowels , your kidneys, your liver, using quality trusted products for smoothies. This was a course that guided you how to take daily
actions using Nature Sunshine super foods and herbals. Pauline was on board! Here are her words," Within3 weeks there was a huge difference!  The pain level was minimal. "Pauline was ecstatic to the point of tears!
For 18 months she lived in pain and now 3 weeks into TAFYH and her pain is almost all gone! This was a miracle!

Pauline then enrolled in TAFYH the second time, November 2017  to keep her health on track. As I write this story Pauline has now decided to train to become a TAFYH leader. TAFYH is so very impactful and she just wants the world to do TAFYH.

I want to share my thoughts about regarding Pauline's story. Picture this scenario.Your car stops running.What would you immediately do? I would say you would check your fuel tank. Oops! It is empty. That car needs fuel to run. Not any old fuel will do either. It must be the right kind of fuel. You wouldn't put diesel in a gas powered vehicle. Apply this analogy to Pauline's body. She never even thought about putting the right kind of fuel into her body.Her body needed high dense quality controlled fuel.  Now that car also needs an oil change. Pauline never thought about a detoxification for her body. Picture your car totally breaking down!
You would not even think twice about spending $900 on car repairs. But what do you do when it comes to your body breakdown! All of a sudden money becomes the variable that stops you from fixing your body. In your mind, it should be free. And to this thought I say this; Groceries from a grocery store are not free! Therefore Super Foods that can fix your body cannot be free either. As a matter of fact TAFYH can save your money. Think of the money Pauline spent on fixing her body. Think of the time she was not able to play with her grandchildren or ski!
Picture a world without pain or cancer or fear! TAFYH fulfills that picture!

Today I ask that you wait no longer. TAFYH starts in about 10 days. This is your opportunity to look after your own personal vehicle, your body that carries you in this life. If you don't look after your body where will you live? Go to for more information on TAFYH.

Monday, January 22, 2018

From the Desk of Donna Roth January 22/2018 My Thoughts on Scientific Studies

From the Desk of Donna Roth January 22/2018  My Thoughts on Scientific Studies

Often the question is asked of me, “Is this scientifically proven?” So today I take the opportunity to address science and how I feel about present-day scientific studies.

Sheena was given 3 months to live in 1998 and she overcame her cancer in 1998. It is 2018. Sheena is still alive and well. Can we scientifically prove that Sheena overcame cancer with therapeutic nutrition?
Juanita overcame uterine cancer using therapeutic nutrition. She has been cancer-free for at least 7 years. Can we scientifically prove that Juanita overcame cancer using therapeutic nutrition?
We all eat broccoli and cauliflower and meat. Is it scientifically proven that we should eat these foods?
Do we need to scientifically prove all herbs that have been used for generations of time for healing purposes? These are plants familiar to all of us:
Broccoli contains the active ingredient known as indole carbinols which are known to be antifungal and anticancer. Black Walnut is a powerful antiparasitic plant.
Black Walnut     Helps valves contract, anti-parasite, high nutritive herb, skin cond. & psoriasis
Capsicum   Simulates circulation, a catalyst that strengthens herbs used with it.
Cranberry & Buchu   Cleans the urinary tract, lowers bacterial count in bladder infections
Dandelion   Best source natural sodium, liver, digestion, cleansing to cells.
Echinacea Known to combat colds and flu strengthens the lymphatic system.
Horsetail   Silica supplement, arthritis, diabetes, connective tissue, broken or chipped nails
Milk Thistle   Helps rebuild the liver and protect it against viral attack, hepatitis
Oregon Grape  Enhances bile flow, liver, and lymphatic stagnation.
Parsley  Used successfully to dry up breasts at the end of lactation. Heals cysts, high nutrient value. High in chlorophyll, freshens breath, diuretic action, kidney stones, anti-cancer
Peppermint oil   Digestion, dispel gas, stomach ache, combats nausea
Red Clover   Blood Purifier, anti-cancer
Red Raspberry   Strengthens uterus, combats menstrual problems, childbirth, combats diarrhea
Rosehips  strengthens  immune system, high  vitamin A, C, selenium, bioflavonoids, chromium

