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Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests


From the Desk of Donna Roth January 18/23

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TAFYH team 75 starts in January. Please register with kdroth@shaw.ca

Wins from Freedom Rising

Evaluation and Bell’s Palsy Results: TAFYH grad

A Review of the Successes in 2023: success in overcoming cancer, blood pressure, Bell’s Palsy, rosacea, hip replacement surgery cancelled, kidney function increase, lump on the neck gone, cholesterol normal, thyroid issues gone, migraine headaches gone, blocked arteries resolved , wheezing gone,

Gratitude to Guest speakers in 2023; Maria, Brian, Charlotte,  Linda M, Judy, Pauline, Natalia, Rachel, Christine, Jeanette, Ted Kuntz, Shawn Buckley,

Words of Interest from Carol


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 From Freedom Rising; Ted Kuntz

French scientist and author Hélène Banoun discussed on CHD Live what the data shows about the safety signals associated with monoclonal antibodies administered to newborns for the prevention of RSV. Banoun said, “Vaccination has become a scientific ideology, with no solid scientific corpus concerning its efficacy and safety.” 


Study Finds that the unvaccinated are much healthier than the vaccinated: https://www.bitchute.com/video/aZsJ84NDCcmY/ 4min

“The CDC has never looked at long-term health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.”  Why? What do they know that we don't? https://twitter.com/VigilantFox/status/1701981093031719393

In a two hour interview on InfoWars, Dr. Denis Rancourt, declared that “The Medical Establishment is a Leading Cause of Death in the World”  


From Dr Mercola

Leaky gut is a condition that occurs due to the development of gaps between the cells (enterocytes) that make up the membrane lining your intestinal wall. These tiny gaps allow substances such as undigested food, bacteria and metabolic wastes that should be confined to your digestive tract, to escape into your bloodstream — hence, the term leaky gut syndrome.

 From Dr. Mercola

When you eat something bitter like Dandelion root, it triggers the release of a hormone called gastrin, which in turns supports and strengthens your digestive function by stimulating the secretion of:4

·         Saliva, which is where the digestion of food begins

·         Hydrochloric acid, necessary for breaking down proteins and enhancing the absorption of minerals from food. Hydrochloric acid also helps destroy harmful microbes, so taking bitters prior to eating not only prepares your stomach for digestion, but it may also offer some protection against foodborne illness, or at least reduce the potential effects of foodborne contaminants

·         Pepsin, an enzyme that breaks protein molecules into smaller pieces

·         Intrinsic factor, required for vitamin B12 absorption

Bitters like Dandelion root  also stimulate the flow of bile, which improves digestion of dietary fats and helps prevent the accumulation of waste in your liver. Over time, consuming bitters in small doses on a regular basis ends up strengthening your entire digestive system, including your stomach, gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

The bitter reflex also has the effect of triggering appetite and actually preparing your body for the receipt of food by triggering contractions in your intestines. This is likely why bitters are generally recommended to be taken about a half-hour before food rather than after.

The bitter reflex also causes your esophageal sphincter to contract, thereby preventing stomach acid from migrating up through your esophagus — a condition known as acid reflux.

From Donna Roth

I want to express my words of appreciation for your support. Thank you for attending my calls and thank you for taking on your own health. When you purchase Nature Sunshine products with me as your sponsor you are also supporting me financially. I promote Natures Sunshine products as I love their quality control and I love the health you achieve by following my program. Here is where I want to go with this. Natures Sunshine website ordering creates many problems for me so I ask that you order directly from Nature Sunshine by calling customer service 1 800 265 9163 or you can order the products through me. Call me or send me an email. kdroth@shaw.ca But do not order any products via the Nature Sunshine website. I always honor the 25% discount when you place your orders through me.

 Linda: guest speaker, TAFYH grad, had 2 CoVid shots and suffered for 2 years. She had no energy to go to the barn to feed her animals. She had the shakes. She lost her voice. Then she took the TAFYH course. Within 3 weeks her energy returned, she got her voice back and today feels a whole lot better.

 Judy was a guest speaker and a TAFYH grad. Her report:

Mind is clear.


Cravings gone.

Bowels move every day

Had tumor in the uterus removed and had chemo.

Chemo memory has improved.

Rosacea gone.

Leg cramps gone.

Constipation gone


Natalia; age 16, TAFYH grad

We are trained and taught to accept a doctor’s advice, we accept without comment a drug with the most health harmful side effects, and we are afraid to try a new path, to research and discover.  I am most grateful for TAFYH, which has taught me that healing takes a program, not a pill.  TAFYH has given me a different perspective on herbs, a more positive attitude, and a program for life.  I am also grateful to Donna, who inspires all of us with her optimism, and varied experience.  My goal now is to be an encouragement to others and an example, just like the success stories were to me, and to encourage my sister to achieve success with her cancer and health.  \

 Brian, guest speaker, TAFYH grad, overcame bladder cancer

 TAFYH helped me to think outside the Box. It helped me to be confident and realize never let anybody make decision for my health. I want to express gratitude to you Donna for all your hard work, your knowledge and insight. Thank you for helping me and so many people to understand and benefit the law of Nature. I also appreciate Maria, Brian and Sharlene, it was so encouraging hear your comments and success stories. My goal is to make my vision Board become a reality and share the things i have learned with others. I wish you all love and blessings.

