Sunday, February 21, 2021

From the Desk of Donna Roth


From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 15/2021

Almost 2 million people 12 years and over were diagnosed with diabetes.

Every 7 minutes in Canada someone dies from heart disease or stroke.

Each year there are 70,000 heart attacks each year in Canada.

Estimated: 97,000 men are diagnosed with cancer, 94,0000 women are diagnosed with cancer.

2 out of 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their life time.

20% of Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths 15 to 24 years old.

In 2013, almost 5 million people had arthritis in Canada.

Each year 30,000 Canadians die of diseases of the digestive disorders

I decided years ago that I am going to work hard to stay in health. Each morning I wake up I have a smoothie with Chinese Mineral Chi, Collagen, Flax Lignans, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, NutriBurn Whey protein, water and berries like strawberries. This is fuel for my body.

Chinese Mineral Chi for all missing minerals, for balancing my blood sugar levels, my glandular system

Collagen for my structural system , my knees, healthy skin, inner and outer

 Flax Lignans to bind toxic xenoestrogens that come from chemicals, Candida

Solstic Energy, an antioxidant crystal pack, to keep my oxygen levels free from free radicals.

NutriBurn Whey protein, a high protein powder full of amino acids

Ultimate Green Zone for the hundreds of enzymes, for phytonutrients, for every organ and gland .

Here is my take on the importance of Ultimate Green Zone/


It is very expensive to rely on vegetables bought from a grocery store. One small teaspoon of Green Zone is less expensive than the truckload of vegetables you would need to juice to get the same nutrient value. Scientists have strongly stated that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same nutrient value one tomato gave you in 1941. Think of the cost of 10 tomatoes about $5 but you would also need all those green vegetables another $5 on top of that to get the same nutrient value of a teaspoon of Green Zone. There are about 60 teaspoons   in 1 container of Green Zone. I hope you get this picture.


Why do I take this smoothie every day?

It raises my body temperature which increases my blood circulation which takes all the nutrients and oxygen to every organs and gland of my body. A body temperature of 37C indicates good health. It is proven that cancer. Candida, fungus cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C. Now lets check this out. What happens when we feel sick? We get a fever to burn off the toxins, the Candida, the cancer cells. How marvelously wonderful our bodies are created! Now what do we do when we get a fever? We are programmed to take an aspirin, a Tylenol, to bring down the fever. This is not a good idea. We need to trust Natures and trust our bodies” inner intelligence. But we can help our bodies to bring the fever down by opening our lymphatic system with Cat’s Claw to help the draining of the poisons. And we help our elimination channels by drinking water and Chlorophyll and taking LBS11. Finally, we can take Silver Guard to destroy toxic debris. This simple combination works 100% of the time. I would never take an antibiotic. Antibiotics are that; they have anti properties that destroy the good bacteria in your body. They feed Candida, they can cause cancer and fungus to grow.


In the evening I have a glass of water with Ultra Biome DTX and Psyllium Hulls and LBS11 and Magnesium. I know the amount of chemicals I am exposed to in the air from sprays, from air pollution from airplanes, chem trails so that one little package of Ultra Biome DTX cleans that up for me and helps to restore my probiotic bacteria levels. It has Bacillus Coagulans in it. And it is a heavy metal detoxifier.


Great comments and quotes.

I think you could hear how emotional we all were when it came to thanking you.  No amount of thanks can ever repay what you have given us.  All we can say is...thank you and may God bless and protect you Phyll

It is a fact that about ½ of all medical clinical trials do not get published! Why? Trials only get published if they show favorable results. Reason: They may threaten commercial enterprise. “ “They are allowed to legally withhold trials.” Drug companies evaluate their own products!! Hmmmm!!! Yet we are made to think that medicine is infallible. May we be reminded that in the 1950’s thalidomide was released into the market and prescribed to pregnant women. The effects were devastating with over 10,000 fetal deaths and those who survived ended up with missing limbs. Why do we continue to put our trust in medical science?  I learned over 30 years ago that the laws of Nature need no science, plants were given to us to nourish our bodies and they have a therapeutic effect if taken long enough and in high enough doses. Yet how many of us out there never trust Nature or even know about these therapeutic plants? This year 2021 I challenge you to do TAFYH, a course of action that provides you with education regarding Nature and its plants for therapeutic purposes

Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.


Dr. Stoian Alexov, a pathologist from Bulgaria called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.

He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.

The main conclusion [of those of us who participated in the May 8 webinar] was that the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden do not show that the virus is deadly.”


He added that:

What all of the pathologists said is that there’s no one who has died from the coronavirus. I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus.”

the WHO is creating worldwide chaos, with no real facts behind what they’re saying.”


Success Stories

A daughter with MRSA on her leg and arm used Silver Gel on the affected areas and MRSA was gone.

A thumb of one son was cut off and pouring blood. The thumb was immersed into a bowl of Silver and left for a long time. The pain subsided within a short time. Silver was taken internally and the Silver Gel was applied externally many times a day until the thumb completely healed ; the thumb that was cut off grew back on! I told you there were miracles!


Flu Problems

One lady was plagued with scary flu’s since 2009. At first the flu would happen during the winter only but during that time she would get about 3 flu’s per winter. Then the flu progressed to spring then into the summer season to an all year round problem. The only life this lady had was a flu life; no fun and now it was serious. The iron levels were very low even though she was taking an iron supplement. That’s when she contacted me and started a program of no grains, no breads, no cereals, and taking 1 ½ oz of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Cat’s Claw, 4 /3 times a day. Within 5 days all flu symptoms disappeared and the iron levels went up from a low 23 to 45. Her energy is back and H states, “I felt dead and desperate; no hope. I really like this product and I want to take it on a daily basis.” She is now signing up for the Sunshine Reward authorship program.


Kidney Malfunction

One lady completed my TAFYH course with great results. Yep! She was able to go off her anti-depressant drugs. But slowly over time grains crept back into her diet. Just think of that word; Die It! And once again she did not feel good. The energy was low, she felt depressed. Off to the doctor she went only to find out that her kidney function was low and there was a high creatinine count. That did it! She was not going to take any drugs!  She was determined to feel better. That’s when I got the phone call. The answer was simple, “Go back to what has worked for you in the past when you took TAFYH.” Little did she know that what Dr. Davis said was true,” Grain is an opiate! “Off the grains and on with a herbal program! Back to following TAFYH principles! She did this for one month. Then I got the phone call. She was ecstatic. Here is why:

Creatinine levels dropped from a high of 105 to 72 and normal is 52 to 84.

GFR kidney filtration rate increased from 47 to 71; excellent kidney functions.

She also dropped weight, energy is back, and depression is gone! This took all of one month!!

You don’t need a drug! You need TAFYH!