 Dr. McLaughlin did scientific studies using Paw Paw for the cancer of laboratory animals. Paw Paw was very effective in arresting these cancers of laboratory animals. Dr. McLaughlin stated that Paw Paw was almost a million times stronger than adriamycin for cancer. He stayed in my home when we brought him out on tour and so I got to know him personally.  A clinical study was then done by Dr. Forsythe, an oncologist in Reno , Nevada which involved more than 130 patients.
Patient #3 reduced his tumor size from to the point that it was no longer detectable.
Patient #8 After 7 months of using Paw Paw 14 tumorsrs on the lymph nodes were no longer detectable and the patient was considered cancer free.
Patient #12 had stage 4 breast cancer. After using Paw Paw for 6 weeks the tumour markers reduced from 160 to 80.
Patient #52 ; non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . After 35 days of sue the high white blood cell count dropped from 34,000 to 12,000. The lymphocyte count dropped from 67% to 30% well within the normal range.
Anna , a  patient with stage 4 breast cancer, saw a tumour marker reduction of 50%
Ed with stage 4 lung cancer used Paw Paw for 2 months and the tumour marker decreased and he was able to walk again.
Byron with stage 4 prostate cancer reduced his tumour size by 25% within 6 weeks.
Note there were 130 patients and the report I received only accounted for 8 patients. Eight patients got marvelous results. What about the other 122 patients?
Why is it that  clinical studies using Paw Paw for these 122 cancer patients not get the same results as that demonstrated by the animal studies where the results were 100% effective ?  The answer lies in extraneous variables. The variables in the clinical studies were not all controlled! What are extraneous variables? “ They are those factors in the research environment which may have an effect on the dependent variable ( in this case Paw Paw) but which are not controlled. Extraneous variables are dangerous. They may damage a study's validity, making it impossible to know whether the effects were caused by the independent and moderator variables or some extraneous factor. If they cannot be controlled, extraneous variables must at least be taken into consideration when interpreting results.”  So think about little lab mice and the variables I am referring to. Do they eat the amount of sugar that we as humans consume? Here is a shocking stat for you. “ Today the average American consumes 176 pounds of sugar per year!” That’s 1000% more sugar than 100 years ago. Do those little animals take all those antibiotics that humans do? Do they drink mounds of pop that humans do? How about 57 gallons of soda pop per person per year on the average! Do those little critters  have root canals as humans do? Have they had all those vaccination shots containing foreign proteins, sick animal pus , formaldehyde, all those toxic heavy metals  injected into their bodies as we inject into our bodies? You start to see that those extraneous variables are all part of our human makeup that are not controlled in a clinical study:
Sugar consumption
Pop consumption
Root canals and mercury fillings.
Now let’s see what happens when one of my clients decides to take on the Paw Paw program.
What do I do when I work with clients that are working to overcome cancer? I identify the sources of their inflammation. In other words I identify the extraneous variables and bring this to the attention of my clients so that they can work on eradicating as many poisons from the body as possible. In other words I try to control as many extraneous variables that I can. Now many times I do not always get the cooperation of the client. One cancer client with cancer had root canals and when I asked him to address his root canals, which was by the way many times, his response was, “This is not going to happen.” He then decided that my program was not effective and that my work was not worthy so off he went to a very expensive cancer retreat center. The end result of that story is that he died. Of course that ultimate experience for his family was that he tried the Paw Paw program and it did not work. What the family failed to realize is that part of the Paw Paw program is to address the inflammation, those toxic root canals, and in science these are called extraneous variable. So you guessed it the rumour is now that the Paw Paw program does not work!
That same year one lady with cancer of the throat was told to address her toxic root canals. She went to 3 dentists who refused to extract them because with their diagnosis there was nothing wrong with the root canals. They all failed to realize that a root canal is a dead tooth. It is the law of Nature that tells us when once something is alive that has oxygen flowing through it and then it dies Nature automatically activates microbes in that dead thing to break it down. That is the job of those microbes is to break dead matter up. Sometimes this process is called decaying. Well if it is a dead crow on the lawn than the decaying matter simply goes back into the Earth. But where does the decaying matter of a dead root canal go? It goes right into the flow systems of your body ; the blood stream and the lymphatic system. The consequence of this action means the energy of the immune system must constantly clean up the decaying matter of this root canal. Eventually the immune system is overloaded and microbial infestation is constantly happening in your body. The blood becomes a cesspool of waste debris. This lady in her very vulnerable state was not able to be strong enough to tell the dentist to extract her root canals and she died. The two people I am referring to did not do TAFYH where the course teaches you to discover your own sources of inflammation and to take action.
So let me tell you about another critical variable. And it is our own personal preconceived ideas, our programmed belief system often based on dogma. When a false idea is presented to us enough times we eventually start to believe it. So I am going to quote a physicist
“The very expression “scientifically proven” is a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing that is scientifically proven. The core of science is the deep awareness that we have wrong ideas, we have prejudices. We have ingrained prejudices. In our conceptual structure for grasping reality, there might be something not appropriate, something we may have to revise to understand better.
"[Science] has nothing to do with the assembling of data and the ways of organizing the assembly of data. It has everything to do with the way we think, and with our mental vision of the world." A Physicist
We have all experienced the changes in scientific data. I recall the scientific studies that were presented to the world in the 1950’s that Thalidomide was a great drug for settling nausea in expectant Mothers. This drug was proven to be safe and effective. The outcome of this drug was that babies were born without limbs and many mothers miscarried their babies as a result of this drug. Then suddenly this so called very safe and effective drug was removed from the market.
From the Globe and Mail: Vioxx,,a drug, was prescribed by physicians for arthritis and chronic or acute pain. FDA originally approved Vioxx in May 1999. Scientific  safety studies included approximately 5000 patients on Vioxx which showed no increased risk of heart attack or stroke.Vioxx was tested and proven safe but then it was pulled off the market! Why? Because of Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. In 2004 VIOXX was pulled off the market world-wide. “David Graham, associate director of science for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Drug Safety has estimated that Vioxx killed some 60,000 patients--as many people, he points out, as died in the Vietnam War.”

