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From the Desk of Donna Roth Christmas 2017-12-21

From the Desk of Donna Roth Christmas 2017-12-21
In this world of turmoil, disease and confusion I am so grateful to have  Natures Sunshine in my life and all the benefits this company provides me. Not only am I grateful to all the God given herbs, to Nature’s Sunshine  quality control and integrity but to the excellent friends which are now part of my Nature’s Sunshine family. Because of Nature’s Sunshine I am now affiliated with amazing colleagues, practitioners and naturopathic doctors who have incredible wisdom and knowledge and who are so willing to share their knowledge with all of us.
At my annual Christmas dinner this year we heard from Dr. Kathy Deane who imparted her knowledge on Chinese herbal combinations and how powerful they are for not only healing the physical body but also for healing emotions.
     KB-C  for fear kidney/ spinal fluid, brain
•             LIV-C  for anger, frustration, liver , gall bladder
•             UC-C  for worry, extreme sympathy, digestion
•             HS-C   for high stress for regret, broken heart; pacifying the spirit
•             LH-C for grief, lung formula;
•             AD-C relieves depression and circulates the lymph energies
Phyl Thompson drove all the way from Merritt to attend our dinner. She talked about how she overcame a very debilitating disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and cancer. Her story was very moving when she described seeing her friend who was also diagnosed with RA and chose the medical route only to end up in a wheel chair. To add to that she also noted that all the people who were in her RA support group are no longer on this Earth. They chose the medical route,  Phyllis chose the herbal route.Phyl, today, is the only person out of that group who is still alive and well. She commented on how she, at the beginning of her herbal journey, begrudged spending money on herbs and super foods from Natures Sunshine until she saw the wheel chair that carried her friend. The choices you make each day determine your destiny. The choices on where you spend your money can keep you out of the wheel chair.
Val talked about her favourite Authentic Oil, Frankincense. It was one of the gifts presented to the Christ child at this birth. Frankincense is an oil from Africa with a high energy frequency that is used effectively for deep cellular health of the brain, lungs, colon, and wherever cancer has its propensity. It is known to heal scars, age spots, acne, stretch marks wrinkles and dried cracked skin. It enhances the entire immune system.  Just apply 6 to 8 drops over the area of concern. I use Frankincense on my face twice a day for anti-aging purposes!

Carol Nilsson with over 35 years of experience talked about how she used herbs for her children for bedwetting, colds, flus, rashes. To Carol, at a time when she was a young mother, herbs was the answer to all kinds of health issues. She saved a whole lot of time and money by not having to go to the doctor for every illness that her children came down with. And I must tell you she has 7 children.

Donna, one of our TAFYH grads, talked about St. John’s Wort and what a significant difference it made to her life. She is now off all anti-depression medication and off blood pressure medications because she followed TAFYH principles and used St. John’s Wort and MC and Chi Mineral Toni. Her talk inspired other people who were present at this event to taking action in addressing their own depression with St. John’s Wort.

As I write this newsletter I am reminded of one person who suffered  constant pain and headaches for over 5 years. No doctor could determine the cause of her pain. But a simple designed program with lots of great super foods, Mineral Chi, Flax Lignans, Chlorophyll and herbals, Cat’s Claw and LIV-C for the liver/gall bladder and the results within 3 weeks are mind blowing. Here are her words: “ Well, it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve been to see you and I am feeling better. I’ve gone from waking up with headaches every day to only waking up ONCE with one. The hot spells are lessening.”
Today we have a growing population who are heading for a crisis of pain, disease, brain damage, autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease and so on because no one teaches you how to take responsibility for your own health. I love the words of Dr. Moskowitz who recently stated that : “a basic rethinking of our entire medical and scientific enterprise( has to take place) which will hopefully reaffirm health care as a human right rather than a commodity for sale………”
That’s it! Health today is a commodity for sale. I remain totally committed to my human right to address my own health. I am totally committed to transforming the health of others through the education of TAFYH , Taking Action For Your Health which I designed and released into the world in January , It is the “KNOW how” of  looking  after your own health. Let’s bind together in health and commit to following the Laws of Nature, Just recently 5 new TAFYH grads completed TAFYH. Congratulations to:
Tanja; CEO of  a big company; lost 5 pounds, tinnitus is 80% better, sugar cravings are gone, “My body is feeling a gratefulness and better able to deal with whatever happens in life.”
Crystal; BSQ down from 97 to 56, not throwing up any more, heart burn is gone, painful urination gone, leg clramps gone, puffiness is gone, sinus congestion is gone!
Doreen BSQ down 78 to 16. Anxiety is gone, indigestion gone, leg cramps gone, migraine headaches are gone,
Colleen, BSQ down from 61 to 44. , lost 111/2 poundss, fatigue is gone, free of worry over future health, brain fog is gone, thinking is clear and concentration improved.
Anne BSQ down from 106 to 57. Blood pressure is normal, puffy hands are gone, lost 10 pounds, big change in right eye, “ I can breathe through my nose.
Rae-Marie BSQ down from 110 to 72,” this is work in progress”, the radiologist noted that sinus and throat is better than he has ever seen it” I can read and process information and my brain works. I danced for 3 hours and I wasn’t dead!” feeling stronger, sugar craving is gone, area of stomach tube has improved with HRP-C.
I love these success stories and their expression of gratitude for health improvement. I am excited to report that 2 of these new TAFYH grads have expressed interest in TAFYH leader training.
Presently 3 people are working on TAFYH leader training:
RD from Vancouver,
Ange from Colorado
Nonie from Alberta.

This Christmas I urge you to take on your health. It is precious beyond measure. Your body is the vehicle you use 24/7 and if you don’t fuel it, it will break down. Today it is difficult to decide what fuel really drives your body. Nature’s Sunshine has some remarkable Hi-Value foods that no grocery store will ever provide for you. I am here to say that  it is way more profitable for you to purchase Green Zone, NutriBurn, Mineral Chi Toni, Flax Lignans from Nature’s Sunshine than any vegetables or fruits you can buy . It has been said many times before that today you would have to eat 10  tomatoes to get the same nutrient value that I tomato gave you in 1941 . You would have to eat 28 apples to get the same nutrient value 1 apple gave you in 1941!  Just taking 1 spoon full of Green Zone provides you with all that and more.
Do your body a favor today and every day and fuel up with 1 spoon full of Green Zone and 1 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic in a shaker bottle . Then add water, ice and Solstic. This is easy quick high dense fuel for your body as you run out the door!
At this time of year, being Christmas ,I am renewing my commitment to TAFYH, teaching more people, training new TAFYH leaders and bringing more and more people to the realization of empowerment and control over health. I ask you this Christmas to really think about your own health in terms of these questions:
What will you not be able to do if you don’t have it?
Where will you live if you don’t have it?
What will you spend your money on if you don’t have it?

Once you have pondered these thought provoking questions then I ask you to make the decision to take control over your own health, do TAFYH and follow the Laws of Nature!

Christmas is a time for abundance, joy, family, love, and wisdom. Let’s commit to health so we can all achieve these precious God given rights and thereby serve others so they, too, are the recipients of such gifts.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas during this joyous time of year.

Love and Gratitude,