Warm regards


 Maria was a guest speaker. She had experienced high blood pressure for most of her adult life. She succumbed to taking medications to lower her blood pressure and sometimes they worked and often times the blood pressure would jump all over the place. Maria took my TAFYH course, team 73 and this where she found the answers. Just following the simple TAFYH principles of putting good nutrition into your body and doing the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week to strengthen the kidneys and to get rid of the poisons causing the high blood pressure and Maria got great results. She has been off all blood pressure medication ever since and her blood pressure has normalized.


17 dropped to 7

BT increased to 36.9

Tinnitus reduced by 25%

Weight dropped by 5>5 pounds

Dispelled a gelatin substance in her eye using Silver

Is off blood pressure meds. BP dropped from 170/40 to 120/60 without meds



Had one big structural problem.

Was an iron man racer and competed in at least 8 iron man races,

One day her hip went into extreme pain and she could only walk with a cane

She had searched alternatives to avoid hip replacement surgery and no doctor had an answer for her.

That is when her friend, Luciano, a TAFYH grad told her to get in touch with me.

He question during our consultation was “ Is it possible for my hip to heal in 6 weeks so that I do need to have hip replacement surgery. My answer: I don’t know but I have seen miracles.

Jody decided to follow the program I designed for her.

She registered from the TAFYH course.

It was in TAFYH that she discovered why her hip became dysfunctional.

I will invite her to come on this call so that she can give you that answer.

Within the TAFYH course she completed 12 One Day Kidney Flushes, .

6 weeks into the course with 6 Kidney Flushes completed the hip pain was gone. The surgery was cancelled and we all cheered.

Lost weight with 15% body fat

No pain medications

Very confident in her body

Sleeping through the night with no wake up’s because of pain.

Jodi is ecstatic!



51 to 15

BT is up to 36.7

Off Synthroid medications

Lumps in the neck gone

Candida is gone

Energy is up

Positive mental attitude

She is empowered

She now has a clear plan

She gets it: its only 4 root causes to all diseased conditions.


I did not feel there was much of a difference in the first 3 weeks but by week 4 I was seeing results in my face and by week 6 I was seeing a return in energy. I’m in week 7 now and I still see some small inconsistencies in my face where one eyebrow is not as relaxed as the other. I trust my body will continue to heal itself and I am very grateful for the improvements that have already taken place. I can now wink at my wonderfully handsome husband, I can drink my morning smoothie without a straw, I can eat at my favorite coffee shop without fear of food falling out of my mouth, I can whistle across the road at my father, and I can smile and laugh with my beautiful 4 year old boy.



St. John’s Wort Concentrate - 2/ 2x per day (nervous system support)

CoQ10 - 3 per day (heart health, cellular health, immune health)

VSC (aka HRP-C) - 4/ 4x per day (fights viruses, immune health, balance yin and yang)

Cat’s Claw (Una de Gato) - 4/ 3x per day (anti-viral)

Lecithin - 4/ 2x per day (anti-oxidant, nerve system support, stroke recovery)

Nervous Fatigue - 1/day (nervous system support)

Other supplements I take every day: 

Mega Chel (aka MC) - 4/ 2x per day (oral chelation)

Magnesium - 500 mg per day at night (nervous system support, bowel movements)

Lower Bowel Stimulator - 1 at night (aid in bowel movements)

 Power Smoothie 1 per day: 

 This power smoothie provides nutrients to support all 4 chinese constitutional elements each represented by a different color: Fire (red), Earth (green), Metal (white), Water (blue), Air

Fire: Power Beets (1 packet), Thai-go (1 oz.)

Earth: Nature’s Harvest (1 scoop), Chlorophyll (1 oz.), Power Greens

Metal: Collagen (1 scoop), Flax hull lignans (1 scoop), Solstic Energy (1 packet)

Water: Purified filtered water spoken to with love

Air: Prayer, Gratitude, Positive Thoughts

 Judy, the lady with the kidney disfunction received her results December 10.  Her Kidney function results have increased to 16% as of Dec. , Prior to this they were functioning at 11%. Judy started her program November 15.

 grateful for You and your help.



I had a memory pop up today from my photos and I wanted to share an update with you since talking with you earlier in 2022. The first photo was this day last year and the second is now. I feel so grateful to have pushed through and let time, healthy changes and nature heal me. It just goes to show that time can heal so much and we don't even notice until the time has passed. 

Thank you so much for your help on this journey. It was been a long one and I cannot explain how good it feels to enjoy looking in the mirror again. 

Happy new year to you! 

Rachel CB 

Program for  Rachel

Concerns: eczema, massive allergies, rash on the face, eyes swelling, dermatitis,

Smoothie: twice a day minimum You can choose to have 3 or 4 a day for faster action

Red: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz each time

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½

White: Collagen Plus 1 oz

Blue: water

 Ice or frozen berries


With meals:

Pau D’Arco capsules 4 twice a day to clean the blood

ULC-R to clear up H pylori bacteria

Mega Chel 4 twice a day to clean heavy metals.