Once again I ask how accurate is science? You can now clearly see why I question science.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

From the Desk of Donna Roth Januaryi 2018

From the Desk of Donna

Stats from Health Canada
A crude estimate of the Canadian prevalence of H. pylori is 8 to 10 million people.
Canada has one of the highest incidence and prevalence rates of inflammatory bowel disease in the world.
Indirect costs associated with IBD total in excess of $1 billion with the main contributor being long-term work loss.
Sick leave and absenteeism attribute to IBD cost the Canadian economy $104.2 million per year.
Infection with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which causes ulcers, increases the risk for stomach cancer by as much as 6x1 in 20 stomach ulcers are cancerous. Only 1 in 5 stomach cancer patients will survive longer than 5 years.
In 2013 almost 2 million people 12 years and over were diagnosed with diabetes.
Every 7 minutes in Canada someone dies from heart disease or stroke.
70,000 heart attacks each year in Canada. Heart disease and strokes cost the Canadian economy  $20.9.
2014: 97,000 men are diagnosed with cancer, 94,0000 women are diagnosed with cancer.
2 out of 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their lifetime.
20% of Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.
Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths 15 to 24 years old.
In 2013, almost 5 million people had arthritis in Canada.
Yeast infection is common in women using HRT and oral contraception.
Each year 30,000 Canadians die of diseases of the digestive disorders
We are now brought to the question of Why? Why is our society inundated with diseases, heart problems, and cancer? In my mind, it happens because we do not understand the miraculous workings of our human body. Driven by fear we are lead to the doctor’s office for a diagnosis and a drug and a vaccination.

