Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cancer is Not What You Think It Is

Cancer is not what we think it is. It has taken me since 1993 when my mother died from colon cancer to discover the simplicity of cancer. It is not what you think it is.  We just don’t know what we don’t know.” I know what I know , I know what I don’t know but I don’t know what I don’t know.” And so we, as a society ,continue to give millions of our hard earned dollars for cancer research and we have done so for more than ½ a century. Yet we are no further ahead now than we were 50 years ago. I am here to tell you that the research for cancer has all been done . As far back as the 1800’s I have discovered an entire gamut of research scientists including  Noble Prize laureates that have done extensive research on cancer which has been totally ignored.  This list is clearly stated in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury.

On the other hand we have accepted a very strongly imposed medical dogma that the cure for cancer will come from the medical institution and that one day some very famous doctor will find a cure for cancer . I am  here to tell you that the magic bullet for cancer will never be found because it does not exist. Unless we understand that cancer is a result of our present day confused lifestyle where we don’t even know how to identify a real food ,then we will never find that common sense  solution to cancer that already exists. What we eat today simply cannot sustain life.

Finally we are stopped by our present day thinking. We think cancer cannot be overcome. We think cancer is a death sentence. We think that anyone who has overcome cancer has just been lucky. Nothing could be further from the truth. To change the belief system , to scrap the dogma of the day  , is essential to the entire healing process . You don’t know what you don’t know so stay opened and look at cancer in a totally different way.

There are four pillars that need to be addressed in order to overcome cancer, Parkinsons, MS, obesity, heart disease. liver disease and so on. Unless all 4 pillars  are nourished, a state of health simply cannot be easily achieved. The stated 4 pillars include injury, inflammation, elimination, infection.


Injury requires the action of stem cells. Stem cells are found in every organ, gland and tissue of the body.l Their job is cell replication . When there is an injury the stem cells are called to action. They are the construction workers for the organs. Stem cells in the heart construct  heart cells, stem cells of the lungs construct  lung cells, stem cells of the liver construct liver cells and so on. Now it is clear that no construction of a house can take place without essential building materials ; concrete, bricks, lumber etc. So it is for the construction of body organs. The stem cells need building materials: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, oxygen , EFA’s etc.

Amino acids come from proteins, meats, fish, eggs, Spirulina, Green Zone

Minerals come  from meats and plant sources. It is crucial to understand here that our present day agricultural practices have disabled  plants’ ability to take raw elements  from Mother Earth and through the process of photosynthesis convert them to bioavailable minerals that can be utilized by the stem cells for cell replication. Consequently  we have no other choice but to rely on supplements from a well established company like Nature’s Sunshine to provide us with  state-of-the-art quality controlled products,  Mineral Chi Tonic, being one of these .Mineral Chi Tonic houses trace minerals that are mined from ancient plant sources . Minerals are essential for your body’s electrical energy. They are the spark plugs for all cells. They alkalize the acidity accumulated from inflammation, stress and strong emotions. They feed the adrenals that produce toxic cortisol under stress . Minerals are essential building materials for healthy cell replication by the stem cells.

Vitamins come from the vegetables and plant sources . Additional vitamins are found in Super Food supplements, Green Zone, Chlorophyll, Mineral Chi Tonic.

Essential Fatty Acids as in Super Omega 3 and Super Oil are needed by the stem cells for the transmission of nerve impulses and for better brain functioning. EFA’s reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation and open up the cells so that O2 can move in and toxins can move out.


Numerous things  contribute to inflammation. Yet inflammation is not clearly understood. The one system largely ignored by conventional medicine that plays a most important role in inflammation is the lymphatic system. It was Dr Samuel West that researched the lymphatic system extensively. Unless the roots of inflammation are addressed  it may be difficult for cancer to heal successfully. This is where it is wise to consult with an herb expert who is able to identify the areas of inflammation that need to be resolved. Recently a man I had been  working with diagnosed with lung cancer reported that his lung cancer tumours were bigger than they had been 4 months ago when he first started the Paw Paw program.  He was feeling light headed, tired and depressed. He complained of chest pains, dark urine,and sleeping problems . In our conversation I discovered he was on 2 different medications. Upon researching the side effects of the medications I discovered them to cause dizziness, tiredness, depression, chest pains, diabetes ( sugar feeds cancer), dark urine, sleeping issues, bluish discoloration of the fingers ( lack of O2) Notice the similarities in his complaints and the side effects of the medications. These 2 medications were blocking his body from healing.


Unless all channels of elimination are opened , the kidneys, the bowels, the respiratory tract, the skin,  it is difficult for the lymphatics to empty the toxins that cause the  inflammation. This is where All Cell Detox  comes in. It is a Nature’s Sunshine product designed specifically to open all channels of elimination.


At the point that the O2 levels drop to below 35% to the injured area ( Dr Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize) then oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place. If there is an adequate amount of sugar in the injured area than oxidation flips into fermentation which activates  bacteria, viruses, fungus. When fungus integrates into the stem cell line during the process of elimination then there is a replication of mutated fungal cells that cannot repair the injury and the result is cancer. This is where Dr Mclaughlin’s Paw Paw comes into play. Paw Paw has 20 years of research behind it to prove it is 1 million times stronger than adriamyacin chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells.