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May/June 2010 Newsletter

From The Desk of Donna Roth May /June 2010 Newsletter 250 764 2852

Recently FDA in the US pulled MMR vaccines off the market because they were found to contain carcinogenic viral substances. All vaccines contain carcinogenic substances ; mercury , aluminum phosphates formaldehyde ,acetone, foreign proteins and of course the measles , mumps and rubella etc. Here is the bottom line and I will quote the words of Dr Tenpenney, “ If you won’t eat it then it makes sense not inject it into your body or anyone else’s body.”
In many past articles and newsletters I have stated that all vaccines are very toxic and they clog up the lymphatic system with heavy metals and extremely toxic substances. That vaccines are all dangerous is well documented by many well renowned doctors : Dr. Tenpenney, Dr. Mercola, Dr Lanctot, Dr.Shiv Chopra just to state a few. I will use the words of Roger Bannister,” These things are simply “cooked up” because we are very skilfully taught to respect , to admire to pay obeisance to authorities- people with high educational degrees. We believe their so called science, their research, their studies are based on truth. Fear suppresses us from questioning them and fear teaches us to blindly accept them with respect. “ Now I strongly suggest that when you are dealing with a life situations such as vaccinations or cancer that you become educated and take a firm stance. I understand it takes courage to overcome that pent up fear of presenting your point of view to an opposed authority and it takes responsibility , to say “step aside” and to say “no”. But to do so in a humble way gives you power and we are here to empower you. Helke Ferrie , in her article “The Intelligent Revolution” and thanks to Klaus for sharing it says this “Saying No ! is a social responsibility none of us may safely ignore. Heroes reveal the fact of oppression and demand opposition; their example helps us to build courage, but in the end each one of us must act personally.”

Let’s look at some of the past heroes who have said, “No.”

Christopher Columbus. In 1492 sailed the ocean blue during a time when everyone was led to believe the world was flat. He said “No” and the mind of the entire universe shifted with his proving that the world is indeed round.

Roger Bannister- In 1952 journalists stated that no one could ever run a 4 minute mile. Roger Bannister said “No” and in 1954 he ran the mile in under 4 minutes.

Susan D’Agostino was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation were the only answer in the eyes of her medical doctors otherwise death was imminent. She said ”No” and 5 years later she is alive and well to write her book.

Twelve years ago Sheena was given 3 months to live with her second bout of cancer, cancer of the lungs. She said “No” to chemotherapy and “No” to radiation therapy. It is 2010 and she is alive and well and lives to share her story with others.

99% of the women prescribed this Tamoxifen for their estrogen dependent breast cancer have said “No” and only 1% of these women actually take this drug. (Vitality Magazine2010) The drug Tamoxifen that supposedly prevents breast cancer recurrence has been shown to cause liver and uterine cancer.

A huge number of women are saying “No” to mammograms and rightly so knowing they can cause serious injuries when such injuries can lead to cancer. Such a surge of superior female intelligence has led the Cancer Society to investigate the practise of mammograms and today American Cancer Society no longer supports mammograms as an effective tool for breast cancer prevention nor PSA testing for prostrate cancer screening .

So this very fruitful education presented to you in the Donna Roth newsletters, on and in the Monday evening teleconference calls is meant to empower you to take a stand, to take responsibility , to muster courage to say “No”. Saying no becomes very effective when saying no employs the uncovering of suppressed facts, the demonstration of supportive scientific facts and presentation of solid clearly defined education.

All three of these tools are used in all of my presentations , in my book, Practical Solutions to the Cancer injury Manual and in my newsletters. Everything said here is soundly scientifically documented.

At this point I encourage each and everyone reading this newsletter to take a stand for your own personal health .Say “No” to vaccines and drugs and use herbs instead.” Make health your priority . This statistic should make you stand up and take action ”Today 1 in 4 people die from cancer , the leading cause of death in Canada.” Here are the actions to take:
1 Give up sugar and carbohydrate foods which turn to sugar. Sugar feeds all diseased conditions.
2 Take Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals daily.
3 Take Super Omega 3 or Super Oil daily
4 Take a Super Food such as Flax Lignans , Green Zone daily.
5 Drink Chlorophyll and water .
6 Do a cleanse on a regular basis.
7 Add fresh air , sunshine and exercise to your life.

If you commit to doing these few things for your health then there are certain promises that are given to you and these are the following as stated by Dr Cordain.
Your weight /health will gradually improve – week by week – until your normal healthy body weight is restored . For some people this may take one or 2 months for others, 6 months to a year and for those with severe weight and health problems, a year or more. But the bottom line is that it will happen. You can expect the following:
Clearing of sinuses
Less stiffness of joints
Normal bowel function
Indigestion and acid stomach eliminated
High cholesterol and abnormal blood chemistry will see improvement within a month
Blood triglyceride levels drop
Good HDL will rise
Type 2 diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
High blood pressure
Kidney stones
Celiac disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sjogren’s syndrome
Reduced risk of all cancers
Hippocrates- Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.
Helen Keller- We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.

Success Stories

Scattered Brain

One young man who expressed irritation and very “scattered brain syndrome” was convinced by my son to try “Focus Attn ”This was his comment ”He suggested I try it (Focus Atn) and I was kind of like OK. But it really helps. I noticed the difference right away. Thank you for the great gift.”
Focus Attn contains DMAE which has been shown to remarkably enhance brain function in clinical studies. It shows significant improvement in alertness and neuromotor control and it significantly decreases anxiety especially when used in conjunction with RE-X.
DMAE also showed a remarkable help in learning and behaviour problems such as ADD. A study conducted by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, Princeton , NJ. Showed significant improvements in behaviour, learining ability, and attention span with 108 boys and girls. Irritability was decreased, scholastic ability was improved and IQ was actually elevated. Nature’s Sunshine’s Focus Attn contains patent antioxidants which are used in the synthesis of neurotransmitters of the brain and has a positive effect on energy. Focus Attn. contains slippery elm, L glutamine, DMAE, Melissa Balm, cellulose, grape seed extract and Ginko leaves. L Glutamine is excellent brain fuel that eliminates carbohydrate cravings.
Here is an excellent program for: ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Brain Stress, Concentration, Irritation, Hyperactivity, Energy, Restfulness, Focus.
1 Stop all intake of sugar,grains, pop and alcohol. Replace sugar with Stevia and Xylitol
2 Essential Liquid Minerals 1 oz per day
3 Super Trio with Super Vitamin B’s , Minerals antioxidants and Super Omega 3 – 2 caps two times a day
4 Focus Attn.
The above program is a power house program to incre3ase blood circulation to the brain, to increase neurotransmitters production in the brain and to provide the brain with calmness balance and rest. If followed as directed it is guaranteed to work.

Liver cancer success story

Len was diagnosed with a liver tumor measuring 19 cm in early December 2009. He immediately stopped the intake of all junk food such as sugar foods, potato chips, pop, alcohol and went straight to the health food store where he bought all kinds of vitamins , minerals and herbs. He said he come home with a shopping bag full of various alternatives from a health food store. He began swallowing handfuls of supplements until a month later he met Donna Roth who explained what cancer is and how it can be healed. He began the Paw Paw program immediately and his program included Paw Paw, Protease Plus, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , Super Oil, Milk Thistle and LBSII. Two months later he went to the cancer clinic in Vancouver and the doctor said that his tumour had decreased form 19 cm to 12 cm. On March 1 Len went in for his previously scheduled surgery where he was told that the surgery took only 20 minutes and that a very small tumor that was not attach├ęd to anything was easily removed and that he had a very healthy looking liver. No chemotherapy or radiation was necessary. Len’s story can be viewed at

Breast Cancer Story

Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer In October 2009 after Thanksgiving. In her words.” I was very scared as to what was happening to me. My sister found out about the Paw Paw program from another lady who had breast cancer and used the Paw Paw program. So I talked to Donna Roth. I ordered the Paw Paw program. I went on a strict diet and I did the Paw Paw program strictly. One month later I had a lot more energy . I had the faith that I would get well. I decided not to do any chemotherapy or radiation. In December the doctor did a biopsy and the cancer had shrunk by one inch. Now it is April I am alive and I feel well and I continue the Paw Paw program. I am thankful to Donna Roth for helping me.”

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