“Fear sells drugs and vaccines…….And the hypocrisy is glaring in people internationally denouncing foods made from GMO’s yet promoting vaccines all of which are made from GMO’s and chemical toxins injected directly into humanity’s bloodstream. This is insane.” Dr. Horowitz

God made our bodies to be our miraculous working vehicles on this Earth plane. And it is expected that we look after these bodies, that we fuel them that we refrain from nonfuel substances, that we cleanse them so that their workings serve us well. In short, we need the education so we can follow the simple Law of Nature and respect these vehicles, cleanse them, nourish them, express gratitude to them and keep them in top working order so we can effectively serve our fellow beings and complete our missions on this Earth.
In these reported stats I want all of us to be aware that all of the diagnosed disorders mentioned; IBS, ulcers, H pylori bacteria,  heart disease, strokes, cancers, arthritis, mental illness, digestive disorders and so on point to 4 root causes:
Nutritional deficiency causing injury
Inflammation caused by toxic overload
Elimination channels that are blocked; kidneys, bowels, lungs,
Infection that happens whenever there is a toxic overload
Blood circulation that is clogged up by toxins, and now the body temperature drops to below 37C
Now if you know these basic principles then you can take action and address them. How can you treat your own cancer if you do not know that it starts from an injury and progresses to a fungal infection when the oxygen levels to the injured area are blocked by the inflammation of toxic poisons.

 Injury can only be addressed by fuelling your body. This simple concept means putting into your body proven fuel sources which you cannot find in the grocery stores. Here is the story I want to relate. In 2003 Wes overcame his own cancer by fuelling his body with the Natures Sunshine super foods only to turn to a Vita-Mix and grocery store bought vegetables a few short years later. Then the phone call came in with the voice of” my lump has come back.” Simple I said, just get back on those superfood smoothies from Natures Sunshine. And he did. The lump was gone within 3 weeks.

 This is what I want to say about vegetable juicing:
You do not know the nutritional values of those foods. With Natures’ Sunshine, every capsulated plant is tested to ensure the nutrient value is high and therapeutic. None of your grocery store bought vegetables are tested for nutritional energy.
It is very expensive to rely on vegetables bought from a grocery store. One small teaspoon of Green Zone is less expensive than the truckload of vegetables you would need to juice to get the same nutrient value. Scientists have strongly stated that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same nutrient value one tomato gave you in 1941. Think of the cost of 10 tomatoes about $5 but you would also need all those green vegetables another $5 on top of that to get the same nutrient value of a teaspoon of Green Zone. There are about 70 teaspoons in 1 container of Green Zone and that cost is about 70 cents a teaspoon. I hope you get this picture.
Vegetable juicing is a lot of work and takes lots of time. Smoothies only take 3 minutes.
Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz
Flax Hull Lignans  1 scoop
Collatrim Plus 1 scoop
Zambroza 1 tablespoon
Green Zone 1 teaspoon.
I recall how Bob was able to overcome the late stages of esophagus cancer by drinking 6 smoothies a day and that was in 2003. I heard Joan’s story of her husband’s cancer that was so serious he was sent to a Respite. This is when Joan took to giving him smoothies as many as he could have and in 3 weeks her husband walked out of Respite. Even in late stages of cancer, there was enough energy in those smoothies to give that immune system the power to overcome cancer.

The next thing I want to stress is the cleansing of the blood. This is where Oral Chelation comes in.

Let’s look at Steve Job’s cancer.  McDougall then informs us that Steve Jobs was out there building computers, soldering with lead, cadmium, and aluminum from the time he was 14 years old and that such toxic heavy metals were a definite burden to his health.Oral Chelation cleans up the toxic metals from the bloodstream.
I also want to share Laurence Smith’s story.

