Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Recipe for Alzheimer's

1/2 cup Level II Nature's Gold in a sterilized glass jar
Fill the jar with water about 3/4 inches above the NG barley line
Stir well
Cover with cloth
Place in a brown paper bag
Set on top of the fridge
Allow to ferment for 2 weeks
Stir altogether and strain it through a cheese cloth
Drink the liquid all at one time
It tastes like vinegar
Look forward to a big bowel movement
Continue to do this once every 2 weeks for a year
This drink rebalances the microbial population of the brain.
There is a doctor that works with this procedure very successfully for

This recipe was given as a testimonial on a conference call Sept. 26, 2007

Parasites by Dan

Parasites by Dan
Since starting the Tiao He Pak and the KB-C treatments for parasites, I feel much improved.
I started the treatment at supper time on Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2008. Within the first day, my body started feeling very odd as though I had the flu. I understood that it was simply the teas and herbs beginning to have an effect on the parasites . By Thursday, I was experiencing the loose stools that Kathy had mentioned would occur. That made me take an interest of looking for signs of parasites being eliminated from my system. That evening, I saw what at first I took to be vegetable matter from the salads I had been eating but on closer scrutiny, I discovered that they were in fact creatures.
They looked rather like uncooked tiny shrimp with white ovoid squid-like bodies and red arrow-shaped heads. From the head protruded a red filament. I realized that I had seen others like them the day before but did not recognize that they were parasites. By Thursday night, my liver and pancreas areas were very sore as the time when I had had hepatitis years ago. I understood what was happening and by Saturday the soreness had gone. Since then, I have felt better than I have felt in more than twenty years. All this time, I had believed that it was the hepatitis that had left me feeling tired and unenergetic but it was the parasites that I had contracted not long after that had set me back. When I think of all the years that I could have felt better and could have been more active, etc with my family. . .

I am very thankful to have been directed to Kathy Deane. I have a whole new lease on life because of what she has given me.


One lady was experiencing foggy brain, poor sleep, anxiety, hot flashes, dripping sweat and misery. She took FE Formula as directed on the container and in one month all symptoms subsided.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss
One lady lost 7 pounds in a short time by taking the wheat, yeast and sugar out of the diet and drinking about 12 glasses of water a day along with Essential Liquid Minerals 3 oz a day, Paw Paw 3 a day, Protease 6 a day ,Digestive Enzymes – 6 a day, Marshmallow Pepsin – 4 to 6 a day.

Crystal Clear Deodorant

Crystal Clear Deodorant
This is the Nature Sunshine non toxic deodorant that is amazing. Several people have reported how much they love it and how great it works.

One young man whose work involves hard physical labour refused to trust the Nature Sunhine Crystal Clear Deodorant until one day he came home with painful burning red armpits. This time he agreed to try Crystal Clear and he was totally amazed how quickly the burning sensation subsided . Feeling more trusting he tried Crystal Clear before he went to work the next day. To his amazement this amazing deodorant worked .
He then sprayed some Crystal Clear on his feet which were also blistered from the sweat and once again he was impressed to discover that Crystal Clear kept his feet odour free and prevented them from blistering.


One lady had a case of depression where she was feeling anxious, tired, no ambition and she just didn’t feel like working. She took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ½ oz a day St. John’s Wort 4 a day RE-X 4 all at once and MC 6 a day. One week later all symptoms disappeared and the ambition came right back.

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux
Nadia was diagnosed with acid reflux. The acid reflux caused very painful burning within the stomach and it was so bad that it would creep up into the throat and cause a sore throat. She had used every possible medication that was available. At the beginning the medication would ease the pain but after awhile it would not work any longer. The burning made her feel miserable and sick She would lose her energy and she could not sleep well. This process continued since 2002. In the fall of 2007 she met Donna Roth and attended one of her incredible information classes. Nadia decided to a start a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, ULC- R 2 with 2 meals and 2 at bed time, All Cell Detox 4 at bedtime and SynerProtein 1 scoop a day in a shake. She took the wheat, the sugar the yeast out of her diet. Within 2 weeks all burning subsided and it has not returned. Nadia says she can eat a lot better sleep better and her energy has returned. She is so very grateful to the Nature Sunshine program.

Inestinal Cancer

Intestinal Cancer
On Oct. 16/2007 Garry had symptoms of gas. Within a short time this turned into an attack which was very painful. It was so painful that he could not stand up and landed up in emergency. Every possible test was done and nothing became evident. Therefore the doctor decided that an emergency surgery should be performed. It was discovered that the intestinal tract was blocked by a tumour the size of a golf ball. The tumour was successfully removed . A biopsy of that area showed that out of 9 lymph nodes 3 were malignant cancer. At this point Garry was attached to a colostomy bag and the standard chemotherapy treatments were recommended. To the doctor's dismay Garry chose, instead, to proceed with the Paw Paw program as follows:
Paw Paw – 4/3 times a day
Protease Plus- 1 with every meal and 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening on an empty stomach.
Zinc, Cascara, MC, RE-X – 1 with each meal
A shake with Flax Hull Lignans, Nature’s Gold , Green Zone 2 times a day
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz 2 times a day
Super Oil 2 / 2 times a day
Zambroza 2 oz 2 times a day
No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no coffee, no milk, no pasta
After 6 weeks the colostomy bag was removed and the surgery healed very nicely. On March 4 /2008 another Cat Scan was done along with lab work, blood tests and urine tests. No cancer was detected.

Strep Throat

Strep Throat
One lady used to get Strep infections frequently and each time she was diagnosed with Strep Throat infection she took antibiotics. This time during a case of Strep Throat she decided to take the herbal route. She used Liquid Silver, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day and Cat’s Claw 4/2 times a day along with Zambroza about 2 oz a day. She also drank a lot of water with Chlorophyll . Within 2 days the sore throat went away. She could hardly believe it! She did it without antibiotics !

Ear Infections

Ear Infections
One Mom cleared up ear infection for her little guy by giving him Cat’s Claw 3 / 2 times a day and Chlorophyll with water.


One lady was always suffering from all kinds of air borne allergies. Now here is what she did. She took one tablespoon of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and immediately noticed a difference, She then took two tablespoons the next day and was very impressed to discover that these allergens simply do not bother her any more.

Skin Outbreaks

Don decided to do a cleanse using Bentonite 1 ½ oz a day, Heavy Metal Detox 4 a day, All Cell Detox 4 a day and Zinc. Within about 2 weeks his skin broke out in tiny little pimples all over his back and shoulders. They were very itchy and very annoying. They lasted about 2 weeks and now they are all gone. We know that this herbal cleanse was detoxifying toxins out of his body through the skin.

Skin Outbreaks

Skin Outbreaks
One lady was using medications for the purpose of stopping the annoying skin out breaks she was experiencing. She really did not feel comfortable taking medication so she was quite happy when a Nature Sunshine distributor approached her with a natural solution. She started applying Pau d’ Arco lotion to her face morning and night and she was delightfully amazed to discover that the lotion cleared up her skin even better than the medication.

Nature Sunshine Natria skin care line used on a daily basis provides the nutrients the skin requires to keep it healthy and free from overbearing toxic overloads.

Flax Hull Lignans
, one scoop a day, keeps the hormones balanced and detoxifies the skin of xenoestrogens which contribute to acne problems.