Zinc 100 mg a day

Super Omega 3 3 a day


Apply Pau D’Arco lotion to your skin.


Drink water and Chlorophyll 1 oz twice a day

Add some grey salt or pink salt


Address the root canal, no antibiotics, take SilverGuard and Cat’s Claw combination


My son is now taking control over his addiction to vaping. He is taking his power back and controls his anxiety with ½ tsp of Lobelia when he needs it. Maria

I was able to wean off all medications and no longer need the CPAP machine for sleep apnea.  Brian

My energy is back as it was years ago. I no longer have to force my body to stay motivated. I am trusting my body and my confidence has increased. Charlene

Success Stories Hip Pain

One client with severe hip pain approached me regarding a One Day Kidney Flush.

Day 1

1 glass of water with Rejuvenaid and lemon

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

An hour later:

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex , 2 Alfalfa,

He followed the instructions and did this 10 times.

Nothing happened. The intensity of the pain did not change.

Day 2

1 glass of water with Rejuvenaid and lemon

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

An hour later:

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

He also continued to take his other herbals; Cat’s Claw, St. John’s Wort and Histablock

Day 3

The pain has subsided considerably. It has not gone away but it is now at a tolerable stage. He will now continue to do the One Day Flush one day a week.


Blocked Arteries, No Energy

I received this success story from Jan. Jan is a TAFYH grad and overcame breast cancer 10 years ago. She has been working with a man in his 80’s who had 90% blockages in his arteries. The doctors decided that to operate was too dangerous as the surgery might lead to a stroke. Jan sent me his BSQ and I designed a program for this man.

Circulation 9, Nerves 7, Glandular 6, Structural 5, Respiratory 4, Urinary 3, Rep 3, Hepatic 1, Immune 1

His program:

Arginine Plus and Essential Liquid Minerals twice a day

MC, VariGone, Cat’s Claw, Hawthorne, Super Omega 3.

He followed the program faithfully since the beginning of January. Now it is April, 4 months later and this man is very excited to report that he full of energy and feels great. The other great news is that the doctor told this man that his health made him eligible to go to Mexico for a holiday.



Bonny’s husband worked in a Sulfur plant with the consequence of continuous wheezing.  He took Mullein about 6 a day for a whole year and the wheezing is gone.

Lobelia may be the solution to tics as experienced in some children. Sophea

Athletic Stamina; Focus ATN, Solstic Energy, Collagen, Maca, NutriBurn, Arginine Plus

Blood clots: VariGone, Capsicum, MC, Gingko/Biloba

ULC-R cleans out H pylori bacteria which can cause ulcers, heartburn, indigestion



Success Story: Jeanette: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Water Pills, Synthroid

“Hi Donna,
After what is happening to me and my migraines and strength I am experiencing I am amazed by this program.”

Regarding Christine’s Mom: “ I see the amount of vitamins and blood pressure medications and her Synthroid 25 mg thyroid meds my mom has been on… a year ago she had a tumor removed from her left ovary so as I did the kidney flush she was helping me with (part of my tag team but I think she needs guidance as she has recurring bladder infections. She has a heart valve opening that she is getting checked. She has toenail fungus podiatrist said its caused from inside her body.”

 https://meetings.dialpad.com/getmp3/AMIfv96jNTH9jvtZgeF77WcMpQfz3k5Lq8X-C4iEMniyaEhxk67CoF2MV8bXQfrIcR4-pmkdpaLoEeaMaAGlZq1nKN4NhkD58rMFgRKFYcQQUqVHjEc6w1U1SjCPTecWr_TEeNQR004xMJuiqjmLW7jokBDGzdnaFG8MV31q0w_hGdN4RYEwvG2kpu6ZhFs8jF-rlB2B1jPKc5jFwy68fTr2iekXcUcvr55ntawb8t48kjlqTRsnMM6PX-Hbn5j66zCZOkaG3kRT.mp3I would wean off Synthroid as it is known to be the cause of cancer.

As she does this program she can also wean off BP meds.
Green Zone
Flax Hull Lignans
Solstic Energy

Take Cat's Claw 3 twice a day

One Day Flush: Do this Flush one day every week.
Water with Arginine and lemon and 1/2 tsp Lobelia
2 K, 2 MC, 1 Liver Support. 1 Master G

1 hour later
Water with Chlorophyll
2 K, 2 MC, 1 Liver Support. 1 Master G
Repeat every hour and Alternate the Arginine and Chlorophyll  for 10 times
Be sure the bowels are moving.


Jeannette decided that this was easy enough and took it on.

She then listened to the TAFYH calls whenever she could.

Today, March 28/23 she spoke with words of excitement

“I was afraid at first. But now I am off Synthroid, blood pressure medications,

Cholesterol lowering drugs and water pills. I have lost 10 pounds and I feel great.

The doctor told me I shouldn’t be doing that.

But recently Jeannette had her blood tested and her blood tests proved she was in great health.

Blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal, thyroid normal!