Laurence Smith, (BSW, C.N.H.C.) found wellness after suffering two major heart attacks. After overcoming his own health crisis, he has become a professional herbalist and national speaker. As the owner of a health food store and a nutritional consulting practice in Boise, he has been working with clients for over 23 years. Because of his own experience and his success working with clients, he has been presenting the Natural Health Seminar for the past eight years. Laurence artfully combines an engaging, humorous format with a fast-paced, highly informative presentation. Although based in Boise, demand for this presentation keeps him on the road a good share of the year.
Early in 1984, I was a wreck looking for a place to happen. I had been taking Mylanta and Maalox by the gallon. I was pushing myself, working 14+ hours a day. I ate pizza, fried chicken and any other fast food that looked good to me. I was not sleeping well, getting up several times a night. I had no energy and had to force myself to go on each day. Then in December 1984, my body said enough - and I found myself in the emergency room with a heart attack, not knowing whether I would live or die. In addition, something in the process caused me to lose most of my eye-sight. I was scared and didn't know what to do.
I had to give up driving and lost the business and our home. My cholesterol was 380, my triglycerides were high, and my HDL's were low. Time to change how I was living. So for the next 5 years, I fought a battle with my lifestyle. I was on lots of medications. Nothing seemed to help.
In October 1989 I found someone to talk with and give me some direction. As I added in quality supplements I really began to feel and do better. Three months later my Cholesterol was below 200. Within one year I was taking no medication at all. My digestive problems are gone. I sleep through the night and wake up with more energy than I have had in years. My cholesterol had dropped to 187, my triglycerides went from a high of 576 to 75, and my HDL went from a low of 22 to 59. I had also lost a solid 30 pounds.
During the next few years, I managed Life Resources, a total health facility with a health food store, medical clinic, and a full exercise facility. As manager of the club, I continually saw people who exercised regularly but could not lower their body-fat percentage. It seemed that the low-fat, high carbohydrate diets that they were following were not working.
For the past 25 years, I have continued my education by reading, studying, attending training, seminars, and workshops to learn all I can about natural health.
I now spend full-time helping others. In the past several years I have seen nothing short of miraculous results in others as they began to use the combination of quality supplements along with a healthy diet. Body-fat melts away, energy increases, stamina improves, and mental alertness is fantastic.
I invite all who read this to check this out. It works. Your life will never be the same. You will go long periods on less food, without ever being hungry, or running out of energy. Isn't that what you have always wanted?
What Laurence did was the Oral Chelation program to get his health back in order.
Twice a day he took
 MC 6 tablets, 
Super Oil 
 Mineral  Chi Tonic.
Note within 1 year he was able to wean off all medications.

Excerpt from CarolNilsson:
MC is a meticulously quality controlled tablet containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bovines, and herbs synergistically put together by a very skilled biochemist whose name is Dr. McCausland.  This designer product not only cleans the arteries but it also heals the arteries and restores the arteries to their natural state of health. Once the arteries are healed then the cholesterol that the liver made to patch up the damaged arteries is cleaned up as well as it is no longer useful and needed. Now, what do you do when the doctor tells you that your cholesterol is high? You get statin drugs not to clean out the arteries, not to heal the arteries but to strip the cholesterol off the artery wall. This is the most dangerous act against Nature. As you can see removing the cholesterol that is there to patch a weak artery wall is asking for the artery to burst. If that is not bad enough then you also have the statin drug stealing your store of CoQ10, the consequence of which could be a heart attack.
As Carol strongly stated in her call everyone over 40 these days needs to be taking MC as our arteries are  constantly bombarded with masses of waste debris daily and bit by bit they shred our artery wall,; the lectins, phytates, gliadins,  Candida yeast, foreign proteins, heavy metals, vaccines, drug residues etc. Carol told a story in her call about a husband who was not interested in natural remedies. When he died of a blood clot and a stroke the autopsy showed that his arteries were shredded. The question I often put forth in TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health) is this,” Put yourself in your shoes 1 year from now, what will your health look like?” You can all prevent a heart attack, a stroke, a blood clot, and shredded arteries! The solution is the Oral Chelation program:
MC work up to taking 6 twice a day
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 3 oz a day
CoQ10 the oil based one by Dr. Judy from Nature’s Sunshine
Capsicum for better blood flow
K if there is edema
Quote Carol, “Here is the trap that many people fall into by not heeding to Nature. A man in his 60’s tried MC and after using it for 1 month said that he would not take it anymore because it wasn’t doing anything for him. However what he did not acknowledge was that he did not have to get up to go to the bathroom at night after using MC for 1 month. His prostate started to work right, the swelling went down and the bathroom trips subsided. So he went off MC. Consequence was that the prostate began to swell, then he was diagnosed with cancer= surgery= a serious hospital infection=isolation for 3 weeks= antibiotics= intestinal tract infection= diapers= diabetes= a brain tumour. The result is that he died. Yet all this could have been prevented if he had stayed on MC !”
I say this is a trap that many people with cancer fall into. They quit! They think there is a magic bullet and today it is marijuana. I have now witnessed many people who took medical marijuana for cancer and it did not work. Why? Because medical marijuana does not address 5 pillars.